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Michael Beller of Sports Illustrated writes about R.A. Dickey from a fantasy perspective, wondering if the Jays’ new ace will falter now that he’s moving to the AL East– and deciding that he’s still bullish, ranking him 13th on his board, ahead of Lee, Wainwright, Bumgarner, Halladay and Greinke. Hope he’s right!

“WAR isn’t perfect. WAR is fun and quick and easy. It has weaknesses and it has strengths,” writes Drew, nailing it over at Getting Blanked in a WAR-related piece that looks at Brett Lawrie.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star weighs in on the Miami New Times story, noting that Melky Cabrera can’t be punished for what’s in the sloppy documentation obtained from the Biogenesis lab, because he’s already been suspended for using during the time period in question.

Elsewhere, Griffin ranks the rotations in the American League, placing the Jays third behind the Tigers and Rays– which I’m sure some of you will argue with, given the moving of James Shield to Kansas City.

Still with the Star, R.A. Dickey sure likes talkin’– but today it’s for a good cause, as he was on a conference call with reporters regarding his work with Bombay Teen Challenge, an organization that rescues girls from human trafficking. You can see the recap of the Star’s live blog of the talk, and they also have a more newspaper-y recap from Brendan Kennedy.

Dirk Hayhurst’s latest book is out in eBook form! The link isn’t working for me– nor is his site at the moment– but you can try them here via Hardball Talk. FYI, though, I’m pretty sure this one is Rays-related, not the Jays-related book we’ve been hearing is in the works. Don’t quote me on that, though.

Bluebird Banter‘s prospect of the week this week is Marcus Stroman, so there’s all kinds of info on him in there.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers takes a crack at answering the set of questions posed-to-himself by Scott Ferguson of TSN.ca, which he figures are “as good as any set of questions about the Jays” that you could come up with, heading into 2013. The Canuckler pulled the same trick, and if there aren’t any further explosive drug stories coming this week, you might see one from me in the near future as well.

Elsewhere still, Blake Murphy tries to figure out what to make of Colby Rasmus.

The Blue Jay Hunter wonders whether Shaun Marcum was the mystery player with clubhouse issues who Brian Burke said Alex Anthopoulos had asked him about– openly discounting the 18 month timeline that makes it look more like Jason Frasor. Hill was said to be part of the “clubhouse mutiny” on Cito Gaston, so I’m not so sure I’d be as quick to feel positive that it couldn’t have possibly been him. On the other hand… whatever.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today writes about how MLB may take issue with the Dodgers’ new cable TV deal. Hmmm.

At FanGraphs, Marc Hulet looks at the top Marlins prospects for 2013, including some familiar names slotting in at numbers four through six– Justin Nicolino, Jake Marisnick, and Adeiny Hechavarria. “None of his pitches currently project to be a swing-and-miss out-pitch at the big league level,” we’re told of Nicolino, who is looked at as a number three starter down the road. Hmmm. Switch him with Syndergaard in the Jays’ two big trades this winter and things feel quite a bit better, don’t they?

And elsewhere at FanGraphs, Paul Swydan looks at this week’s quintessential Rays pickup: Kelly Johnson.

Lastly, sucks for the Bills, but probably not a massive worry for the Jays’ efforts to get grass: according to Sportsnet, the Bills Toronto Series has been extended through 2017, so… if you want to see football in a horribly tepid environment in this city, apparently you still won’t have to turn to the Argos. And because the regular season games will happen after the conclusion of the baseball season, the Jays could theoretically have their grass field out of there (as they may be considering– with the idea being to re-sod it each March), or have it able to sustain the wear and tear of the football game. Unfortunately, however, the deal also has a preseason game landing here in 2015, making it a little bit harder to see a grass field in place by then.

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  1. Why cant Rogers just give the argos the boot, they arent a big money maker at the dome, so moving them to a bettter facility/area might bring in more cash which in turn means that the jays get grass to the Dome

    • Well, they lose whatever rent they’re being paid, but mostly I assume they’re afraid of the optics– which I think is somewhat justifiable.

      • Let’s get all the Jays ticket buyers and all the argos ticket buyers together and put it to a vote :)

      • The “Canadian” aspect I suppose but in all honesty I don’t think most true baseball fans that are Jays fans give a shit about the CFL. I guess it’s the fringe fans that they don’t want to offend. Based on my arrogant love of baseball only.

        • Listening to Pelly right now on Prime Time. He’s saying they want grass in the near future, but “nobody loves the CFL and the Argos more than I, and we won’t do anything in the process to hurt the CFL or the Argos.” As both a baseball and CFL/Argos fan (I know that’s surprising to you Tom) that’s good news on both fronts.

      • Word was that rogers has told the Argos to start looking elsewhere for a home following (or was it for?) the 2015 season. So there’s that.

        Though as long as the bills are still playing games at the dome i can’t see any reason why the Argos can’t as well (barring the fact that the argos play 8+ games while the bills play only one) unless they choose to leave on their own accord.

      • The optics of a popular baseball franchise kicking out a significantly less popular tenant for the improvement of the facility for its primary purpose?

    • The Argos won’t say it obviously, but they want out as badly as the Jays want them out. Ideally they would be playing at a redone Varsity, or a redone BMO Field, or the new York U Pan Am Stadium, and then go back to Rogers Centre for a playoff game and/or Grey Cup, like the Alouettes do with McGill and Olympic Stadium. The problem is, none of those places can host CFL football right now. The only spot for the next few years is Rogers Centre. It’s not ideal for either side, so they both just grit their teeth and bear it. But yeah, the Argos can’t stay there, for their own good. Football in Rogers Centre is awful, CFL or NFL, no matter how big the crowd is (and I I say this as an Argos season ticket holder).

      • This. Totally.

        They really ought to get in on the York thing (and I say this as a soccer fan who doesn’t want them fucking up BMO).

        • They will get in on the York stadium. There’s been a few quiet whispers about it. After the Pan Am Games they’ll retrofit and expand it to 25,000 for the Argos.

          Varsity is still the dream though, even if it will never happen.

        • The Argos would at least play better football at BMO than the current tenant does. HEYO!

  2. its jason frasor. because he’s a POS

  3. “Switch him (Nicolino) with Syndergaard in the Jays’ two big trades this winter and things feel quite a bit better, don’t they?” – Great point – I’d never looked at it like that.

  4. They have cancelled a Skydome-Bills preseason game before (this year), so I wouldn’t consider it a key obstacle.

    As much as I want grass, an easier win would be to do something with the white elephant that is Windows Restaurant. What a waste…

    • Turn Windows into the Toronto Blue Jays Hall of Fame and Museum. Have an induction weekend every year. You can honour the franchise greats who weren’t great enough for the L of E but still left a huge mark on the team in a Hall of Fame, have plaques like Cooperstown, and keep it open year-round as a museum. It would be a perfect way to use the space and honour the history.

    • Bringing the Bills in to Toronto yearly is actually much stupider than the Argos. The Argo problem will eventually fix itself, but the BIlls thing is no big success with fans and the players have to hate it. It’s like losing a home game for no reason at all. Sell the goddamn Bills and move them to LA ffs.

  5. I believe Hayhurst’s new ebook is outtakes from the first two.

    • From what I read about it, seems like it is almost entirely about his second book. It includes cut chapters, extended chapters and pictures.

  6. Agreed on the Windows restaurant thing. I can also see how having to put drainage into the Rogers Centre would be a complete pain. However, the apparent mystery of growing grass in these situations has been solved in other places.

    Namely, a number of clubs in European football resurface their fields several times a year to ensure an optimal paying surface and have awesome growth light set-ups that roll across the field providing the grass with an even amount of light for consistent growth.

    I can’t see why this solution can’t be explored here. And after the season, simply tear it up , so that you can use the Stadium for other uses like NFL football.

    • Kauffman Stadium was originally built with turf and they put grass in years later. But it took them another decade plus to update the drainage system. Needless to say it didn’t work well having grass and no drainage.

      • how much would it cost to retrofit vs replacing the stadium?

        • I’ve wondered that myself. My thought would be to get rid of the hotel/Windows area and open it up to the skyline, but that also holds up the roof so it probably wouldn’t work. I’m sure there’s a way to do it if they really wanted to.

  7. fuckin rogers

  8. I guess I just don’t get why people keep making out the Tampa rotation to be so super. I like their rotation, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t put it above the Jays or even the Yankees (who, somehow, have an under-rated rotation now).

    • The Rays have the deepest rotation in baseball. Their seventh starter would be the third starter in the Angels rotation by the end of next season, if the Angels were competently coached (and I have little faith in that).

      I could see Rays or A’s rotations doing better than the Jays next season. Not both; but one of them, yes. So I don’t have much to quibble about the 3rd place ranking.

      • So… who would be their starters after the “big 3″? That said, Hellickson was predicted to regress last year, and he didn’t… doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to keep getting better though. Same goes for Moore, who had a great last half of the year. One good half-year doesn’t mean that he’s a sure thing.

        They have depth after their top 5, and I think Cobb and Niemann could have good years (or Archer/Odorizzi), but I think there’s at least a few questions about everyone in their starting rotation not named Price. I think they have great young pitching and one of the better rotations in baseball, but I’d still put them behind the Jays, Yankees, Tigers in the AL.

  9. Just looked the Beller SI piece over… I can understand slotting Dickey as around the 13th best fantasy pitcher… but I don’t get putting Cueto or Sale ahead of him. Personally, I’d be inclined to put Dickey ahead of Darvish (Seattle and Anaheim look to have decent line-ups, though pitching games against the Astros will be nice for him) and Hamels too.

    I don’t really get putting him ahead of Greinke, Halladay, or Lee.

    Can’t say that this list makes me want to take Beller’s advice in any of the baseball pools I play in.

  10. Here’s the video of Pelley talking about grass in the dome.


  11. If grass was to never happen they would probably move the jays to a new facility right?

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