Happy Jose Reyes Day!

Yeah, R.A. Dickey is all serious and quotable and vaguely mystical and a humanitarian and mature and a tremendous story and won a Cy Young and everything, and it was kind of a Big Deal when he came to town last week to meet the Human Interest sector of the local media, but… uh… have you checked out Jose Reyes’s Instagram?

He miiiiiiiiiiight kinda be the best.

To wit:


and wit:


and wit:


and, of course, wit:

So let’s celebrate! Jose Reyes is in town! He’s pretty much going to be crazy adored when all is said and done, so why not get things off on the right foot by giving something close to as much of a shit about his presser as we did about Dickey’s? Is my sense wrong here? Are people more amped up about this than I’m figuring? Because they should be! I mean, I don’t want to be too much of a damn cheerleader, but… here’s a guy with an Alomar-esque career path, a four-time All-Star, batting champ, and triples machine, who’s fourth among active big leaguers in career stolen bases, coming to town to join a World Series contender. It’s kinda fucking nails.

As with Dickey’s big to-do last week, when the event gets going at 4 PM ET, you can watch the presser live on BlueJays.com.

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  1. I really hope his hamstrings hold up on the Rogers’ Centre turf.

    • Hamstring health shouldn’t be affected by the playing surface. More of a concern would be wear and tear on joints – knees, ankles.

  2. Already Got a home Reyes Jersey… Love this guy! will be a beast for the Jays

    • Jo-Jo Reyes jerseys are on clearance.

    • From what I understand there are no home and away jerseys with this team.

      I recall reading last season that the starting pitcher got to choose from blue, white and grey for each of their starts.

      So your home jersey could be an away jersey,just depends on who is on the bump.

  3. I’m not sure if there’s another shortstop in the American league I’d trade him for.
    I think he’s the front runner for the starting spot on the all star team.

    • I think you’re forgetting America’s continous hard-on for Jeter. Or maybe just new york.

    • Yeah, dont forget yankees and red sox players have first dibs at starting all star games. Its in the MLB rule book.

    • the contract and years of control that would come with Machado would require some consideration.

    • Troy Tulowitzki’s not in the AL, so I’d agree. Reyes lacks power and actually isn’t great defensively (10 points for flashiness, but negative value in UZR), but in terms of average, speed, low K rate, he’s definitely the best.

      In the AL, JJ Hardy is good, Azdrubel Cabrera is good, and I like Elvis Andrus and Eric Aybar, too. But Reyes will definitely do.

  4. im in love with jose reyes. No Romo

  5. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk he’s going to be adored, especially if he only plays in 60 games. Of all the pieces acquired this off season, Reyes concerns me the most.

    • welcome to the paty, buzz killington…

    • Yo, Major Buzzkill. I think the fans here are going to love him and his style. Why would his acquisition concern you that much? I, for one, can’t wait to see this guy play every game, or almost every game. We need a personality like him. Lawrie can’t handle it alone. Toronto is going to love this guy.

    • fuck you Stedron

  6. Jose Reyes does compete directly with Dickey for my choice of favourite new Blue Jay. I’m not as excited about his press conference since I don’t think he’ll be as fascinating to listen to as Dickey, but I do have a blue Reyes jersey and plan to wear it often during the season.

    #REAL is just awesome.

  7. The man loves to point

  8. Reyes is the man. People are going to absolutely love his game.

  9. I see no reason why this should not be converted into a celebration of adult beverages……..Happy Jose Reyes Day!

  10. its been a long time since the jays had a top 3 SS in the league. Really like the fact that Reyes has embraced the jays so much, he hasn’t taken off his jays shorts since the trade

  11. If Reyes keeps focus all season – he will be the all-star game starting SS and silver slugger winner at SS for A.L. He may also lead the league in runs and will be a fan favorite. Hope that focus stays…

  12. I call dibs! Has anyone called dibs yet? I’m calling it.


  13. I think we underestimate the Miami trade because sooo many stars came here together. Each of the major accusations are great alone, and it would have been an even bigger deal in the media and with fans if they came one at a time, like Dickey.
    Looking forward to his press conference more than Dickey, he’s much more of a character.

  14. Suck It Farrell!!

  15. I know ive said this before. But I have days where I forget that we have Jose Reyes on our team. And then I’m all like “sweet” and then I start thinking about how good Jose Reyes is and I sometimes start sweating I get so excited.

    Lo viste, mufugga

    • Here’s hoping he keeps you damp & clammy all season long, as well as keeping the distaff side of DJF moist.

  16. I always forget we have Izturis and Bonifacio. Oh and Melky Cabrera too. That’s the presser we need to have next…. potential to be epic.

    • Same. It’s awesome every time I remember.

      • I just hope Melky finds the added motivation to play his heart out… I think he’s the wild card of all wild cards on the offensive side of things. He is not in a contract year, and he did just come off a 50 game ban, so a dip in production would not be a surprise. It’s just, how much exactly? Fucker was on absolute fire last year, I watched a lot of his games (had him on the old Fantasy squad)… he was a line drive machine, and he had a ton of swagger in his step (crotch chops, talking smack to opponents, offering Cano a high five as he rounded the bases in the all star game, etc)…. I hope Reyes and co. fire him up this season to continue to perform his best, less the PED uplift, which I’m thinking could still be an average in the low 300′s. Otherwise the risk is there that he drops off considerably, trying to keep his image safe and also not giving a shit because its not a contract year. Let’s see what transpires…..

        • Dave Cameron likes the Melky deal, said that it might be the best deal this off-season.

          • For the money, its certainly looking like it. I’m just eluding to the fact that his numbers skyrocketed in a contract year, and he got caught using PEDs. So, there’s a chance he could go back to his old self, pre-Kansas City. I just hope if that happens, its not the Melky Cabrera the Altlanta Braves fans experienced. That would really suck hard.

        • I’ll take .280, 18HRs, 18SBs, 90R, 45BB, W/ lots of contact and missles being launched from LF

  17. He is going to be a dandy.

    And should bring out the pimping community in hordes.

  18. Rob Pizzola says it’s +220 that Reyes bats above .335 this season
    Cam Stewart says it’s +125 that Reyes swipes 40 plus bases
    Gabe Morency says it’s -300 that …wait a minute, he does not work there any more.

    it’s all about the money money. follow me. blue jays win the a.l east this year but lose to Texas in the playoffs. You heard it here first


    • loved when morency was there to poke fun at Stewart. Now that they treat him like a real analyst is hard to watch.

      • fuck that Cam is a beauty

        My favourite analyst by a ways

        Sansone a distant 2nd

      • I met Morency in a Montreal sports bar once. He had lost an undefined amount of money on the Bears. He was drunk off his ass and kept going on about how Cam was an asshole (which is how we recognized him in the first place). Then he went outside and rolled a joint with one hand while smoking a cigarette with the other while his friend/manager nervously said they should be getting home. Finally he invited us back to his hotel to do coke lines while his friend/manager stuffed him into his car. Weird dude…

        Just wanted to take advantage of one of the only times ever that story is relevant to a thread.

        • I saw morency and cam at the Wayne gretzkys patio one day. Morency was fucking wasted…what a mess. I kinda wish he invited me over to do some lines though.

          A true degenerate he is, god bless him

  19. Why do people always think of the worst case scenarios. He could just as easily stay healthy and have the best years of his career in Toronto

  20. I have a Samsung tablet and I put a Nintendo emulator on it and got Baseball Stars going. I made an all-time Blue Jays team and I got to SS… said “sorry Tony” and made a Jose Reyes character. He’s batting like .500 in case you’re interested.

  21. To the common fan Reyes will make it COOL to be a Blue Jays fan.

    Guy has a natural swag to him.

    Out of all the aquisitions this offseason Reyes was the most off the radar. Couldnt believe it when I heard his name added to the haul coming to Toronto in Miami deal.

    Its good to be a Jays fan

    • Toronto Blue Jays All Time All-Swagger Team:

      C – Benito Santiago
      1B – Kevin Millar
      2B – Robbie Alomar
      SS – Jose Reyes
      3B – Tony Bautista (that stance was swag on its own)
      LF – George Bell (honorable mention Rickey Henderson)
      CF – Junior Felix
      RF – Raul Mondesi
      DH – Jose Canseco

      SP – Roger Clemens, Dave Stieb, David Wells, Kelvim Escobar, RA Dickey
      RP – Tom Henke

  22. It would certainly be nice if Reyes still had two 7 WAR seasons left in him like Alomar did.

  23. LET’S GET EXCITED FOR REYES!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. PSYCHED!!

  25. Those instagram snaps give me the sense Jose likes pointing at things.

  26. If we refer to Bautista as Joey Bats, I feel like we should refer to Reyes as Joey Kings. Also, I really hope Reyes doesn’t suffer from Dickey envy as the darling of the new faces. That is the first and only pun I will ever use re: RA Dickey

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