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Not to steal any thunder from an upcoming Griff Bag, but the Jays have announced some minor schedule changes, including moving a Wednesday afternoon game against the Rays on May 22nd from a 7 PM start to 4:37 PM. Odd, to say the least. But I sure as fuck am all for it– as would be most people working downtown looking to cut work early, catch a game, and still be home before nine.

Keith Law is not a fan of LDRSHPPPPPP, as following a tweet about Sam Dyson being “seldom healthy and not that good when he is,” and another about Mark DeRosa filling “that critical DL hole” for the Jays, by explaining, “To tie those two together, I would rather have Sam Dyson’s tattered arm on the 40-man than Mark Derosa’s veteran presents.”

Wait, did Mark DeRosa sign? Well then I guess that would explain why we’re now seeing pieces on it from John Lott of the Post, Brendan Kennedy of the Star, and Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com. And surely more to come any second.

DickeyTheBest: Dave Brown of Big League Stew fills us in on the Jays’ new ace’s trip to India, which he embarks on tomorrow. He’ll be working with Bombay Teen Challenge, an organization that rescues girls from human trafficking.

Sports Illustrated is giving out winter grades for all the clubs in the majors– with extensive write-ups for each. Shocker: the Jays get an A.

Bill Parker, aka @Bill_TPA, writes at Bluebird Banter about the most radically revised Jays clubs in their history.

Some by-way-of-the-internet prospecting for ya: Bluebird Banter looks at Sean Nolin, and Jays Journal looks at Adonys Cardona.

And how about a look at the competition, prospect-wise, as Marc Hulet of FanGraphs looks at the top 15 for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Back on January 10th, Gideon Turk of Blue Jays Plus narrowed down 25th-man candidates for the Jays to acquire to just one name… Mark DeRosa. Impressive.

April Whitzman of Jays Prospects catches up with newly converted pitching prospect, former shortstop– and first round pick– Justin Jackson.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels looks at ex-Jay Adeiny Hechavarria as a preview of what’s going to be in his upcoming prospect guide. Sickels also goes way back for a prospect retrospective on a guy who should be everybody’s favourite– with a big Canadian connection– Pedro Martinez.

Wendy Thurm of FanGraphs writes about MLB’s blackout policy, which is currently under attack in US courts. Meanwhile, her colleague Dave Cameron looks at the Phillies’ signing of Delmon Young– who many Jays fans looked at as a possible platoon partner for Adam Lind. Glad you didn’t, Alex.

At Getting Blanked, Drew passes along the fact that Jose Bautista will be on the cover of the Canadian version of this year’s MLB: The Show. As if there was any doubt.

Lastly, Matthew Pouliot does some Hardball Talkin’, looking at reports that Cuban shorstop (or perhaps second baseman!) Alexander Guererro has defected, and may be on his way to the States– and probably quickly to the Majors, as the 26-year-old is one of the country’s very best hitters. I know he’s no Mark DeRosa, but if he can play second, with apologies to Ryan Goins, the Jays sure could use a guy like that, couldn’t they?


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  1. Keith Law is also not a fan of being employed by a major league baseball team again.

    I kid. I kid.

    • No, it’s true. People use the fact that he’s not with a club all the time to shit on him around here. As if, y’know, he might not actually just like what he does.

      But you kid, I get it.

      • If Keith gets hired by a major league team, I will expect ESPN to refund my Insider subscription as he is the main reason I signed up.

      • hahhhaha yes Stoeten, Law doesn’t work in baseball because he loves so much writing for espn and talking to retards during his Klaw chats. Pretty sure he just applied and interviewed a few months ago for a Houston Job and did not get it. Why the hell would he still apply for jobs in baseball if he “actually just likes what he does”

      • Thanks for defending me. It’s really nice to know of someone who will crib all of my opinions, and defend me to the death! Oh Stoetie pouty wouty … smooch smooch smooch … ahahah, oh yeah, right there, Stoetie … no, I don’t mind the beard chafing my balls, not yet anyway … oh oh oh … OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh! STOETEN!

  2. 4:30 during the week… I like it! If you can duck work, that’s a great time.

    The Jays should do that more often. Imagine the odd 4:30 Friday game in the summer?

    • I think it would be tremendous. Of course, I don’t commute to games from other parts of the GTA.

      • I think it could work. I believe the Yankees do 3:00 Friday games sometimes. If you kept it to July/August, I feel like you could get enough people to play hooky.

    • 4 pm is garbage if you live in the west. Unless you like knowing the final score before you’re done watching it on pvr.

      • I use, MLB.com radio at work, it’s only $20. Just have to block my calendar to avoid meetings during game times.

    • Thanks for thinking of the West Coast Fans.

      Jesus fuck, and you Torontonians wonder why the rest of the country hates y’all.

      Centre of the universe! Who gives a shit about the rest of the country!

      It is bad enough missing the first couple of innings while still at work until 5pm, (8 your time)

      • I’m from Toronto and love the idea. Dick. Kidding…

      • Seriously, where do Torontonians get off thinking they own the Canada Blue Jays?!!?

      • God forbid that a baseball team from Toronto might schedule games at a good time for people from Toronto to attend. I mean, seriously? A few games at 4:30 means Torontonians think they’re the centre of the universe? It’s not that I have zero sympathy, but it is in the nature of following a team in a different time zone that sometimes it’s just not going to be convenient to watch their games. At least you have all the away games they play on the west coast.

      • I’m happy the Jays have fans across Canada… but y’know…. they probably are better off thinking about fans who are remotely near the Skydome when considering start times, rather than fans who are three time zones away.

      • It’s a get away day. If you actually have an issue (ie. not trolling) There’s always the Mariners to follow

  3. Best part of that SI article is that it lists departures and arrivals alphabetically, so the first “key arrival” is Henry Blanco.

  4. Alexander Guererro would count against a team’s international free agent money, yes? I wonder if that adds a down side to signing him, since it would then make it much more difficult to sign younger, potentially cheaper “high up side” prospects.

    That said, I’d prefer a more sure thing than strict prospect porn, especially if he could help out the Jays in 2013/2014 etc.

  5. I know those grading the offseason grades mean nothing. But I get a little chubby whenever one of these writers wash aa’s nuts.

  6. TV networks are mad. Paying exorbitant amounts for broadcast rights? They will just be undercut by internet delivery if it’s reasoned that regional black-outs amount to monopolization.

    Also, why is MLB all for this BS? they have a means of distribution that ought to become the primary one in the future … internet.

  7. Why did the jays move 2games this year?

  8. this may be really hard to verify but can anyone think of an MLB GM who pulled off 3 mega trades within 6 months ? July – Houston (10 players); Nov – Miami (12 pl); Dec – NYM (7 pl). Pretty amazing when you think about it, and I have not seen those 3 mentioned in the same article.

  9. Derosa is ok at 750, I’m sure he wasn’t signed purely because he’s viewed as a good clubhouse guy. He’s versatile, can hit lefties and has had a good glove.

    Long live character guys, long live hockey enforcers.

    • I’d have to say that somebody like Johnny Mac could influence a game more than say, Colton Orr… unless he beats the shit out of a non-enforcer.

      • Agreed, but Orr/Parros/Scott are much more entertaining.

        Sports are an entertainment product, you can’t forget that. That’s why you see cheerleaders, fireworks, jumbotrons, etc…..

      • Orr ran the fuck out of some goalie early last year and got credited with the goal, which was inexplicably allowed to count. Single greatest thing he’s done in his career.

  10. I love the dick and fart jokes around here as much as everyone but seriously Dickey the best…here’s a link to the charity….sounds really cool and also very timely considering some of the recent tragic events against Women in India …


    Check it out then tweet jokes about the Phillies signing Delmon Young…

    Mine is “The Phillies signing Delmon Young is like an old man breaking his other hip in hopes of symmetry…”

  11. A couple of interviews with a couple of former Jay’s prospects, Nicolino and Comer..


  12. Pedro Martinez the best.

  13. Can someone give me an answer on this? If I’m unable to get a fan pass this year, I’m likely to be watching games from home and would like to get them HD (the streams online I’ve found are always pretty shoddy). I looked into MLBtv, but apparently all live jays games are blacked out in Canada (Rogers monopoly I’m assuming).

    This leaves me with the option of paying $60 bucks a month for HD cable to watch games (when I don’t even watch cable). Is this the only option? Thanks.

  14. Mark DeRosa ! Suck it Farrell.

  15. Just saw the Gibby docue.

    I fuckin laughed at the clip of him throwing his hat down at the Ump, I love managers that put on a show for the boys. It’s getting them pumped like an enforcer in hockey does.

    I’m fuckin stoked for 2013. Please forgive me if you catch me feverishly masterbating on open day in the 5 huneys.

  16. Dickey has chosen a pretty turbulant time to go to India, with that rape trial going on and all

  17. Why would Delmon Young have been such a bad get especially since he just signed a MINOR LEAGUE contract at 750k? I think this team really needs one more solid bat.

    • Because there’s a chance he’d throw that solid bat at an umpire

    • For 750K, D. Young for a year seems very Honest Eds. But, I imagine the Phillies are banking on him not being a distraction & earning his 3.5 million productive player salary.

    • My complete faith in AA has convinced me that Young must’ve signaled that he wasn’t willing to platoon DH. To be honest, we shouldn’t be surprised by that fact. I still think he’s just better than Adam Lind, but the alternative, that AA didn’t bother looking into Young because he assumed he’d be out of the price range, doesn’t fit with what we’ve learned about the man…

  18. Life is good as a Blue Jay fan when the most questionable move the GM makes is singing a veteran utility guy as the 25th man on the roster

  19. the unceremonious treatment of Dyson (You suck!!! – vacuum joke), brings into question the role of The Farrett when he was here. “[Maybe] the best overall stuff in the organization”. Was this to have a backhanded slap at AA (this is the best he has amassed with all his trades and draft prowess) or just more sleeper cell bullshit mandated by his true masters in the Red Sox KGB (Larry Luchino as puppetmaster)?

    Oh, Farrett, how I count the days until your return!!

  20. Leave Friday night games the hell alone. Favourite.

  21. Wouldn’t we have been better off to have Mike Aviles as the 25th man?

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