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It’s State of the French Fries night tonight, as the Jays will hold their annual season ticket holders event, complete with mountains less animosity than has been experienced in previous years. You can watch the stream of it over at Sportsnet, though for some reason the Toronto Star also is suggesting they’ll stream it, and are showing a UStream player on the page. So… maybe if it’s publicly available I can steam it here, as well. We’ll see!

Michael Grange previews tonight’s event for Sportsnet, saying that the club has 1,600 attendees confirmed, as compared to 700 last year. Meanwhile, the Toronto Sun appears as though they’ll be live blogging the event. I’ll be in attendance, and I haven’t quite decided how I’ll be covering it while it’s ongoing.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Mike Cormack talks to Dirk Hayhurst about his just-released eBook, Wild Pitches.

Shitty news: Big Carp is an endangered species, as Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals has been ruled out for the 2013 season. At Getting Blanked, Drew breaks down what it all means for the former Jays workhorse.

Even after all the trades, the Jays system is still full of prospects, says a piece from Paul Casella of MLB.com, taking a look at some of the top twenty prospects in the Jays organization. Hmm… looks like another full on prospecting post is in the cards based on this stuff.

Ben Shapiro of Mass Live looks around the AL East and wonders whether the Jays are the division’s most improved team. (Hint: with apologies to Shane fucking Victorino, obviously they are.)

Out in Vancouver, Simon Druker of Sports Up Front looks at how Canadian baseball is helping the Jays.

Slightly mind-blowing comment from Joshua Menezies of Jays Journal, who looks at the stars on the Jays’ roster and notes that “if someone told you [when he was hired in 2009] that on Opening Day 2013 that the Blue Jays opening day starting pitcher would be R.A. Dickey and that the Blue Jays 2-3-4 hitters were Melky Cabrera, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion you would have thought AA was the worst GM of all time.” So true.

At FanGraphs it’s new projections, as they unleash a big, coiling steamer on their player pages.

Lastly, interesting post at ESPN.com, as Anna McDonald looks at how the St. Louis Cardinals employ sabermetrics.

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  1. Steam it here?! Are you foreshadowing?

  2. Stoeten!!! Everytime someone mentions the word excited or excitement… SHOTS!!!

  3. Everybody should turn on Prime Time right now. Jack Morris is in studio with McCowan, so I guess he’s the new guy in the booth.

    • FUCK
      At least it’s not wilner

      • Should have been Wilner. I’m not a huge fan either but he earned a chance to have the job.

        • Fuck that. Actually, fuck both of them… neither are someone I want in the both. This completely ruins my enjoyment of the game…

          • You know, as listeners we should really try to rise above his past record of shilling for the company line and using stats to prop up his lame arguments. In this particular case. Wilner should be judged on his ability to do the commentary and………Oh fuck that!

            Let’s face it, neither guy is a Tom Cheek or Alan Ashby. And please stop that “paid-his-dues” crap. If the guy isnt good enough, i dont give a rat’s ass how much he’s paid.

    • Barf, heard the news too

  4. I am going to keep an open mind on Morris.

    At least he knows the city well and isn’t a fucking former Yankee or Red Sox.

  5. Jack Morris….BOOOO.

  6. Who’s howarth’s eventual successor?

  7. I was stunned for a moment when i thought about a 2009 melky, jose, edwin middle of the order…. the saving grace would actually be lind in there, funny how things change.

  8. I had an open mind on Morris, until I heard him talk with McCown here….

    “Is chemistry a thing with baseball teams?” “Absolutely” replied Morris.

    • Yeah, the chemistry of organic compounds with a chemical structure that contains the core of gonane or a skeleton derived therefrom.

    • I believe that chemistry is a thing with baseball teams. I just don’t believe you can measure it, predict it, or attribute it to a single individual and expect that individual to have the same effect wherever they go.
      In other words, it’s a bit of a crap shoot and all you can do is have a management/leadership team in place that handles it as best as they can…. Like any other profession.

    • He is not entirely wrong. Playing 162+ games and being on the road 24-7 is draining. Having some character guys on your team won’t win you some ball games necessarily, but it helps to prevent clubhouse disasters that can lead to guys playing poorly.

      After the rash of injuries to the rotation and to the lineup, there were plenty of accounts that the team lacked team chemistry last year. The Parrot lost alot of shine in that process – which I think led the Jays to say to him, fuck it, go to Boston you fucking turncoat.

      Not saying team chemistry is the end all and be all. But on a talented roster, it is important.

    • And how exactly do you know it isn’t?

    • Are you that much of an outside observer of sports that you buy into the notion that only sabremetrics and numbers matter? Of course chemistry matters! I was on a baseball team for a few years that was by far the most talented in the league…without question. But we didn’t get along well, and it showed. When I was younger I was on a team that wasn’t that great in terms of talent level but we won a lot of games. I know there’s a lot of people on this site who want to toss out the psychology of a team etc. But that is a HUGE part of the game. Coaches who can ‘make’ chemistry, or at least create a common narrative that the team truly buys into (we are outsiders/villains/small market etc.) win championships.

    • if two players who spend 200 days with eachother really don’t like eachother, you honestly think that isn’t a problem?

      I dont buy in to the whole veteran presence and role players thing, but saying that chemistry isn’t important is saying that players are robots. hint, they’re not

    • yeah former players don’t know anything about baseball

    • Knee brace on Alford already and he’s how old? Can’t be a good sign considering football won’t be any good for his knee either.

  9. Meh wilner would be worse than Morris however

  10. Give Morris a chance. Wilner is better off doing Jaystalk talking down to mouth breathers.

  11. If I’ve learned anything from reading the comments sections lately, anything bad that’s happening to us is because Beyonce’s performance at the halftime show was too sexy for television.

  12. Jason Parks: Sure. He’s a really high-end pitching prospect. At present, I prefer Syndergaard, but its hard to argue with Sanchez receiving high praise. It’s a very easy release and potential for two 7 pitches.

    Jason Parks: I like Syndergaard’s secondary profile more than Sanchez’s command profile.

  13. I am out of the country, is the sportsnet stream working for people who are in Canada?

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