There’s something of a curious item in today’s New York Daily News, in which we’re told of Spencer Lader– a sports memorabilia dealer who is being sued by ex-client, and Jays legend, Carlos Delgado. He’s also a man who believes he has a right to know whether or not Delgado used performance enhancing drugs during his career– which, he says, would constitute misrepresentation in their business dealings– and is willing to have Jose Reyes subpoenaed in order to find out.

Or perhaps to make Delgado uncomfortable enough to drop the suit. Or, at the very least, to tarnish Delgado’s name in the process, and strain the relationship between Reyes and the man who he says is like a father to him.

Y’know, just some everyday, fun, lawyerly stuff.

From the Daily News:

Lader and other defendants in the case want Reyes, now with the Blue Jays, to tell them under oath what he knows about Delgado’s relationship with Anthony Galea, the controversial Toronto sports medicine doctor — and human growth hormone proponent — who pleaded guilty in July 2011 to transporting misbranded and unapproved drugs into the United States.

“I’m not saying Delgado used steroids, but I do have a right to know if he did,” Lader says. “We thought his name had commercial value, but everybody knows players linked to steroids have no commercial value.”

And… so… you’re going to link him to steroids yourself? Or, better still, get his good friend to do it for you? Because maybe I’m just biased from living in a part of the world where King Carlos can do no wrong, but I don’t think there’s ever been a whole lot of suspicion about him, apart from the fact that he was a slugger in the Steroid Era, and, I suppose, the Galea stuff.

I can’t exactly sit here and claim that I get it. Gotta win the suit against you by any means necessary, I guess. And hey, apparently Delgado was “difficult to work with,” because “his signature was ‘virtually invisible’ on blue Mets caps because he used a black pen,” among other atrocities committed. So… fuck him?

More from the article:

“The essence of the information sought from Mr. Reyes in the subpoena directed to him relates to the use of steroids or human growth hormones or performance-enhancing drugs by the plaintiff, Carlos Delgado, by way of documents and testimony that Mr. Reyes is likely to provide,” court papers filed by [Lader's attorney, Robert] McKay earlier this month.

Delgado’s lawyer, Michael Re, has tried to have the subpoena quashed. An attorney from Re’s firm, Moritt, Hock and Hamroff, said he could not comment on the litigation.

Justice Timothy Driscoll, according to McKay, said at a hearing last week that he is inclined to permit Lader’s lawyer to depose Reyes, but he would defer his decision until after Delgado is deposed. McKay said he expects to question Delgado sometime next month.

Well that’s something. Maybe. There’s definitely the possibility that this case gets interesting– or maybe even makes for one awkward ceremony this summer, when Delgado takes to the field at Rogers Centre to have his name placed on the Jays’ Level Of Excellence. If for no other reasons than that, plus the fact that there’s sweet fuck all to talk about at this point on the calendar, we’ll keep watching the story. Don’t think I’ll hold my breath for any major revelations, though.


Crotch grab in the direction of @ERZEN for the heads up.

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  1. Man we need spring training to start do we can ignore this kind of bullshit. Go Jays Go!!

  2. Reading these quotes here, I’m getting a similar vibe to the Robbie Alomar AIDS lawsuit bombshell a few years ago. That one made big news but disappeared pretty quickly.

  3. If you want to invent a rumour, the key is to repeat it enough times so that it becomes widespread, like, say, how Derek Jeter can only reach sexual arousal by tasting human blood. Once the rumour gets out there enough times – again, we’ll use for an example the one about Derek Jeter being turned on by the taste of blood – people will instantly start linking names, like “Derek Jeter”, to the association in question, “drinking the blood of virgins before each game”, and then once the damage is done the party being slandered won’t be able to respond in a satisfactory way in the face of widespread public knowledge, like the common, universal belief that Derek Jeter keeps a bathtub of human blood from drifters to satiate his thirst.

  4. TMZish

  5. Well there’s another way that MLB (in this case I mean everyone involved) screwed things up for everyone.
    The threat of PED’s, being linked to them, etc. etc. opens up former players from the steroid era to lawsuits.

    I wish the whole steroid thing would die. I. Don’t. Care.
    Mind you if McGriff gets into the HOF because of PED backlash, then the rookie card I have goes up in value. It may actually be worth something in 200 years when many people have lost theirs.

  6. Sounds like the person who Delgado is taking to court wants his fifteen minutes of game for accusing him of taking peds no?

    • The guy is just being a dick.

      Just spitballing but here’s a scenario.

      Delgado provides a bunch of signed memorabilia for the guy for a fee. Guy doesn’t pay Delgado. Delgado sues him for breach of contract. Guy says memorabilia isn’t valuable if Delgado took PEDS therefore Delgado is also breaching his contract. Now Delgado must show no PED use to prove he didn’t breach contract as well,

      Slimy move.

      Dropping the lawsuit to avoid a PED issue would look pretty bad for Delgado, but getting his friends dragged into a lengthy suit sucks.

      Delgado should counter due for defamation with a much larger price tag than the current lawsuit. That could shut it down pretty quick.

      • Exactly

      • How’s that joke go? A busload of lawyers veers off a cliff and the local newspapers call it a tragedy: not because they all died, but because there was one empty seat.

      • “Now Delgado must show no PED use to prove he didn’t breach contract as well,”

        That’s the catch. He can’t prove he didn’t take anything. The guy suing has to prove that he did, which is what drags the whole thing out and makes it messy.

      • Except that’s not how the law works. The presumption of innocence is in Delgado’s favour. This ass wipe has to prove that Delgado took them, Delgado doesn’t have to prove he didn’t. The burden of proof is less in a civil case than a criminal one, but the presumption of innocence still applies.

  7. Hey guys i heard Derrek Jeter substitutes viagra with virgin blood, what a sick fuck

  8. He’s pointing again !!!!!

  9. “Sports Memorabilia Dealer”

    Way to contribute to the betterment of society, Mr. Lader.

  10. Shawn Green wrote a hilarious account of Zen overcoming the art of PED’s, so maybe Delgado should follow suit with an account of his own.

  11. While we’re on the sick and twisted level, here’s a story for the next DJF snack:

    How a $91 million loan on the Marlins ballpark will cost Miami-Dade $1.2 billion

  12. Please tell me he used disappearing ink to sign stuff for shifty dudes.

  13. Life was simpler back when you could push an asshhole like this in front of a woolly mammoth. Fuckin lawyers, change is not always progressive.

    • I think I heard first neandrathal lawyer got the wooley mammoth off on a technicality.

    • This era is refered to as RADAR’s teenage years.

      • I remember it well. The mammoth’s lawyer used the “twinkie” defense strategy. I was skeptical at the time because I knew that mammoth’s were partial to “Ding Dongs” and rarely ate twinkies.The mammoth also claimed he couldn’t stop in time due to a cramp in his leg caused by said “twinkies”.
        I my head I thought “Hey that doesn’t make sense.”First,twinkies weren’t invented yet and how many twinkies does a mammoth have to eat to get full?
        I think the lawyer bribed the judge with a Bronto burger and a percentage in that new invention of the time called the Wheel.

  14. Shit Johnson signed with the rays which means that he”ll hit 300 with a 350 on base because its the rays of course

  15. What’s this I hear about Derek Jeter drinking canine blood from Mariah Carey’s vagina before each home game??? Sick.

  16. Just an academic exercise here, but still:

    {I] do have a right to know if he did,” Lader says.

    Judge: Mr. Lader, cite the right for you to “know”? There is no general right of the public to know another person’s medical history, and this is really just a fishing expedition, wherein you would be allowed to peruse through Mr. Delgado’s personal medical records. Can you point me to a specific clause in your contract with Mr. Delgado that allows for such invasive investigation of his history. If not, I am not sure I am aware of any New York statutory authority or general commercial law precedent for you to gain access to such records. Quite frankly, Mr. Lader, this is the type of clause one would negotiate and make part of a binding contract if it was of such importance to you. Given your seeming level of familiarity with the business, one would expect you could have taken certain precautions to protect yourself against such commercial risk as you claim. In other words, Mr. Lader, do you have a clause in your contract with Mr. Delgado wherein he made certain assertions upon which you have relied regarding his non-use of steroids and further, do you have some evidence to believe those have been breached or violated.

  17. Does anyone really give a fuck about steroids anymore?

    it would be disappointing to find out guys like delgado or bautista have used steroids, but in all honesty.. what do steroids do other than enable one to train the fuck out of their body which requires a level of commitment and hard work that most people wouldnt achieve even if it were possible without steroids.

    As a side note, its not like delgado was super-ripped and muscle-bound like guys like Bonds were, and Delgado had beastly power in the minor leagues before he would have ever met this infamous Toronto doctor, whether Delgado used or not he’s still a borderline hall of famer in my books, and it wouldnt change my opinion of him as a player.

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