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Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talks to John McDonald about recent pick-up Henry Blanco, a teammate of his in Arizona last season, and gets glowing reviews. “When Henry starts hitting guys on the chest and asking why they aren’t cheering it’s infectious because you wind up doing it to someone else,” McDonald says. Later he adds that “Henry talks all game long. It doesn’t matter who you are, he talks to anyone, especially if you get quiet in the dugout. He’s a good influence on our Latin players … and me too.” Interesting…

The Sun also tells us that Bob Elliott, already in Cooperstown thanks to last year’s Spink Award, will be inducted into the Kingston Sports Hall of Fame, an honour he shares with his father.

Because there’s so little else to talk about, guess what? Everyone gets an Oliver piece! There’s Shi Davidi and Mike Wilner of Sportsnet. Of course, Bob Elliott of the the Sun. Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star. John Lott of the National Post. And Robert McLeod of the Globe and Mail.’s Cut 4 thing looks at five things invented since Oliver made his big league debut, which is hilarious because he’s old!

And both John Lott and Gregor Chisholm have you covered on the drug-of-abuse suspension for former 40-man member Alan Farina.

Elsewhere, Gregor talks about the Jays who’ll play for the United States in the upcoming World Baseball Classic: R.A. Dickey and Aaron Cibia at

And elsewhere in the Post, we’re told about Bill Humber’s course at Seneca College (or is that Bill Seneca’s course at Humber?) called Baseball Spring Training for Fans, which enters its 35th year this semester, and has featured a host of Jays-related guests.

“It’s nice to finally have an elite lineup from top to bottom and an elite pitching staff from top to bottom,” Adam Lind tells his hometown paper, the Herald Bulletin of Anderson Indiana. No, really.

Mop Up Duty dives into the ESPN Stats and Info goodness and declares that Casey Janssen should be the Jays closer next year.

Kyle Franzoni of Jays Journal makes the case for the return of Brandon Lyon, which I’d be for, though I don’t quite get dismissing Matt Lindstrom, Matt Capps and Kyle Farnsworth because they “don’t exactly excite a fan too much,” in favour of… y’know… Brandon Lyon.

At Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis passes along the details of Mike Napoli’s $5-million, one-year deal with the Red Sox, while Drew breaks down the Mariners’ questionable decisioning in today’s URL Weaver, and points out an odd disconnect in Jon Heyman’s recent tweets about David Price and the WBC.

At FanGraphs, Bradley Woodrum looks at “the changing caught-stealing calculus.” Interesting stuff.

And lastly, housekeeping!

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Comments (36)

  1. “It’s nice to finally have an elite lineup from top to bottom and an elite pitching staff from top to bottom,” Adam Lind tells his hometown paper “minus the glaring hole I, myself, occupy.”

  2. Casey for closer. I would be allright with that. Santos, if healthy, can play the Duane Ward role, which would be to set up and to close when Casey is fatigued. Cause you know, Janssen will be closing lots of games this year (fingers crossed).

  3. “It’s nice to finally have an elite lineup from top to bottom…” Adam Lind

    I’ve got nothing

  4. Does anyone else find it alarmingly sad that Adam Lind continues to not realize just how thin the ice he’s on is? First it was the fitness level, then it was being outrighted. He still has delusions that he’s somehow part of the long-term vision here?

    • Ahh, I’m pretty sure he sees the writing on the wall. And what else is he going to say?

      “If I perform well enough,” Lind said, “I’ll play every day.”

  5. So when Lind says “elite from top to bottom”, is that WITH or WITHOUT his name pencilled in the lineup? Methinks Lind knows not what the fuck he speaketh of.

    • I think Lind is trolling Stoeten every time he speaks.

    • Yeah! Lind should shit all over his performance from the last few years, and tell everybody who listens that he is terrible! And he should also tell them he will continue to be terrible.

    • I thought Lind was incredibly self-aware in that article, he seems to realize that he won’t get to hit lefties if he doesn’t perform.

  6. When do single game tickets go on sale? Anyone?

    • Mid February 14th or 15th

    • Past couple of years its been March 5, I think.
      RADAR seems to think it is earlier, and he might be right,
      I’m just speaking from memory.

    • From an email from the Blue Jays yesterday:

      “Our single game tickets go on-sale on February 15, 2013- but now is the time to renew your 2013 ticket package. Great seats and savings are still available with our ticket packages.”

    • Flex pack is the only way to get opening day unless off a scalper.

  7. Could janssen have good trade value and get the jays a good return or am I crazy?

    • i think you’re just still learning what it’s like to cheer for a team that’s trying to keep its good players and compete and win

    • Crazy.

    • Crazy to trade Janssen.

      Besides the fact Santos may only pitch 6 innings before his arm falls off. Its a good problem to have a crowded pen with more than one arm capable of closing

      And trade for who/what? The Jays have no glaring holes to identify. Linds spot being an exception perhaps

      ie. Ward+Henke

  8. If The Score was piss tested how many 50 game suspensions are we looking at?
    I’ll excuse you Andrew, you’re on the 40 man roster.
    Go home and get your wizzinater Cam Stewart….

    • I’d forgive Cam’s suspension though because he spent a few years here in Yellowknife as our sports reporter.

  9. Stoeten, I want to know why you think that Seattle was burned in the Morse deal.
    I have been reading Klaw for years so I get that he values years of control over talent.
    It’s the same reason he disliked the Dickey trade, he puts no value in the fact that we resigned him or that Seattle probably wil do the same with Morsel. I disagee.

    Seattle gave up on a backup catcher (given, a high obp one, but backup none the less.)
    and in return get a middle of the order bopper that they and their fans so desperately need.
    To me the big loser is Oakland, they gave up the only player with any true upside, AJ Cole had a bad year in High A but could end up being a top 3 starter.

  10. 4:00PM Reyes countdown. Suck it farrell!

  11. I didnt read the article, but I agree – I like Jannsen starting the season as the closer rather than a late reliever. He did well in the role last season, so by unwritten rule, it should be his job to lose. Granted, it was under a much different expectation level by the time mid season or thereabouts rolled around. This season will be very, very different, so the leash should be short. Nevertheless, IMO its better he starts as the closer and if he struggles he gets bumped down, than the other way around, where he would get thrown into the fire with much more pressure since the guy(s) before him failed at closing games. To me, that’s even more pressure considering the circumstances of 2013 going all balls out and now suddenly you’re the last realistic option at the gig. Keep Santos and hopefully player X (Lyon? Lindstrom?) as your next in line guys, as they’ve done the job before and could likely handle the pressure of being thrown into the fire at moments notice better than someone like Jannsen who although has closed, hasn’t closed for an elite level team with high expectations. Big difference.

  12. I always find these player introduction pressers to be awkwardly uncomfortable.

  13. That FanGraphs article was a really interesting read. Makes me feel even better about the Jays lineup. They were already a positive base running club and they’re bound to be more aggressive this year. At the very least smarter and, you know, better at it.

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