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Could another reliever still be in the cards? It doesn’t seem like it at this point, but according to a piece from Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR, Alex Anthopoulos said of Brandon Lyon: “I don’t want to ever close the door on him, since he did a great job for us.”

Oh, and was Jose Reyes in town yesterday? Makes sense, because we’ve got pieces on him from Mike Wilner and Shi Davidi of Sportsnet– the latter of whom does some theorizing about the already-infamous megadeal that fell through– plus Benny Fresh of MLBTR, Brendan Kennedy of the Star, Gregor Chisholm of, Robert MacLeod of the Globe, Ken Fidlin of the Sun, and, of course, John Lott of the Post.

In another piece at the National Post, Lott talks about the return of Darren Oliver, and its implications on the competition for the last spots in the bullpen.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun talks about AA’s insistence on being the bad guy, if he had to, after the club made the decision to keep Jose Bautista and his healing wrist out of the WBC. And… think about it. So much depends on that wrist that, if it’s going to get re-injured or something, it damn well better be on the Jays’ watch. Sucks for Jose, though.

Back to the Post, where John Lott looks at the seven Blue Jays players who will be going, and takes an in-depth poke around Canada’s roster.

Speaking of the WBC, for those of you thinking of attending some spring games in Dunedin, Mike Wilner tweets that he figures the involved players will be leaving camp around March first or second in order to join their countrymen– so keep that in mind.

Matt Klaassen does some deep thinking on all this over at FanGraphs.

The Jays also avoided them some arbitration today. So far– according to my RSS reader– Brendan Kennedy’s got it in the Star, Gregor’s on top of things at, they’re included in the league-wide note, as well as a separate piece on the Thole extension at MLBTR, and Robert MacLeod crushes it at the Globe.

Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus writes about a trip to the Dominican to see an MLB-organized amateur player showcase.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs considers Livan Hernandez and umpire Eric Gregg in the 1997 World Series and… yikes. That’s a hell of a strike zone.

Lastly, Getting Blanked stuff: Drew wonders why Baltimore felt the need to extend Buck Showalter for so long and giddily announces the White Sox’ 1983 throwbacks, Scott looks at the sudden possibility that Travis d’Arnaud opens the season in the Majors for the Mets, and Parkes provides his Ten Stray Thoughts on a Friday.

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  1. Where’s the podcast/video show been?

  2. Just to continue my thoughts on our conversation on Wilner from the last post….

    Certainly a whole shit ton of nonsense gets spewed by the callers on Wilner’s post game shows. In no way am I defending that stuff. Half of them seem like they’re pissed drunk or smoking something. Really, anyone with even an average baseball acumen could see that, so to me, those calls are just a complete waste of time anyways. I wasn’t even going there.

    What was baffling was how Wilner gave Cordero a vote of confidence, not just defending him against the hate, but praising him by clearly cherry picking on stats. All you had to do was watch Coco pitch to know how ineffective he was. Everything was flat, everything over the plate was hittable. Hitters were sitting on his fastball and drilling line drives all over the place. Made me cringe every time. And in true Wilner like fashion, as soon as Coco had a small streak of not giving up runs, simply because the line drives were hit directly at fielders, Wilner used those stats to make it seem like Cordero was suddenly an effective pitcher. Zero analysis, all cheerleading for the man. Pretty pathetic.

    • I must agree with you on this issue ( similar really to Lyle Overpaid previously).
      On a few occasions I heard Wilner defend Cordero, as you say, he would actually say things like “if you throw out his 4 or 5 bad outings he has been pretty effective” ( after he would have one of those 2 or 3 game stretches where as you said he would have the ropes go right at somebody)
      Back in the day , when I was pitching , we had a phrase called ” let’s throw atom balls today” as in get the hitters to hit ropes right at fielders. It usually meant the pitcher was crap or had little of substance for quality pitches as it really meant they had to rely on blind luck to make it thru. Don’t know if they still say that today too, although I guess they do.
      I realize I am rambling abit as I am already into the Merlot but your other point was good too in that if one has actually played bball at a competitive level, especially a pitcher you could see Cordero’s pitches were crap-poor command of the zone and basically relying on luck to get by-well his luck ran out and I would like to see Wilner defend how he blew 3 of his first 4 save opportunities in Houston before disappearing onto the DL for good. I can hear him now..” well he was effective 100% in Houston if you throw out the bad 3 appearances. Fuksakes!!
      Back to the merlot as I am “Out in the fields singing for my meals”

      • @ fukstiks….

        Nice to hear an opinion from someone who played the game (and as a pitcher), and glad you see it the way I and I’m sure lots of fans who also actually watched the games (go figure!) do.
        If you watch with genuine interest (tune out the announcers, don’t be a homer, and watch the game from a neutral perspective), it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a guy with nothing left in the tank (no movement on his fastball, no sharp breaks to his breaking balls, and lots of pitches around the strike zone rather than in it, because they have no confidence in challenging the hitter because they know they’re gonna get drilled), and a guy who can actually pitch. It’s pretty sad to see the guy with nothing left, and even sadder to hear a guy who is supposed to be an “analyst” defend and praise a player like that after they get lucky and a small sample of line drives go right at guys. Or even worse, say moronic shit like well I’m right if you throw out the times that support your argument where I was wrong. Forgot he said too that until you mentioned it. Really doesnt get more pathetic than that.
        And on top of that, how someone so ingorant can also be such a douchebag is beyond me.

        • All these years wasted, apparently not watching with ‘genuine interest.’

          Who knew?

          • I did!

          • Nurse Karen, my mail-order bride-to-be from someplace called Oshawa (sounds very exotic, I’m sure!!!)

            When can I expect the arrival of Mrs. Spud III? I await with bated breath. (I’ve already posted your flex pack on eBay–consider it your dowry.)

        • Fuck me gently…….I insist that a fucktard filter is installed before opening day.

          Just dial it back a bit when I drink please.

          • Isn’t that a song by Andy Kim?

          • Oh, Rock Me Gently, Nurse Karen!!

            You and I are going to make wonderful musics together! Any man who co-wrote “Sugar, Sugar” is alright in my books.

          • Andy Kim co-wrote Sugar Sugar?

          • Yes RADAR, that fab fab song by The Archies.

            (Of course that was long before he reached mega-stardom as Baron Longfellow.)

          • @ SP

            Learn something new everyday.
            Although I wouldn’t call his Baron Longfellow period as mega stardom,i do know some ladies that preferred BL to Andy.He had more hits as Andy Kim. I remember him more for that.
            Sugar Sugar wasn’t only a fab song but surprisingly the #1 song of 1969. Quite an accomplishment considering the top songs of that year.

          • Who’s zoomin’ who here RADAR? (apologies to the Queen Of Soul.)
            My tongue was firmly in my cheek during those comments, but now It feels like my foot wandered in as well.
            To think that that pencil dick had ‘song of the year’ in 1969 makes me blush and think thank God for the 70′s, but then I remembered disco. Fuck.
            BTW, what’s the matter with girth?

          • I actually preferred BL to AK as well.

            SP are you anywhere near UBC? I’m enrolled in a graduate program there so this should work out well.

          • As you know Karen, I like all my wives to be recent graduates of the U. of G., and truthfully I had thought that my co-ed dating days were well in the rear-view mirror (that is until I started viewing “The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society” on-line the other day. Titillating, to say the least. I found myself strangely moved by all the erudition.)

          • @ SP

            The 70′s and disco?My preference was “hard rock” but the discos attracted the ladies and that’s where you went to meet them.
            Don’t tell me you never went.
            Besides I got to see my favorite colours and clothing styles.

          • The only mirror balls I ever met were at tacky weddings RADAR, so yes–I never went to a disco, and am probably overly-proud of it.

            As far as seeing my favorite colours went, I consumed drugs for that.

    • +1. Wilner gets annoying when he defends poorly performing players .

      the cherrypicking is ridiculous.

  3. The sad thing now is that after all the awesome offseason moves, it can only go downhill from now. Remember all of those head scratching moves last season? Yeah.

    Let’s just hope no one gets hurt or sucks too much. It may have even started with Tequila Blanco being signed.

  4. Bautista is my biggest worry for 2013. Without him playing well the lineup is missing its most important piece.

    • If EE plays like he did last season, I wouldn’t be as concerned about Bautista slumping. If they both play poorly, though, then it could have quite an impact on offensive production and some other players further down the order would have to step up.

    • Even with a shittacular april, Bautista still had a pretty commendable half season. The guy seems to pull out some new Bautista every year. I’m sure this is the year he steals 40 bases…i’m sure of it.

  5. No link to Jose Reyes 51 second interview on TSN……. Shame on you. His girlfriend who lives in the computer is dead.

  6. Edwin can improve on last year right?

  7. Dont really get all the speculation about the bullpen. AA says there will be lots of competition but I don’t see it.

    Happ and Lincoln start in AAA. Delabar is in because he was great last year. Cecil is in because he’s a decent Loogy and out of options.

    Only real competition is Jeffress and Loup. And even that is Jeffress against himself as Loup has options. Unless Jeffress is ineffective he’s likely the last guy. If he’s terrible or Loup is spectacular then they cut him and Loup is in.

    Jeffress was a waiver pickup anyway so no big loss if he goes.

    Am I not right here?

    • Just playing devil’s addvocate here but the goal for this yr is to go as far as possible, right? Maybe if a guy is shitting the bed (Cecil), options become secondary….

      • Absolutely, as far as I’m concerned. AA said Cecil would have to earn a spot, but I don’t think he’ll have to do a whole lot in spring training to make the team. The Jays don’t want to lose him before ever really seeing what he can do as a reliever, I’d assume.

        That said, if he shits the bed for the first month or two, I doubt they have any reservations about demoting him then, based on wanting to win now, as you mentioned, but probably also the idea that 27-year-old flyball pitchers who can’t even get same-handed hitters out aren’t usually in high demand, so at that point the risk of losing him would probably be pretty slim.

        I agree that Jeffress shouldn’t get a spot just for the sake of not losing him, as he didn’t cost the team anything, and he has yet to demonstrate any sort of value to a major league team. He’s young-ish, at 25, but his walk rates in the minors are really scary.

        I know I come off as being greedy, but I’m still hoping we can add one more piece to the mix in the form of a cheap free agent (Mark Lowe?) so that Jeffress and Loup are the fallback options when someone gets hurt/demoted.

  8. Ya

  9. The jays now go back to back page news now that the laffs are back in action

    • Only for a month, by then they will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Jays Spring Training reports will be the bigger story

      • Nah…even if the leafs don’t make it, everyone will be at least half focused on the nhl till when that ends, except for a brief spurt around April 2nd. However, the Jays will own the sports landscape from late June through September, and hopefully into October.

        • By April 2nd, I assume you mean opening day. Unfortunately, I think April 3rd is NHL trade deadline, complete with the soul sucking, wall to wall 8 hour long, Jerry Louis telethon style coverage on SN and TSN.

    • Speaking of Laffs, does anyone know what happened with Aaron Laffey? That’d be some more solid AAA depth.

  10. With regards to Lyon and other free agent relievers, I think it’s worth noting that Anthopoulos has typically added to the bullpen by picking up guys that have been passed over for different options late in the off-season, like Oliver last year (Jan. 9th) and Rauch (Jan. 17th) the year before. I wouldn’t say that means there’s another addition coming, but waiting for guys like Capps, Farnsworth, Valverde, Wilson, Oviedo, Lyon, Lowe and Lindstrom to take jobs away from each other until there’s only one or two guys left, and a small amount of interest would fit the pattern of the last couple off-seasons. Whether the Jays can actually make a move like that last year, of course, depends on whether or not they can actually add a few million dollars more to the 2013 payroll, as AA’s comments about Lyon seem to imply.

    • yes…because this off season has been like so many in the past.

      • Obviously not, but I don’t see why that means if the Jays were going to upgrade the bullpen, they would have already thrown millions of dollars at Brandon League and been done with it months ago. It still seems prudent to me to wait out the relievers and wind up signing someone like Lindstrom to a low-risk deal where they can basically just release him and only end up eating a couple million dollars, give or take, if the whole thing goes tits up.

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      Well, I’m telling you,
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      Because, well well, just because.

  12. Does Stroman’s suspension from last season affect his spring training at all?
    Just saying, that after all his woes are done – he might be an option after the inevitable injury or two hits the ‘pen.

    • I’m just taking a wild guess because I’m not seeing anything about it, but I believe he can still take part in Spring Training since it’s just a warm-up exercise. Wikipedia has no mention of what you ask, but if someone else wants to look:

    • @ fastball

      I may be totally wrong and going by memory,In the comments section,at the time of the annoucement,I seem to remember that he is allowed to participate in ST then serve his suspension.
      I doubt he’ll be called up before September,if at all.He needs to do the time,then get into a bunch of games in AA and AAA.
      Just my opinion.

    • I am hoping that the Jays keep him in the rotation in New Hampshire or wherever, once he serves his suspension. Most prospect prognosticators, if not all of them, are saying that he ultimately projects to be a late inning reliever at the MLB level, due to his lack of size. Well, fuck that, why not let him get a shot at starting in the minors to see how he performs for the time being.

      Depending on how he performs, and provided he doesn’t blow through whatever inning limits are imposed, which would be doubtful considering he needs to serve his suspension, Stroman could be a September call-up and pitch out of the pen during the stretch run. I would hate to see him up earlier as the Jays would be blowing an option much like they did with Dyson.

      • Probably still start him at AA for good now?

      • Whatever became of, Sam “best stuff in the organization Dyson”?
        He pitched all of .2 of aninning on two appearances, was sent down and never heard from again.
        You’d think I guy like Farrell who gave him that moniker wasn’t just BSing or was he?
        Really, for a guy given so much hype upon arrival he has fallen off everybody”s radar, to the point he wasn’t even thought about in any of the trades we made this winter. For that matter neither was Evan Crawford who at the beginning of ST last year was listed by AA as potentially the surprise pitcher of 2012. They brought him up a few times but he shit the bed and is no longer mentioned as even fodder for a trade.
        Hence, one does have to take some of the prospect porn carefully. Even though Noah S gets lots of kudos , he’s still a long way from the bigs

        • All young pitchers get torched when they come up save a lucky few. Don’t write those lads off yet.
          They may end up fukstiks but let’s give them a little rope.

          • Yep- you have a validd point for sure, I was just kind of wondering why you literally don’t hear a peep about them anymore, in any capacity, for anything.
            Just interesting how a guy labelled stuff… is completely off the radar in 6 months

  13. Lol Nestor Molina


  15. Lind is on twitter now. Over under on him shutting it down is May first. Start degenerative betting now!

  16. I second Town W – RIP Earl Weaver. Also, RIP Stan Musial. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair:

  17. Jason Frasor: I was disappointed to be traded back to Toronto.

    Fuck you too, Frasor.

  18. Don’t worry Jason, the Jays will never disappoint you again. Good luck with wherever you go!

  19. Sad to here the passing of ‘Stan the Man’ he was an easy player to root for. Will miss Earl too, a Great Mannager, particularily if it was your team he was managing

  20. One great Earl Weaver story: during a Jays-Orioles game at Exhibition Stadium in 1977 Weaver asked the umpires to make the Blue Jays move a tarp covering the Jays bullpen. The umpire said no, so Weaver immediately pulled his Orioles off the field and forfeited. That’s classic Earl.

    And Stan…shit, what a rough day for baseball. Stan was just overshadowed his entire career by the flashier Ted Williams and the Yankees teams. All he did was go put up eye-popping statistics (just look at his 1948 season alone — ridiculous) very quietly in St. Louis, had the exact same number of hits at home and on the road, married his high school sweetheart for 72 years, was never ejected, and stayed out of trouble as an ambassador to baseball. How much character did he have? In 1960 he showed up at Cardinals camp and requested a pay cut because he felt he didn’t earn his salary in 1959. We’ll never see another athlete like that, in any sport.

    RIP Stan and Earl.

    • Hear, hear…very sad to hear of the passing of one of my dad’s favourite players growing up in the 50′s.

    • It would be awesome to see a Manager forreit a game today – fucking owners would go nuts. Can’t you just hear Nadir asking AA WTF is going on?!? Yeah, tha’d be sweet. You can’t sabermetrics that now, can you

      • An anti-saber quip in response to a comment about a guy who embodied the application of the principles highlighted by sabermetrics…


  21. It’s Manager’s Corner with Earl Fuckin’ Weaver

  22. Jays are interested in Bourn?????

  23. Dog days of Januarty, fack!

  24. Really no one is going to mention that the Eric Gregg – Livan Hernandez game was in the nlcs and not World Series? It’s almost humorous how so many of you pretend to know anything about baseball beyond the Toronto Blue Jays from 2008-2012

    • We bow to your greatness.
      Keep on posting,so we can learn at your feet.
      You’re absolutely correct,I’ve learned so much from you already,my brain hurts.
      I hope you don’t paywall your comments,the wisdom and knowledge you provide may be out of my price range.
      I don’t know how you stay so humble.

  25. Good read on MLBTR

    AA opinion on some intersting tidbits. (arbitration and relievers)

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