To the chagrin of millions of right-thinking, unflinchingly-righteous fans, and the media that bombarded us daily with screeds expressing their profound disappointment, Mark McGwire hits number 60 off Dennys Reyes in 1998.


Because that’s how it all happened, right?

Anywho, uh… Dennys Reyes, you guys. You know… Dennys Reyes? Soft tossing lefty reliever last seen getting absolutely shit-hammered over 1.2 innings for the 2011 Red Sox Dennys Reyes?


Yeah, about him. Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR throws this at us:

Dennys Reyes told Puro Beisbol that he has offers from the Dodgers, Orioles, and Blue Jays. Among the three, Reyes said, “I’d like to return to the Dodgers,” the team he debuted with as 20-year-old in 1997 (translation via Nick Collias).

Yeah, I think we can rest assured that it would have been some form of minor league offer that the Jays have out to Reyes, who has been pitching (though mostly hurt) this year for Naranjeros de Hermosillo in Mexico, and who last posted a sub-4 xFIP, a walk rate below 10% and a strikeout rate above 20% for the 2008 Twins (and actually only did that one other time in his 15-year big league career, a stellar 2006 season in Minnesota).

But hey, the Jays are still fishing for some interesting depth at least, I guess.

Fuck, I don’t know. I think it’s gonna be a slow news day…

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  1. Yup…slow news day.

    Pitchers and catchers report in less than a month. Praise Jebus.

  2. And JPA has been selected to Team USA for the WBC, apparently.

  3. It’s going to be a slow month considering nothing will match the fall for excitement.

    I’ll try to start something: over/under on attendance of 3M?

    The moves in the offseason seem likely to give a good boost to the “still in school” months. Summer is usually strong’ish for attendance but obviously should see some improvement. Then come fall, if we are in a playoff race, you’d expect a big plus.

    • Over

    • what was last year’s attendance?


        2012 – 25,922
        2011 – 22,446
        2010 – 19,173

        Last time we (I can say ‘we’ here!) broke 37k was 95. Hell, last time we broke 30k was 98. I’m definitely taking the under for 3M but I think we have a chance to break 30k/g which would put us firmly in the middle of pack. Hell, a meaningful playoff race could get us another couple thousand per game and close 3M but I doubt it.
        TV ratings will still be good though.

        • Interesting fact. The Rangers had the 2nd worst road attendance last year. Odd.

        • I’m taking the over. I think there are a lot of people (like me) who have only gone to a game or two a year in the last few years, but have been following the team closely on tv, etc., that now see the need and the excitement of going to the game.

          If I’m just watching because I like baseball and like the Jays, yeah tv is the best view. But if it’s a pennant race game, I want to be there.

          If the Jays are out of it Sept 1st, it’s hard to justify spending $100+ to take the wife to the game. I’ll watch, but not going to spend money on it.

          Assuming a playoff race, I think there will be a big increase in attendance, and it will have a self-fulfilling effect too. People want to go when it is full and exciting.

          • Note: I attended 2-3 games last year, with tickets bought the same day. I’ve already bought a 10 game flex pack for this year and plan to attend additional games than that.

    • 37,000 average?
      I guess under.

    • I’d say under, but not by much. If there’s a really exciting September shaping up they might push over 3 million.

  4. One Reyes is enough and we got the best Reyes in Baseball

  5. Is Scott diamond pitching in the WBC? And if not, why the fuck not?

  6. Oh I see. That injury better be life-threatening

  7. Nothing wrong with slow news days.

    Last year, every day someone else was going on the DL or having surgery

    • Spring training can’t come soon enough. But fuck, this WBC thing is going to be a pain in the ass. Reyes, Lawrie, JPA, Dickey are confirmed and the DR will likely have Encarnacion and perhaps Melky on the WBC roster. Anyone else going to be playing some WBC ball?

  8. I was just looking over the schedule, trying to come up with a suitable date for an over-under on the first headline saying “The Jays are contenders–but where are the fans?”, and noticed that at the end of May the Braves play two here and then the Jays go straight to Atlanta to play two there. Since when does that happen in baseball?

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