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“Toronto general manager Alex Anthopoulos has spoken of ‘a three-to-five-year period’ in which the team can seriously contend. And part of that thinking, according to a person familiar with the Blue Jays’ internal discussions, ties back into the Yankees’ apparent weakening, if not specifically their payroll slashing, as well as Boston’s last-place finish in 2012,” writes Ken Davidoff of the New York Post in a piece examining how clubs have handled an off-season that’s been quiet for the Yankees– though the Jays would insist that the payroll freeze in the Bronx has little to do with their sudden willingness to spend.

Over the weekend Jamie tweeted that the Jays have signed Adam Loewen to a minor league deal. No invite to the big league camp in Spring Training, even. Just a minor league deal. Update: The Jays have just made this official via a team release, however, and it turns out that there is an invite to camp.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star pretty much hits the nail on the head in picking out ten burning questions for the 2013 Jays.

No link, because it’s everywhere, and I forget where I first saw it, and there isn’t much to say beyond this: R.A. Dickey will pitch for Team USA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

Speaking of, Stacey May Fowles writes about what R.A. Dickey and his acquisition means, over at the Barnstormer. You can hear her talk about it tonight on The Kauffman Show on Montreal’s TSN 990, or… 690, or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Colby Rasmus is seen above trying his hand at curling during the Saskatoon portion of the Jays’ now-complete Winter Tour, which the National Post recaps for us, with extra-large curling photos. Elsewhere, Atta Almasi writes for about the Edmonton leg, in which the players excitedly toured a military base.

Shane Jones also writes a piece for, checking in on the winter tour in Edmonton– and specifically talking to ol’ Gibbers, who was there, about his reunion with the club.

Speaking of Gibbons, I had somehow missed, until Almasi’s article above, has quite the Canadian connection, having played his first Little League games in Goose Bay, Labrador, while his father was stationed there. Bob Elliot, of course, noted this a month ago over in the Toronto Sun, and Gibbons spoke about it on a CBC Radio interview after he re-joined the club.

At Getting Blanked, Drew wants to make the WBC a thing, explains how defence kinda matters, and notices Colby Rasmus rocking some winter boots, while Scott examines the market for Shaun Marcum, and points out how Andrew McCutchen is kinda the best.

Regarding the WBC, at whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days, Wilner begs for some pitching help for team Canada.

If you’re into projections, which I’m mostly not– though I sure do post about them enough– Bluebird Banter looks at the rotations in the AL East and tries to figure out where they stand heading into 2013.

HELLO, KEVIN PILLAR! Jays Journal is counting down whoever the hell they think are the Jays’ best prospects, and the New Hampshire outfielder checks in at number 17.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs looks at Delmon Young, the superprospect he used to be, and… HOLY SHIT, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT DELMON YOUNG IS YOUNGER THAN DAVID PRICE!??!??!?

At (Insider only), Jim Bowden lists the five moves of the off-season he thinks are most likely to backfire. None of the Jays’ moves make his list.

At FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver writes about the Hall of Fame vote and the trouble with the ten-name-per-ballot limit.

Lastly, human stereotype Murray Chass wrote some absolute godawful ridiculousness about why Tim Raines doesn’t deserve to get into the Hall of Fame because of his cocaine admission in the 80s (which I’m sure ol’ Murray also raged about in 2004, when he won the Spink award the same year that Paul Molitor was inducted, right???), but spares the piece from being absolute trash by revealing at long last that Raines has “his own special taint.” BAHAHAHA! Raines features in Twasn’t, Tweren’t and Neither Dick Nor Ass will be sure to follow.


Image via Twitter, fish being out of water.

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  1. Murray Chass being upset that a millionaire did cocaine in the 1980′s is the most Murray Chass thing since he blogged about his blog not being a blog.

  2. It really is becoming some sort of Hall of Morals.

  3. I gotta admit, Im a little perplexed about this 3 to 5 year window thing that AA keeps on mentioning. What happens after? 20 more years of medicority? Wasnt the goal to build a sustainable winner? I mean, the jays arent going to be good for the next 50 years obviously. Pro sports doesnt work that way. I was hoping the jays would be strong for a decade at least similar to what the yankees and red sox have done since the late 90s.

    • In other words, why even go out and put all your eggs in 3 to 5 year basket when the goal should be to be good for as long as possible.

      • Do you really think he means they’re going to fall apart in five years?

        I believe the idea, sometimes unsaid, is that that’s with the current Bautista-led core group.

      • What AA means is that they have a 3-5yr window WITH THIS GROUP of players. Including club option years, Lind, Izturis Romero, Dickey, Bautista and EE and under control to the end of ’16, Reyes until ’18, Morrow,& Buehrle ’15, and Santos ’17.
        Not 100% sure about the arbitration status, but think Rasmus is eligible 2nd time this year, JPA for the first time next year and Lawrie for the 1st time two years hence, giving the Jays 2, 4 and 5 years control respectively.
        That means this group can be together for a while.
        It does not mean they have to fall off the map at the end of that window. They do have a farm system which will get replenished as they go along.

        • The idea that the Jays’ actions are based on what the Yankees and Red Sox are doing, is understandable when viewed through the mindset of New York and Boston writers.
          In reality, that position is ludicrous.
          AA had the opportunity to assemble a competitive core group and he took it.
          End of story.
          It may come as a great shock to writers in NY and Boston, but the world does not revolve around their two cities and baseball clubs.

        • Ideally when older players like buehrle’s and dickey’s contracts come off the books they are going to reinvest that $ into other players on the trade and free agent market. It might involve trading more prospects. Thats what the yankees and red sox have been doing for years. Not just continually adding.

      • Well, he’s also still talking about that idea of sustained success.

        I’d view the 3-5 year window as a bridge into this period of (hopefully) sustained success where the Jays can begin replacing internalyl talent they must give up to FA.

    • flags fly forever, the entire point of pro sports is to win the championship(if you discount the fact that this is a business), no one gives a shit about making the playoffs ten years straight, hell the bills made it to the superbowl four years straight and no one gives a shit about that team, the point is to win.

      • In baseball you need luck to make the playoffs AND more luck to win the world series. I think if a team makes the playoffs 10 straight years in baseball that is excellent and the chances of winning a world series is much greater than a 3 to 5 year window. After all, the best teams on paper dont always win the world series. The goal should be to get in the playoffs first and foremost. Cant always control what happens after. I know it sucks but thats the sport of baseball.

        • no one remembers teams that only made it to the show, you have to win. just like players, no one looks back and says wow they were really consistent, no we look back on success, and a great team in a 3 year window is better than a good team for ten years. 1 world series is better than 10 years of playoffs, not one jays fan would trade 92,93 for mediocre playoff teams for 10 years. memories, all alone in the moonlight, oooooohooohohooohooh

          • You cant call being the in the playoffs a mediocre year.

          • I can’t reply to his comment? wtf? anyway, a third of the league makes the playoffs every year, not quite on par with the cfl but it’s still not all that spectacular to make the playoffs, now if you’re talking a 10 year run, by year 3 it becomes nothing but mediocrity. you’re a prime example of this, years of shit teams has made you believe that a team that makes the playoffs is contending, a couple years of playoffs and that wont seem like enough, its all perspective, but regardless the goal is to win a world series not finish in the alds, olympians dont train to finish seventh.

      • The Marlins have two pretty recent World Series flags, but they’re still a joke of a franchise, and were a joke of a franchise even before the debacle of the last six months.

    • We all saw how fast he crammed the prospect cupboard full in only 3 years. He mentioned to Mansbridge that he plans on doing the same thing over the next couple of years. If he does, he can basically do what he’s just done in 4 years from now, when this core moves on.

  4. Chase didn’t vote for Molitor either. (Although he’s still terrible.)

  5. Is there any chance that the jays don’t get one of Oliver/Lyon for 2013 and go into the year with a unproven bullpen?

  6. The Yanks and Red Sox “vulnerabilities” are overblown as far as AA’s decision-making has gone. AA has stated the Miami deal was a great opportunity in itself and then the Dickey deal was a finishing touch to complement the core that will be around for the next 3-ish seasons.

    It may be that the Yankees and Red Sox have down years but that was low, if at all on AA’s mind. This is still the Jays’ best chance in years to compete and he wouldn’t taken these chances anyway.

  7. The Bob Elliott link goes to the Shane Jones article.

  8. Is that Colby chuckin stones in da house?

    Alabama will never be the same.

  9. Has there ever been a more jolly Texan than Gibby?

  10. Hey does anybody know if spring training game are going to be available on tv this year

    • I remember either last year or the year before if you had the ‘at bat’ app you could watch spring training games on your phone for free..

  11. I believe Raines also had a history of eating sugar then sucking on a lemon. That can get really trippy.

  12. My god. That Delmon Young/David Price fun fact is terrifying.

  13. man, these guys are getting decked out in some serious Jays swag… that’s a sweet lookin’ winter cap underneath Rasmus’ fine hoodie plus all that shit Reyes has been wearing when he’s training donkeys, etc. – seems to be more than the usual that we’ve seen in the past.

  14. “The playoffs are a crapshoot, so your method of evaluation is hopelessly flawed.”

    ummmm… what if they’re not?

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