Grace Ryan? Wait a minute. Who are you? Shhhhh. You smell that? I smell crickets.

Is JP Arencibia dating some country music lady you’ve never heard of? According to KIX 106, some signs point to yes.

The BP Daily Podcast previewing each team as we lead up to the season, and today they took a look at our very own Toronto Blue Jays. And it includes an appearance from Brendan Kennedy of the Star, if that wets your whistle.

Similarly, at Yahoo! Sports, Jeff Passan sizes up the competition, previewing the Tampa Bay Rays, who check in at number ten, as they count down to the best teams in baseball. So far all of the AL East clubs have been previewed, save for one.

And in other podcast news, Keith Law was nowhere to be found, but there was an ESPN Baseball Today podcast today regardless– talking about subjects we’re sure to talk about on the Getting Blanked podcast when we record it this afternoon… assuming I ever find enough links to finish this post and manage to actually get into the office. Oh yeah, and apparently Baseball Today is ending– Keith Law and Eric Karabell will be on the final episode next week, with some piece of shit hosted by Buster Olney and contributed to by people on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight TV show ultimately taking its place. Awful.

Law, for what it’s worth, tweets that something else audio-wise with him is in the works and that he hopes it will be announced soon.

Sportsnet aired the third Jays Up Close this week, taking you back through the club’s recently completed Winter Tour across Canada. Not sure if I posted the last one– featuring R.A. Dickey– but you can watch that in full online as well.

Hey, and if you want to be colleagues with some of the folks involved in those videos, and are “a veteran broadcaster and former MLB player who loves the game, talking about it on air, on television and in social media,” that job listing for the Jays’ radio man is still lingering around, apparently.

Via MLBTR, Jerry Crasnick tweets that the Jays were among several teams in Arizona this week to scout pitchers Kip Wells, Mark Lowe, and Ryan Rowland-Smith.

“Luis Jimenez, whom the Blue Jays signed this offseason, has two HR tonight in Game 7 of the Venezuelan Championship,” tweets Carson Cistuli of FanGraphs.

At Getting Blanked, Drew has a post titled Vote for the Fancave Weirdos about which he writes, “Despite Getting Blanked’s copyediting policy being best described as “blasé”, the comma missing from that headline is by design.” Right?

Got an email last night for someone who has created an Unofficial Jays Fans App for Android. I dunno, check it out. Though I’d still recommend this site, if you’re into comprehensive Jays coverage.

Lastly, Jack Moore of FanGraphs goes digging around some old stories about ballplayers using nutritional supplements, weightlifting, and all kinds of stuff that was casually mentioned in a 1997 article on Ken Caminiti that would cause ridiculous outcry not.

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  1. Not obviously first.

  2. Ho hum. How many days?

  3. It’s either “wets your whistle” or “whets your appetite”.

  4. You almost got me to post about JPA’s girlfriend… almost.

  5. Mark Lowe really?

  6. Plateless gang car. Riding dirty no doubt.

  7. So chocked about the “Baseball Today” news….

    You guys will always be number one, but they were a close second. Im going to miss Law, Karabell, and hell, Ill even miss Simon and his stupid questions…. :(

  8. Is that… is that a Frisky Dingo reference?

  9. “Law, for what it’s worth, tweets that something else audio-wise with him is in the works and that he hopes it will be announced soon.”

    …. He’s replacing Ashby?!?!?!? :D

  10. KLaw and Jason Parks are totally getting together to become the oddest pairing to host a prospect podcast ever.

  11. Seeing how great JP was with the kids made me appreciate him just a little bit more.

  12. More frisky dingo plz

  13. Bautista straight up said that JPA was dating Kimberly Perry on Cabbie’s podcast a few months ago. No country station sleuthing required.

  14. The guys on the BP daily podcast need to figure it out. Keep writing, stop talking. Stoeten let’s throw a few back and dust these fools in our sleep. gimme da mic

  15. Any chance Jimenez makes the club and bats against righties?

  16. The quad-A guy or the catcher? Either way, I’ll go with no.

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