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“With Rogers the only game in Canada when it comes to Blue Jays rights – no other Canadian broadcaster has demonstrated the capacity or will to show up to 162 games a year – it’s unlikely a billion-dollar broadcasting deal will materialize any time soon,” writes Steve Ladurantaye of the Globe and Mail in a piece on the Dodgers, Jays and rights fees for sports in a slowly dying medium. “That leaves Rogers in the enviable position of paying a reasonable fee to lock up its broadcasts (Major League Baseball ensures owners who also own broadcasting assets don’t ridiculously underbid for their own rights), while reaping the benefits of owning what it hopes will be a winning franchise.” Hopefully that’s incentive enough to keep it a winning franchise, though I’m not sure why it took more than a decade of ownership to figure such a strategy out.

Via Larry Brown Sports, it turns out Ian Desmond is (jokingly) less than impressed with new Jay Mark DeRosa…

Seriously, Twitter? No more “centred” option with embedded tweets? Ugh.

Sticking with the DeRosa deal, Pirates blog Bucs Dugout makes a case for Pittsburgh going after Sam “Best Stuff In The Organization” Dyson, who’ll only cost a team a 40-man spot, and isn’t a nothing prospect.

Fingers crossed that we’ll see another email from the Jays this week about an introductory media conference. Because lord knows there’s seriously nothing else going on right now.

The Tao of Stieb is OK with the Mark DeRosa signing, because meh.

Something called Baseball News Source lists their top 10 prospects for the Jays. Sure, why not?

I’m a little late to this, but on Facebook, a site called Peanut Free Baseball passes along the fact that the Jays have doubled the number of games in which they’ll have peanut free sections in 2013 to six in total– one per month. Good on them.

Via the always excellent Baseball Think Factory, we see that one of those We The People petitions has been setup asking the Obama administration to force Jeffrey Loria to sell the Miami Marlins. Uh… good luck with that.

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Comments (26)

  1. Man there is nothing to talk about now

  2. I wonder what Darren Oliver had for lunch

  3. They shoulda signed delmon young so he can take attention off brett lawrie when he throws his helmet at an umpire again.

    • Sign him to what? he plays one position… bench players need to be versatile. People need to stop bringing up Delmon Young.

      • I realize Young has played pretty well during the playoffs but nobody can stomach his performance during the regular season.

  4. FWIW, twitter doesn’t blast you with ads/sponsored stories/garbage you didn’t subscribe to like Facebook does… They’ll probably fix it if you (and others) ask nice.

  5. Really, i’m better with the tweet left-justified given your non justification of the text.

  6. Regarding the story that the L.A. Dodgers are receiving mountains of money in their TV deal, I read one article today that says that it’s very unfortunate that Rogers (Jays’ owners) can’t similary receive a bazillion dollars from their TV broadcaster (Rogers); and then I read a different article that said it was a great advantage that Rogers (TV broadcaster) didn’t similarly have to pay a bazillion dollars to the Jays’ owners (Rogers).

    Still banging my head on the desk.

    • The left hand steals from the right hand. Then both of them jerk off till profit completion.

    • The advantage is when it comes to revenue sharing. We all know that the Jays rights are worth far more than the $35 million yet they only have to pay that to MLB hence the advantage of having a team owned RSN. Rogers gets to pocket the rest. If you want to believe the Jays operate with the budget that is based on the $35 million then you can see the disadvantage. This winter finally put that farce to bed.

  7. I thought the jays had 10 days to decide what to do with him. He has been DFA’d but, the jays could still try and trade him to someone rather than putting him on waivers in those 10 days, they could try trading him to a high waiver order team for scrap.

  8. Stop bringing up Delmon Young !!! Dude is a clubhouse cancer that plays like one position. Derosa is a solid clubhouse veteran that can play all over the field.

    • We need Young as there is no current Blue Jay that I hate. Every team needs a scapegoat when things don’t go well……I guess Lind will have to fill that role for now

  9. I don’t understand this slow migration to a peanut free zone…. as much as peanuts and crackerjack are tied to the game, they might as well just go “all in” and ban them.

    There are alternatives…. and I suspect the clean up crew would agree.

    • R u serious or trolling? I can’t even tell.

      Why should the team ban a traditional snack that 99% Of their fans have no issue with? Give me a break. 6 peanut free zones is more than enough and already way over-represents the portion of the population that has a problem.

      • Snack tradition outweighs giving people with a potentially life-threatening allergy the ability to watch a game? And you’re asking if HE’s trolling?

        Been to a school lately? This is the way the world is headed, whether you and your shitty attitude like it or not.

        • suck my peanuts stoeten. eat my salty bag, dude. This lame, social awarenessy, bearded, hipster garbage stops RIGHT HERE.

        • How do you figure?

          I never said there should be no peanut-free zones, I just said that there is no need to ban them from the stadium entirely. You’re such an exaggerator.

          As someone who has suffered with MANY allergies my entire life, I can tell you that its my responsibility to make sure I put myself in a safe environment, no one elses. If someone is kind enough to accomodate me, I love it, but it’s in no way my right to be accomodated.

  10. Stupid question…but why is it that they even have to play the 40-man game with Dyson? Is it really just because of those two-thirds of an inning last year? As a 2010 draft pick, they should have just been able to send him down now the the rule 5 draft is over.

  11. Do a podcast guys. It will pass the time.

  12. #natitude = LAME!!

  13. Children with peanut allergies should be culled before they grow bigger and take up more space.

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