Bluebird Banter has already scooped this one up, but it’s not like there are a million other things to talk about right now, so… via the @DunedinBlueJays, here are the Jays’ new batting practice caps for 2013.

In his headline Minor Leaguer writes that they’re “more horrible than expected,” but I think I have to quibble with that slightly. They’re probably exactly as horrible as expected. Maybe I’d have to see them on someone’s head, but… I don’t know. They’re OK, as far as hats with absurdly large maple beacons are concerned. And while the ridiculously designed, incorrect maple leaf with the weird nub is bad, at least it’s not as atrocious as the Bank of Canada putting the leaf from a damn Norway maple on our shitty new money. I mean, really? It isn’t bad enough that they’re so thin and stick so close together that I’m sure I’ve paid $40 when I only wanted to throw down twenty multiple times already? And it’s only been, like, a month?

Ugh. Awful.

These hats, though… they’re OK, I guess. Whatever moves units, right? Give the people what they want.

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  1. I don’t like ‘em.

  2. I like ‘em.

  3. Too much maple boner. I like last years much better (minus the piping).

  4. Meh, they’re Canada’s only team. Regular people who watch the Jays tend to love that.

    Put a big leaf on it, it’ll sell. It doesn’t look horrible, it doesn’t look great, its just … Canadian.

  5. It’s completely beyond me why people are up in arms over which hat the Jays wear during batting practice. I guess when there’s little to complain about the roster we have to resort to turf and BP attire.

    I think the leaf looks goofily big but the hats certainly don’t bother me and judgement should probably be withheld until we see what it looks like in combination with the under armour shirts and whatnot that the boys practice in.

  6. Beauty hats, eh?

  7. I’m as patriotic as anybody but I’d rather see something Blue Jays related on the front rather than a big blob of red maple leaf.
    A little more subtle,please.

  8. Holy awkward logo stacking on the back.

  9. The logo on the back looks out of place. I’m not going to lose my bananas over the BP hat though.

  10. They’re literally money for Rogers. Look at what fans want…they voted for the Bautista cover with the Canada Day jersey, so you can bet those same people will love a hat with a big maple leaf on it.

  11. The hat seems fine, I usually don’t care what a team wears in practice, so this doesn’t bother me at all no matter what.

  12. The back of the hat just couldn’t be worse..

  13. It almost seems designed to be worn backwards.

  14. Holy weeping Jesus…the season can’t start soon enough! At least we might be able to discuss something other than…….hats and foliage.

  15. Where did they get these caps? Duty free shops at Pearson airport?

  16. I think we now have our own version of Boston’s “pink hat” brigade. Guarantee the fair weathers eat this shit up.

  17. Keep in mind the players don’t *have* to wear these hats. They can still wear the regular gameday hats if they hate these ones. (Unless there’s a new rule I’m unaware of.)

  18. This cap screams, “Look at my maple boner! LOOK!”

  19. I think the bigger change is the hat style itself. BP hats have always been 3930′s and retailed around 34.99$. These appear to be 5950′s which usually cost $40. Not a huge difference. But when you think about the overall its just more $$$ for New Era and Rogers. That could have played a factor in the logo change

  20. The hat would be awesome if they just flipped the logos from the front and back and re-sized them.
    This smacks of corporate “group testing”.

  21. The whole point of these is probably just to auction off for Jays Care.

    “Support the Jays Care Foundation, and you too, can share Colby Rasmus’ head lice!”

  22. As long as they keep putting money into the team and build a winner i don’t care what the do. But don’t change the logo again that would piss me off.

  23. Haven’t batting practice hats always been 39 Thirties and not the full 59 Fifty? The natural curve to the 39 Thirty and flex-fit design made them look more casual, which fit into batting practice.

    Now the only thing different is the design.

  24. Are you reading this? Then you’re not The Average Jays Fan.

    We’re a different breed. We’re smart. We read blogs and do math and shit. The Average Jays Fan exists on the message boards. He’s the guy who posts hundreds of dumb comments on the Jays Facebook page in response to every news story. He just doesn’t see the team through the same lens as us.

    We couldn’t give a fuck about maple leaf hats and ceremonial mounties and Canadian Military Salute Sundays, he’s rooting for CANADA’S TEAM, and he OVERWHELMINGLY voted Bautista’s ugly Canada Day third-jersey to the MLB The Show cover. He’ll write comments like “We need [insert any mediocre Canadian MLB player] to bring a clutch, Canadian presence to the team!” on message boards. He believes in concepts like “clutch hitting”, “proven closer” and “RBI producer”. He misses Lyle Overbay. He nods approvingly when Damien Cox makes a hockey comparison to a Jays player.

    This hat is for him.

    • well said!

    • I hate the hats but at least now I know who to punch in the face.

    • This guy gets it.

    • “We couldn’t give a fuck about maple leaf hats and ceremonial mounties and Canadian Military Salute Sundays,”
      Sorry Matt,don’t include me in your “we”.
      My DJF includes diversity across the spectrum of Blue Jay fandom. Different viewpoints and expertise.
      Don’t believe in clutch hitting. That’s your opinion.I tend to believe Bill James.
      DJFer’s are more informed than the average fan and they have collectively educated me about many things.
      That’s why there’s so many lurkers and readers of the blog.
      The over reaction of elistist attitudes can be a deterent to participation.
      You never stop learning about baseball or as Stoeten says “evolving”.

      • “The over reaction of elistist attitudes can be a deterent to participation”
        The kettle calling the pot black, no…

        • ahhh, no…exact opposite, imho.

          • Thanks Pudge.
            I abhor elitistists.
            I’ve asked questions to people who’ve played at a high level and been humbled by how little I actually know.
            I’ve always maintained we’re all at different levels of learning.I want to encourage the discussion not to discourage involvement.
            It’s a simple game that gets very complicated , the deeper you go.

    • +1 for the comment, +1 for the Cox slight.

    • Nails, fucking Nails!

    • do you work for The Shopping Channel?

  25. Those caps are shitty. SHITTY. SHITTY. FUCKIN’ SHITTY. In what way can anyone tell that it is a Jays cap? It’s like taking a generic black cap, slapping an American flag on it, and saying “This is a New York Yankees cap”. There wasn’t any SINGLE idea kind of better than this? Fuck, putting “BJ’s” on it would have been better than this. It probably would have been a hit with the male crowd…the females on the other hand…ha, other hand get it…?

  26. But at least the caps are not as bad as Tampa’s. Their cap looks like it was on the set of a porno movie, one of the star’s aimed wrong, and that’s where the “money shot” ended up…

  27. Apparently you can roll up the rim on these hats for a chance to win a brand new snow blower!

  28. my first and only real evaluation of any team merchandise is ‘would i ever wear this?’

    answer here is No.

  29. Man those are ugly. Suck it Farrell!

  30. You know, for kids.

  31. I wish i had the energy to work at work today as it is a little depressing to me that I’m reading comments about batting practice hats.

    Oh well, get a good night sleep and hit it strong tomorrow.

  32. When the fuck are those 20s going to stop sticking together? The are really messing up my wallet management system. I feel like I have OCD when I pay for something now. Like I check the corners of the bill 12 times that they aren’t stuck.

    • They should be issued with paper dividers between each bill. The dividers should be slightly larger than the bills and a totally different colour. They could also issue each bill in it’s own envelope. This needs to be rectified before spring training for sure.

    • What the fuck do the new 20′s have to do with hats? And seriously? You have a “Wallet Management System”?

  33. Godawful.

  34. Perfect for travelling overseas with, americans should be snatching them up….wait are maple leafs still as revered in europe as i heard they were 10 years ago?

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