When the Miami New Times broke the story of Biogenesis this week, including dealings that the Jays’ big off-season signing, Melky Cabrera, had with the allegedly corrupt anti-aging clinic, it seemed as though nothing terribly new was uncovered.

The earliest date associated with Melky’s use in the original New Times story was in December of 2011. Cabrera, we know, was found to have elevated levels of testosterone during the 2012 season, was suspended for the violation of MLB’s drug policy, and has already served his fifty games.

Today, however, while we don’t have anything new linking the All-Star Game MVP to particular substances or regimens, we see that his relationship with the clinic may go back farther than was initially reported. The New Times has published what they call The Melky Files– a chronicle of all the times that Cabrera’s name appears in notebooks obtained from the clinic– and it turns out that the first notebooks he’s mentioned in were labelled “2009″.

The overlay in the image above came from one of these notebooks, along with two other similarly non-specific mentions of his name in 2009 and one more in 2010.

So, what do we make of this?

As evidence of PED use goes, without specifics we’re left wondering what the purpose of his name being there might be. It’s not nearly as compelling, or obvious, as what we see when looking at the 2011 and 2012 notes on him (also included in The Melky Files)– and let’s be clear, not even that stuff is necessarily beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt. Cabrera could have simply come in for a consultation at that point, or he could have been having treatment that was perfectly legal and within MLB’s rules.

The information on Alex Rodriguez from 2009, for example, looks far more elaborate.

In the court of public opinion, though– especially among the crowd that gets real righteous about what evil souls these filthy cheaters must have– you can probably guess how unquestionably damning it all looks. Especially given that, when he first seems to have made contact with the clinic, Cabrera was still a Yankee teammate of the scoundrel A-Rod.

No matter that Melky wasn’t particularly good in the 2009 season that followed his first mention in the notebooks, and sucked and was out of shape with the Braves in 2010, right?

So… does that suggest Melky didn’t start using until 2011, as originally documented? Did he start farther back and his transformation is attributable to something else?

Who knows? I’m sure all kinds of narratives can be concocted in the absence of actual evidence of what took place in those years. But right now we just can’t say for sure. And you can be certain that Cabrera is hoping that absence of evidence continues, just in case anything yet to come to light indicates violations that aren’t covered by the suspension he’s already served. I’d suspect the players’ union would be rather quick to fight any attempt at retroactive suspension in his circumstance, but you never really know.

As for his new club, I doubt this changes anything. They knew what they were getting into when he signed him, and very obviously they’re a liiiiiiitle more blase about the whole issue than they’d prefer to lead on, and than many fans would like them to be. Maybe the possibility of additional years of use will cause some pangs regret, but– like I say– if it took two years of PEDs before his game actually transformed, that probably suggests it was something else that transformed him, which entirely bodes well.

We shall see…

UPDATE: Turns out that the date in the image above– Wednesday, February 23rd– didn’t actually happen in 2009. There was, however, a Wednesday, February 23rd in 2011. Same goes for Wednesday, February 16th– another date where Cabrera’s name appears in the “2009″ notebook.

Those are the only dated entries in either the “2009″ or “2010″ notebooks. So… what does this mean? Was the notebook mislabeled? Was this whole damn post a complete waste of effing time?

Uh… yeah, maybe. Of course, like so much in this scandal, at this point, we just don’t actually know.


Crotch grab in the direction of @Simontwelliott for pointing me in the direction of Bob Nightengale’s piece in USA Today, which doesn’t actually link to the Melky Files, but references it in passing.

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  1. Meh I could care less

    • Well then stop bragging about it and start caring less already… Yeesh!

      • Um, making a comment of ones feelings regarding a news item isn’t bragging… at all…

        • You have clearly missed the point of my criticism. The cliche that he was attempting to use goes like this: “I COULDN’T care less.”

          The whole point of the cliche is for one to state that they are at the lowest level of caring. So on an arbitrary scale from 0 (lowest level of caring) to 10 (highest level of caring), they are specifying that their level of caring is a zero.

          But by one saying they COULD care less, they would be just informing the public that their level of caring is anywhere BUT zero. They could be at a 9, 2, 6, or even a 0.0001. But this doesn’t really specify anything. Hence, it completely ruins the point of the cliche, which is to specify one’s stance on a particular topic, not generalize.

  2. He did his time, Gibby vouched for him, that’s why AA signed him. It will be interesting.

  3. Hopefully melky gets someone smarter to manage is ped use

  4. It’s all sensationalist crap for the Miami New Times…

    Like great report guys, but WE ALREADY KNEW MELKY USED ROIDS.

  5. FEBRUARY 23, 2009 was a Monday, not a Wednesday.

    • Interesting. 2011 was, though.

      • Which basically bears out what a lawyer would say … these books don’t seem entirely reliable. There are a lot of assumptions that can be made that would be questioned pretty hard in court.

    • I though the overlay was meant to be one of the entries allegedly from 2009.
      I misunderstood I guess.

      • No you’re right – it’s in the book marked ’2009′ which either means the Biogenesis dude literally doesn’t know what day of the week it is, or ’2009′ doesn’t necessarily mean something was done in 2009. Both are the sorts of things lawyers would want use to discredit the evidence I would have thought

      • No, you didn’t. It’s from the “2009″ book, but neither Feb. 23rd nor Feb. 16th (the dates on the only two supposedly pre-2011 Melky entries with actual dates on them) happened that year.

        They both did in 2011, though.

    • Is this Rain Man?

  6. People who get sanctimonious about PEDs are just the worst. They’re also like, 85% likely to be wearing a Ray Lewis jersey on sunday, so yeah, fuck them twice. Just hit Melky, and everything will be lovely.

  7. as a Jays fan, the thought that he might have started a regimen two years before he got good is fantastic news, personally. hope it’s true.

  8. Kick him out of the game forever!!! Burn him, burn him!!

    ….//realises we’re talking about a Blue Jay// …

    I think he’s paid his dues. This PED thing is way overblown.

  9. Is McGowan really gonna come back for 2013?

  10. Getting Melky to coach Lind on PED use might be just what this team needs. Lind has made it abundantly clear that he’s not willing to hit the gym.

    • This comment is actually, literally amazing.

      PEDs don’t work like that. You still have to actually work out.

    • PEDs without going to the gym are rather useless. It would make no difference for Lind.

      This is why I don’t get that upset about PEDs. You can say Barry Bonds is better than Lind because of PEDs. But the math is probably more like:

      60% of Bonds’ greatness vs Lind is from baseball skill and baseball hard work.

      40% of Bonds’ greatness vs Lind is from a ruthless workout routine compared to Lind’s 15 minutes a day of stretching.

      Of the 40% that workouts added, 10% of that was made possible by the healing and growth powers of PEDs. And that 10% would be entirely lost on a guy like Lind because he wouldn’t work out to gain from it.

    • PEDS or not, if he can get Lind to workout with him, everyone would be better off. Well, maybe not Davis, if Lind returns to 2009 lvls – wishful thinking, but you got to think lind see the writting on the wall. No one wants a can’t hit for shit DH/1B wash up. Cooper on the other hand has to be playing with that voodoo doll on a regular basis right now.

  11. meh-who gives a flying fuck anymore about this?
    When do the ST games start? This kind of stuff is becoming nauseating-let’s move on for FF

    • It’s the slowest news time of the year for baseball right now due to the other sports taking headlines. Unless a loshe or Bourn signs within 2 weeks This is what you’re going to read on most baseball topics

  12. Lind would have been better off in the 1960s when a lot of players were chewing amphetamines. That might have burned some of the fat off his ass and perked him up a little. He still wouldn’t be hitting any LHP of course.

  13. I’ll preface this rant with the fact that I don’t know very much at all about these new “Peds” and welcome feedback.

    I thought the initial reason that Steroids and Peds were outlawed was because there were adverse health side effects. Now guys are spraying powdered deer antlers on themselves, spreading liquified tundra on themselves and the media is blowing it up calling these guys cheats and souless evil-doers. Why is it that every substance that heals an athlete faster or helps he\she recover faster is now deemed a PED? By definition itamins are performance enhancing.

    I completely underestand and agree that steroids can cause cancers/organ failure and the like so there needed to be severe consequences for those that used them. MLB doesn’t want it’s athletes to be advocates for drugs to young impressionable kids. This new category of “Peds” seemes to be something entirely different. (in my opinion) More aimed at recovery from the games themselves or injury.

    If this deer spray made a guys penis bigger or gave him a 12 hour erection instead of aiding in injury recovery then I’m sure the FDA and the old men in congress would be climbing over themselves to get this shit appoved and deemed user friendly.

    That’s my one cent, which is incidentally being recalled by the Royal Canadian Mint on
    February 4th so take it for what it’s worth.

    • “vitamins” not itamins.
      I don’t want you guys attacking my spelling as well as my limited Biology and chemistry knowledge.

    • “If this deer spray made a guys penis bigger or gave him a 12 hour erection instead of aiding in injury recovery then I’m sure the FDA and the old men in congress would be climbing over themselves to get this shit appoved and deemed user friendly.”

      The climbing would be especially impressive given all the 12 inch dicks they’d have to navigate…

    • No, that’s a lot of where I’m at on it too. Cortisone shots are cool, dubious Adderall prescriptions are cool, all kinds of supplements go right up to the line but not over.

      To me, the conversation needs to stop being about “how do you deal with these cheats?” and move towards being about “what constitutes cheating and what doesn’t?” Then we can answer the first one. I’d be happy to be on board with a sensibly composed and properly evolving list of banned substances, but I don’t at all think that’s what’s we’ve got. Or if we do, I certainly don’t remember the conversation where a consensus was made on what the science says, what should be OK, what should be off-limits, and why.

      It just seems so odd how drugged up we are as a society, how beneficial we know drugs to be when applied properly, and how when it comes to drugs in sports we act like they’re indefensible evil– in some instances, but not so much in others.

      • @ Stoeten
        Correct me if I’m wrong and interpreting you’re last paragraph incorrectly.
        Are you comparing society’s use of prescription drugs to cure diseases and prolong life to an athelete’s use of PED’s to increase preformance and gain an unfair advantage over other players?
        That competition should be an unlevel playing field,regardless of the consequenses?Just because one player is willing to take a stronger more effective PED,he should be rewarded and regarded as a superior competitor?
        Are you really going there?

        • RADAR, you are amazing. The answers to your ridiculous questions are right there in what I wrote, if you’d actually like to take a second to read it before wasting your time with such a comment.

      • Drugs, you mean like alcohol?

    • Great post FtS! I have an issue with the ‘roids vs. the deer antler spray in much the same way you do, but I take issue further if the deer antler spray is an entirely natural product (like echinacea or other herbal remedies that Jameson’s sells by the pallet load at Shopper’s).

      If it’s a synthetic substance then fine, it should be under consideration for a ban. If the substance occurs in nature, and the only reason that it’s widely available is that a company has gone to the trouble to package it in a convenient format that how/why would this substance be considered ‘illegal’ when it already exists in nature for any one with the time and skill to collect and use!

  14. It’s probably more encouraging if melky was on peds before he got caught. That would mean he didn’t just have a good season because of peds. Not that anyone should believe peds turn everyone in to a star, it would be a good sign for his future performance that he wasn’t anything special on peds in 09,10,11

  15. One thing i have always wondered too, is how rampant are PED use during the off season? No urine tests and getting guys to come back earliar for the next season?

    • All baseball players basically turn into Batman villain Bane from November through February.

    • Using peds to get healthy during the offseason doesn’t directly affect someone’s stats or five them an advantage in the season so MLB prob doesn’t care.

      Out of everyone who has admitted use of peds Andy pettite prob got the least media attention and reputation hit because he used it to get healthy.

      • Which also proves that any alegations against melky on top of non existant dates for 2009 are irrelevant pre season. Thus my point is as relevant as the constant fucky melky hes a cheat bs. Remember ed sprague who haf admitted early 90s 90% his teams were juiced.

        • in all honesty they should just allow ped’s in sports.

          you let equipment get better, why not let players heal faster, isn’t the point to have the best product on the field?
          if its regulated it will clear up a lot of the shadiness and players may avoid ones that cause healthy concerns.

          maybe a few things remain on a ban list and if you’re caught with them the penalties are move severe. but if a player wants to take testosterone to work out more and makes him a slightly better player? why not

          are we going to sit here and argue or do we wanna watch some dingers?

          • Lyle Alzado.
            Who knows the long term effects of some of the PEDS?
            As long as they hit more dingers, who cares if they die earlier.
            And of course, the kids in high school and college,99% of which will never make it to the pros, won’t be influenced by any of that.
            We can cheer the athelete as his balls shrink and his moods change with the wind.

            • they’re doing it anyways. might as well be regulated.

              plus not every player would do it, and not every ped is harmful. some have real health benefits especially in terms of rehab.

              if you could get your star player back in half the time you wouldn’t be all for it? and again its the players choice. no one is putting a gun to their head

              • I don’t disagree with your overall point but a gun and millions of dollars aren’t that far off in terms of motivation.

  16. Water under the bridge = Something in the past that cannot be controlled or undone, but must be accepted, forgiven, or forgotten.

    So, whatever.

  17. Soapbox time.

    Guys (I say this broadly because there seems to be some consensus within these posts), who precisely have been calling these players “soul-less”, “filthy”, “evil”, etc.? I sure as shit haven’t seen them. I’ve seen people call them cheaters, without the added colour. And they did break the rules, so to me the term seems fitting.

    In trying to establish the argument that the media is sensationalizing the issue, this little piece of online media is indeed appears to be working to sensationalize it in the opposite direction in using sarcastic hyperbole to describe the point of view of the ‘other side’ (a side I have yet to been able to find).

    The points about which substances ought to be permitted and which banned are entirely valid. Nobody needs me to point that out. However, we don’t live in the world of ought to be. Fact of the matter is that the substances in question are as permissible in baseball as aluminum bats. Rather than castigate those who dare suggest that those who knowingly break the rules deserve to face the consequences, why don’t we instead just expect everyone to follow the current rules and focus our energy on lobbying MLB/MLBPA to put everything on the table and re-examine policy on banned substances?


    • I get what you`re saying but I`d go about it in a different way. …

      Much too radical for MLB but if they truly wanted to be pioneers in drug use and-or prevention then they should hire 30 doctors with a specialty in sports medecine. Each team would get appointed one of these doctors. They should regulate all “non steroid“ ped use. Start an assembly line each morning, player A get`s 2 greenies, a dash of antler spray and 10 orange slices. Player B gets 2 sudafed, a blob of recovery cream and a cod liver oil smoothie. Player C get`s an ephedrine tablet, a cup of weight gain 5000 and 10 Acai berries.

      Jokes aside, MLB should hire and appoint a Doctor to each team to safely regulate all the non steroid performance enhancers. Players shouldn`t be losing 25 or 50 games for taking an ephedrine tablet (this is what Stroman had in his system) a substance that is available to any person in N.A. and opens up lung passages to get more oxygen in the blood. In essence this substance wakes you up, and makes you more energetic for a work out or a game. I argued this back when Stroman first got dimed.
      Crazy that this kid will forever be heaped in a box with `baseballs cheaters“.

      • Except the kid was given a list of supplements not to take, as per MLB,and he fucked up by not reading the list.
        Thats why he got a second chance by the jays,unlike the PR kid who was thrown out of the organization.
        You can be sure he’s memorized the list now.

        • With all due respect Radar(I respect my elders) you have no idea why the Blue Jays voided the contract of the Peurto Rican kid. It could have been a bad medical, it could have been an age discrepancy, it could have been anything.

          As for Stroman, there’s no way a ML team cuts ties with their first round pick they just drafted for taking a supplement. The two cases are not similar.

          There would be 29 teams with their wallets out if AA had cut this kid for taking the equivalent of 3 red bulls in the form of a pill.

          • With all due respect, Smasher.
            He was suspended for stanozolol.
            So i do have an idea why they voided the contract.
            AA was interviewed about Stroman after the suspension and was very clear how close he was to the shithouse.Anything stronger than methylhexaneamine,his ass woulda been gone.

            • I was talking about this kid..


              The article you linked didn’t say anything about the Jays dropping that kid.

              Either way, with the stance AA seems to have taken by signing Melky I find it hard to believe he would have cut Stroman had it been another substance.
              It’s moot anyway, we have Stroman and the Melk and hopefully a title in 2013.

            • Holy fuck, RADAR, wrong kid or not, you understand that by your response you literally just demonstrated that you exactly do NOT know why he was booted from the organization, right?

              The Smasher wrote “you have no idea why the Blue Jays voided the contract of the Peurto Rican kid. It could have been a bad medical, it could have been an age discrepancy, it could have been anything.”

              So your response is to repeat the thing you said in the first place that he’d just told you was entirely baseless, and to link to an article that does exactly zero to support what you’re saying?

              Excuse me for getting in the way of your defensive little hissy fit, but holy fuck.

              • Yup Stoeten.
                Venezuelan kid?,Puerto Rician kid.?It’s all the same to you.
                Same part of the world.Right?
                Never let the facts get in the way of a discussion.
                I didn’t provide all the links cause I figured you knew how to use google.

  18. I just don’t think most baseball fans really care that much about PED’s in baseball anymore. I think we have all had enough especially as it relates to the HOF. There are people in the media who remain on a crusade and feel they are protecting the game. This story is as big as it is because of all the hate out there for A-Rod, without his involvement there would be a lot less fanfare. Personally I’m numb to the whole PED issue right now. We know so little about what’s done and even less about the chemical or physical affects that’s its really hard to get worked up about it

    • Totally agree about how Aroid is making this bigger then it should be. Probably doesn`t help that Ray Lewis has been linked and he`s about to play in the Superbowl.
      I have a feeling that the reporter timed the release of this story to coincide with superbowl week.

    • If they don’t get peds out, as a fan I’m gone from baseball…started as a fan in 1959.

  19. Guilty! As in, he has been convicted and served his 50, post all the dates in the notebooks, so MLB will do nothing, assuming he cooperates. Now A-Rod…he’ll be in Guantonomo, life sentence for stupidity, although considering his Whooo! during the blue jay game & the blonde in the elevator, his bona fides re: stupidity is a proven thing.

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    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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