Ugh. If you’re under the age of 45, this is probably not going to come as good news.

According to a tweet from Rogers Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi, the Rogers-owned Blue Jays’ Rogers-owned radio broadcaster, Sportsnet 590 The Fan, has finally filled that position they’ve had empty since Alan Ashby departed for Houston, by choosing the man whose name has been most linked to the position all along: Jack Morris.

Cue riffing:

Of course, this is more what I’m concerned about:

There’s mildly good news to go along with this, though, as Mike Wilner tweets that the Fan will be broadcasting every Spring Training game this year, “either live on radio or live on web, tape-delayed on radio.”

But… yeah, this:

I know, I know, I should really give him a chance before getting too down about it… but… yeah. On first blush this makes me far less enthusiastic about the radio broadcast than if pretty much anyone else had been tabbed as Ashby’s replacement.

Take it away, me from a month ago:

Morris spoke to Eric Karabell on a Baseball Today podcast back in October, and among other things the ex-pitcher said that he believes in things like “karma” and “momentum,” which are things “that stats can’t define. It’s kind of like chemistry– team chemistry– it’s not a definiable thing in stats, so it really blows those guys out of the water.”

Wonderful! So the antipathy goes both ways.

By “those guys” he means “the cybernetics guys,” which is what he called the community of silly evidence-lovers who’ve made him a controversial Hall of Fame figure, according a Kevin Kaduk post at Big League Stew during the Winter Meetings– as opposed to “the guys who use … call it ‘the eyeball test.’ You know, ‘Were you there? Did you ever see me pitch?’”


A Dave Brown post at Big League Stew from back in 2010 also highlights the fact that Morris may have embraced the kinds of hopelessly flawed arguments about his Hall candidacy a little too fully, as he commented on the Twins’ loss in Game One of the ALDS:

Then came the sixth inning, when the Twins’ three-run lead flipped to a 4-3 deficit.

That’s not how ol’ Jack operated, so goes the legend crafted from Game 7 of the 1991 World Series.

At first, Morris did the old “Not to take anything away from Francisco Liriano” schpiel — which always means what comes next will do the opposite.

And he said: “The good guys never let it slip away, and he let it slip away.”


Though… maybe it’s not that bad, and maybe I’m just too sensitive to such nonsense because I deal so much in pushing back against those empowered by it, but… yeah… ugh.

Terrific, huh?

You can hear Morris being formally announced, then chatting with Bob McCown here. About five minutes in he lays this on us, regarding R.A. Dickey, who he’s less enthused about than the other players acquired by the Jays this winter:

“R.A. is phenomenal guy when he’s on. He’s a one dimensional guy with that knuckleball– that’s the life knuckleball pitchers have. He has a name for her, the pitch, and when she’s working, everything is great. That tells you a lot about what he can do when it’s not working.”

No, really.

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  1. C’mon, Jack Morris can’t be that bad…..can he?

    • Sounds like a Jack Morris type of comment…are you basing this on the ol’ eyeball test? Or ear test?

  2. Is hayhurst back for 2013 stoeten?

    • I like Hayhurst and all, but reading his books, it’s like he’s replaced the actual misremembered quotes from his minor-league teammates and replaced them with the kind of flowery, crafted, off-the-cuff language only Gilmore Girls characters talk in.

      …”Observe, my obsequious young apprentice”, said our shortstop Stumpy, “there are three things that must be remembered when attempting to woo the fairer sex, point the first: in regards to the- “…

      Like fucking hell some 21-year-old professional athlete ever said that, Dirk.

  3. Well at least he can rock a killer stache.


  5. He can’t be an more embarrassing than Buck is on TV man. Who in the fuck do you propose should get the job?

  6. Here’s hoping he’s here for just two years, moves on to abysmal year in Cleveland and then we don’t have to hear about him for 15 years until a bunch of dinosaurs try to convince people he should be in the Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

    • (his second year here, they’ll only keep him on the air because of who he is and how much he’s being paid)

  7. The Paul Sporer tweet is pure gold.

  8. But it’s his dream job.

  9. Before we all get in a tizzy, please remember what happened the last time Jack Morris was brought into the Jays organization.

    He’s here for a good time. Not necessarily a long time.

    • I realize this was probably just a lighthearted post on your part… but a small portion of me worries that you actually think you made any kind of logical sense with this comment…. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Is that small portion referring to your penis? Anyway, who cares. Wasn’t a fan of Ashby.

        • Whashooo!!!

          A penis joke. Nice, but in a classy way.

          Maybe if the Jays make the playoffs, Morris can suck just as badly as a broadcaster then as he did as a pitcher in 1992.

          • I don’t buy those rumours that Jack “sucked” in 93

            • Morris was a workhorse with decent enough numbers in ’92 but he sucked in the playoffs. He was awful in 1993. These aren’t rumours. You can look it up.

  10. We’ve been so damn spoiled with great broadcasters over the years, perhaps we’re owed a dud or two. And at least it’s not Zaun or more of Tabler. So yeah, let’s listen to him broadcast before we run him out of town.

    Should have been Wilner though. I’m not a fan, but he’s paid his dues long enough to earn a chance at the job.

    • I’d take Tabler every day of the week and twice on Sunday over Morris, at least Tabler’s voice isn’t annoying

    • It should have been Wilner because he’s a better broadcaster than Morris. Nothing to do with paying dues.

  11. Meh, who cares? I find that the radio and tv broadcasters are all just a bunch of apologists for bad team performance. Hopefully not this year. Plus, I much rather watch sports then listen to sports if I have the choice.

    • Ashby was the exception, and that’s why he was so refreshing. Truth is, every team in every sport has some kind of cheerleader announcer. Just ask White Sox fans.

  12. HATE THIS.

  13. I am out of the country, is the sportsnet stream working for people who are in Canada?

  14. Unless he didn’t want the job, how did Wilner not get it? He has shown he is very good at play by play and all he does on the post game call in show is do analysis, so, what’s the deal here? I admit I’m a Wilner fan 90% of the time because he’s not afraid to tell retards they are saying retarded shit, but objectively how do they pick Morris over him?

    Not sure how the Blue Jays go from an A+ off-season when it comes to on the field decisions to a D- when it comes to this off the field decision.

  15. At least it’s not Zaun…but fuuuuck.

  16. I usually spend so much time yelling at my television that I don’t hear who’s doing the broadcasting anyway, and I never listen to the radio broadcasts.

    Guess I’m good.

  17. Sabre-metrics are okay to read about but listening to someone speak entirely in digits and acronyms is boring as fuck. (see Law, Keith; Karabell, Eric; Wilner, Mike, etc) Give me a guy who can tell me about the time Dave Rozema put itching powder in Kirk Gibson’s shorts and how that lead to the 35-5 start. ( Also give me a dime for every time Jerry H. says “Four-time World Series champion” (to replace “17-year Major League Career)…

    • I would listen to that story no matter who was telling it.

    • I don’t think Keith Law would ever think himself right for this job – as great as he is. But regardless, Law doesn’t speak entirely in digits. He speaks a lot in scouting terms as well. There is a middle ground here (it’s not one or the other).

      Also how in the world do you think Mike Wilner is entirely sabr-minded on the broadcast. I think he did some great play-by-play and don’t recall an acronym-heavy broadcat.

    • This right here hints at the larger problem: Jerry’s been slipping the last few years and Ashby’s been picking him up. Can Morris do that? I certainly hope so. I love Jerry and don’t want to wind up with bad memories of him.

    • Bam. Exactly. I like my stats on a spread sheet. When I’m drinking a beer listening to the game I want stories and laughter, interrupted by the occasional “there she goes!”

  18. For those thinking I don’t listen the radio anyway, Stoeten forgot to point out Morris is doing 30 TV games too. Ugh, I need to find the other teams feed.

    • As someone who hardly ever gets to see the Jays on TV, I find this a hopeful sign. Maybe he’ll end up parked on TV (which is what I expected would happen to Ashby) and in the meantime Wilner (or whoever) can develop his chops on play-by-play in Morris’s absence.

  19. I guess this means they’re going back to Jerry doing all the play-by-play and the other guy doing commentary. I think Jerry is way better off with a play-by-play partner. The last time he was doing it all himself, I was getting concerned he was losing his marbles. I thought bringing Ashby in made him sharper.

    • In all fairness to Jerry he was doing those years after Tom got sick with Warren Sawkiw. That would make you lose a lot of marbles.

      • True enough. I was thinking Gary Matthews was around for part of that time, but I see he was earlier.

  20. how long do we have to wait to start a petition for his dismissal?

  21. He was the first guest on PTS today at 4 pm. Sounded alright in most of it, maybe a little overbearing. Worth checking out.

  22. Even though I’m well over the age of 45, this doesn’t come as good news to me. Not sure who in my age demographic would be happy about it, unless it’s somebody who’s never heard Jack open his mouth and attempt to utter sentences. I have a feeling we’ll be yearning for the days of Warren Sawkiw before Spring Training’s over.

    Shoulda been Wilner.

  23. Hayhurst suggested that he would like to go into the tv booth on twitter

  24. oh please ! ABW!

  25. I knew it was never going to happen, but I would have loved JP Ricciardi to get the gig.

    He is familiar with the organization.

    He interacts well with the fans as he showed on Wednesdays with JP.

    He doesn’t mind taking unpopular stances such as “they’re not lies if we know the truth”.

    He understands the psychology of major league baseball players as he was the man who taught us Adam Dunn doesn’t really like baseball.

    He has experience working with Mike Wilner on WWJP.

    He has experience working with the big 3 of Paul Beeston, Alex Anthopolous & John Gibbons.

    What more could we ask for?

  26. Looks like were gonna have a dickey vs morris controversy this year

  27. Dickey, Morrow, Beurle, JJ and Ricky set in stone by that new manager guy.

  28. Jesus H Christ – the narrative of “pitching to the score” & the value of Wins is going to be vomitous this season…

  29. How about we give the guy a chance. Good thing to make assumptions after all those Jays games he’s called so far. Now, if he’s awful after a few weeks/months, then have at it.

    • I should have clarified that I’ve heard him interviewed many times – recently, some pre HoF voting results interviews. As well, when the Jays have played Minny.
      He was on PTS today & the Baseball Today Podcast not that long ago…rest assured, you’ll have a real good sense of what Jack is like when we tune in for that first spring training game…

  30. I think we are all overlooking something here. This is only a one year gig for Jack Morris.

    Morris is hoping to build up enough good will amongst the media as he has one last shot at the hall of fame.

    It’s an overused cliche in the sports world. But this really is a make or break year for the great Jack Morris.

  31. With wilner as the potential for 2014????????????

  32. Worst off season ever.

    But seriously this sucks. I know a lot of people shit one Wilner but he would have been the ideal guy to get the job in my eyes. And as you guys have pointed out numerous times the guy has fuckin paid his dues dealing with JaysTalk callers for the last how many years. At least I plan on being there in person at the stadium for almost half the season.

    • That’s what i thought with Wilner until I started regularly listening to his show, and he dismisses people who simply disagree with him. Even when he wrong (ie. Cecil’s stuff=Hamels stuff) He also cherry-picks stats like I’ve never seen. I could go on and on, he’s just an intolerable dirtbag.

    • “…I know a lot of people shit one Wilner but…”

      Now that is an interesting typo, the kind that actually add to the discussion. Wilner as a measure of poop, what a concept. As in, “I usually shit one Wilner a day, but after I went gluten-free it went down to .77 on average. But after a feeding of Rogers Centre dogs’n'suds, I dropped two Wilners in a single sitting.”

  33. How does this take away from the on field product?
    Put fucking Paul Rueben in there for fuck sakes

  34. I think he’ll do just fine. I’ve heard him a few times now and he’s got a great broadcasting voice and is a fine speaker. He also seems to know the game well enough. I know part of the appeal of this site is the hipster negativism…but rather then complain about everyone and anyone that may have gotten the job…who do you think would be better? Don’t bitch unless you’ve got a better alternative.

    • Wilner, for one.
      Or, as has already been pointed out, how about a journalist? Even Sawkiw for fucks sake.

      I’d even take the corpse of Early Wynn – “Weekend at Jerry’s”, brought to you by El Producto….

      • Here’s my issue. I believe that a lot of people here would say ‘Wilner would have been better if it was Jack that was chosen and would have said ‘Morris would have been better’ if Wilner had been chosen. Yeah, I know…now it’s me being negative, but….
        Here’s my epitaph (as if anyone cares):
        I appreciate the work Stoeten does here and often agree with his p.o.v. BUT I’m done with this site b/c I’ve lost some of the things that made me a fan to begin with. What’s wrong with being a ‘homer’? I want to be a homer again. I want to dream of the stats that my team CAN put up, and imagine a world where Adam Lind isn’t the world’s worst person just b/c his stats aren’t good. I could go on…really I could, but….take care all, and ‘Let’s go Jays!’

  35. well its better than don cherry, err gregg zaun… but i would have preferred wilner, even though i’m not a huge fan of his. at least hes fairly rational, and as a guy who didnt play the game we probably would have had less of the “plays the game the right way/big and strong” bullshit from the tabler and buck school of broadcasting.

  36. What in the blazing blue fuck does Jack Morris know about one-dimensional playe-……oh wait.

  37. He bad mouthed Dickey!? Burn him alive!!!!!!

  38. Best Jays offseason ever!! My only hope going into the offseason was get a couple starters and get rid of Ashby and replace him with someone who makes listening to the game fun again. Can’t believe it actually happened.

  39. Give everyone a shot. Morris deserves no less. He is the epiphany of the procrastinating success. He does the minimum to succeed. Let’s push him and make him the next Cheek. Congrats Jack you earned a shot. Now prove the stroetens wrong. Imo I am an English specialist from u of the and I cNt spell to save my life. Go jays.

  40. The Shaker would have been a good choice.He and Jerry could have tickle fights

  41. So I just moved to the Netherlands. This news really hurts… I will now go cry myself to lunch.

  42. Jack Morris was a dick last night. an older lady asked him for his autograph and he signed it. she asked him if he wanted to keep the pen and he said he’d really like to get rid of it so he doesn’t have to sign any autographs. he was much more concerned with his beer. people were telling him how much they enjoyed 92/93 and he ignored them

    seems like a dick. first day on the job, at a season ticket holder event and he couldn’t put on a brave face.

    lets remember last year, Alomar volunteered to sign baseballs for everyone in attendance.

    Morris seems like a dick. now i hope he doesn’t get into the HOF

  43. Really looking forward to those 20-30 games he is on TV and not on my radio…

    I would think that the booth goes a little more traditional, with Jerry doing 9 innings of play-by-play and Jack sprinkling in a few tidbits about “chemistry” and “toughness” here and there. Hopefully it will be tolerable.

  44. The release says they gave him a three year contract, so if you don’t like him, that will likely feel like 10.

  45. Oh come on, you guys wouldn’t like any announcer not named Jerry Howarth on this blog. Morris will do fine. The best announcer I ever heard was Don Chevrier, and as soon as I post this there will be a trail of posting telling me how awful he was. Miss ya Chevy!

  46. fuckin rogers, i love when the guy who’s calling the game questions how others perceive the sport.

  47. why not Joe Carter? is Morris even any good? LOL

  48. Morris is fine… He has three World Series rings, more than any of you who have commented here. It’s a game, get a life!

  49. I seriously love your website.. Excellent colors & theme.
    Did you create this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my own blog and want to know where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Thank you!

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