Friday barrel scrapings!

Via a team release, the Jays have officially announced that single-game tickets will go on sale Friday, February 15th at 10 AM ET. Hey, remember that time when they offered tickets to Tigers and Red Sox fans before Jays fans? Good fucking lord.

“The texts, the source said, usually came late at night, telling Anthony Bosch to come to the house,” begins an explosive continuation of the Miami New Times story, this time from T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of ESPN. “Bosch would then head to the waterfront mansion on Biscayne Bay, through the gate on North Bay Road, to inject performance-enhancing drugs into Alex Rodriguez.” Yikes.

“It’s so exciting, and I think that’s what I’m looking forward to most, knowing that when I get to Spring Training, I can close the chapter on 2012,” said Sergio Santos, who wants to be the closer (but is perfectly OK if not), according to the latest from Gregor Chisholm at “I’m going to use it as a humbling year, gain some experience that way. This is a very humbling game, and now I have the fight and hunger more than ever to get back and prove who I was in 2011

Speaking of Gregor, MLBTR notices that in his latest Inbox post he says he figures that the Jays are about done with adding to their roster, apart from maybe the odd minor league depth signing still.

MLBTR also has all the details on the Red Sox’ game-changing pickup of Lyle Overbay.

Checking in on the competition: at (Insider Olney), Buster Olney writes about what the Yankees need to go right in order to have a successful 2013. It’s a tall-ish order– essentially: Jeter has to still be good, Cano, Rivera, Teixeira and Gardner have to be better, and some other guys need to step up and contribute– but entirely doable, when you think about it. Ugh.

Continuing on the opposition trip, the latest team preview podcast is up at Baseball Prospectus, and they take a look at the Boston Red Sox.

And from the other side of that coin, Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston talks to a talent evaluator who breaks down the other clubs in the AL East– and who worries about the Jays he wants “to see it. The ‘dream’ teams haven’t worked out so well lately.” He even cites the Miami Heat as a reason why he’s not yet buying the Jays’ on-paper impressiveness. Fair enough, I guess, but if that’s the worst anyone can come up with, it must be pretty damn good to be a Jays fan right now.

Aaaaand… still on that topic, at his site, Justice4U, Richard Justice wonders if the Yankees are now a last place team.

In a piece at proper, Justice also looks at the AL East as a whole, predicting the Jays to finish on top.

Damien Cox briefly touched on the Jays in his column about the Raptors’ Rudy Gay acquisition (that’s right, hoops fans) at the Toronto Star, but he really threw me for a loop with this line: “In a broad sense, the Toronto sporting picture has surely grown more interesting, with Ray and Dickey, Reyes and Buehrle and Johnson and Cabrera, and now Gay.” Apparently, no joke, he’s really talking about the CFL guy there. For real.

Speaking of the Argos and the CFL (no, really), another Toronto Star piece points out that the Labour Day Classic– some football game on Labour Day, apparently– won’t be played this year, as the Jays are in the ‘Dome and the Cat-Tigers’ temporary home is in use as well. Just get the Argos out of there already! For their sake and everybody else’s.

At Getting Blanked, Chris Creamer of talks about some fan-made crimes against design. Meanwhile, Drew posts our most recent podcast and pretty much hits the nail on the head, explaining that “early on in the latest edition of the Getting Blanked podcast, we all sort of agree that both sides of the PED issue come off terribly, like a bunch of self-satisfied assholes. We then proceed to confirm that point beyond a shadow of a doubt.” Yep. Good times!

FanGraphs makes us aware that “an un-named Major League team is seeking a full-time intern for the 2013 season with a focus on analytics.” It requires relocation, but it’s a paid internship. Give’r.

Lastly, this infographic of Hall of Fame voting trajectories, which was linked up and tweeted in a number of places yesterday, is a little bit effing awesome.

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  1. Honestly, Cox is right throwing Ricky Ray in there. It’s just that because it’s the Argos nobody noticed when a future Hall of Famer comes to town. But anyway…

    Bob Nightengale tweeted an article out just a few minutes ago about the A-Rod steroids stuff. Mostly it’s about Rodriguez, but there’s some very interesting nuggets about Melky Cabrera and his interactions with Tony Bosch in there:

    “Cabrera began receiving performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch since 2009, according to the Miami New Times. Also, in an explosive letter obtained by the Miami New Times, Bosch claims that Cabrera owes him $14,000 — including a $5,000 bonus for making the All-Star team. Cabrera was named MVP of the game.”

    Well then. What should we make of that little mess for the Melk man?

    • Nothing at all. He was already busted for it. Hopefully he’s not stupid enough to do it again.

    • it took me a solid 5 minutes of looking at the quote to even figure out who hey meant by “Ray”. At first I thought he had ellipsed Rudy Gay into a single word. Then I noticed the Gay at the end, and continued to puzzle over it. Did someone’s brother Ray come to visit? An in-law perhaps? Is Cox trying to anglicize Reyes to make it easier for Buck to pronounce (aside: how much fun is hearing Buck try to say Bonifacio going to be.). Then I realized, upon reading the end of the paragraph (I’m easily distracted by seeming non-sequiteurs) that he was mentioning a CFL player. And immediately stopped giving a shit.

    • Completely agree about Ray. Substandard to the NFL or not, the Argos are still relevant to the sports scene and within the CFL Ricky Ray is a star player. The one that didn’t fit was Rudy Gay and his 7 seasons of wasted potential.

      • 7 years of ‘wasted potential’? Don’t believe everything that some talk radio host says. The guy is no Michael Jordan but he is a very good baller! Contrary to popular belief, you’ll soon find out he’s not a bad defender, either!

        • How is Gay not another Andrea Bargnani?

          • Seriously? another Bargnani? Just because they are from the same draft year and some people feel Gay never played up to potential? Give me a break! There is no comparison there. NONE! The fans are gonna love this guy. I know this is a Baseball blog, but c’mon people…take some time to make up your OWN opinion on Gay; watch him actually play! The guy is a talented and proven player.

          • The difference is Gay can actually make game-winning shots (and he’s money in the 4th quarter)…I haven’t seen Bargnani make one in 6 years.

  2. Loved the quote from Santos. Awesome attitude!

  3. You’ve linked the barrel picture on Justice4u.

  4. Can we somehow make sure that Steve Simmons and Damien Cox can’t write about sports they know very little about?

  5. The HoF voting trajectory graph is awesome. Really makes Alomar look like an outlier given he’s the only member voted in with 90%+ who wasn’t elected in his first year (DiMaggio was close – hard to imagine he wasn’t a first ballot guy either).

  6. Cox is a moron he always says “you have to ask the question” about any athlete doing things they haven’t done before (example: Bautista)

  7. Aren’t the Blue Jays in Seattle on Labour day and in Anaheim the day before? I hope I’m wrong, I’d rather go to the dome then watch a Mariners game on SportsNet 1.

    • No, they are at home to the Royals on the Sunday, in Arizona on the Monday.

      All-year interleague!

  8. Gary Tuck has immediately and unexpectedly quit being the Red Sox’ catching coach. No reason why and Farrell was blindsided. According to reports it isn’t a health issue and it appears to be a very recent decision–like within the past week recent. Apparently he had an excellent relationship with Farrell and bla bla bla. I wonder what on earth that’s about. The players are gutted.

  9. The same Miami Heat that won a title last year? Great comparison!

  10. Am I the only one sensing some baseball bloggers and writers (especially of the ESPNish and north east variety) like to harp how the Jays look good on paper, but they have injury issues with Reyes, Josh Johnson, Bautista. Fuck, why not add Janssen and Santos while they are at it?

    Or the whole dream team that is doomed to fail narrative? Like the Miami Heat, or the Marlins, or the 2011 edition of the Red Sox?

    • Ill take the heat compassion they made the final

    • Not sure I agree at all about the dream team comparison. This team is far from a dream team. The worst DH around, a centre fielder that hasnt proven he can produce, a home run champ coming back off wrist surgery, a bullpen that hasn’t proven they can throw strikes, etc. This is potentially a very good team, but by no means are they a dream team

      • depends on what you consider a ‘dream team’ I guess. It’s not a stretch to say they have the best all around team in the AL and top 3 in baseball. It can be argued, yes…but it could also be argued that they ARE the best on paper.

    • Where’s bias cat? Like… what else are they going to say? Just hand the division to them now?

  11. Never thought I would say this but watching “blue jays up close” really has me rooting extra for Brett Cecil

  12. I hope The Bo-sox find room for Lyle, no one could end a rally with a double play like Game – Overbay.

    • Yep. He was a walking buzzkill. Two men on and only one out then up would stroll Overbay and the Jays pitcher would start unwinding the towel on his arm and start limbering up…

  13. An anonymous MLB executive says “I’ll believe in the Blue Jays when I see it. They have to prove it on the field first”.

    Breaking: So does every other fucking team in baseball.

  14. time seems to be going faster this winter … only 4 weeks to playing baseball and 8 – 9 to season …. proven speed for this team, eh?

  15. Yeah, getting all superior about baseball vs CFL makes people look douchey. It’s a sport, lots of people like it. Get over it.

    • Fuck the CFL it is not a major sport in Toronto. It is on par with the ML-fucking Less, which is also garbage

      • At least the CFL team in Toronto has won some fucking championships in the last 10 years, unlike the sorry excuse of an MLS side that would have trouble beating a team from Iceland’s fifth division.

  16. That ESPN Boston link has a poll up. The SPORTSNATION question of the day is, get this, “Will the Red Sox finish ahead of the Blue Jays?” So I voted, in the negative of course, to see the results and it’s Yes 27% No 73%. Not too much hope in Beantown.

    • I believe they run down every AL East team in that poll and ask that question for each of the teams.

  17. I’d rather watch the CFL over the NHL. Far more entertaining. Half the league makes what I do, you have to respect their commitment to the game.

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