Yesterday Alex Anthopoulos was the guest on the CBC’s Mansbridge One On One– a 22-minute sit down that you can see in its entirety at (Don’t be lazy– watch their ads.)

I wasn’t going to post it, because CBC hasn’t made the clip embeddable and it’s not really worth a full post to just point you all to a link, but– smart guy that I am– I decided to do a quick search of YouTube for it, which turned me on to the fact that some genius has already gone to the trouble of posting it there. I’m not sure how fanatical the nation’s public broadcaster is when it comes to getting their content removed from there, but if these do end up being taken down, you can always just go to the link above for the full clip.

“Alex Anthopoulos, General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, talks about the state of baseball in Canada today, the changes to the Toronto Blue Jays over the winter, and what lies ahead for the team,” explains the description. So there you go.

Parts two and three are after the jump.


H/T to everyone on the damn internet.

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  1. God AA should just pick a weight and go with it.

  2. Don’t worry, these videos won’t get taken down from YouTube.

  3. Im glad AA works for the BLUE JAYS

  4. That’s as Canadian as Maple Pie.

  5. That Roy Halladay story was great.

  6. I was hoping Mansbridge would ask who the hardest prospect to part with was in the off-season moves. Prollly TDA but ya never seem to know with AA.

  7. This guy is the reason Brian Burke got fired. Rogers deals with this guy for a few years and all of the sudden they have expectations. They buy the leafs, analyze the team and go what the fuck is this shit? lmao

  8. Lol find a goddam platoon mate for AA

  9. The best part of the interview was seeing over and over that a dude died by driving his snowmobile under a moose… Darwin Awards anyone??

  10. Swoon….

  11. Pretty solid interview. I enjoyed this quite profusely. Thanks Stoeten.

  12. “If I had to choose,I’d put the stats in the trash and go with my eyes”

    • I loved that line. How AA started as a stats guy who thought that was everything, then realized how important the old-school scouting side is to the point that if he had to choose between the two, the stats would go in the garbage.

      Also love his comments about the importance of intangeables like character, clubhouse presence and team chemistry.

      Amen to both.

      • Sorta a vindication of all the arguments and ridicule recieved when AA hired the scouts.

        • No, it’s not. You caught when he said that he moved towards the scouting side of thing when he realized that anybody can look up and be versed in stats, right? The scouting stuff is a differentiator– a way to exploit inefficiencies in what the stats tell you. In a warped way, it’s purely out of Moneyball, and in no way does what he said devalue the vast importance of stats and tangible data as the foundation of everything the operation does.

          Some vindication.

          • Scouting is about finding guys who can play in the bigs, stats are more about differentiating them once they are in the bigs.

      • “Also love his comments about the importance of intangeables like character, clubhouse presence and team chemistry.”

        Lol, it’s garbage PR. He’s saying what a certain group of people want to hear. And not coincidentally, many of those people would be Peter Mansbridge viewers. That’s all. If it was anything more than that, he wouldn’t have made a number of his most significant moves.

        • Clubhouse chemistry doesnt always matter but it also can be very important. Look at the Lakers….but it should matter the least in baseball. More of an individual game.

        • It’s pretty sad that certain commenters can’t accept the reality of what was said.
          Yeah,Sicklykeys,It’s gotta hurt real bad to admit there’s more than one factor in evaluating players.
          So stick to your fantasy baseball while the rest of us watch the real thing.
          Make up all the excuses you want, you’re missing a beautiful game.

          • I’ve liked most of your posts Radar, but this was a bit off the deep end.

            Let’s not succumb to the stupid “sabermetrics geeks who love stats and never watch baseball” cliche, please.

            I can’t speak for Sicklykeys, but I’m a fan of sabermetrics (by which I mean I like evaluating baseball and trying to answer questions using evidence) but nobody says stats are the only fucking thing. And I doubt anyone would love poring over stats and inventing new ones if they didn’t actually, you know, like the game of baseball itself.

            • That’s funny, I didn’t read “Let’s not succumb to the stupid “sabermetrics geeks who love stats and never watch baseball” cliche, please.” anywhere in RADARs post.

              Clearly you don’t read or follow his posts much since RADAR is a proponent of using scouts and new age stats, but routinely gets ridiculed by SABR only guys who
              believe scouts are not useful.

              Your comment is ignorant.

            • Not to be vile or anything, but the game is really about the player, hitting a ball, catching it, throwing a helmut, smoking a home run.

              For me personally, saber – metrics has taken some of the fun out of the game because people overuse them when describing how good someone is.

              So sabermetics can take a long hard suck on my ass.

          • Thanks Stond Jays Fan.
            I love stats.
            I don’t mention it as often because I don’t want a “dueling stats” senerio.
            A secret I’ve never revealed,I’ve been reading Bill James since ’81.Even he recognizes the other parts of the game and respects it.
            Made sense to me.
            It’s a simple game but it gets incredibly complex the deeper you go.
            It’s the stats only guys who mock everyone else that bother me.I had my eyes opened by somebody who was in baseball for over 50 years.
            A story for another day.

          • Hey guy, it’s funny how stupid you are.

            “It’s gotta hurt real bad to admit there’s more than one factor in evaluating players.”

            Where, precisely and exactly, did i say or imply that?

            Fix your god damn reading comprehension.

          • *makes communication error when ribbing someone else about a misunderstanding*

            Well, fuck.

            I was supposed to say “Where, precisely and exactly, did i say or imply OTHERWISE” in my above comment.

          • @Stond


            “So stick to your fantasy baseball while the rest of us watch the real thing.
            Make up all the excuses you want, you’re missing a beautiful game.”

            sounded, to me, a lot like a ‘get your head out of the stats book and actually watch baseball’ dig. To which I’m kind of sensitive, because it doesn’t actually describe anybody in real life, afaik.


            fair comment radar, I’m a fan of yours, but the whole saber/anti-saber battle I think is just silly.

          • @ BJW
            The issue isn’t saber vs antisaber.It’s that most commenters use sabermetrics to laud their superior analytical analysis over others,who they percieve as blubbing emotional fools.
            I accept sabermetrics as part of the game.
            One part.A tool to help make decisions.
            But I also include other factors,whereas some saber guys think thats the only way.
            Stats can contradict other stats.
            Thats the problem.I’ve opened up my mind to all aspects of the game but stats geeks won’t. ( in general)

            • RADAR, listen to yourself. You are the problem.

              You’re using narrow, dismissive reasons to knock down a sabermetric strawman because you claim that they/we look at those like you in a narrow, dismissive way.

              The thing you’re raging against doesn’t really exist at all in the form you’re suggesting, and if you’d just stop being so self-righteous about the beautiful game you laughably think we’re missing, maybe you’d be able to see that.

          • @RADAR

            “I accept sabermetrics as part of the game.
            One part.A tool to help make decisions.”

            For the record, i agree completely. Stats are very important. And so is scouting, as best as i can tell (which basically means i’m just going by what successful baseball people say and do, since i know fuck all about scouting myself).

            In my original comment i certainly wasn’t scoffing at scouting as an important factor, but rather, as my comment indicated, “the importance of intangeables like character, clubhouse presence and team chemistry”

            Obviously this was just PR speak, and those aren’t major governing factors in AA’s decision making.

      • +1

        • I think the reason most people who are sabermetric thinkers scoff at others who bring up scouting in comment boards, like me, is because the so called “scouting” is usually unfounded. I seriously doubt you’e ever been to scouting school RADAR or anyone else online who’s pro-scouting anti-stats. So any scouting obserations you make are pure horseshit. Not too mention alot of the “scouts”/prospect guru’s online commenters love to cite are barely legitimate scouts themselves. Sickels, Law etc. work for the media, if they were considered legitimate scouts by MLB, don’t you think they’d have a real scouting job with an MLB team? I’m starting to ramble so I’ll summarize my overall point. Statheads don’t dismiss scouting in online forums because they don’t believe in it, they dismiss it because its usually unfounded/amateur scouting observations being offered which are completely arbitrary compared to objective numbers which are not arbitrary.

          • Your comments about the online guys are simply not true, Josh. Kevin Goldstein was hired by the Astros, Law worked in the Jays front office (in his pre-scouting days) and since, it’s believed, has had offers to do other work. Scouting is not particularly glamourous or well paid, so it’s very, very possible that these guys actually just like what they’re doing now.

          • Fair enough Stoets, Goldstein is definitley legitimate but Law hasn’t had a job in baseball in nearly 10 years and the job he did have involved absolutely no scouting. I respect his opinions as a baseball analyst, but I take all his scouting opinions with a grain of salt. Either way, I think my point still stands that alot of the time “pro-scouting” commentors offer up their own beliefs/impressions of players as if that counts as scouting when their completely uneducated on scouting themselves. Or maybe I’m just creating a straw-man argument exactly like RADAR is, who knows.

  13. I went to the winter tour thing at west ed today. The lineup for autographs was gigantic. The Jays must be having enormous jersey/hat sales right now.

  14. These pesky Jays are everywhere!

    On a side note ‘Doing a beer with Gibby’ is now on my bucket list.

    • That thing moves pretty good on that snow, I thought it’d be a little worse than that. But I mean we slid a little bit and uh went into some thicks but that thing’s baaad to the bone.

      I thought we were flyin’ there for a lil’ bit, I guess it was going about 40 miles an hour, I couldn’t even feel my face. Had one eye open just like “goodness gracious, son!”

      I couldn’t imagine somebody shootin’ at me while I’m doin that.

  15. Great interview with AA.

    He comes off as a nice, down to earth guy and then BOOM he goes ninja on a GM’s ass.

  16. Great interview. Loved the quote about the stats.

  17. I really liked the CBC interview and Colby on Global was priceless. Anyone catch the video on at the S’toon luncheon with Colby and his big ass winter boots…now this is all great but can’t we just get back to debating the ethics/lynching of Oliver?

  18. I went to see the movie Looper a few months ago. Bruce Willis is getting on in years, and after the first few scenes when he appears (about 1/4 of the way through the movie) one of the people sitting near me whispered that he looked like Peter Mansbridge, which triggered a few guffaws of agreement from others nearby. I never watch CBC, so I didn’t think much of it, but now I see that interview, and whaddaya know — they now do look alike.

  19. Strikeouts and walks. for hitters and pitchers. Interesting. I think alot of stat heads would argue that at least on offense, strikeouts dont mean much. who cares if you make outs by striking out vs make outs vs other means. i understand what he is saying does tell you alot about a player…but then you add in the context of what are u doing WHEN u make contact. are u slugging or are you hitting singles and shit.

    • Somebody should inform AA how wrong he is.
      Kid has no future in the game if he doesn’t understand which stats to use.

      • It is funny to me that people think they can get a handle on where AA really stands on various issues from a sentence or two in a PR interview.

        • It’s funny because you don’t understand it?Or when AA says he thought he knew it all because of the stats then realized there was more to the game?
          Yup,AA was making it all up for Mansbridge’s audience.
          That sly devil.
          But you figured it all out for us.
          ( eyeroll)
          Wonder how AA’s able to keep his job with quotes like that.His cover has been blown.

          • Haha wow RADAR you are beyond ridiculous. AA was forced to offer up one specific stat he valued above others, it’s doubtful a GM of a ML club would have one “go to” stat so AA probably just humoured Mansbridge and picked one. Alaskan Ghost Rider can disagree on the stat if he wants too, I’m sure AA wouldn’t blame him. As far as sicklykeys comments go, he may be a bit too eager to dismiss them but you RADAR, are championing one quote like it’s the pinnacle of all of AA’s beliefs. Look at the best GM’s in the game, Friedman, AA, Cashman, Epstein etc. they all come from economic, statistical backgrounds. AA emphasized scouting was important to learn because it would complement his statistical,economic background and act as a differentiator against others when he’s pursueing a job.

        • It’s funny sickly, how much you don’t believe what he continues to say.

          Does someone lie to you constantly? Wife? Parents? What is the past issue bud? It’s okay you can share…

        • lol
          translation: AA doesn’t share the same opinion as me, therefore must be lying

  20. Alright, so I’ve never photoshopped something before, so hopefully this turned out alright.

    Presenting the Gose face:

  21. Peter almost got AA to tear up regarding talking about his dad in third video, very real moment…

  22. Good interview, thanks for the link stoets.

  23. Please correct me if I’m way off base here but I think Alex may love baseball.

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