Ever wonder how high-end, billion- and multi-million dollar TV and radio networks pull in the high quality talent that makes up the wonderful radio broadcasts of baseball games that criss-cross the airwaves? Why a job posting on their company website, or something called Milkman UnLimited, of course!


Yep. So get your resumes in order, those of you with at least four years pro- or semi-pro baseball experience and four years of broadcast experience! And everyone else, get set for monthly web chats and twice weekly articles from your next, all-new, “witty, genuine, self-deprecating, informative, thought-provoking, positive, insightful, observant, curious, well-rounded, instinctive, and opinionated” Rogers personality!

I guess word of mouth only goes so far in any industry. Or… y’know… more likely it’s just protocol to create job postings for all opportunities, no matter how in the bag they are for some preordained candidate. But whatever!

Full text of the posting after the jump…

MLB Colour Commentator Announcer – Sportsnet Radio The FAN 590 (Toronto)-34387


If you are a veteran broadcaster and former MLB player who loves the game, talking about it on air, on television and in social media, Sportsnet Radio The FAN 590, home of Toronto Blue Jays baseball in in Toronto has a rare employment opportunity. The perfect candidate will be compelling, entertaining, engaging, witty, thought-provoking, insightful, opinionated, and must know and love everything about baseball. And that’s just for starters. We want a person or team that want to win. We want leaders. We want people with passion.

What’s Sportsnet Radio The FAN 590 All About?

We are one of the most listened to sports radio stations in North America. We are based in Toronto, Canada. We love our sports! We are home of the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, Buffalo Bills, and more. We are a personality-driven radio station that uses sports as a foundation to create an entertaining, compelling, engaging and interactive forum for sports fans.

Sportsnet Radio Fan 590′s content must be delivered by intelligent personalities who know and understand sports, life beyond sports, and life experience for a 25-54 year old Toronto guy. The characteristics of our personalities include but are not limited to witty, genuine, self-deprecating, informative, thought-provoking, positive, insightful, observant, curious, well-rounded, instinctive, and opinionated. Show hosts must ‘play the hits’ which are the topics and issues that appeal to the broadest segment of the audience. Show hosts must be able to execute sound fundamentals including tease, plot and pay-off to maximize ratings. They must create a sense of urgency, a sense of anticipation, back up opinions with facts, be a fan and embrace the fan experience. They must be proficient with all aspects of social networking and be able to integrate the use of twitter, facebook, text messaging in all shows. Personalities are also required to write a daily blog. All this in order to further audience growth and loyalty for the radio station and themselves.


  • Colour commentary for spring training and all regular season and play-off Toronto Blue Jays games. Commitment – Feb – October.
  • Participate in Blue Jays radio/television conversations/interviews as requested.
  • Participate in Baseball Central @ Noon program.
  • Write articles for digital twice per week.
  • Aggressively use and react with social media. You must have a twitter account and use it.
  • Web based fan chats once per month.
  • Additional duties relating to the Baseball brand as requested.
  • Must be able to travel.


  • Must have a minimum 4 years in pro or semi-pro baseball experience.
  • Must have a minimum of 4 years broadcast experience in radio/television or combination.
  • History with the Toronto Blue Jays an asset.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must have proven ability to work both independently and as a team player with minimal supervision.
  • Must be able to follow direction of management.
  • Must be able to sufficiently prepare for each game and deliver a fresh product to the listeners each day.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment as a team player.
  • Able to communicate to 25-54 male demographic.
  • Excellent sports knowledge – particularly baseball.
  • Able to execute the sports entertainment format.

The future is exciting and Rogers is leading the way.
Canadians count on Rogers to keep them in touch with those who matter most to them – whether at their desk, on the couch, or on the go. As Canada’s telecommunications leader, we keep everyone informed, connected and entertained, with our exciting array of products and services. Our drive to provide the latest and most innovative products ensures that our customers enjoy unmatched convenience, reliability, and flexibility. Rogers continues to set the pace by investing in our networks, platforms, products and people. Are you ready for a high-energy career that feeds your enthusiasm? Join us now.
Job Posting Jan 16, 2013
Job On-Air Talent
Primary LocationCA-ON-Toronto
Schedule Full-time
Employee Status Regular
Travel No


Image via @TomYoung590. Hat tip @MilkmanUnLimited / @GideonTurk.

Comments (95)

  1. Apply for the job u fool Stoeten

    • Can Stoeten get up before noon?
      How coherent is he when he’s hungover?
      Is he allowed to mention how often Drew nails it at GB?
      Excellent communication and interpersonal skills?Can’t wait for him to call Howarth a “champ” and whether he’s hurt his “widdle feelings”
      Does Sportsnet allow their broadcasters to tell their twitter followers to compare the players wRC+ or fuck off?
      Stoeten would get so frustrated after 2 weeks,he’d go postal and try to ban everybody..

      • Dude, he hasn’t banned you yet. and I cannot imagine you don’t annoy the shit out of him.

        I do not, for the life of me, understand what kind of weird pleasure you get from commenting so much about your feelings about/for Stoeten.

        Stick to your comments about baseball. They are wrong too, mostly, but less awkward to read.

        • Ah Tony,a bit of ribbing of our leader goes right over your head.
          Stoeten himself jokes about not getting out of bed until noon, often citing a hangover as the reason.
          Even Drew joked about him not showing up to the office on Fridays.You’re more likely to see a post at midnight than before noon.It’s his style and there’s nothing wrong with that.
          He has a disdain for traditionalists so the interaction between him and Jerry would be interesting.
          I can only imagine the frustration of him dealing with “Jays Talk” type of Tweeters and commenters.
          Perhaps I poke him too often but no more than somebody else I respect.
          I’ve told him this many times. I think he’s very knowledgable,extremely hard working and a rising influence in the Jays fan network.
          He knows how I respect him,his work and this blog.
          Sorry that you’ve taken it the wrong way.
          I will refrain from commenting about the bearded one and thanks for turning this into “DJF Lite”
          As for my baseball comments,It’s a blog,you’re entitled to your opinion.Next time join the conversation and point out how wrong I am.

          • Trust me, it did not go over my head, but it gets pretty redundant after awhile. We all get it, Stoeten is lazy and bearded and you wake up early and are clean shaven.

            Anyways, my comment was directed more at you implying that Stoeten bans anyone and everyone he feels like, and with that, I disagree. With the sheer number of idiots posting here, I would have expected a lot more banning. But that is me. I hate people.

            What exactly is “DJF Lite”? Cause if it is a site where the Jays are discussed intelligently, without a bunch of reactionary, trolling, fucknuts, then I am all for it, especially if there are copious fucking swears.

            And I agree, you are entirely entitled to your incorrect opinions.

          • Ahh Tony.
            Did you read anything?
            I’ve seen Stoeten post at 10 am,post throughout the day and then post at 2 AM the next day. I wouldn’t exactly call him lazy.I said “extremely hard working “.
            Guess you missed that.
            Guess you missed the part about dealing with”Jays Talk” types of callers.
            “DJF Lite” refers to having to explain these things to fucking idiots like yourself who need a justification for every cocksucking comment on a blog..
            Puss sucking trolls,like yourself, who wish to make issue out of everything,so you can release whatever pent up frustration you have.

          • If anyone is misreading something it is you, Radar.

            I was exaggerating your point when I wrote:

            “We all get it, Stoeten is lazy and bearded and you wake up early and are clean shaven. ”

            You do not need to explain anything to me. Apparently, I have to explain myself to you.

            Who the fuck is the troll here when you are constantly baiting Andrew into your stupid fucking shit. Who the fuck cares what time the fucking guy wakes the fuck up.

            I didn’t miss anything in your fucking posts. They are inane and boring and a waste of my time to read. Comment on the fucking team. Comment on its players. Comment on the radio and tv and front office personalities. But stop making this all about your fucking man crush.

          • Appareently I’m not the one with the man crush.

            Stoeten is very capable of taking care of himself.

            Isn’t it you, that is taking a joke and turning into a flame war.
            But by all means,if you need to get rid of the pent up aggression,let it out.
            There don’t you feel better now?
            Maybe next time, you should just take your Ritalin.

          • lol, you should come back a day later and read the shit you wrote. I bet you’ll start cutting yourself.

      • +1 I thought it was funny.

      • where does the pee go in an internet pissing contest?

  2. Hmmmm. I fall a little short in some of these qualifications, but I do use social media VERY aggressively.

    I’ll apply anyway.

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s company policy to post all job openings

  4. I like how it says “play-off Toronto Blue Jays games”

  5. funny they ask for someone with a twitter acct, niether Ashby or Howarth have one. I guess they want more Wilner types on their network.

  6. 11pm, blog time

  7. No travel eh interesting lol

  8. Sounds like my “dream job!” LOL

  9. Man, I hope whoever gets this job doesn’t suck. I watch Jays games on mlb.tv and opt to listen to radio so I don’t have to suffer Buck and “He’s so stroooong” Tabby.

    I guess they could replace Ashby with like an empty office chair and I’d still be better off with the radio feed, though.

  10. “You must have a twitter account and use it.”

  11. “The characteristics of our personalities include but are not limited to witty, genuine, self-deprecating, informative, thought-provoking, positive, insightful, observant, curious, well-rounded, instinctive, and opinionated.”

    How many current broadcasters actually fullfill all those things?

  12. “Able to communicate to 25-54 male demographic.”

    Won’t anyone think of the children?

    Or women?

    Whatever. As long as he’s got a hot voice, I’m cool.

  13. Also- they must be able to travel and are not required to travel….very nice.

  14. Speaking as someone who crosses the border a lot, and if I’m not mistaken:

    If a company wants to hire you, and you live on the other side of the border, the company must first list your position out on a job posting. Then, the company must be able to prove to the labour board that there are no citizens of its country who applied for the job and whose job qualifications equal or better yours. Then the company may hire you.

    This results in a lot of “token” job postings for jobs that aren’t really available, and are merely put up for legal purposes.

    It’s entirely possible they don’t have a broadcaster, but it’s also possible that they’ve found an American broadcaster to hire and are simply putting out the required job posting for legal purposes.

  15. So i’m pretty drunk… because.. it’s Wednesday.

    Since I’m more charismatic than any of you, I knew i had a shot until it said “history with blue jays an asset”

    Because all the history i have with the Blue Jays is watching them win when i was 5 and 20 years of misery.

    It would make me the Dashboard Confessional of baseball colour men.

  16. I nominate Stoeten.

  17. Looking forward to Jerry’s two articles a week

  18. I’m pretty sure Wilner lack the 4 years of pro or semi-pro baseball experience. They want an ex-player.

  19. Also i hate this

    “Canadians count on Rogers to keep them in touch with those who matter most to them – whether at their desk, on the couch, or on the go.”


  20. They should be looking for broadcasters that don’t sleep with members of the local team’s Front Office

  21. They just need to steal Matt Stairs from NESN and get it over with.

  22. History with the Blue Jays an asset!

  23. How did Gregg Zaun bypass some of these prerequisites?

  24. That posting reads like it was written by someone who hasn’t yet made it to the seemingly crucial 25-54 year old demographic.

    Didn’t they have a guy a few years ago who more or less fit that description? With the unlikely name of Warren. I think he was Ukrainian. It didn’t go very well.

    Poor Jerry.

  25. That and make fun of the upstanding young university ladies of Toronto…

  26. There’s only one person who can do this job.

    The Fuck Off Guy

  27. The only man for the job is Kelly Gruber.

  28. 50 game ban for another Jay minor leaguer, though this one was for the ol “drug of abuse” catch all:

    Blue Jays Prospect Garners 50-Game Suspension

    Posted Jan. 16, 2013 6:23 pm by Matt Eddy
    Filed under: Suspensions

    Blue Jays minor league reliever Alan Farina missed half of the 2012 season while recovering from Tommy John surgery, and now the righthander will miss at least the first two months of this season after failing multiple drug tests administered by Major League Baseball.

    The 26-year-old Farina must serve a 50-game suspension without pay before he can appear in a minor league game, his penalty for twice testing positive for an unspecified “drug of abuse.” He actually began the season on Toronto’s 40-man roster, but a July 2 outright to high Class A Dunedin made him subject to the minor league drug testing program.

    The Blue Jays drafted Farina out of Clemson in the third round in 2007, though injuries have slowed his climb to the big leagues. To this point, he’s topped out at Double-A New Hampshire, appearing in 34 games for the Fisher Cats in 2010-11 and recording ratios of 10.8 strikeouts and 3.9 walks per nine innings to go with a 1.47 ERA and 1.01 WHIP over 37 innings.

  29. I’ll do it.

  30. Does experience with the Jays on MLB The Show count?

  31. As a guy who regularly checks milkman for broadcasting jobs, I couldn’t stop laughing when this job was posted. I highly doubt any former big league pro’s scour this website. But I get that its Roger’s policy to post all job listings. I just think its funny that such a high profile job can be posted on there and the very next job listing is Reception / Traffic / On Air in Blairmore AB.

  32. let me tell you why zaun was not considered.

    “Must be able to follow direction of management.”

    say what you want about the dude, but he is sort of a loose cannon

  33. First ST game is Feb.24.
    5 weeks.

    • I feel like the kid who can’t get to sleep Christmas eve Radar.
      Lend me a sleeping pill?

  34. Sounds like that posting fits Wilner’s qualifications pretty well.

  35. Not sure about radio but I know to get on TV you need curly red hair and/or a speech impediment

  36. I think Parkes would be perfect! I kid, I kid!

  37. Damn I wish Raptorized John was alive to do it. He was always so damned cheerful. Who cares whether he does or doesn’t know much about baseball.

  38. I’d love to do it…but my proclivity to shouting “Oh, fer fuck’s sake, you boneheaded asshole” every time Lind waves at a breaking ball low and away, or if Lawrie decides to go off on some ill-advised, caffeine-induced base-running adventure might preclude me from any actual on-air time.

  39. I’d apply in hopes for an interview just to perhaps get the opportunity to meet Mike Wilner in person so I can punch him in the face.

  40. fuck rogers! and am I the only one thinking this is a perfect opportunity for Jose Canseco? Gives him time to become a Canadian citizen and then run for mayor of Toronto.

  41. imagine stoeten, drew, and parkes doing the games, i would tune in every game!

  42. I listen to a lot of mlb radio network on SirusXM and i think Dan Plesac would actually do a very good job and for years he has spoken very highly of the Blue Jays. He seems very excited from all the moves the Blue Jays have made this year. Wonder if he would be someone they’d go after?

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