Jays pitchers and catchers report exactly four weeks from today…

Jon Morosi tweets that J.P. Arencibia is on the roster of Team USA for the upcoming World Baseball Classic. I suppose that could possibly change, though it sounds pretty official by the way that Drew’s talking about it at Getting Blanked, including the fact that J.P. has excitedly tweeted the news. Drew adds a big ol’ roundup of all things WBC, including the fact that Morosi adds that pitch counts for the WBC are changing this year, down to 65 in round one, 80 in the second round, and 95 in the semis and finals.

Elsewhere over at Getting Blanked, Drew examines ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball schedule, and their promotion of John Kruk (ugh) to Terry Francona’s vacated seat in the broadcast booth alongside Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser. The Jays won’t be featured in any of the games, as usual, this year, but before you go off ranting about the perceived slight, please keep in mind that ESPN would be pissing away a huge chunk of their audience by making one of the home teams a club that plays in a country that doesn’t get ESPN. So… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t ever happening.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports looks at the rise in payroll across MLB. For the first time, players will be paid over $3-billion in total, even though fourteen clubs currently stand to have their payroll lower in 2013 than it was in 2012. The Dodgers, of course, have the biggest increase, of course, but the Jays are close behind, with those cheap fucks at Rogers sending payroll up by $40-million, or 52%.

Of course, this payroll stuff isn’t all just blowjobs and cotton candy– Scott Boras isn’t happy, as he sees revenue growth outstripping the rate that payrolls are going up. Wendy Thurm of FanGraphs digs into it to see if the uber-agent is right.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star digs into what the Jays bullpen is shaping up to look like– minus whatever other reliever they may still (hopefully) add.

MLBTR passes along word from Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic that the Diamondbacks are looking to extend Aaron Hill. Uh… good luck with that.

Anthony Alford mess alert!: Charlie Caskey of Jays Journal looks at where the players selected in the upper rounds of the 2012 stand.

Matt Brown of Blue Jays Way checks in with part three of his look at just how good the Jays might be in 2013.

Sportsnet has a brief ad up for this Thursday’s John Gibbons-Stephen Brunt spectacular: Up Close: The John Gibbons Story. Sure, why not?

John Farrell talks to MLB.com about the Red Sox long, strange trip when it comes to the in-process deal with Mike Napoli, and… man, it sure is a whole lot nicer to read Farrellspeak when you’re not trying to convince yourself there’s still hope for him, huh?

Ken Davidoff of the New York Post awesomely defines the AL East clubs as Robert DeNiro characters.

At Fox Sports, Jon Morosi wonders is the Orioles and Tigers could hook up on a Rick Porcello for Jim Johnson deal. Ha! Do it!

John Rocker: still an idiot.

Carson Cistuli of FanGraphs takes a look at Canadia’s provisional WBC roster in today’s Daily Notes.

At SB Nation, Rob Neyer destroys it when it comes to Jack Morris, the Hall of Fame, THE INTERNET, and the Tea Party.

Lastly, Getting Blanked goes all The Atlantic on us, posting some “sponsored content.” And it’s amazing.

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  1. It would be very interesting for ESPN to at least try a Jays game on ESPN Sunday Nights. Sure, no natural market to drive ratings, but as we all know, many Canadians live in the States and the Jays can draw on a whole host of regions for support (ie. visible Jays fans at Tampa games, Angels games, etc. so not just border crossers).

    The last census data I find is 850,000 Canadian-born immigrants living in the US (from 2006, 8th largest group of foreign-born – Mexico WAY ahead) and that does not even cover those second generation people with some ties to Canada from parents. Who knows what percentage of those potential viewers ESPN could capture for any given game, but come on, Milwaukee and Cincinnati are only 2 million person markets.

    Give it a shot ESPN. Last year, July 1st NY Mets vs. LA Dodgers had 1.5 million viewers. THE COUNTRY’S TWO BIGGEST MARKETS AND YOU DRAW 1.5 MILLION VIEWERS.


    Seriously, the “novelty factor” of the Jays might be worth it, it those are the kind of numbers they are drawing.

    • Sunday night games can be changed in the pennant race so if the jays do well this year they will be on in September

    • oh, and there are probably between 75 and 100K Canadians in the US illegally, but those viewers probably count in ratings at least (shhh, keep it on the DL tho)

    • I don’t have ESPN but I have some channel that carries the Sunday ESPN game (forget which one sorry). Surely there is money to be made up here somehow.

    • I got a chance to listen to, and speak with Dan Shulman at a United Jewish Appeal panel event a few months ago. During the panel someone asked him about the Jays on SNB, and he said he’s been pushing for a Sunday Night Jays game for years now, and even more since the Marlins trade (this was a few weeks before Dickey). If anyone can make it happen it’s our Toronto boy Shulman.

      I actually expect 1 or 2 Sunday night games for the Jays this year. I’d be far more shocked if FOX gave them the time of day for their Saturday broadcasts, even in the heat of a September pennant race when they have flex scheduling.

      • You expect 1 or 2 games? But they just announced NONE!

        • Second half of the season, if they are in it. You start winning, you get the prime time games. Baltimore didn’t have a prayer of appearing, but they made the playoffs and now have a few Sunday night dates. That’s how it works.

  2. Man the nationals are stupid

    • How so? Soriano is a great addition at the back of their bullpen to go with Storen/Clippard/Stammen.

    • Maybe, but they did only give up the 31st pick and maybe now they can trade Storen and Morse together?

      • Their current phenoms ensure they don’t care about the one pick. Especially if they get to the World Series.

      • They want to win before Strasburg’s arm explodes. Soriano helps them in that quest.

      • 2013 is projected to be a weak draft, and why would a team care about giving up a pick when you’re one of the best teams in baseball? Hell, I even liked the idea of Soriano as a Blue Jay – just not at $14M a year.

    • Looks like the Nats are paying Soriano to pitch those high-leverage innings in the post-season. No question, they are overpaying for Soriano, but the owners are saying fuck it, lets set ourselves up for the next couple of years with Soriano.

  3. When in doubt…..Suck it Farrell!!

  4. Rocker is off his …er rocker.

    • While I think US gun ownership is way out of control and guns are bad, etc, etc, I would have to somewhat agree that if Jews had guns in the same proportion that the United States civilians currently do, they could have sure put up a lot of fight. Back then it wasn’t like they had drones that could kill you without you even knowing they’re there.

      Of course, shooting at the Germans would have turned it into civil war and probably just as many Jews would have died anyway.

      Certainly crazy to assume you can know anything “for certain” about such an event.

      • Fuck off. A. This is a site to talk about baseball. B. You’re a fucking lunatic.

        • Back in the 40′s a gun gave you a bit of a fighting chance. How am I a lunatic to say that? I even admitted that (a) they’d probably suffer just as many deaths anyway and (b) that it’s BS for anyone (including me) to pretend this theoretical outcome can be known.

          So again the only definitive statement I made was that they could have put up a fight (useless as it may have been) with guns. Not sure how that makes me a lunatic.

          • Ignore the idiots. You are correct in your thoughts. Jews having access to guns in your example just may have prevented or mitigated the holocaust. It might not have happened for the simple reason that the Nazi leadership may well have, correctly, deduced that it would have been too difficult to do and not worth the inevitable casualties.

            So if the Nazis were determined, no matter the cost ,to implement the final solution, then it still would have happened but it would have weakened their war machine with 6 million armed and angry partisans in their territory.

            So while john rocker is indeed an idiot, it is not for this reason specifically.

        • I take it you’re not a huge fan of “Interdisciplinary Studies”.

          • Not sure what you mean Stoeten. Who is ignorant of history here? What was said that is incorrect?
            Instead of insinuating someone is ignorant, take 5 minutes and show them how they are. If I am so ignorant on this history it shouldn’t be hard to do n’est pas?

          • Certainly if Jews having guns wouldn’t have prevented or made the final solution more difficult to implement then why would the Nazi Leadership decide to ban Jews from gun ownership in 1938?

            I mean, if it wouldn’t have made any difference like you and others infer, why bother?

            Maybe you should educate yourself on the history.

        • A. He gave an on-topic response to one of the articles linked. You don’t like that that article was linked? Tell Stoeten.

          B. What he said seemed pretty reasonable to me, considering he qualified it with “Certainly crazy to assume you can know anything “for certain” about such an event.” He wasn’t agreeing with Rocker on jews having guns.

  5. Is Jeffress really that much of a longshot to make the team?

  6. Read that Neyer piece last night and just read it again twice now. OMG, frame that shit send it to every idiotfuck at BBWAA. (How else to get them to read it without printing it out?)

    • And to the guys on MLB Network who over and over say “Morris pitched to the score”

      If he actually did – then he should have won 350 games

  7. RR for Hosmer seems like a fair deal for both teams or am I crazy?

    • I asked this on Fangraphs and got laughed off the board.

      • given the team control on Hosmer and his still untapped potential, yeah, it is kinda laughable

        • Not really. A first baseman is a far more replaceable asset than a former allstar, left-handed pitcher with 3 years of team control left at less than $8 mil/season.

  8. I am cheering for a Sam Dyson breakthrough this season so we can get photoshops with this and Dyson-wordplay like The Cooler:


  9. “cheap fucks at rogers” they definelty are. i bet they could easily up their payroll some more

  10. How does Boras keep getting Soriano things like player & vesting options? Either there was a bigger market for Soriano than we thought, or Boras is really good at getting the Nationals to bid against themselves.

    Good for Boras and Soriano, though.

    $14 million is a lot for a reliever, but at least the term isn’t insanely long.

  11. I wouldn’t worry too much about kruk being added to the booth. You could put any mongoloid up there and Dan shulman would still kill it.

    • I doubt Shulman would have made up for the train-wreck that was Joe Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball.

      Kruk isn’t horrible, at least the new crew doesn’t put me to sleep like Morgan and Miller used to, they were the televised form of roofies.

  12. “but the Jays are close behind, with those cheap fucks at Rogers sending payroll up by $40-million, or 52%.”

    Not that I’m complaining, but if you’re going to go there you should probably add that they pretty much needed to do that just to stay in top half of the league in spending over the next 2-3 years anyway. Their projected 2013 payroll will be between 8-10th with a 10% seperation or so from 15th, and their currently projected 2014 payroll will ranks lower.

    This was a very well timed increase in salary from both a public relations and business standpoint. I know…shocking from a wealthy media company!!

  13. Maple Boner Alert:

    Apparently we have another ” found” Canadian.

    “There is a chance that Freddie Freeman, Heyward’s good friend, could take advantage of the chance to play with either Team USA or Team Canada. Both of Freeman’s parents were born in Canada.”

    This according to the Braves MLB beat reporter Mark Bowman.


    With Morneau and Votto we don’t really need any big slow first base/ DH types so maybe next time around. Freeman is only 23 with 2 years as a regular . In fact Law has him ranked in his recent top 25 under 25 article.

  14. If the Blue Jays are Max Cady from Cape Fear, then I suggest that one of the Jays use the ominous theme music from that film (and the best Sideshow Bob Simpsons episode) as walk on music. I’m also a little bitter that we are not Neil McCauley from Heat.

  15. So Washington blinks and bails Scott Boras out yet again. I’m really interested to see what happens to Lohse and Bourn now. My guess is they both have to settle very close to spring.

  16. Why the hell do Jays fans care about their team appearing on a channel they don’t get in a country they don’t live in?

    Hey … our team’s on national TV every day of the week pretty much, not some rinky-dink regional cable channel like the Yankees and Red Sox have to put up with.

  17. Do you guys think Lind’s is tradeable? Say we trade him for like a low level reliever or a utility player (not some one of value, just a way to lose the contract) and then sign Harriston for around 2 years 12 million. We improve our dh situation immensely, only spend an extra million, and possibly add a bullpen arm.

  18. Alford needs to talk to Tim Raines. He had more than 100 college offers out of HS where he averaged 10.5yds/carry as a running back. He quickly realized what sport would allow him to excel. Same thing with Ricky Henderson.

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