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As they did last week with John Gibbons, this week Sportsnet had an “Up Close” feature on R.A. Dickey. Definitely worth a watch. DickeyTheBest.

Speaking of… Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun actually takes the time and column inches to say he’s concerned about R.A. Dickey’s trip to India, because of the potential that he’ll come down with a disease or something. No, really. OK, Mel Lastman.

“Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg, angling for a new stadium, said Thursday he wants to keep his team in the region,” writes Stephen Nohlgren of the Tampa Bay Times. “But ‘Major League Baseball at this point no longer believes in the Tampa Bay area.’ ” Yikes. You’re not going to find a better run organization.

CSN New England transcribes a Q&A with new Red Sox manager John Farrell, and… thank fuck I no longer have to keep trying to convince myself that this guy’s verbal diarrhea is some kind of indication that he’s intelligent. Gibby forever.

Jays Journal looks at how the bullpen might shake down by the time Opening Day rolls around.

In… uh… job news, FanGraphs points out a listing from the New York Yankees, who are looking for a web developer, while Shi Davidi tweets about the Canadian Press looking for a national hockey writer. Do it!

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan looks at the Mets acquisition of some property north of Steeles, while Mike Axisa uses Baltimore’s signing of Jair Jurrjens to point out how hopelessly content the O’s have been this winter. This isn’t going to end well. Meaning, of course, it’s going to end hilariously.

Bluebird Banter gets even deeper into the whole optional waivers thing than I did over here earlier in the week.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri looks at why nobody, except perhaps Kirk Gibson, likes what the Arizona Diamondbacks are doing. [Hint: It's because they're idiots who believe in nonsense about chemistry and unicorns.]

The Tao of Stieb answers your questions (or… well.. not your questions, per se, but questions from internet folk not unlike yourself) in his Friday tweet bag.

Lately Buster Olney has been going through the top ten lineups, bullpens, rotations, and et ceteras, in MLB history, not once mentioning the Toronto Blue Jays… until today, as the 1993 version of the club checks in as his tenth best of all time, at ESPN.com (Insider Olney).

Lastly, Parkes talks about the Jays outfield in his latest Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday post at Getting Blanked, and isn’t bullish on Colby Rasmus– which is great news, because he’s usually pretty much wrong about everything. HEYO! Meanwhile, Drew looks at the taxpayer-funded debacle that is Marlins Park and the Mets’ attempt to circumvent the new CBA in order to sign Anthony Gose light.

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  1. And have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Olney really dislikes the jays for some reason

    • Seems like a lot of ESPN employees aren’t a big fan of Toronto sports. Mike Wilbon has put down the Raptors in his weekly chat 2 weeks running. He said that Toronto deserves a team even less than Sacramento, citing lots of “issues” he didnt go into. I’ve noticed the same with Olney when since the Jays have made their big moves. Weird.

    • Why would Olney like Totonto, he’s a Yank that gets his payday from the American sports fan. He gets no business here. I goota great idea though….lets stop writing about buster and we’ll call it even

  3. Tampa Bay is no longer viable?

    I have a great idea: ship them to Montreal.


    who couldn’t get behind that?

  4. stoeten, out of curiosity, if the diamondbacks and orioles were to do well this year, would you take the time to acknowledge you may have been wrong about this?

  5. Just wondering, is anyone else terrified about Bautistas tendon / sheath?

    • not really, because he doesnt have to be amazing anymore.

      if he’s just kinda good the offense is still good.

      • But he also doesnt have to be so intense (if that’s possible). I’d like to see him relax ,enjoy the game and not appear to be carrying the entire team on his back.

    • why are you all up in his sheath?

  6. Based on what I know about the Tampa Bay situation (i.e. I read The Extra 2%) they’re well and truly fucked when it comes to a stadium. The problem is they’re not in Tampa where all of the money and population density is, they’re in St Petersburg, in a shitty part of town across the bay that’s an hour’s drive in traffic across from Tampa.

    It would be like if SkyDome were dumpier and the roof couldn’t open, and located in Oshawa. Hell, I’d go to a game or two per year I guess, but who really wants to leave work at 5, get home by 6, then try to drive from Toronto out to Oshawa for a 7:00 game in rush-hour traffic?

    And they can’t just close the Tropicana Heftybag and open a stadium in Tampa, due to a series of dumb long-term contracts and poison-pill deals with local government.

    • Oshawa at least would be accessible by public transit. As much as we joke about GO and the TTC, most southern US cities can’t come close to anything near as extensive as that.

  7. @matt e within 20 years what’s the chance that the sky dome gets replaced by a new stadium as it would approaching 40 yrs of existence

  8. stoeten – when Farrell, in his interview, says the sox had a productive offseason in terms of ‘outing a staff together’, what exactly (or at all) do you think he means? what about his assertion about ‘guys that bring . . . those individuals here?’ – ‘those individuals’ being themselves?

    and as to, ‘that’s where I think the people above and beyond the talents that there are have that reputation,’ – what do you make of this? he’s talking about ‘those individuals’, in this case.

    i’ve got to stop now, but only because i have to leave.

  9. I’ve been reading stuff on here for a hell of a long time, but I never got how Marcum got the North of Steeles nickname. As a proud Aurora native, I would appreciate it if someone could fill me in.

  10. Markham is located-north of Steeles avenue in the GTA.

  11. YAWN…. Wake me up when the WBC starts…

  12. Am I being a dick or is Kyle Franzoni so fucking useless it’s painful…6 man bullpen???…No mention of Happ???…Who is the 25th bench spot if they did (unlike any fucking team) go with a 6 man pen???…Cecil not Black Magic is the LOOGY??? No reference to why the jays would go to a 6 man pen after running with an 8 man pen prior to call ups last year…I am I just spoiled by DJF and GB or is this guy a failure at everything?

  13. maybe mentioned previously, or everyone already knows, but Ye Olde Fake To Third Then Throw Back to First Pickoff Attempt is gonzo:


    • The best MLB rule change I can remember.

    • Thanks for the link dm.
      Some baseball content about the game gets the juices flowing.
      Glad they changed the rule.Always considered it a quasi balk.

      • I agree. Interestingly to me, the only time in my life I have EVER seen a balk called on that BS play was last year when Beck was nabbed vs Atlanta. I was so pissed that they called it, but worse, fukin Farrell had already checked out ( late June ) and never even challenged it.
        His excuse was “you can’t challenge a balk” Yeah well, you can’t argue balls & strikes either but shit calls hyave to be challenged and he never challenged anything-at most he went out for a fireside chat now and again.
        If I was still playing ( yeah, I know long time ago) I really think I would have had a hard time respecting that dink.
        Anyway, glad that BS ruke is gone. They should do the same with the fake throw to second with no one there for fuksakes. waste of time.

    • I dont mind if they keep it or not : As long as they enforce whatever rule(s) they have consistantly. This will be one less rule for them to screw up though.

  14. It’s basically a time out for the pitcher so I can get behind that. Guys are sweating bullets with runners on first and third. I would just like the pitch clock enforced and no coaching or catcher visits unless they are getting pulled.

  15. CoCo was actually very effective when you exclude the times he was not very effective.

  16. I voted for the war in Iraq before I voted against it.

  17. Fuck off Parkes.

    And Suck it Farrell.

  18. I am ON FIRE with the ladies these last couple weeks. I give credit to the jays for gettin me so hyped.

  19. Interesting tidbit regarding BP’s review of the White Sox prospects from Jason Parks. On Nestor Molina:

    I thought he was overrated in 2011. I know he was missing bats and not walking hitters, but the overall profile didn’t impress me. I always saw him as the type that can make it work in the minors but will struggle to make it work in the majors. As much as I would like to evaluate players in the vacuum of their level, scouting is about projecting that player to the highest level. Molina showed the ability to command a deep arsenal and keep minor league hitters off-balance, but the reality is that the stuff was always fringy and required sharp command to play. It’s a backend profile at best.

    Those negative nancies who were bitching about the Santos trade can put that in their pipe and smoke it.

  20. Florida is one of the worst sports markets in North America. A new stadium isn’t going to draw fans to the Rays if a winning team filled with young, talented players and the best manager in baseball doesn’t. Its pathetic and i’m sick of Florida residents making lame ass excuses all the time as to why they suck. This doesn’t just apply to baseball. In the USA, nothing is bigger then college football. In economically depressed Michigan, the Michigan State Spartans sell out 70,000 every game despite only have 2 Big Ten titles in 25 years and haven’t won a national championship since 1955. The Miami Hurricanes on the other hand have won 3 national titles in the last 25 years and cannot even get 40,000 fans in to their stadium despite college football being the top sport in America. If football gets poor attendance in Florida then baseball doesn’t stand a chance. Tampa Bay will always have poor attendance even with a shiny new stadium because Floridians don’t support sports teams like the rest of North America.

    • They also don’t handle ballot counting to well down there, either.

    • I’ve recently gotten to know someone who’s from the Tampa area (Dunedin coincidentally) and was shocked to hear she’s actually a fan of the Trop. Apparently an open air stadium would just be unbearably hot during the summer and the stadium is actually a nice refuge from the heat.

      Doesn’t do much to disprove your “Floridians make lame excuses” argument, but I was shocked to actually hear anyone back that place up.

      • Its easier to get to St Petersberg than Tampa from Dunedin.. Regardless of the stadium your friend probably likes the convenience.

      • Wouldn’t a retractable roof be used on very hot days?

        The economy has been weak in Tampa although getting better.

        The demographic is older, so many seniors would stay home and watch games rather than going to a stadium.

  21. cool story about how the Upton brothers are not the first Braves sibling duo – in fact, they may have a hard time living up to the previous pair:


    • Great read about the Aarons. Gota say the Braves are one team I just can’t root for anymore – not since we saw Cox leave the team. Guess I should let it go….fuck um and the Chop. Ranked in order of things in baseball I detest 1. Farrell – suck it!, 2. Players that bad-mouth the Jays (Frasor, and the pansies who get traded here that whine)3. Atlanta

      • agreed birddawg, I loathe the Braves. If I ever feel that slipping into even apathy regarding them I just tune into a Peachtree TV telecast of one of their games and by at most the 2nd inning the bilious emotions regarding Atlanta return; their broadcast team ranks among the worst FER SHER.

  22. i can’t see baseball returning to Montreal without a proper stadium.

  23. Is the jays pick still protected this year in the draft?

    • yes, there 1st rounder (10th) is protected overall. If they did sign a Bourn, for example, they would forfeit their 2nd round pick. The first 10 picks are protected

  24. Just watched the RA Dickey special on Sportnets’ Blue Jays up close.
    What a well spoken and enlightened individual.

  25. Sup?…just thought I would take a peek and see if the bandwagon trolls are still here. Hopefully they (thescore.com) will be smart enough to know a new comment format will be required for this season.

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