Well here’s a real Darren Oliver twist: per a team release, the man who calls himself Black Magic will return to the Jays for the 2013 season, electing to play for the mere pittance that is the $3-million club option the Jays exercised early in the off-season.

You could say it’s a surprising turn of events, given the bluster over the recent few weeks from his agent, ex-Jay Jeff Frye, but on the other hand, given how much it appeared to matter to Oliver’s camp to squeeze every penny from the Jays, I’m not sure it was ever terribly likely that he’d choose nothing over the $3-million they were happily willing to pay.

That became especially clear when his “I want to be close to my kids” pretext mostly evaporated after Frye clumsily made the negotiation public. And really, I strongly suspect that’s all this really was. The Jays weren’t biting on the behind-closed-doors attempts to renegotiate, and a relatively green agent with a small list of clients–┬ánone else who’ve ever had anything resembling the kind of leverage Oliver had– made the rather desperate choice of very openly trying to exert pressure on the Jays. If it didn’t quite backfire, it sure as hell didn’t work, and now Frye and Oliver have sheepishly backed down, and made the only real choice they could have made, if their aim was for Black Magic to actually play baseball for money in 2013.

To steal my own half-stolen joke, Jeff Frye may know a thing or two about cycles, and he certainly won a couple news cycles during this, blindsiding the Jays with his public demands, but as often as we found ourselves debating what to do, there was never going to be a Kelly Gruber coming out of the stands in acid washed jeans to congratulate him after this one.

Hopefully Jays fans understand all that, and don’t hold it against Oliver that his camp exhausted every possible avenue to get as friendly as deal as they could– the way we applaud his bosses for doing on almost a daily basis. Hopefully. But I’m not holding my breath.

I know this whole episode has left a bad taste in a lot of mouths, and despite my arguing that Oliver and Frye were merely practicing all-out, in-bounds capitalism, I can entirely understand what’s upsetting about it (hint: it’s the all-out, in-bounds capitalism). It’s just, who knows how much this kind of stuff happens outside of the public eye? OK, maybe it’s a rare situation to begin with, given how close Oliver is to retirement, but leveraging whatever’s available to be leveraged in order to get a better deal is pretty par for the course in negotiations.

Because a contract was already in place I get that a lot of people are of the mind that any attempt to negotiate is foul, and that the implication they maybe planned this all along– and asked for more money up front for that very reason– suggests bad faith. But, like it or not, this tactic was available to them to ask for more money, and in no way were the Jays being forced– or extorted– into anything. They didn’t have to bite, they could have used the money elsewhere, and they certainly went into the deal last year with their eyes open.

And honestly… whatever. Oliver is back, and the Jays are much, much better off for it.

The left-handed pitchers remaining on the relief market are thoroughly unappealing. While the Jays could have gone with Brett Cecil and Aaron Loup as their LOOGY options (assuming J.A. Happ gets optioned to Buffalo in order to stay stretched out for the inevitable point when he’s needed in the rotation), Oliver has easily the most utility of the group, given the fact that he can actually stay in to face right-handers.

Oliver held RHBs to a .233 wOBA in 2012, compared to .273 for Loup (over a small sample of 57 batters), and .400 for Cecil.

Of the group, Oliver actually had the most trouble against left-handers in 2012, as they hit him to the tune of a .291 wOBA, compared to .204 for Loup and .268 for Cecil. Obviously, though, Loup can’t be counted on to be quite as brilliant again– after all, he wasn’t nearly as good in Double-A, with lefties there hitting him to a .640 OPS and right-handers an .808, according to the numbers at his player page at the not-quite-entirely-reliable Minor League Central. And Cecil, outside of mop up duty, can really only face left-handed hitters, whereas Oliver can be comfortably sent to face anyone.

Oliver’s return knocks those guys, as well as guys like Brad Lincoln, Emil Rogers, and Jeremy Jeffress down a peg, and just makes it look like that much more of a formidable bullpen. Casey Janssen and Sergio Santos look like a solid pair at the top– if Santos is as healthy as we want to believe– with Oliver and Steve “Sometimes You Eat The” Delabar not far behind. Then it’s one of the lefties, plus the big-armed Rogers and Lincoln rounding out a solid crew.


I’m not sure it’s out of the realm of possibility that the Jays add another piece still– especially if, as was discussed in the previous post, they use the difference between the salaries of Henry Blanco and Josh Thole in order to scrape together enough to go fishing for one more.

I mean, why not? They’d said that Oliver’s money was Oliver’s money, and that they wouldn’t necessarily be reinvesting it if he’d turned it down, so… doesn’t that maybe suggest their rumoured interest in the Matt Lindstrom-types of the world was entirely independent of Oliver’s situation? It might. It should.

Stay greedy, Alex.


Image via @mattomic, awesomeness.

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  1. Huzzah!

  2. I guess this takes them out of the running for another late inning arm, but it’s not like there were better $3 million options just waiting to be plucked. Great stuff.

    • This is the late inning arm they needed. Can not complain. Still, getting Lyon back would be excellent.

    • Besides the low salary and good performance, as a control lefty he’s easily the best fit for the pen as well.

      Makes me wonder about his agent goin public though. Really terribly mishandled situation on their part

    • I don’t know about that. They were talking about adding someone when it was still possibly Oliver would decide to play. They must have been prepared to potentially pay both both revilers.

  3. neat

  4. Hot.
    Go Jays!

  5. This is excitin’ yo!

  6. Bluff called. AA is the man.

  7. Will the Jays require another reliever for the 7 player relief corps.
    Janssen, Oliver, Santos, Delabar, Cecil, Rogers and Happ. Or is Cecil no longer required?

    • MLB Depth Charts has it

      CL RHP Casey Janssen
      SU RHP Steve Delabar
      SU RHP Sergio Santos + SHOULDER SURGERY ON 7/24/12
      MID LHP Darren Oliver
      MID RHP Brad Lincoln
      MID RHP Esmil Rogers
      LR LHP J.A. Happ

      • Santos is going to be a fuckin rockstar this year, it’s a Morgan Burton guarantee!

      • Likely bullpen scenario on Opening Day:

        Janssen – CL
        Delabar – SU
        Oliver – SU
        Rogers – MR
        Lincoln – MR
        Cecil – MR
        Happ – LR

        My guess is that Santos will stick around Dunedin to rehab before joining the club, assuming he is healthy. Loup has options, as does Crawford. Nice depth for the stretch run.

        If Santos is ready to go on Opening Day, I would guess that Happ is assigned to AAA as he has one remaining option year. He would be the first call-up for the rotation.

        Cecil is out of options. He either makes the team outright or will be exposed to waivers if he is assigned to the minors. My guess is that the Jays might want to see how he performs from the bullpen before cutting him loose or trading him. I am not crazy about seeing him becoming a long guy but sometimes, bullpen composition is a numbers and options game.

        Lincoln and Delabar both have options I believe so one of them could be sent down if the Jays want to try Happ as the long guy. Or if Jeffress blows away the competition in spring training.

        Regardless, its going to be a crowded bullpen. Good times.

        • Even if Cecil wasn’t out of options, I’d imagine he’s more valuable to the BP than Happ. He seems like he could be quite an effective LOOGY.

          The question, in my mind then, would be if you send down Happ or Rogers.

          • Isn’t Rogers out of options?
            What about Jeffress? he’s out of options as well i think.

          • Rogers is out of options, and he would be scooped up fast by an opposing GM. You almost would have to send down Lincoln as he has one option remaining, or Delabar (ditto).

            Happ as the 6th starter pitching out of Buffalo is nice depth.

            Cecil likely makes the club just because of his options status, but he has to earn it.

            Spring training will be interesting as the competition for bullpen jobs will be some fierce.

          • Question about options -
            If the player is out of options doesn’t make it out of training camp do they still have to go through waivers to make it to Buffalo or is it only when you send someone down during the season?

          • Pass through waivers i think

    • brad lincoln is pretty good too..

  8. Andrew, not surprising. Up until a week ago the only better options might have been Lyon, Rafael Soriano (but, way too pricy…).

  9. I laughed my @$$ off when I read the headline. Way to go Oliver, You not just look really stupid for agreeing to play for the Jays for $3 million next season, but you also save them the time to find your replacement.

  10. Well…it looks like AA won his game of chicken. Glad to have Oliver back, he was fantastic last season.

  11. Oliver will be idle no more..sweet news.

  12. So I guess a year with his family IS worth 3 million bucks after all.

  13. Excellent news. I’m happy they didn’t trade him to Texas for a bag of magic beans, and I think not offering him more is the right thing to do.

    Suck it, Farrell.

  14. $3M?? greedy fuck.

    Seriously though.. awesome news for the Jays.

  15. Now, let’s just hope he doesn’t finally get old and succumb to left-arm-shittiness.

  16. Wow,

    Unexpected and totally fucking awesome!

  17. Yes

  18. Happy to have him back, and no ill will towards him, but Oliver and his agent sure look like some punk-ass bitches now. AA and his invincible balls of steel roll over some more victims.

  19. Ok bullpen done. Can AA please turn his attention to having some other option at 1B/DH than Lind. At minimum, a platoon partner.

  20. Yes, AA called his bluff, but one wonders if MLB also had something to do with the end result. A contract is a contract is a contract. MLB would not like seeing additional compensation to unretire as a good precedent.

    Water under the bridge as far as Oliver is concerned. His douchebag agent? He can go fuck himself.

    • Actually I really don’t think that MLB would give two shits about that. Why should they? Players and clubs use leverage in contract negotiations all the time and this is just one more example.

      No conspiracy here.

      • MLB wouldn’t intervene officially, but they would certainly frown upon a team upping the ante to convince a player to un-retire. Remember that each MLB contract must be approved by the suits in MLB.

        The PA does the same thing when it comes to MLB contracts. Many times, the union pressures a player to sign or refuse certain contract provisions when an agent negotiates with a team.

        • Still don’t see why MLB would care. It’s exceedingly rare that a player is in a position to use retirement for leverage. Usually players retire because they can’t get a job any more. It’s almost unheard of for a player to still have the skill set to not only have a job at that age, but to be good enough at it to be able to make a case that he should be getting more money.

          Why would the league care if a team is willing to spend their own money to incentivize a player out of retirement. If it had been the Jays’ idea would it still be a problem?

          Totally different for the PA where contracts have a ripple effect for all players. Every player has a vested interest in inflating salaries. Oliver is such a unique case that I can’t imagine another player in the league that might be in a position to benefit from the precedent, nor can I remember one that has in the past. It may never have happened because if it had we wouldn’t be saying Oliver is setting a precedent. It’d have already been set.

          • I hear you dude. But a precedent is a precedent.

            Not to mention the important value of seeing the integrity of a freely negotiated MLB contract remain intact.

  21. Gotta love DJF…up on the site before SportsNet and Bluejays.com.
    And to top it all off…a Reyes presser tomorrow sometime.

  22. Awesome to have him back. Absolutely perfect fit for the Jays bullpen and $25 million and a vesting option cheaper than Soriano.

  23. Now watch him stink this year….. nah, still good news.

  24. Ok for 3M I am happy. Moral questions aside I wasn’t too excited about 4M+ for a 42 year old reliever (he had a great year but it’s always SSS with relievers…).

    I knew he would give in.

    Think about it. He’s made 40M+ in his career. Take away almost half for taxes. Take away a few million for some houses. Take away a few million from some bad investments. Take away a few million spent living life as a travelling, big league athlete. Maybe an ex-wife or two got a few million (no idea about his personal life, just saying lots of athletes have a few failed marriages).

    What’s left? Like actual liquid funds. 5M? 10M?

    You have a chance to work 6 more months and make 3 more… you’re doing it. Even if he has 12M left. That’s 12M from a lifetime devoted to baseball. 6 months and you add 25% to that. You’re taking it.

    • This was exactly my thinking…I mean seriously, the guy is retiring at age 42! That’s pretty awesome. The option of working a little bit more for $3M is a no-brainer (except for someone who’s made $150M over their career perhaps).

      • Damn…. I would love to be months away from retirement! I’m jealous.

        But I haven’t made close to 3 million combined in my 25 years of working

    • so he doesn’t have to pay taxes or child support on this years 3million$? Also forgetting to add in playoff gravy money!

      • @BlueBallz – good point. I still stand by my point – if you can add 1.5M in 6 months and maybe go out a champion, you’re doing it unless you have multiple tens of millions.

    • That is an ass-load of assumptions you’re making right there.

      • Se my other reply – yes it is. But it’s based on very realistic scenarios. I’d bet good money that the average athlete, by the end of his career, has less than 15% liquid remaining of his pre-tax career earnings.

    • I don’t think you understand how investments work if you are assuming that you typically lose money with them.

      • @No – Actually I work in finance at a place with fantastic performance. I’m just looking at when he made most of his money and then looking at when US housing crashed and when the US (and most other) stock markets crashed and throwing out the very possible result that he lost money. It’s all speculation. But based on probabilities.

        Considering 50% of all lottery winners eventually file for bankruptcy as well as many many professional athletes, it is not that crazy to assume he has less than 10M liquid from the 45M he made pre-taxes.

        In which case 3M looks that much nicer.

  25. Awesome!! Great job by AA waiting this out.

  26. Glad he is back. I think he has lowered his ERA every year for 5 years.

    I think we still need a right handed bat that can back up 3rd and DH against lefties. AA said that it might be in Spring Training to find that last part.

    • I would think Bonifacio would be the backup 3B, in addition to backing elsewhere and/or starting at 2B.

      As for a RH partner for Lind, Davis would seem to be a not-terrible fit for now

    • The last bench spot is never going to play. It won’t be an impact bat to split time with Lind.

      The unspoken plan will be:

      Lind against RHP = scary powerful lineup
      Davis/Bonafacio against LHP = scary fast lineup

      • It worried me to have Bonifacio back up too many positions. If Izturis starts at second, then EB will be backing up 2nd, 3rd, SS, and CF. A couple of injuries and we are scrambling.
        I also want to have a competent backup to Lawrie when he hurts himself going into the stands of an 8-1 game against KC in May.

        • Agreed. Which I’m guessing is why AA said recently that the last bench spot will be filled by utility infielder.

  27. Bluff Called By AA, l wonder if AA wants to be the Raptors GM

  28. Fan-fucking-tastique! Amazing news… I was getting worried about the pen.

    Well done AA on calling his bluff. Next stop, Poker Stars.

    Welcome back Black Magic, you are forgiven for merely doing your own due diligence.

    • “Welcome back Black Magic, you are forgiven for merely doing your own due diligence.”

      +1 Exactly. I was a little butthurt that he would speak of anything but playing in Toronto, but that is done and he’s on board. All aboard the bandwagon!

  29. I wonder what becomes of JA Happ now.

    If he’s not traded or paid 1/6th termination pay at the end of spring training, perhaps he becomes our John Lannan waiting in Buffalo.

    Or they still use him as the swingman with Lincoln & Loup in the minors.

    The pitching depth AA has accumulated in a few months is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Why would the Jays cut Happ at the end of spring training?? That’s just idiotic. He’s either the long relief/swing man out of the pen (who else will be able to throw 3/4/5 innings out of the pen) or will remain stretched out and starting in Buffalo

      • If the Jays don’t have the money to pay him and Happ has negative value on the trade market, it may be the most cost efficient way to meet payroll.

        Obviously it’s highly unlikely though.

        • No only that, but it keeps Happ as a starter in AAA, rather than pitching sporaticaly in the pen

          • It’s not very often that the guy whos supposed to be the 6th starter on a team doesn’t end up getting an opportunity to get his fair share of starts.

        • It is not unlikely. It is impossible, unless he dies.

    • 1/6 termination pay??

      Notta chance

    • Honestly, I don’t think AA is going to let assets go for free. If he can’t find a deal for a few guys and Rogers/Jefferies pitches well in Spring training, our pen is going to look like this:
      Jansen, Santos, Oliver, Delebar, Cecil, Rogers and Jefferies.

      Loup, Happ, Lincoln to the minors as the only ones with options

      • I agree with the sentiment, but I think Jefferies would have to definitively outperform Lincoln in spring training to avoid being released. That’s just a flier for AA.

    • Happ has one option year remaining, so he is likely going to be kept in AAA as the 6th starter, or makes the big club as the long guy, if one of Santos (health) or Delabar (has options) or Lincoln (ditto) don’t make the club out of spring training.

      Over a 162 game schedule, first division teams (and yes, fucking finally – the Jays are a first division team) will go through 6, 7 or 8 starters. Happ would be number 6 on the depth chart, ahead of Jenkins and minor league free agents Justin Germano, Claudio Vargas, etc. Deck McGuire and possibly Sean Nolin are others who could make a start or two. McGowan, Drabek and Hutchison are other possibilities if they are healthy towards the end of 2013.

      Basically, Happ is an important piece. Would rather see his ball head than some of the other names mentioned above.

  30. He’s been at home since October – probably making his wife and kids crazy. (or vice versa) Mrs. Black Magic probably looked at him and said “Honey, we’ve been talking. For 3 million bucks we can manage without you for one more season. See ya…keep sending those cheques home!”.

  31. this is fantastic!!!

    now…not that I think its *needed* but I still won’t be surprised if they add a reliever or a platoon bat.

    buuuuut. perhaps the smartest thing they could do at this point is wait and see how the team does for the first while. if its looking good, spring for a bat & reliever.

    although i’m sure if it looks like these pieces solidify a jays-run then the asking price will be higher…

  32. I wonder if they promised him some off the books benefit, like he’s going to be their pitching scout in TX LA NM in 2014 or something. Which would be totally OK IMO. Glad he’s back. The next photoshop should be of AA as the Beadle in Oliver Twist, saying NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED FOR MORE.

  33. Thank the lawd

  34. Glad that he’s back and “honouring” his contract.

  35. Chalk another one up for AA

    fuckin beauty

    Frye looks like a complete tool haha. He really does whatta notch.

  36. Maybe he figured out how to use his cellphone or Skype over the holidays.

  37. The ONLY things left now before I can declare this a near-perfect offseason:
    - platoon partner for Lind
    - cutting Cecil loose

    • Cutting Cecil lose isn’t just unnecessary, it would be incredibly dumb. You don’t give away assets for free, and Cecil has value as a lefty reliever.

  38. I love the picture. Awesomeness!!!!!1

    Pray I don’t alter the deal further!

  39. AA is the real BLACK MAGIC

  40. Dave Cameron was asked in his fangraphs chat today what the best under-the-radar move has been this offseason and he called Melky at 16/2 a big win for Toronto. He also said that Toronto easily helped themselves the most of any team. he suggested a Mike Carp type player to compete with Lind at DH. Nothing groundbreaking but interesting none-the-less.

  41. Fantastic news. Oliver gets to collect the rest of his $7 mil and the Jays get a veteran bullpen arm that has a chance of outperforming his contract. Win-win.

    This ends exactly as it always should have. Glad the Jays don’t fall for bluffs as quickly as others around here.

    • Glad you have forgiven Oliver’s unethical act and are solely focussed on how this helps the team.

      • @Jays2010 Glad you’ve remained steadfast in your ethical purity and are solely focused on keeping that rusty tomato rod up your ass.

      • Less Oliver, more his agent was a big goof.

        • I’m guessing his agent tried public negotiating as a last resort after being rebuffed by AA privately.

          Maybe Oliver fires Jeff Frye to distance himself from the bad PR.

          Or maybe nobody gives a damn the 2nd week of April when Oliver is nailing it again.

      • @Jays 2010

        Or perhaps Mark is glad AA still has his ballz attached, which is more than what you could say if you had your way in this process.

        • @chanse

          From the beginning I said I had no issues if AA ignored Oliver and let him retire or gave him more money.

          I still have no qualms with Oliver’s negotiating tactics and judging by the change on this board, virtually everyone who had an issue with Oliver’s stance has forgiven him because he improves the team.

          • @Jays 2010

            a) Ya you were lobbying to pay Oliver but thats besides the point

            b)For me this is not about forgiving or not forgiving. Oliver was within his rights to pull the sideshow he pulled I coulda cared less about his demands. What I cared about was AA seeing through the bullshit and not giving in to Olivers antics and commend him for playing his cards properley.

          • @Chanse

            I wasn’t “lobbying” for AA to pay Oliver. Without being privy to the discussions between the two camps, I was suggesting alternatives to make it win-win for both sides.

            AA is to be applauded, for sure.

            But that’s rarely been a focus of these Oliver gamethreats.

            Much like with Melky Cabrera, nobody gives a damn about morals if a transaction helps the team.

            Sure enough, there are no comments about “clubhouse cancer” and “I don’t want this greedy player on my team” today.

            Oliver and his agent still tried to renegotiate his contract which was “unethical” for many people. That fact hasn’t changed.

            But almost nobody cares today because the team is much better.

            • The reason nobody cares today is that Oliver was, ultimately, unsuccessful in breaking his contract. He has chosen to honour (there’s that morally loaded word again) his existing contract.

              Had AA caved in to Oliver’s demands, I would have been at the front of the pack moaning about it. As it stands, it’s moot.

    • @Mark

      I know its hindsight now but im surprised how many on here screamed pay him.
      As if an extra 1.5 would alter playing or not playing for a legit shot at a missing championship ring. Well done AA * AGAIN

      Anyways glad its done with and heres to hoping Oliver has a repeat of last season.

      • @ chanse

        “Anyways glad its done with and heres to hoping Oliver has a repeat of last season.”

        Amen! This, so this! This championship train is leaving the station and everyone (including fans) needs to be on board. No negativity in the dome this year and we’ve got a legit shot for the first time in decades. I’ll cheer for Brett fuckin’ Cecil and his remote controlled cars is I have to!

  42. just picture the shitstorm on this website if oliver gets injured early and is out for the year

    • Theres not much you can do right. At this point, we can just pray and hope our arms and legs in the team stay intact and we have a healthy team that will probably utterly destroy it’s competition.

  43. This is great. Feeling a lot better about the bullpen now.

  44. Jeff Frye is looking real smart now…”Ride off into the sunset” my ass lol. Black Magic just wanted more gwop (as we all do)…I can’t hate on him for that. If I was Oliver, I would bitch slap the shit out of Frye for making it public, and making me look greedy.

  45. all’s well that ends well. the biggest loser of this debacle is Oliver’s agent, who won’t be getting any new clients anytime soon.

  46. Apparently Oliver will be on Prime Time Sports tonight.

  47. I personally feel like Cecil has the potential to be pretty decent in Spring Training (aka the Delabar program), possibly starter material on just about any other team, but I can’t see him knocking off Romero.

    It will be interesting to watch Cecil as a bullpen arm.

    • Cecil is a LOOGY for the jays. Nothing more. Could be a good one though.

    • Cecil knows his place. His future as a Blue Jay is in the bullpen. Just look at his comments from his stop over with the Winter Caravan. Said that he looks forward to pitching out of the pen.

      Real question is going to be Cecil’s role in the bullpen. Strictly a LOOGY? Most probably, if one looks at his splits. Even if said throwing program allows him to uptick his FB, making his other stuff look better, I doubt Gibbons will allow Cecil to get more than 2 or 3 outs in high leverage situations.

    • Retard

  48. Great, unexpected news.

    I think Jeffries will be exposed to waivers, and I really don’t think Cecil will cut it instead of Happ either. In fact I could see Cecil clearing waivers. Lincoln and Happ will play really important parts for us.

  49. So just the last bench spot is the last spot for AA do address in the offseason

    • Maybe they can convince Jeff Baker to agree to a minor league invite.

      AA has suggested he’s unlikely to do another major league deal this offseason.

      • ya if you look at the depth chart one of blacno/thole will be in buffalo so maybe a jim thome minor league invite to spring?

        • I’d love Thome…as much as I can love a guy who may very well be as useless as Adam Lind.

          I’d rather gamble on Thome than Lind.

  50. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. “I want to play in Texas or three million isn’t worth it to me.” What a dumbass, matched by all the dumbasses around here who actually believed that crap. I agree it’s probably his agent’s fault but that was some weak ass shit. He messed with the bull and he got the fucking horns. Bud Selig is happy today.

    At the end of the day though, who gives a shit. I can’t believe I talked myself into Brett Cecil last year. Black Magic!


  52. My dad currently wears Jordache acid washed, spandex tight, and pocket less.

  53. prediction: Oliver is DFA’d by July and winds up in Texas or out of baseball.

  54. as being posted on SN during the conference call, “Darren Oliver says he never demanded more money from Blue Jays. Agent Jeff Frye made comments about pitching in Texas without his knowledge”…..dirty dirty Jeff Frye.

    • Holy fuck is Wilner a douche. Says DO said the right thing of how it all went down for Jays fans whether it was true or not….the fuck!

      Then on the Farnia suspension which AA eludes it was for smoking the ganja but Wilnot takes a Lott tweet about reading between the lines and makes a fucked comment about lines of coke. How the fuck does he get away with this shit. Is he imploding because he is not getting the open broadcast spot?!

      • Honestly, who really gives a shit what that no-credibility clown says? It’s the same old song and dance with him…. its getting old.

    • I guess the spin doctors are working overtime on it. If he never asked for the $$$ and is now implying that he wouldn’t have, he’s full of shit because he certainly could have put a stop to it long ago-right?
      So now it’s find a way to get all the blame onto Frye the agent to save face in all this.
      It’s sort of like Mcguinty dismissing various underlings for all the fuck-ups and fiascos he has done to Ontario rather than blame himself.

      Overall, I imagine he improves the pen, but I am not as enthusiastic about it as others.Yes, for the 3m , moneywise it is a good deal, I just worry that he may either regress towards his longterm mean or how the team will react to him, and I think this is where the spin doctor comes in above.
      As a Loogy, I have felt he could be replaced w/o a whole lotta trouble, but now that he is a Jay I will cheer him on. I’m glad the Jays stuck to their guns over this.
      Carry on my wayward son…

      • I think you make some valid points (and I also am suspicious of anything any athlete says that paints them in a favourable light). However, I do not think that there was a cost-effective alternative to Oliver on the market at this time, and even if he regresses toward the mean (as he is likely to do), he’d still be a valuable piece in the pen.

  55. The cynic in me thinks maybe some backroom shenanigans went down.

    The Jays fan in me is just fucking overjoyed.

  56. …the bus driven by DO that is rolling over his agent is getting ugly…Frye is likely gone.

  57. …though DO has said he has not fired him…has known him for 20+ years.

    • Yeah…he really threw him under the tires and backed up over him a few times.

      It was like a zamboni going back and forth over his agent’s corpse (whatever a zamboni is…)

  58. Oliver on his agent: I didn’t know he was trying to extract more money from the Jays.

    Atta boy Frye, atta boy.

  59. What a shitty interview.

    • +1
      They all work for Rogers, so it was basically like watching an infomercial. Nothing new.

  60. No question in my mind Oliver was on board with Frye trying to extract more money for likely his last year. Like Stoeten mentioned, we should all question how much of this shit goes on outside of the public eye. i would guess it happens alot. And when contracts are actually redone in private and then made public once finalized, the team easily puts a spin on it that they felt the player earned the extra bucks, making it seem like the player never demanded it, they offered it up. Frye just fucked up by going public. End of story. Go jays.

    • if one’s agent did something like this without their knowledge, one would think it would merit an immediate response from the agent and/or player. Instead they waited 12 days from the date of the agent’s public response and DO signs. Points sign to a flawed negotiating strategy.

      anyways, glad he’s back in the mix.

      • Yup, good point. And yeah, glad he’s back too. This is a big hole that just got filled.

        If he likes public attention, maybe Frye should quit being a bumbling baffoon of an agent and try the circus, specifically, balancing shortstops above him on one foot while they sleep:


  61. Too bad d arnaud isnt around as the jays could have traded JPA to Seattle wor a good pitching prospect

    • Too bad is right….but I guess we will have make do with a reigning CY Young winner instead of a pitching prospect.

      Just think what could have been though….more prospect porn

  62. seems like the jays should have gone after morse, if what i’m hearing about what was exchanged is true…certainly a fair sight better than lind, imo

    • Morse cost way too much. Mariners made themselves a bad deal.

      • That’s what happens when everyone in the industry sees you desperately chasing every bat on the market.

        For the life of me, I don’t know what they are thinking. The Angels, Ranger, and Rays will all be too strong for the Mariners for years to come. Why not just hoard prospects and cash on Felix while you can?

  63. Never doubted Black Magic for a second.

    In it to win it.

  64. This team fails if shitballer Cecil and three toed sloth Lind make the squad. Holdovers from a time when it sucked a huge one to be a jays fan. If I was a millionaire I would PAY the jays to buy Lind out and send Cecil back to the worlds worst tattoo parlour!

  65. Kudos to AA for standing his ground on this. Good move!

    As for Darren Oliver, since he’s decided to honour his contract, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on all this nonsense and welcome him back into my heart.

    Don’t know about his agent Jeff Frye though, there’s still an air of douchebaggery around him, if nothing else for making the whole into a public spat – he was never going to win over cone-of-silence-loving AA with that tactic.

  66. Release Brett Cecil he’s really bad his velo dipped a lot

  67. Oliver is black!

  68. Looks like somebody talked to his lawyer.

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