OK, so maybe it’s not familiar to me, per se. But to someone on Facebook who saw the image of the Jays’ new batting practice caps that I posted earlier today it certainly was. And that’s because he’d seen the item pictured on the left above– the Canadian Soccer Association’s New Era cap, in the style of what Football Shirt Culture explains is the Umbro-designed kit worn by the national men’s team in a June 3rd match against the USA at BMO Field (and the women’s team later in the month), as part of the CSA’s centennial celebrations in 2012.

Now, there are reasons to think that it isn’t anything more than a coincidence. After all, the colours are common and make total sense for what’s being represented, and design-wise here, there are really only so many ways to skin a cat… or a giant, gaudy, blue-backgrounded maple leaf beating you senseless with patriotism, as it were.

Plus, as we learned over the many months– years, even– in which rumours rumbled that the Jays were getting a uniform overhaul, MLB’s graphic design changes don’t exactly happen at lightening speed. Canada’s centenary kits were revealed in a press conference last May 10th, as confirmed by a post from theScore’s own Richard Whittall of Counter Attack (who awesomely claims he went there for the express purpose of getting a free shirt). Could the Jays have whipped up their latest leaf-adorned monstrosity in the interim, or would they have been well along in the process of cutting through MLB’s red tape by then? I’m inclined to believe the latter until give some indication otherwise.

Still… those are some damn similar hats.


Images via @DunedinBlueJays and the CSA.

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  1. I love this blog…but really?

    And I know its slow and all….but really?

    • You want to choose the content, run your own blog. Door’s on the left.

      • 5 years of being a content provider on the internet, and someone telling you your post sucked still rattles you so hard? How do you sleep at night?

        • Either that or he is trying to get “Door’s on the left” over as a comeback.

        • Can you honestly blame him?

          Why would running a blog for a longer period of time mean he is more tolerable to shitheads?

          • It’s 2 weeks before ST and slow and Stoeten has outdone himself all winter. I’m not crazy about the topic but really who gives a flyin f@ck?
            Far as I’m concerned at this point he’s built up all kinds of “cred” and can write whatever the f@ck he wants.

            • Hey, I hate those f-ing hats, but I’ll take whatever Stoten serves up in the winter even if it means disussing those horri-awful hats.. Something is always better than nothing.

              Unless of course we’re talking about herpes…

        • He was not telling me the post sucked, Louie, he was telling me he thought the topic was pointless.

          I’m surprised someone so obviously capable of divining the exact pitch of a comment as you are would have got that. Because I was so super, super angry when I replied, right? The anger is clearly just dripping from the monitor into a little pool on your desk, isn’t it? Really nailed me.

      • Why is everybody afraid to write the word “fuck”?

        • How much time do have doctor?

        • I’m not afraid to use the word FUCK at all. I’m just trying to curb a bad habit of mine that involves me haphazardly flinging f-bombs anywhere and everywhere. I’d rather use them sparingly, on issues that count.

          • No problem David Wells Gout.Just curious.Everyone seems to being doing it lately.
            As usual,I thought I might be missing something.
            Wouldn’t be the first time i was behind on current trends.
            Took me a long time to throw away my sliderule.

        • What a bunch of fucking pussies, eh!

  2. I’m gonna guess that this all ties into the Tom Cruise movie trailer that keeps playing at the top of my page.

    Speaking of Tom Cruise rants…where the fuck is that DJF swag/hats that I politely requested?!!?

  3. Slow news day or what?
    Spring can’t come sooner

    • Agreed…let the season start next week. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to ST like last year. After the first week of ST all the story lines have played out and everyone covering puts out 25 different takes on the same story, ie. Cecil’s lost weight and velocity.

      Fuck I wanted to scratch my eyes out after the first two weeks last year. I am guessing more liquor this year. But who know maybe Stoeten will break some news down en Dunedin this year.

      • How long do you think I could possibly tolerate being there for?

        • That’s twice you’ve said that you’re not going to enjoy being in Florida for ST, is that sarcasm?
          So what if most of the games feature b-prospects and has beens.
          How can you possibly not be looking forward to ball, beers and blondes?

          • I’m going to other parts of Florida, and while I honestly couldn’t really care less about Spring Training, since I’m down there anyway, I’ll go for a day, or maybe two non-consecutive days.

            How many times am I supposed to go to Eddies? Not the most lively place in the world, so not really my idea of a good time. Nothing against the warm sun, just not about to base a lengthy trip around Dunedin.

        • Hold up- are you seriously going to Dunedin? Right on! That comment better be tongue-in-cheek, then.

        • Let me think….a week or two in February in Ontario versus a week or two in February in Florida.
          Granted, it might not be all hookers and wild times down in Dunedin – but jesus, just getting out of the cold might be a tradeoff.
          Maybe it’s just me – but by mid/end of February, I’ll pretty much sell my soul to get out of the cold.

        • I have the over/under at 4 days…I take the over.

  4. If you look real close, the design also looks similar to something I saw growing out of a tree a few months ago

  5. Last year this time i think everyone was talking about the gun show pic of Thames and how many bombs he was gonna hit with his new physique


  6. Don’t be fooled people! These new batting practice get-ups still embody all the other stereotypes as the old ones!

    But they have new hats.

  7. I think the maple leaf on the cap is more reminiscent of the leaf circa 97-02.

  8. steoten if this national marketing campaign bothers you, just count yourself lucky you’re not American.

  9. The hats are so shitty they deserve their own post.

  10. Does this mean the Jays are going to lose all their meaningful games 8-1?

  11. I would rather wear a jersey that says ‘Screw the Leafs, Go Jays Go!!!’

    With a winking blue jay.

  12. wow that is an ugly hat, if you get one – you should buy two. then you can shit in one and cover it up with the other

  13. Those hats are god-awful.

  14. To the person who commented about Lawrie a few posts back regarding his immaturity.
    So the kid throws his helmet occasionaly, swears when he k’s, or broods after an L. I like that he’s passionate enough to let the loss sting.

    You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a fuckin loser.

    Lawrie will be just fine and probably will be in the discussion with Longoria and Beltre for the best 3b in the AL in 2 or 3 years. Maybe sooner.

    • Beltre & Longo are both fine players but the former is getting on and the latter can’t stay on the field. Three years down the road, the 3B conversation might be amongst Lawrie, Moustakas & Middlebrooks, plus Machado if they don’t move him to short.

    • Have you been brooding over that anonymous comment all this time?

    • I think it’s more complicated than that. People like Steve Nash or Derek Jeter are sociopathic superstars without alienating every official in their leagues, but then again there’s a personality issue involved too. The main thing is a) he’s got to stay on the field sometimes his crap gets in the way of that and b) if he starts to hit like a big boy no one is going to give a shit if he’s petulant anyway.

    • So far no one’s noticed he doesn’t get into fights with umps anymore. He did it once and got suspended. That suspension taught him WAY more than all the fatherly talks Farrell could give out.

    • At least 70% of the time he’s not going be productive with the bat in this game. That’s a lot of time to be “passionate”. Methinks the point is the guy needs to find some zen in his approach cause otherwise he’s gonna be flipping out and unfocused.

    • that was me.
      I think he’s a good player, could be a great player one day, and I even like that he gets mad when things dont go well. My point was more its fucking embaressing being part of a minority in my group of friends for liking baseball, and trying to show everyone how great it can be, then lawrie opens his mouth and sounds like he sounds… it sucks.
      it’s like getting a new puppy and showing your friends he can sit and shake a paw, and then he prompty takes a shit on the carpet.

      • that was @ smasher… i just kind of assumed you were talking to me

        • Ya I was.

          The kid just turned 23 and finished his first full season. For people to make the leap that he won’t learn from any of the mistakes he made last year is preposterous. I’m sure even your puppy scaled back the dung piles after you smeared his nose in it a few times. Between the media/coaches and fans I’m quite sure he’s heard some of the complaints. I just really hope it doesn’t curb the enthusiasm(to borrow from Larry David) because too many of todays ball players are zero personality zombies. – See Lind Adam.

          Guys who get fired up, who show some personality are usually fan favorites. See Alomar, Stairs, Bautista. It’s also the reason you’re going to love Jose Reyes. Lawrie made a lot of rookie mistakes and I think fans/media needed a reason to blame so they used his enthusiasm and his passion. He was a 22 year old fuckin rookie.
          Most 22 year old kids would end up in jail if a camera were following them around 24/7 at the age of 22. Let’s not turn this kid into a drone.

          Get crazy Brett, have fun and get us out of our seats.

  15. Does anyone want to talk about how the Yankees look like they might slither out from under the crushing weight of A-Rod’s enormous albatross of a contract, and in doing so improve their payroll situation immeasurably? It’s not the end of the world, but it really kills the schadenfreude buzz I had going.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s not going to happen, stuff in the CBA prevents it.

      • Not sure it prevents an insurance company from paying 85% of the contract, however.

        • Thats pretty much what MLBTR is reporting. His hip is worse than thought and it may be the end of his career so the insurance kicks in. Of course there’ll be independant medical opinions etc.

  16. I’d like to see some speculation about the Buffalo Bisons roster this year, especially since they’re so close now. Just some guesses at the roster…

    SP Happ
    SP Lincoln
    SP Jenkins
    SP ?
    SP ?

    RP Loup
    RP Story
    RP ?

    C Blanco
    1B Cooper
    2B Goins
    SS McCoy
    3B LaRoche
    LF Loewen
    CF Gose
    RF Sierra
    DH ?

    BN Nickeas
    BN ?

    • Nolin?

    • It’s come to this: rosterbating over the AAA team.

    • You may as well add Justin Germano and Claudio Vargas to the rotation as they will be attending spring training as invites. Germano could be the number 7 guy, behind Happ, in terms of depth.

      Other notable names who will be fighting to become a Bison are Alex Hinshaw & Tommy Hottovy (both LH relievers), and RH relievers such as Rich Thompson and Dave Bush, who is back from Korea.

      I could be wrong but I think the Jays want to see Ryan Goins at SS in AAA. He might be one of the first call-ups in the event of an injury to either Reyes or Izturis.

    • So according to feedback, it’s more like this..

      SP Happ
      SP Lincoln
      SP Germano
      SP Vargas
      SP Jenkins
      + Hutchison, Drabek, McGowan

      RP Loup
      RP Story
      RP Hinshaw
      RP Hottovy
      RP Thompson
      RP Bush
      RP Crawford, Jeffress, etc ?

      C Thole
      1B Cooper
      2B McCoy
      SS Goins
      3B LaRoche
      LF Loewen
      CF Gose
      RF Sierra
      DH ?

      BN Nickeas
      BN ?

      • Not a bad list. Just to note that Jeffress has no minor league options and if he doesn’t make the 25-man roster on opening day, he will likely get picked up by another club if he is assigned to Buffalo.

        AA got Jeffress for cash from the Royals. He has touched triple digits in the past but has poor command and control. Plus, there is also the other off the field stuff that has delayed his development.

        I think there is a strong chance he makes the club out of spring training, if he can show that he can throw strikes.

        Other notable bats attending spring training are Ryan Schimpf (LH – 3B) and Ryan Langerhans (LH – OF). The two Ryans would fit nicely on that Buffalo roster.

    • This team would beat Houston right now…….

  17. That red maple leaf looks like the devilish Norway Maple with 5 fucking points, like on our money. You linked to an article about the earlier.

    So, the leafs are different. There is a difference. The soccer players are actually Norwegian.

  18. The soccer hat looks like something I just smoked.

  19. This new Blue Jays cap, which I just hate, is based off of a design the club has used on several logos from 1997-2003, 2012-Pres (also on their jersey sleeves 2009-11)

    Looking back at the Blue Jays caps between 1997 and 2002 you can see that this new BP cap is basically the same cap as the 97-02 design just with the blue jay removed (compare with this photo, warning: it features an acne riddled Gustavo Chacin… http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/photo_view/13012209135242/Toronto_Blue_Jays/2001/Photo/)

    This in, addition to a couple of other reasons, is why I don’t see this as a ripoff of the men’s soccer team cap.

  20. I can’t believe I’m commenting on this, but wtf.

    The BP hats are all generally going for a ‘secondary logo’ thing. That maple leaf has been what amounts to a (really bad) secondary logo since Beeston returned and complained that the ‘black era’ unis didn’t have anything Canadian on them at all. The huge ugly leaf got hastily stitched onto arms from that point forward.

    I have feeling that whoever designed the hats will have done a batch for the entire MLB using the ‘b’ logos for every team, and someone at BlueJays HQ said ‘oh fuck, that’ll do’, because of the lack of an alternative. Some teams, eg the Yankees, wisely insisted on the A logo. As others have pointed out, the strange ‘nub’ seems to be a hangover from the 1997-2002 design where the bottom of the Jay’s head formed a V at the bottom of the leaf.

    I’m not the world’s best graphic designer, but even I have always thought that, as leafs go, it’s has absolutely no artistic or design merit, except as part of a larger design. I have no problem with the whole Canadian thing – Beeston was absolutely right that abandoning the Jays identity as a national, and not just Toronto, team, was one of the most stupid decisions of the Godfrey era. But it’s just one big stupid bumble-fuck-ugly leaf.

    • It’s surprising but the maple leaf logo on its own isn’t actually listed on the official Jays stylesheet – the “B” logo (alternate logo) for the club is officially this: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/oc3tlmem3ptof3z503ih1hcfv/Toronto_Blue_Jays/2012/Alternate_Logo

      Having said that you’re probably correct in saying MLB or New Era presented this to the club and they just said “Sure, fine, whatever”

      What would have been best, considering so many clubs went the white front-panel look for their new BP caps, would have been a return to the white front-panel cap design the club used from 77-93… perfect opportunity to bring that classic look back.

      • Hey why do you have your own yellowish hue?

      • @CC Agreed. I guess the official alternate logo with the ball behind the Jay look is very like the official logo, so unlikely to cause a big spark of sales/and at odds with what seems to have been the overaching objective of something obviously different from regular caps. You’re right that there’s still loads of affection for the old white panel … why not revive it for a franchise where it it has some heritage, rather than foisting it on the Yankees of all people.

        But still … that leaf is the worst.

  21. Quick question but what would happen to drabek when he comes back? Straight to AAA or just back to the big club

    • Extended stay in Dunedin is usually how the Jays deal with rehabbing pitchers. From there, they typically go to double A ball and then can go either to AAA or the big club if they meet their rehab inning targets and such.

      Even if he is healthy, Drabek has plenty of command issues before his last TJS so my guess is that the Jays won’t rush him. I would be surprised to see Drabek pitch any high leverage innings in 2013 with the Jays. If he is in the rotation in September, then things have gone sideways.

    • Where ever he goes I’m sure he’ll get there by walking.

  22. Let me tell you something, brother, you don’t become a champion without style.

  23. there are a lot of comments

  24. Less than two weeks

  25. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the BP hats? I don’t think I’ll buy one, but if someone gave it to me I would rock it.

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