The Blue Jays put the 2013 version of what used to be called the Toronto Star Pass, then became the Fan Pass, and is now apparently the Ballpark Pass on sale today to previous pass holders only, and there has been a great deal of confusion. The system has been overloaded with people trying to get passes, on the presumption that availability, even for those who had them last year, is going to be extremely limited.

While I don’t know exactly what the availability will be, there continues to be people on Twitter lamenting the fact that they logged in and found that the passes were no longer available– i.e. they appeared to be sold out.

As of the time of this writing (just before 11 AM ET on Wednesday), that is not the case. The Jays’ seem to be dropping the ball when it comes to telling folks this, but lots of people have tried multiple times and finally managed to get the passes, despite it seeming on the first attempt as they were already sold out.

Minor Leaguer, from over at Bluebird Banter, has also been on top of this, and added this gem of a tweet:

Now, that isn’t necessarily to say you should just wait until then and expect them to still be available, but go ahead and keep trying. Then, please, spread the word and help stop the hissy fits.

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  1. I managed to get mine at 5 to 10. Woohoo.

    • I got the email that passes were available at 10:02. A minute after my ticket purchase confirmation. I shouldn’t have screwed around trying for better seats.

  2. I was able to log on somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes before 10 (I just refreshed the page every once in a while after about 9:40). I got in before the servers got overloaded and was about to confirm two tix in rw 9 before the server kicked me out again. Luckily I got mine a few rows back shortly after. I had a friend who spent about 20 mins waiting in a digital line for the server to allow her to get her passes. It said they were unavailable a few times at the beginning of her transaction too. Keep at it DJFers!

    • I got row 22, but don’t mind as usually the Jays Pass sections are pretty empty and you can sit where ever you want.

      • totally.. its really only the sold out days where you may actually have to sit in them. As much as we assume attendance will be better.. we all know there will be large swaths off the 500s empty when Baltimore, Tampa (but why?), and Kansas City are in town.

        • I found last year, that even when other sections were pretty fully for some good games, like the Yankees, the section designated for Jays passes was not even half full.

          Of course I’m sure I will probably have to sit in my seats for the second game of the year, and the friday against Boston with Farrell returning, but other than those two, until the Jays are playing meaningful September games, I don’t think I will have to worry about moving down a few rows.

    • Similar situation with me; I was about to confirm seats in row 6, got kicked, waited in queue for about 40 minutes, then finally got tickets in row (ugh) 21.

  3. I logged in at 10. Took a while to load before finally saying it was unavailable. I tried multiple times, kept getting unavailable. Finally on about my 10th try at 10:25, got my pair. So just keep trying if you weren’t able to get yours right away.

    I don’t know why though they said unavailable my first 10 tries. It is like they are slowly releasing them, instead of all at once.

  4. I was in there as soon as the email was sent out this morning. Selected my passes, entered in my credit card info, clicked to submit the order, and it went to a “processing” screen for about 7 minutes. After all that, it came back and said there was an error submitting the order. It took me another 8 minutes to get back into the site again, and after about a dozen refreshes, I was able to get the passes. I ended up with seats that are 2 sections and 9 rows worse than my intitial “order” but I suppose it’s better than nothing? I knew they’d find a way to make this harder then it should’ve been.

  5. I tried to get two tickets at 10am four or fives times, but it didn’t let me get two tickets. So I followed that up by trying about 10 times to get single tickets, then finally got one.

    It was very frustrating, but I finally got a single pass!

  6. where do you login to buy these passes?

    • You use the link in the email you got this morning, as you have to be a pass holder from last season to purchase them at this point.

  7. Took me probably a good 20 minutes worth of attempts. It’s like they’ve fucked up the queue system in Ticketmaster from all the traffic overload – you’ll go in and hit Purchase and it’ll say they’re sold out, as if someone has scooped up your place in line.

    My advice is to just keep pounding away at the “Next” or “Confirm” or whatever the button is once you hit the screen. Eventually I got through the process after a lot of “Sold Out” messages.

    531L row 18 seats 105-106 holla at me

    Also, I can see why the Jays aren’t doing a PR blitz on Twitter/Facebook about the passes – they’re trying to keep this as under-the-radar as possible so that everyone isn’t going “what the fuck, they get $95 season tickets, where the fuck’s my $95 season ticket.” I’m guessing that’s why they also did an unnecessary name change this year, so people looking for a “Fan Pass” will get nowhere – “FAN PASS, WHAT IS FAN PASS, I KNOW NOTHEENG!” – as the “Ballpark Passes” have already sold out in a secret sale.

    • I actually had that. My email address was wrong on my account, so I had to call Ticketmaster to get it straightened out, and the dude flatout told me: “Fan Pass? I don’t know what that is – never heard of it. It must not be us.” Had to call back to talk to someone else who wasn’t a total asshole. (With that said, I understand that today must be hellish for them)

  8. Still, the Ballpark Pass is one of if not the best deal in the city when it comes to professional sports. With taxes, it ends up being about a $1.25 per ticket.
    A buck twenty-five to see the Toronto Blue Jays. I can see why these are hot tickets this year.

  9. Logged in 5 minutes to 10, 7 minutes before the email was sent and got a pair no problem. Was even given an opportunity to choose between 4 different sections.

  10. I am one of the many fans who had a pass last year, but didn’t have their name on the card. So, now I sit here waiting for Friday morning with my fingers crossed that they aren’t sold out.

  11. Blue jays rep explained it to me. When you log in you are given 4 different options of seats. While you are choosing which one you want they are taken out of the supply. Once you have chosen your seats the other possibilities are released back into the supply.
    So essentially at any given time up to 75% of the available seats are being held but will still be available.

  12. Where can I get mine when they are on sale for the public?!

  13. Damn computers.
    What was wrong with the old days,where you had to stand in line for 4 hours in the rain?
    It built character and gave you a cold.

    • Ya but that was before the telegraph was invented RADAR. Times have changed, come on up to the 1920′s, we have gas lamps to warm you up!

  14. Any hope for pass holders from 2007?

  15. Had seats in 538R row 22 at 10:02, got rejected, got the sold out thing when I tried the next 0 times and got really pissed off, just came back on to try again and ended up in 532L row 15.

    Wooo fluke victory.

  16. much better sections than last year!

    Section 530, row 18.


  17. I’m not a pass holder, but I’m curious, did they say anything about how playoff tickets would work on the passes? I hope they have some kind of plan for that.

  18. More sections and less passes it seems, maybe they’ve spread us out so there aren’t big empty patches? Same 514 as last year for me.

  19. also…seems like passes are cheaper this year?

    $95 each!

  20. The Ballpark Pass Terms and Conditions are here:

    TL;DR: You can’t lease or sell your pass to someone else (Sorry, guys on Craigslist offering $250-300 a pop.) Also, you might get asked for photo ID at the gate, and both tickets are on the same access card as opposed to 2 separate cards (so you can’t split up like in previous years.)

    • When I called the box office yesterday to find out about that they told me that the pass WAS transferable. Anyone else get this or call for clarification?

      • I think it’s kosher to lend the pass to a friend. You just can’t do it for money. It sounds like if they catch you trying to sell a pass on Craiglist or lend it out for money, that’s when they pop you and revoke your pass

    • I often give a friend a pass so we can meet in the seats if we’re arriving separately. The email about the sale touted: “the same price and convenience of the Toronto Blue Jays Fan Pass” which I was hoping suggested they’d reconsidered the single card plan…

      • They are on seperate passes. The all on the same passes thing was a rumour that was wrong.

        • The Terms & Conditions implies that they’re both going to be on the same card, which would explain the confusion.

          • Our season ticket rep explained that was the 20 voucher deal. He did me a solid and renewed my friends’ passes over the phone and told them that then. Would buy him a beer at the SofF event on Tuesday, but it’s free anyways. Not sure why it was assumed and not clarified — maybe to encourage people not to buy if they were going to sell them.

          • They will be on the same card.

        • “Each Access Card can store up to two (2) seats for all Permitted Games and if you purchase two (2) 2013 Toronto Blue Jays Ballpark Passes, both purchases and the associated seat locations will be stored on a single Access Card.”

          I mean, there it is, right there in the Terms & Conditions that we agreed to when buying the passes.

    • Wow that’s a long read. And apparently you can’t use it for opening night, that kind of makes sense though.

  21. anyone purchase a star pass last year and isn’t renewing? I need 2!!

  22. Went over the entire process about 6-8 times kept on getting errors, booted etc.
    First try was in 512R Row 6 7-8
    By the time I finally got tickets it was in 517R row 21.. Better section higher seat location but still better then what I had last year so guess that will work.

    Also had 4 last year and only can get 2 this year.. but that is another story..

  23. I also didn’t wait for the email, logged in right at 10 and managed to get my pick from 4 sections. Every page did take its sweet time loading, though.

    • Any chance you wanna post the link to the login page?
      Give those of us who had a friend buy theirs last year an off chance to buy one?

      • You’ve gotta use a pre-existing account that you bought them with last year, pretty sure they’ve covered that off.

      • It won’t work. You need to log in with your account, if you didn’t buy one under that same account last year you won’t have the option.

        • BALLS!
          I wish theyd have alluded to that before – like last year, but I guess its their way of cutting down on passes sold. I remember scalpers were really reaping the benefits of those passes in years past.

          • In all fairness, it was unlikely that they knew that they’d be beefing up the team that much when they sold passes last year. I can’t believe my seasons tickets didn’t get raised, but again, I bought before all the roster moves.

  24. I was also on right at 10am and was able to choose from 4 options. Went through the payment process and then things went haywire with the queuing after i hit Submit Order…..When i got back from a meeting an hour later two seats showed up on my account page, but not the two i had selected.

  25. I tried logging in at 9:55 with no luck but got in as my computer flipped to 10:00AM. Everything ran smoothly right through the credit card info then I got the “processing” message for about 10 minutes. I was watching the order expiry clock tick down and worrying about overloaded servers or a fast sell out but I got my passes. I had one last year but I got two this time around. Last year I was in 533 row 11 and now I’m in 535 row 18. I suspect they moved the passes out a few sections and up a few rows this year. Anyway, I received my order confirmation email from the Jays at 10:17 so I’m in! Go Jays!

    • I got a pair in 530. I think they’ve spread the passes out more rather than the few fan pass exclusive sections they had last year.

      • sounds like you’re right…and it makes sense – those swaths of no-shows don’t look so great on the broadcast *wink*
        i had similar experiences to many of you on here. for ~80 games at $95, it’d've been worth even more pain in the arse than this, for sure…

  26. Let me know if anyone hears of a Ballpark Pass this year that isn’t in row 6, 9, 18, 21, or 22. Those are the only ones I’ve seen, leading me to believe they’ve made Ballpark Pass-dedicated rows that ring around the stadium rather than blocking off entire sections.

    • Mines in row 15; they do seem to be pretty spread out across various sections.

      • 15 would fit into a rough scheme of “every 3 rows, up until row 21 when it’s every row past that”

        That would make it easy for ushers, security, giveaway people etc. to see which rows are Passers.

    • I didn’t take it, but row 17 was presented to me as one of my 4 options.

      • There goes the divisible by 3 scheme. Maybe it’s different rows in each section.

        • we were figuring, the way the process was unfolding, that they were going to jam the whole bunch of us out in 504 + 544, so this is much better than it could’ve been…obviously…

    • I got row 7.

    • logged in at 9:50 yesterday and was able to get my two passes.problem free at 9:55….section 517 row 12!! Go Jays Go!!!

  27. I had trouble like everyone else this morning, and eventually just locked down 1 seat to be safe because it wasnt letting me add a second.

    After spending a while on the phone with a variety of people, i was just able to add a 2nd pass to my account. I dont know who I ended up talking to so can’t help there… but good to know that passes are still available. Good luck!

  28. I’m not from the area, so the ticket sales aren’t for me…but I’m awesomely stoked that so many of you guys are ponying up the cash to go see some games this season.
    Talking the talk…AND walking the walk!
    Would be nice to see a return to the mid-80′s and get 40-50K attendance numbers.

  29. I dealt with 2 hours of the site either kicking me off due to volume or not accepting my credit card. Eventually just called my ticket agent and he got me better seats than what the site was offering. Those 2 hours sucked, but it’s all good now.

  30. After I screwed up a couple of times in rows 21 and 30 I managed to get row 12 in a decent section. Stressful experience though

  31. I just bought mine around 2:30 pm. The tickets weren’t appearing in my account manager. I ended up just calling the ticket wicket and they gave me a new account number. It appears some are still available.

    • where though?

      • as in, seat location

        • 536, which isn’t the best, but my friend only got 534 right after the passes went on sale. Location doesn’t really matter though as the 500 level is rarely full even for Yankees or BoSox games (this may change though).

          Overall, the process was of buying the tickets was brutal, but I suspect this won’t be a problem going forward as I heard the fan pass will be on the chopping block for next year.

  32. Does anyone know if we can go to the State of the Franchise event with our ballpark passes?

  33. Its Friday. Any shot for nonholders last year?

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