I really keep my Fan Pass in pretty damn good shape, don’t I? Of course, as you may well know by now, this thing is practically already a relic, as the 2012 edition Fan Passes may be the last that many people get to see.

The absolute steal of a deal, formerly known as the Toronto Star Pass– an access card that costs around $100 and gets you a 500 level ticket to every home contest, provided it’s not already sold out on game day (with one exception: the home opener)– will be very limited this season, as the Jays seem to have found that by putting a World Series contender on the field, fans are actually willing to buy a whole lot more tickets than the ticket office is used to seeing.

Lots of people have been asking about this, both in the comments of various posts and on Twitter, so while some information may be redundant, since it’s all floating around out there on the internet, with nothing else going on today, and the announcement of the sale of 2013 ones expected soon, it seems a good time to make it concrete-ish and review what we think we know. (And please, if I’ve missed something, or misrepresented something, let me know in the comments and I’ll update!)

While there’s nothing that’s been quite officially announced by the club just yet, enough information has filtered out there to make pretty clear what the score is, including an email that was sent to 2012 pass holders in the fall:

Dear Fan Pass Holder,

Thank you for purchasing a Toronto Blue Jays Fan Pass last season. Please note that 2013 Toronto Blue Jays Fan Passes will be made available again in late January, 2013. Demand for the Toronto Blue Jays Fan Pass is extremely high and as a returning client, you will be offered the first opportunity to purchase up to a maximum of two Fan Passes per account, subject to availability. In order to allocate available passes fairly; the maximum of 2 Fan Passes per account will be strictly followed.

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate specific seat requests. Passes will be assigned on a best-available basis and while supplies last.

In January 2013, you will receive a follow up email with instructions for your Fan Pass purchase at bluejays.com. Again, availability is limited and we will not be able to offer additional passes once the allotment is sold out.

Toronto Blue Jays Fan Passes do not include a ticket to Opening Night. If you would like a ticket to Opening Night, you may include that game as a part of one of our 2013 Flex Packages- subject to availability. Opening Night seats are selling quickly and are very limited. Flex Packages can be purchased at www.bluejays.com/flexpacks.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the ballpark.

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club

That’s still the case, as far as I know, which isn’t great news for a) those who didn’t get passes last year but wanted to for 2013, and b) those who had more than two passes on one account last year.

Those two things are related as many, many people (judging by the comments I’ve heard, as well as my own experience), didn’t bother to get passes on their own last year (seeing as they wouldn’t have been assigned seats next to their friends), and are now finding themselves short by several. For that reason, I don’t think many– if any, depending on just how limited the availability is– folks who didn’t already have the passes will be able to get their hands on one, as there is a built-in market for a whole bunch more, who already have contact with ticket reps.

In fact, I’ve heard some say that they’ve been told that only 2012 pass holders will have the opportunity to get them [Update: this is what ticket reps have been telling people of late, so you're pretty safe get yourself a flex pack if you didn't have a pass last year]. (Of course, you could always cross your fingers and deal with the guy trying to sell the email account he uses to buy his for $999 per pass– or best offer– on Kijiji).

Back in November I received an email from a fan who said that the ticket rep he’d spoken to told him the club wasn’t entirely sure if passes would even be offered for this year, so the fact that they even exist is, I suppose, a positive. Indeed, we can see from the Terms and Conditions page regarding tickets on BlueJays.com, that they will be available in some form. But there’s word of a large waiting list, reps have been telling people not to get their hopes up, and that all seems to be a pretty reasonable reading of the situation.

Interestingly, from the Terms and Conditions we see something new– the fact that there will only be one access card per account, with both passes being “on” just the one card. This will be a bit of a pain in the ass, of course, when the non-pass-holder wants to go to a game the pass-holder can’t make it to. Doubly problematic, if you’re the second person on an account (or just want to share it with a friend), may be the fact that to gain entry to the stadium on the pass “you may also be required to present valid photo identification.”

I have no idea about how strict they’ll be in that regard– the only thing that makes me slightly concerned is the fact that a poster on the Jays’ MLB.com forum writes that “a buddy” told him “they will be doing random ID checks this year and removing the pass from anyone that uses them improperly.”

I certainly wouldn’t trust that to be the case– later in the thread someone says that they were told that the names of all people using the passes would be required this year at the time of purchase. So, that’s almost certainly what that’s about [Update: And, indeed, a commenter says that they spoke to a manager who explained that they won't refuse entry to those whose names aren't on the passes, but that it's simply a "security precaution"-- perhaps a way to ensure people banned from the stadium are kept out, for example]. But those rumblings are out there, and I understand the skepticism, because it’s not like the process isn’t occasionally a bit of a disasterfuck, as another commenter on that thread explains:

Girlfriend came with me one day and i had to buy her a ticket in the 500s, some other section then the one I was in.

The f-in usher wouldn’t let her come into the WORSE section with me because her ticket was for a better seat.

This was a game of 20,000

Rogers Centre staff will ensure any baseball experience is ruined.

Ridiculous– and not representative of the experiences that I’ve had in that regard. At least not in 2012.

And while I understand the tendency may be to get negative about all of this, didn’t we always see this insane deal being ultimately phased out if the team ever got to the point where there was any kind of demand for actual tickets? It was a great run while it lasted, and I’ll be pleased as a pig in shit when I get word that my 1/3 of a two-seat pass comes through for 2013. But as someone who has used and abused the shit out of the privilege for as long as I can remember, I can’t honestly begrudge the club for taking it away.

I’d be surprised if the deal makes it into 2014, and if it doesn’t, it will probably have meant great things for the 2013 version of the Jays, which is hardly a thing to complain about. I get why there’s frustration over it, but it’s so thoroughly been a steal that I can’t possibly go there myself. (Especially since, as @NorthYorkJays reminds us in the comments, actual season tickets for the 500s come to about $635, or $7.85 per game– which, granted, is considerably more than the pass, but still a ridiculous value compared to other sports and teams across MLB).

Minor Leauger of Bluebird Banter adds to the information, explaining that “The Blue Jays are heavily encouraging people to buy their Fan Passes online and not by phone. By the end of this month, last year’s Fan Pass holders will get an email to log in online to buy them. You will get the seats that come up when you log on, there is no promise of any choice. You will get what they consider to be ‘best available.’ “

Comments (111)

  1. I bit the bullet on a Flex Pack about a week and a half ago and during the transaction asked about the Fan Passes. The ticket agent was pretty adamant that “you don’t have to worry about that. They’re not getting to the waiting list.,” saying that only returning passholders have a shot.

    Which reminds me…something that seems to be missing in your post. There is a waiting list being maintained…though apparently for show only.

  2. I inquired specifically about the whole “valid id” thing last year, as I bought a bunch last year for friends and they only had my name on them.. I was assured that it just meant that you may be asked to show YOUR id, and it didn’t have to match up with the card. How else would they deal with people like me having 8 passes for friends, but only 1 “me”. A manager explained after I escalated the issue (as i couldn’t get a straight answer), that it was a security precaution, and you wouldn’t be kicked out if it wasn’t your name on the pass but that you simply had to identify yourself.

    This leads me to believe that they can ask you for your ID, if you don’t show it they can kick you out, and that the reason they do this is so they can ban people. I.e. they may ask you to show your ID and then cross-reference it with some sort of ban list.

    The last paragraph is of course just my speculation, but…

  3. I’d like to remind people who are ready to piss and moan about this that the Jays SEASON TICKETS for Level 500 are a whopping $7.85 per game. You get your seat for the whole season for $635, and the retail value of those tickets are well over $1000, especially when you factor in the multiple events you can eat and drink alcohol at for free. Heck, you can cover 10% of the season right off the bat by buying a seat and posting opening day on StubHub – the cheapest 500 seat was at 62.50 earlier today.

    Last week people were ASTOUNDED that the Florida fucking Panthers were only charging $7 per game for their cheapest seasons. Wake up Toronto, you already have one of the best entertainment values in North America waiting for you.

    • Right?

      Thanks. Added this to the post, as well.

      • Besides, what self-respecting Jays fan would be satisfied with a Star Pass this year anyway, considering WE are making the playoffs and you’d think all these people want to be at those games?

        Opening day has been selling for over $60 a seat these last few years, just imagine how much the secondary market is going to jack up playoff tickets if and when that day comes.

    • Definitely agree! Jays games continue to be a fantastic deal. Even with no pass, games in the 500′s are still under 20 bucks and I’m sure you’ll still be able to walk up and grab a couple tickets. That continues to be the best deal in the city so be happy that the team is showing some love and keeping games accessible to everyone.

      With that in mind, this will (hopefully) be my 3rd year as a Fan Pass holder. Every year the team seems to have debated the issue and always come through in the end. I’m sure demand is extremely high due to the obvious and I’m thrilled that the Jays are doing their best to reward as many of the fans as possible that supported the team last year. Anyone else that’s really tuned into Jays activity will probably know pretty quickly when passes go on sale and have a decent shot at getting one.

  4. First?

  5. Last year was my first full season going to Jays games and I went to 35 of them. Probably about 4-5 of those games involved either being given tickets from work or buying separate ones.

    So, roughly 30 games for $99, or just over three dollars a pop. I can see why Rogers doesn’t want to do this now that people actually want to buy real tickets. But boy am I selfishly sad about it.

    • (Should add that I wasn’t the account holder because we all got seats together, so yeah, not too optimistic that I’ll get to do this again.)

  6. Should be fun to count the empty or closed sections in the 500s this year

  7. My friends and I have had passes for almost a decade now; every year someone different puts down the money for them. I bought them a few years ago, someone different bought them in 2011, and someone different in 2012. When we got the above email, a couple of us called for more info. Basically, the guy I spoke to said that while there will be a waiting list for those who can’t get a pass at first, he was honest with me and said there was no way in hell anyone on the list would get one. I explained the situation — that we took turns buying them — and he looked up our names in the system. He of course found them, but said there was nothing that could be done. So, unless you were the person who put down the money for them last year, you are out of luck.

  8. I called about the fan pass back in November and the guy actually tried to play dumb with me- first by saying it wasn’t available, then by saying he didn’t know if it would be available, and then after I bugged him enough with real details ( I know someone in the ticketing office) I allegedly got on the “waiting list”. I saw the writing on the wall and bought a flex pack a couple of days later. My tickets arrived in the mail ( regular mail, not registered- wtf? ) the day Dickey signed. STOKED.

  9. Last year they were going on craigslist for only about $200 or so. I expect it to be a bit more this year but I wouldn’t be surprised if scalpers are happy getting only a 200-300% profit…

  10. The Blue Jays are heavily encouraging people to buy their Fan Passes online and not by phone. By the end of this month, last year’s Fan Pass holders will get an email to log in online to buy them. You will get the seats that come up when you log on, there is no promise of any choice. You will get what they consider to be “best available.”

  11. I spoke to a ticket agent last week and was told that there would be absolutely no passes sold to individuals who did not have passes last year. He said he had 100% certainty on the matter. My family has had season tickets since the Jays inaugural season (I don’t actually get to go to any of these games) and even with that, I was unable to get myself on any list. He said there is no waiting list, only passes for those who had them last year.

  12. Also: I don’t know how available this is to the public, but I bought a 20-ticket voucher pack instead of a flex pack this year (in addition to my Fan Pass that I plan to buy). It lets you use up to 10 (6 for popular games) tickets per game. For some reason this isn’t advertised online, but I wrote about it here: http://www.bluebirdbanter.com/2012/12/8/3740402/2013-blue-jays-tickets-and-giveaways

    • I concur – aside from the Fan Pass, the 20-ticket pack is the best way to go. You can block off games ahead of time, change them later on if need be, and unlike the Flex Packs, you don’t have to pick your games all at once.

      You can do 2 tickets to 10 games, 4 tickets to 5 games, 20 single game tickets, whatever.

      It’s also a great way to ensure you get first crack at Home Opener tickets.

      • You don’t have to pick your flex pack games all at once. You can pick 10 “dummy games” at the end of the season and then switch them out for earlier games as you go.

  13. I will not be as upset about getting not getting a fan pass if the Jays can figure out how to sell tickets to people. Unless you show up an hour early (which either conflicts with work or sleeping), waiting for the god damn vendors always takes you through the first inning or two. Add another few thousand (or more!) and I’m not sure how they’re going to handle it.

    I’ve gone to scalpers to pay more just so I don’t have to deal with Rogers’ inefficiencies.

    • Same story here, for sure.

    • Going to the human-operated box office is for suckers. Just go to the automated machines that no one knows about, and consequently never have lines, and if they do have a line, it moves incredibly fast. There’s two just outside Gate 13 and a few more outside of Gate 1/2, I believe.

  14. I’m sorry for my naivety but can you explain what the “Fan Pass” actually is?

    • Added this description to the post:

      “an access card that costs around $100 and gets you a 500 level ticket to every home contest, provided it’s not already sold out on game day (with one exception: the home opener)”


      • Holy shit… so basically if you go to every game (sans home opener) it is $1.25 a ticket…

        Yeah, that is a steal.

      • Actually with the assigned seating the introduced last year you were guaranteed your seat even if the game was sold out (excluding the home opener)

      • Holy Fuckballs.

        That is a crazy good deal.

  15. yawn

  16. “Perhaps a way to ensure people banned from the stadium are kept out, for example”

    Any idea on how they enforce banned people in the first place? You always hear about fans ejected who get banned, but do they really train all the ushers to recognize everyone who has been banned?

    • No clue here. Anyone?

      • No idea. But Andrew I hope you’ll do a PSA type post and ask opening day idiots to be a little less idiotic.

        Last year with Bautista at the plate and a couple runners on and either one or no outs and the opposing pitcher sweating bullets… some idiots started throwing streamers down onto the field. The pitcher got a break, caught his breath and got a nice popup I believe.

        The point isn’t even about when you do shit like that, but still. It just really showed how idiotic these types of people are.

    • I don’t know of anyone who has been banned permenantly but when you’re caught with outside liquor you get a 24hr ban where they just escort you out of the building. I don’t think they circulate your picture so if you could probably go back in another entrance if you’re so inclined (and willing to risk a bigger punishment).
      Perhaps that’s why they’re trying to push the ID checking – it’s really impossible to check 30k+ people without some sort of database.

    • There’s no way to search and hunt down those who might be on the property when they’ve been banned previously. I would imagine that they take serious offenses (thefts, assaults, etc) to court to get orders of protection or something similar, and the person being banned would receive paperwork in the mail. If caught on property, it’s akin to trespassing and charges will be laid.

      How often does this happen? Almost never.

      • Should note that I don’t work for the Jays or the Dome, so I don’t know for sure, but I did some work in corporate security and venues were consistent in how they handled bans.

  17. Got 5 Fanpasses last year, getting the max 2 this year. Come September pennant race I’ll probably be damn glad to have seats waiting for me instead of facing ticket window lines or scalpers.

  18. My condolences to anybody who gets screwed. I had a star pass forever. Then got season tix through work for the last 4 years so i said fuck that plebe shit…but guess what? I just lost them!! Now I’m fucked. Bought a 20 game pack. Hate my life. Hopefully I end up valuing the games I do get to go to more or something …

  19. Not necessarily related to this but I was on the phone with a travel agent in Vancouver who deals in sports packages and the Jays info requests has been non stop. He told me they have had “incredible” amounts of interest for Jays games in Seattle, Oakland and LA aside from T.O trips.

  20. Sounds to me like there’s a very real possibility that attendance could crack 3MM this season. Glad I got my flex pack early.

  21. Another point to add – Fan Pass holders will not have any playoff ticket privileges. They’ll have to wait until they go on to the general public like everyone else. Flex ticket holders do get playoff priority tickets.

    As a result I bought the 20 game flex seats to go along with the 2 Fan Passes I assume I will get at some point soon.

    Covers the home opener, any season game and the convenience of knowing I’ll get playoff tickets when October rolls around!

  22. Hopefully I don’t get screwed when the pass goes available in the next month..

  23. What annoys me most about this is that the team was actively encouraging people to group up last year, both as it was the only way to sit together, and to reduce service charges.

    For them to now chop off all those groups at two people screams bad faith with the team’s most loyal fans. I have been getting passes since 2007 and feel betrayed by the team.

    If the Blue Jays wanted to reduce the number of passes sold they should have held a lottery for all those who had passes last year not assign two passes to whoever happened to put the passes on their credit card last year.

    That or offer the passes only to those who are willing to grab a flex pack as well, or somthing…

    Whatever…Fuck Rogers

    • Bad faith? On your $100 season tickets? Really?

      • No don’t at all feel entitled to a $120 season ticket.

        I do feel upset at losing the 25ish bonus games that previous years I got to go see with friends, on the spur of the moment, or even mid game. Games that I have in the past been able to add to the 8-10 games a year I pay full board for.

        I’ll miss being able to sit listening to a Jays game and halfway though the game realize that Brandon Morrow has a chance at a no-hitter. Being able to rush down to Rogers Centre to try and catch a bit of history. Feel the wave of emotion on then strike outs and the exhale after the ball goes off Aaron Hill’s glove breaking up the no-hitter.

        Mostly I’m annoyed with the way the reduction in passes has been handled. Some peoples passes are being grandfathered in and other’s aren’t based on solely on who put the passes on their credit card. Either grandfather them or don’t.

      • Lol

      • The “bad faith”component is the fact that the Jays were not upfront about the changes. In September, before making the big moves, they sent an email informing us that the passes would be back. Then, after the moves, they started adding the two pass restriction. We never received the second email in November and when we called the office (several times) no two representatives would give us the same answer. And one was quite rude about it.

        I agree that the passes have been a steal, and I would have accepted an upfront, sorry they aren’t happening in 2013. But to be misled, and given the runaround, is a poor way to treat the people who showed up all of those years when the team didn’t – regardless of what they were paying to do so.

        We’ve bought a flex pack now, but had we known about the restrictions earlier we would have had a better choice of seats, especially for opening day. So, I agree with Patrick. The attitude of the club is what has left a bitter taste.

        It’s not an issue of money, it’s an issue of dishonest representation. As one of the 10,000 fans who sat through some of those dreadfully painful, meaningless games, I would like to have believed that my support counted for more than the support of the 2013 bandwaggoners.

    • Feeling entitled today?

  24. The ‘individual seat’ thing last year annoyed me. In past years when I went to games with a group of friends, we used to get seats in the 500s wherever. Last year, if I was going with a group of four other people, say, we couldn’t all sit together since I had my ‘one’ seat locked down and the seats around it were inevitably full.

  25. It’s a bummer for sure that groups of people won’t be able to get them. I did my bro a favor last year and bought his pass. Now it turns out I fucked him over for this year. Still, as has been noted elsewhere.. There isn’t a deal like this in the city with any other team. It’s the fact that its gone on so long that makes one feel entitled to it.

  26. We all knew this was coming eventually. I just hope they let us know soon whether we’ve successfully made it to the Promised Land. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with Flex Pack seats up under the 200-level outfield overhang. Worst. Let’s just say I’ve budgeted for the extra cost. It’s under the Emergency category. Hoping I don’t have to use it.

  27. I called the Jays’ ticket office today and spoke to a rude guy named Mike who recited the email we all got in December. He sounded bored out his skull and would only tell me that an email blast will be sent at the end of the month, we will have a really narrow window to buy the passes and only online orders will be accepted. I asked if the seats will be in the same area as last year, what the price will be and other details but Mike wouldn’t give me any other information and actually seemed really annoyed that I would even dare to ask.

    The Jays are well known for their terrible customer service and they’re really blowing it on this. The $100 pass has been an awesome deal but I usually buy a beer and some food while I’m there so they make $20 off me each time I visit. Those of us who have used the passes for 25 to 30 games each season have supported the team over all these years when they haven’t played a single meaningful game in September. Now that the team finally looks like it can do something the loyal fans are being screwed. I’m still crossing my fingers but I think we’ve seen the end of then Fan Pass.

    Does anyone else remember when this started with the 2002 Toronto Star Pass? The seats weren’t assigned but the only sections they used were beyond the foul poles. I have a feeling we’ll be sitting way out there again in 2013.

  28. “The passes are transferable” they told me today.

  29. My boyfriend had an account last year. Passes went on sale 10 minutes ago. He went on the site immediately and it said they were already sold out. Something reeks if you ask me…. he’s calling the ticket agents now, will update when we get an answer.

  30. Nevermind, looks like the website was messed up and it’s working now, but who knows for how long!

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