Yes, it’s come to this. Because there’s really not a whole hell of a lot going on (and I’m procrastinating a bit over this week’s edition of the Griff Bag), here we have Ricky Romero talking to Chris Rose and Kevin Millar of the MLB Network about the San Francisco 49ers run to the Super Bowl, and whatever else they talked about after I turned the clip off.

Check it out after the jump…


Hat tip to @BlueJays for pointing in the direction of the clip.

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  1. more like ricky romerBRO m i rite

  2. Did Kevin Millar remind Ricky how awesome the Red Sox were when Kevin played with them?

  3. Wow, that was a baaaaad vid to watch/listen to.

  4. Finally an answer to the elbow Scott Richmond t-shirt thingy…sort of.

  5. Anyone else concerned about Ricky’s ability to re-bound & accept a diminished role? and/or his mental health?

    p.s. had enough fore-sight not to watch the video

  6. You should edit the title to read “Ricky Romero Talks 49ers, and No Other Stuff”

    • He also talks Lakers. As someone that will watch anything Jays related as this point, I suggest taking this video down. It’s unwatchable.

  7. So it’s come to this…

  8. I’m going to have to get a real hobby next off-season. This one will never be matched. Look how stir-crazy we are all already going.

  9. Hey what the fuck, that was 3 minutes of my life well spent. What are you guys be-atchin’ about?

    What makes Rickey any different than us being wild and ludicrously deranged fans of the Jays?

    Bring it on Rickmeister, just don’t try flashing those chicken wings around on the mound like Kaepernick…..

  10. So.. as someone who mostly browses baseball news on my phone or through my work internet, the first of which makes viewing video cumbersome and the second impossible, I often run into silly little situations like this one;

    I have never before heard Ricky Romero speak.


    His voice in no way lines up with what I expected and now appears as though a narrator is dubbing over his lines with remarkable accuracy.

    That is all.

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