Thursday barrel-scrapings!

Some Getting Blanked stuff, as Darren passes along the fact that Shaun Marcum has finally signed on to be traded at mid-season to a contender by the New York Mets, while Drew looks at the Barves keeping pace with the Jonses (i.e. the Nationals) with their acquisition of Justin Upton for a couple of nickles and some lint, and just what the hell the Diamondbacks are up to.

The Blue Jay Hunter¬†looks at what we’re supposed to believe is the upcoming battle between Anthony Gose and Colby Rasmus for the long-term Jays’ CF job. I get why it’s framed that way, but to me the real battle is Colby Rasmus against himself. He’ll have to produce enough value to not only keep himself ahead of Gose on the depth chart, but to justify the club tendering him a contract next winter. Not easy.

Jays Journal does some internet prospecting– with linked source material!– as they look at the top prospects among the Jays’ class of 2012.

Elsewhere, Jays Journal ponders the intaginble benefits of Mark Buehrle, who– if you believe in ghosts– may have some kind of impact on Ricky Romero.

In the wake of their chat with him earlier today, the Toronto Sun has a little quiz, gauging how much readers really know Alex Anthopoulos. Sure, why not?

Extra Base Hit looks at how various fantasy sites have ranked catchers so far heading into 2013, and provides a composite list, which places J.P. Arencibia 20th in the Majors. I’d buy it. I’d also buy this, and I’d enjoy the product a whole lot more: Darren does the same for first base and Edwin Encarnacion winds up fourth, behind only Votto, Pujols and Fielder. Average 2013 salary for the first three: $18.7-million. Encarnacion: $8-million.

Regarding the question about Anthopoulos not being on Twitter, which was asked in the chat, our friend Brad Ankrom tweets rather emphatically that he thinks he actually is.

Tom Scocca, or Mobutu Sese Seko, or whatever he calls himself, writes an excellent tribute to Earl Weaver at Deadspin. Read it. I mean… it’s not like you have anything else to do.

Alex Speier of recounts the Red Sox’ Mike Napoli saga, which finally ended this week. Alex Remington of FanGraphs also talks Napoli, looking deeper into the degenerative hip condition that held up and forced a complete remaking of his deal– the same condition that ended Bo Jackson’s career, but that Brett Favre played through for the entirety of his.

Lastly, Keith Law chatted with readers at today (he was also on the Baseball Today podcast), and offered this nugget regarding Justin Upton’s home/road splits, which I’d like to hear more about (as in, why this might be the case): “Strictly looking at home/road splits and using the road line as a proxy for his true talent level is generally a bad idea – for example, we’ve seen players leave Coors or Petco (two extreme parks) and fail to rise/fall to the levels of their road numbers, because extreme parks seem to produce skewed road numbers for some players.”

He also brings us a Jays related nugget or three:

Lucien (Las Vegas)
Thoughts on the potential of Adeiny Hechavarria? Saw him alot here in Vegas, pretty slick with the glove with some hitting upside sound about right?
Roughly, yes. Most likely he ends up a glove guy period.

Chris (Lorton, VA)
Keith, just because you don’t know what a fair price is doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist. Pretty much the entire Nats organization has credited DeRosa with his ‘character’ in the clubhouse last year as contributing to the team. Even though the ‘wins’ from that can’t be measured, doesn’t mean they are non existent.
So they said it contributed … so what? You believe them, without questioning it? Don’t you think the Nats did what they did because they had really good players and a pretty darn good manager? If you delete Derosa, do they win even one fewer game?

Adrian (Toronto)
Anthopoulos just said in a chat a couple of hours ago (no, really, he was chatting at the Toronto Sun website!) that Stroman is going to start the season in Dunedin as a starter so he’s stretched him out and has a chance in the rotataion. Is this the right call, or is he destined for the bullpen?
I’m fine with it. Probably ends up an ace closer, but starting him, at least so he can continue to work on his changeup, which is potentially a third weapon for him.

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  1. Only one month until spring games

  2. You have to give Alex and his crew credit for trying to keep things interesting through January and the first half of February. After the shit he pulled in December it’s impossible to keep excitement levels up, but he’s trying.

  3. Not quite what LAW was getting out, but it’s true that you can’t just take a player’s road stats and say that’s how he’ll perform when he changes teams. All players play better at home and worse on the road to begin with. This seems to be greater for hitters who play in good hitters parks.

  4. Late addition here: Sportsnet’s guys are putting a spring training guide together. Pretty cool.

  5. “Darren does the same for first base and Edwin Encarnacion winds up fourth, behind only Votto, Pujols and Fielder. Average 2013 salary for the first three: $18.7-million. Encarnacion: $8-million.”

    As I always say: bad as JPA may be, he still costs league minimum right? Like Lind is even worse as a DH than JPA is as a catcher – but he costs as much as Dickey. To me Lind is a drag and JPA is a deal – at least for now. I also have more faith in JPA wanting to prove people wrong and get better. Lind… crap I try to support all these guys but you get the idea he finds it funny how bad he is. Like some sick game.

  6. Arencibia is actually listed as 19th in the Majors on that list.

  7. re: catcher rankings
    The average ranking of 20 actually places him 19th in that list.

  8. That’s kind of nails on Stroman ain’t it?

  9. Apparently putting out a blog is so difficult when the person putting out the blog is basically lazy.

    R.A. Dickey will be the #1 starter. As for deciding on who should be the #2 starter, consider first who’s the best starter to pitch between Buehrle and Romero. I believe Morrow will be better as that pitcher rather than Johnson.

  10. 43% on the Sun quiz. Questions were tougher than I thought they would be from the Sun.

  11. Ghosts!

  12. Kevin Towers is the Anti-Anthopolous.

    He trades a few high end talents for a bunch of slightly above average regulars.


    • He’s getting a team of 25 Kirk Gibson grinder-types to be managed by Kirk Gibson. Which is bizarre to say the least. It should be the manager that has to adapt his style to each player, not the other way around.

  13. Haha leafs fail again once again it proves that being a jays fan is 100% better

    • Unfortunately for you, Sport, you fail to make the grade on that score.

      • Can I not be both? You are aware they are playing different sports, right? I like the Rock to; am I a bad person?

        • I think small potatoes is referring to the fact that WBills is likely a leafs fan first and a bandwagoning jays fan second judging by his comment.

          • I’m not a leafs fan I’m just pointing out how badly run that laughable franchise is run

            • Toronto (2-2) fell to 0-2 on home ice this season …following a … road victory in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night. But that didn’t impress some among the ACC gathering of 19,125 who began chanting “Let’s go Blue Jays!” with 2:40 remaining.

        • It’s not liking the Rock that makes you a bad person, it’s using the improper spelling of “too”.

  14. Road stats are not the neutral sample some expect them to be on account of the unbalanced schedule. Strange that Mr.Law seems to automatically assume this will even out within a given league: after all, it’s not a few games that are different from division to division, it’s most games.

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