Brand spanking new Blue Jays minor-league affiliate the Buffalo Bisons showed off their new uniforms for the 2013 season this afternoon. The team trotted out a few children to show off the new threads, because kids look adorable in pretty much everything.

Here’s an image of the home and away uni’s, from Chris Creamer of

Here’s a fuzzy look at the ‘alternate’ red jerseys, via Mike Cormack of Sportsnet, which, as you can tell from the top of the post, have numbers and lettering very similarly to the Jays big league jerseys.

And finally, all around good guy and aptly named Minor_leaguer from Bluebird Banter tweets this great shot of the new Home/Away and Alternate caps.

Pretty sharp stuff. And just think, all you have to do is hop on the QEW and you can see these gorgeous jerseys on display in action. You’ll be in a real baseball stadium and everything!

For official breakdown of all the new gear, the Bisons official site has you covered here

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  1. *day dreaming* real baseball stadium

    • … with real grass, (relatively) cheap draft beer poured at your seat (some kinda “jet-pack”), and no one hassling you if you wanna let go with a couple of chirps at the opposition… oh to dream…

  2. What does that kids eye black say??

  3. I bet all of those kids could swing the bat better than Gose

  4. Love the old school look.

  5. I’m definitely going to make the trip to Buffalo at some point this summer, maybe I’ll get one of those overpriced, generic “B” hats, for the hell of it.

  6. Blue Jays and co. confirmed for best dressed organization(s) in baseball.

  7. The Jays finally find themselves in a situation where their AAA ballpark is nicer than their major league one.

    • Finally? I’m not sure this is something we want.

      Oakville69 will now say “I wonder if the beautiful new AAA ballpark will hurt player development because players may not want to get promoted to play on concrete”.

  8. anyone heard of this Carnegie? Where does he rank prospect-wise?

  9. 9 out of 10 for unis.

    -100000 out of 10 for that carpet.

    +1000000000 out of 10 for the kid wearing winkle-pickers with a baseball uni.

  10. Kick the damn Argos out already

  11. How about signing Marlon Byrd to platoon with Adam Lind at DH? His splits are great against lefties (.327 BA and .761 OPS) vs. righties (.149 and .348 OPS). Lind actually wasn’t horrendous aginst righties (.276 BA and .796 OPS). And his PED issue was apparently from just a recovery surgery drug.

    If they can both put up those #s again, I’d take that platoon.

  12. looks like some T-Ball uniforms lol

  13. #25 has eye black tape on his face. Hopefully nothing too controversial written on them.

  14. #6 in the home unis is a young Colby Rasmus.

  15. Those alternates are awesome. The red to the Jays blue…dirty combination.

  16. sweet uniforms! Best fashioned organization is baseball

    Suck it Farrell

  17. The red and white hats are a little too Boston-esque for my liking, but overall they’re quite nice

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