Because why not?

Here’s where I’ll post whatever thoughts occur to me as the Jays introduce one of the key pieces of The Trade is introduce to the local media, which you can watch on right here.

And, y’know, you can talk about it amongst yourselves in the comments, too, I suppose.

Here we go…

- “Jose is my favourite player in the league to watch,” says Alex Anthopoulos, citing all the ridiculously fantastic reasons why Reyes is going to be a favourite here.

- “As a baseball player, it doesn’t matter where you play, whether it’s on an artifical surface or on turf,” he says, responding to a question from Wilner about potentially taking it a little bit easy due to the injury issues he’s had with his legs. This jibes with something that John Buck said when he was briefly part of the club again, about Reyes still going out there and stealing bases when he

- “Good friend of mine!” Reyes says when asked about Tony Fernandez. Nails!

- Anthopoulos loves triples, thinks that it’s very rare to be able to get a player like Reyes, who is so good at so much– and also a top-of-the-lineup catalyst, which he thinks is a harder thing to find these days.

- Did I miss this? Is my feed delayed? Whatever the case, it happened:

- Wait, what? That’s it? R.A. Dickey got like 45 minutes! Granted, he’s a talker, and real comfortable with reporters– not that Reyes isn’t– but… really?

Yep. That’s it. The media-types are surely now scrumming it up with Anthopoulos, and maybe Reyes himself– and I’m sure we’ll see the results of that later– but for those of us watching at home, we get about fifteen minutes. And no French! The full Dickey video, which is posted at Sportsnet, runs 38:54! (Granted, most of that was the amount of time it took him to get his jersey on. HEYO!)

But I get it. That’s not really what this stuff is about– it’s more about getting the club and the excitement surrounding it into the papers and onto the local news stations in mid-January, so all that goodwill doesn’t just disappear from the landscape until Spring Training starts to heat up. So… good on them.

And though his appearance was brief, Reyes did not disappoint in the being the awesome department.


GIF via @ScottJohnson48.

Comments (116)

  1. No issues with the jersey. Good start.

  2. Jose Reyes’ eyebrows > Everything.

  3. Jersey went on well…

  4. Swoon.

  5. FYI on SN1

  6. Im getting the feeling he can ‘t wait for spring training…you know as a baseball player.

  7. The burro is the best part of that picture. BRING BACK THE BURRO

  8. 10 years in the Majors, and still an interpreter?

    • his English is fine, shush

      • Let’s see how anglo-challenged Buck Martinez can manage in pronouncing Jose Reyes.

        • “Buck Mahrteenez here, I just want to mention the fact that fans will enjoy the charisma and hustle that Joe-Say Ray-Yes brings to the table.”

          • Tabler will add the obligatory Tabler slobber job all over Reyes nuts about how fast and shhhtrong and muscular Reyes is.

  9. Do they just make up shitty questions on the spot or are they spontaneous?

  10. For fucks sakes Wilner sit the fuck down.

    Ya cuz hes gonna half ass it since he’s now playing on turf.


    • How is this possibly a bad question?

      • @stoeten

        Because to take a page outta yer book what the hells he gonna say to that 1st question?

        “Ya im prolly gonna hafta tone it down a notch on the base paths and try not to push the envelope too much cuz im playing on turf” Really???

        And I thought we established turf was bad for knees and joints and wouldnt hinder muscles.

        And why go captain negative bringing up injury right off the fuckin hop anyways. I realize its a formality to address it and im no reporter but I can think of numerous more optimistically interesting questions then bringing up the fuckin turf again

        • Again? Has anyone ever asked him about the turf? Of course he’s not going to say he’s going to easy up, but he asked about days off, not playing more inhibited. There’s a possibly interesting answer there– talk about preparation, workout routine, whether he thinks its an issue at all.

          Frankly, I suspect your issue is more with the person asking the question.

          • Has nothing to do with who or who isnt doing the questioning. I simply dont understand why reporters among any sport for that matter ask questions that everyone already knows the response to.

            Days off to a player accustomed to playing every day can be directly correlated to easing up.

            workout routine? Sorry hearing if he’s gonna add a couple extra squats to his warm up isnt an “interesting response” to me. But maybe it is to you. And maybe Im coming down too hard on Wilner.

            I dunno JMO

          • as a staunch Wilner offender, I will say his questions today were totally fine, infact i found WIlner’s questions to be the most interesting of all the reporters today…

            But, can you really blame anyone for attacking wilner?

          • It is for me.

          • Clearly the proper first question was “Why are you pointing at a donkey in this picture?”

      • Because the answer will be a canned response,.of course. No one expects him to actually say he hates the turf so why ask it? I like wilner, but not the best question.

  11. I miss dickey…

  12. Yes, let’s talk about his hamstrings ad nauseum.

  13. Reyes the best…

  14. You know.

  15. Jose. Can’t. Stop. Smiling.

    I’m beyond excited, ladies and gentlemen.

  16. You know

  17. Spontaneously Shitty on the fly. It’s an art.

  18. GM AA sure has remade the Blue Jays in the Expos image.

  19. No that’s a good question about Tony Fernandez.

  20. i have a rock hard boner thinking about watching him 160 times

  21. AA is beaut!
    “Triples are the best things in baseball to watch!”

  22. That’s the way I am mang.

  23. The shivers and the giggles are back again.

  24. Man… Can’t wait to see him play. Fuck, does he just have a grin surgically planted on his face?

    What? No drew?

    • he had another presser to attend,
      the Dominican professional handshaking team is playing out of toronto this year

  25. I think it just sunk in for me that we have Jose Reyes for FIVE YEARS! 5!!!!!!!!

  26. I didn’t see that Wilner quote come out at the time. Reyes was on vacation anyway. Wasn’t he on vacation 4 days before the trade too?????

    • No, as I understood it, Reyes had dinner with Fuckface Loria a couple of days before he went on vacation. It sounded like Reyes’ vacation time was connected to Loria’s assurance at that dinner that Reyes would not be traded.

  27. I was asking the other day about who thinks attendance could break 3M. Guys like Reyes, Bautista, Dickey are why I think it could happen. There are just too many amazing things that you might see on any given day at the ballpark with this team. TV has advantages. But seeing these guys live just has a real appeal. Oh and Lawrie too of course. JJ, Morrow…

    • Supposedly season and flex pack ticket sales have doubled. If that’s actually true 3 million should be no problem but that would be an almost 50% jump in attendance which would have to be almost unprecedented.

      Granted, the Jays offseason was also pretty unprecedented. Probably improved the team more than the Heat did the year they got Lebron and The Lizard

      • no question this will happen. i wouldn’t be surprised by a fairly full stadium most nights. i traveled over xmas to western canada and there were new jays hats everywhere in edmonton, calgary, banff, etc. the jays were a topic of conversation by anyone even remotely interested in sport.

        it will be a huge groundswell in ticket sales…i look forward to a pretty full stadium!

        • 3M is 37,000 people a game. That is pretty high. I think it could happen though. I hope it happens. I’ve already bought 20 tickets, vs maybe 3 or 4 all year last year.

          • I think the support is going to be amazing, but you don’t usually see teams spike THAT much in attendance in one year, barring a new stadium.

            They were at 25K last year. I think a jump from 32 to 34K (or so) would be great.

            And, if the season goes well, they can build on that and maybe are closer to the 40K mark in a couple years.

          • James, given how starved this city (outside of the hundreds of Argos and Rock fans) for ANY team to play +.500, let alone have a dark horse chance at a championship, the conditions seem ideal for the Jays to jump to the 3 mil + attendance level in ’13.

            In any other circumstance (i.e. if the fucking Leafs actually make the playoffs in this shit stain of a hockey season), I would agree with you.

    • The response to this team across the entire country is phenomenal.

  28. Fuck off Farrell and wilner

  29. It was the right length. What else are you going to ask the guy? Why are you so awesome? I’m sure he’s off to film the Sportsnet promos for the current season.

  30. If the team is kicking ass, the 3 million barrier is nothing because Ontario has been dying for a bandwagon to hop onto!

  31. Cool presser – gotta say, that Reyes smile is very infectious.

  32. WWOOOOOOOOOO! Fukn Reyes man!!!

  33. I thought Reyes said that Loria never indicated that he would be traded, not that Loria told him specifically that he would not be traded.

    I saw a few people quote him the way Wilner did, so I guess I missed it too.

    • when reyes signed initially he requested a no trade, and they said we wont give you one but we will give you a verbal assurance that you wont be traded.

      So technically, Loria said both statements at different times.

    • You’re right, in the press conference he said: “4 days before I get trade[d] I was with the owner of the Miami Marlins and, you know, he never said he was going to trade me.”

      That’s not at all the same thing that Wilner tweeted… Did I just defend Loria? Eeew.

  34. Just say no to Wilner Tweets and drugs kids.

  35. I think I counted 2 famous Reyes finger points.

  36. Can’t wait for season to start. So excited. Wondering now that we have met RA and Reyes, when will we see Melky? Will he be introduced and wondering what the heck he has been up to? Have not heard a word about him in awhile

  37. So I am headed down to EF-L-EH this winter during spring training, and I plan to write an uncomprensive essay on what I Scqweer(Scouting while drinking beer)

    My riveting analysis will be mostly the Rays due to where I am staying, but I will make the trek of Dunedin to thanks the Greek Geek in person with a big garlicky kiss.

  38. Hmm so is there any chance bonafacio might get traded?

  39. did he say Buffalo instead of Toronto?
    can i get a re re re rewind???

  40. Just watched the presser, I think that Wilner tweet is a little misleading. Jose said something along the lines of “I was with the owner 4 days before the trade, and he never told me I was getting traded”. He didn’t say that Loria said he would never be traded.

    • Reyes’ in-studio comments on PTS @ 6 pm sounded like he was specifically told by Loria at a dinner a couple days before Reyes’ vacation, that he would not be traded. It sounded like he even said something to the effect that Loria lied to him.

  41. Reyes says Delgado is like a father to him, sold him on how great the city of Toronto is.
    I had a quick thought of Reyes career in terms of location it’s like the exact polar oposite of Delgado.
    Delgado 8/9 years with Jays
    REyes 8/9 with Mets
    Delgado one year in Miami
    Reyes one year in Miami
    Delgado 5 years in New York
    Reyes has five years in Toronto.
    How is this relevant or mean anything in any way, well just like SpaceBalls and Big Helmet speech it doesn’t.

  42. Just watched the Gibbons/Brunt special. It’s going to be really hard not to like every character on the team.

    • Imagine if they keep that charasmatic prick Sierra as the 4th outfielder. Between he and Reyes you can’t help but smile at those likeable bastards. It’s infectious.


    I think John Lott is great, but that was an aggravating article.

    Jays almost had another deal! But I cant tell you what it is! Thanks for reading!

    • Agree. I hate when people in general do that. “OMGOSH I just thought of something” “what?” “Oh, I can’t tell you.” My sentiment was mirrored after that article came out. At least tell us the team(s) involved please and thank you.

    • That’s all he got from AA. He’s not going to not write the story. It’s not like he’s in a position to speculate

  44. Jays were ‘real close’ to a Marlins-like deal right after the World Series:

    Anyone have any guesses? Who else dumped payroll this offseason?

    • Maybe a deal with Philadelphia involving Lee?

      • Phils seem most likely if AA was telling the truth about the payroll impact being the same as the Marlins trade.

        Mauer and Morneau would be the only other possibility i could think of.

    • It reads to me like it was a similar amount of payroll in the short-term, perhaps just 2013. Could it have been Roy Halladay and Chase Utley?

      I agree that the Phillies make the most sense.

  45. I almost spit out my drink when I saw the photoshopped cover pic of Reyes pointing at the podium

  46. Who the fuck cares about lie Armstrong

  47. Only slight reference to baseball given the steroids issue but this is about Lance Armstrong. Does it put the steroid ero in perspective?

    Everyone is outraged about Lance. Why?
    He lied to us about cheating at a game. Sometimes we lose sight of that because of the hoopla that surrounds it but when it comes down to it, “sports” is a glorified game.
    Have any of us lied about cheating at something before? Lied to a boss, a partner, a significant other, or even a child? We are all guilty.
    Does it matter that his lies got him fame and fortune? You bet it does.
    I lied about cheating at monopoly. That was to beat my 12 year old step brother. I was kind of proud of the fact I outsmarted him. I laughed and considered it a joke, but the fact is I cheated.
    I lied to my potential employers by embellishing my accomplishments at interviews. That’s for a job that pays under fifty thousand dollars a year. Lance lied, and is likely still lying, for millions and millions of dollars.
    What is more offensive: Being lied to by a guy we’ve never met and has not affected my life in the least, or lied by someone we know?
    The guy cheated at a game of bicycling. A game where everyone cheated and were encouraged to cheat. Even if there was some overly upstanding player who didn’t try to enhance his performance like his peers, he still played cycling knowing everyone else was cheating.
    Shouldn’t we be more outraged by our elected representatives lying about their policies? Wouldn’t it make sense to scrutinize politicians with this much news coverage and public outrage? Lance outplayed everyone and was incredibly successful at doing so. Well done Lance, now beat it.
    I couldn’t care less if I never see or hear about Lance again. Actually, I’d prefer it. Not because I’m angry but because it’s time to move on to something that matters.
    Some people might refer to rumours his foundation was a scam and there were elements of embezzling. Well, until found guilty in a court of law, that’s just unfounded conjecture. Do I think it was a scam? Well he’s a proven liar so I would never claim he isn’t part of the scam, but I don’t know.
    What if he’s found guilty?
    All I know is that some money did get to some people who did need it. Lance generated wealth for Lance, but he also generated wealth for others.
    Is he a crook? Is he a liar? Is he a dirty rotten scoundrel? I think so. I wouldn’t have him over for a BBQ. But he did help to save lives and made more people happy than I ever have. The guy is done and outrage diminishes those accomplishments.
    Let’s forget Lance and start focussing on things that really matter.
    Hell, the guy did get cancer of the balls.

    • Steroid “era”. Not ero.

    • The cancer of the balls was quite possibly caused by the PEDs.

    • All that just to quietly throw your salary out there? lame.

    • What makes Lance Armstrong reprehensible wasn’t the lying…it was the fact that he was the controller of the doping system that he was involved in, and that he went to extremely malicious lengths to dis-credit (falsely, of course) his accusers.

      There will likely be a ton of lawsuits at Armstrong from those people, especially someone like the Irish woman who was the team masseuse whose career was basically destroyed by Armstrong’s denials and legal actions.

      • Good point pudge.
        I’m not following it that closesly so I don’t know that aspect but if he has ruined lives and attacked others, then that is indefensible.
        Hope those he attacked get compensated.

        • Here’s hoping too…some, like the one British journalist who has been calling him out for over a decade (with facts), will likely have a more positive result with court action against Armstrong, than others.

  48. Oh, and suck it Farrell

  49. Some, you know, facts I noticed about the, you know, unveiling:

    1. Anthopoulos looked, you know, scared about Reyes wanting to, you know, participate in the World Baseball, you know, Classic.

    2. Reyes says you know, you know, a lot.

    3. Reyes looks, you know, really good in a, you know, Jays uniform.

    4. Cool to see that Ben, you know, Nicholson Smith got a , you know, floor spot to ask, you know, questions.

    20, you know 13!

  50. can we get James_in_Toronto to work his photoshop magic and put the donkey-pointing Jose Reyes next to AA in the window looking at Farrel ?

  51. So what you’re saying is that Luebke, Headley and Venable were on their way over.

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