This is hardly news to anyone who has been following the Jays and using the internet for the last several years, but because so many formerly casual fans are finally enthused about the club– and also, because this is kind of ridiculous– I figure it’s worth pointing out something about what you’ll see if you venture over to today (and with the State of the Franchise live stream happening this evening, there’s a decent chance you will).

The site, at the moment, is plastered with ads for, which is MLB’s fantastic online broadcasting service. I can’t recommend enough, if you’re a baseball fan, but the thing that jumps out at me today is the fact that all the ads on the Jays’ site, including the one above, are plastered with Jays players.

Call me naive, but doesn’t the ad– and the several others like it– kind of make it look like you can stream Jays games through

Which… OK, technically you can do that, but I have a feeling it’s maybe not possible that you can, thanks to this little bit of fine print on the subscription page:

All live Toronto Blue Jays games are blacked out throughout the entire country of Canada.

Obviously the Jays’ main site isn’t just there to serve Canadians, so it’s not like the ad is completely disingenuous. And very obviously it’s something that’s come not from the club, but from itself, as the placement of Jays players in the ad on is just a variant of what we see from other clubs– here is what the Cincinnati Reds’ page looks like, for example– so we’re not particularly special in being slightly misled here.

It’s just… y’know, don’t go purchasing this service expecting to get the thing that the ad imagery makes it totally look like you’re signing up for.

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  1. I HATE that about MLB. It is like they are trying to push fans away. Why not make access to your product easy so that people will get hooked?

  2. Another public service notice, because I really didn’t see this heavily advertised and wasted a lot of time tracking down shitty streams when I could have been using it instead: Rogers offers free HD streams of every game to anyone with a Rogers account. So if you have any Rogers service, you get all Blue Jays games online for free with no blackout restrictions.

    • I didn’t know that, awesome

    • (for those who didn’t get that from your comment)

      from time to time they fuck up the stream and you miss some of a game.. but its pretty reliable.

    • And if you happen to be in an area serviced by Shaw, I guess you’re just shit outta luck.

    • you won’t get Sn1 games though if you don’t subscribe to it.

      • Incorrect. As long as you have some form of a Rogers account (phone, cable, internet, whatever) you get access to rogers on demand and can stream every single blue jays game, even the ones on SN1.

        But you’re streaming it, not watching it through cable, so sometimes (as Ernie Whitt mentioned) the stream goes to poop and you miss a couple innings or something.

    • It’s the only reason I don’t scrap my Rogers internet subscription.

      I don’t have cable, and can normally find every other sporting event on the planet on websites like First Row Sports or ATDHE but somehow MLB manages to shut that shit down.

      Luckily my rogers account gets me every jays game for free. Sometimes the officially sanctioned online stream is as good as the grey market “is this illegal or what?” stream!

  3. I still think it’s completely disingenuous. The note about the blackouts in Canada should not be buried in the fine print.


  5. Yep I didn’t realize that a couple years ago and got boned. I watched a lot of Padres baseball that year

    • Is it easy to use, once you have it on your computer?
      I know there are free ones that you have to turn off and on at certain times to beat the IP address limitation. They sound like too much trouble, but for $5 a moth I’m almost thinking about it.

      • I used it last year while the olympics blocked out the Jays games, its fantastic and fairly simple.

      • Hotspot Shield also works if you download the free version. You get the odd add – but as long as you remember to turn it off after its not that bad.

        Its how I get around the NHL’s blackout restrictions for games involving Canadian teams on gamecenter.

  6. any news if Rogers will be streaming games for free to subscribers again this year?

  7. It is a great service…But, as a Jay’s fan, you can’t watch a single game live EVEN IF THE GAME IS BEING PLAYED OUTSIDE OF TORONTO. I even called and spoke to someone in sales who confirmed that none of Toronto’s games, if viewed from Canada, can be watched live. Rodgers placed the limitation so all the traffic needs to go to the TV station the game is on. Well, maybe someone can let Rodgers know that the internet is here and to get with the future already.

  8. Cheap Rogers

  9. If you’re going to use the internet as a medium for watching sports – you’re eventually going to need to learn how to change your IP address. It can be confusing – but its well worth being able to get around blackout restrictions.. as well as use TV streaming sites that only avail themselves to the USA.

    • thats a lot of work when you can just go to sites like first row, and watch whatever you want, youre going through alot of trouble to steal things that are much easier to steal through other means. unless you’re referring to all those legal streaming sites that exist…

      • But its not effort at all when you know how to do it. Like 1 second extra – and you have the official quality stream that cannot be shut down half way through the game. The first row and atdhe and before that are all subject to be shut down at a moments notice once the proper authorities find them. They are also dependent on someone else streaming something of quality.

        This is a way to get the service directly from the provider – meaning you can stream at whatever quality you want.

  10. Has anyone tried this in the Buffalo area?

    I tried watching the Jays game for free a couple of times when offered it as the free game of the night, but it wouldn’t play for me and said that it wasn’t available in my area. Lame.

    But I’d consider getting this if I could actually watch the games.

    • From the Toronto area – when an NHL team plays in Buffalo – we’re also blacked out on NHL’s gamecenter. That is infuriating.

      You could change your IP to a canadian IP and get around it that way.. but other than that I don’t know.

  11. You can see the Jays’ spring training on MLB.TV, which is the first part of the ad copy, and it says “out-of-market” right there on the ad. Not sure what about this is ingenuous. Blackouts are annoying though.

  12. I know you can do the rogers streaming thing as mentioned above. ie. cancel your cable and as long as you have a Rogers phone or internet, you can get a feed for all the games. You could also get MLB TV for non-Jays games……BUT

    Question 1: How do watch the postseason? I believe it is blacked out if you live in North America?

    Question 2: Stoeten, as a cable cutter, how do you watch Jays games?

    • let’s you live stream every game on, including play-offs, on your PS3. $4.99 a month for it. Worth every penny.

  13. The ads are meant for John Farrel so he can stay up on the Jays.

    Suck it Farrell.

  14. Also, for those of you who are really busy and can’t devote three hours or some nonsense, you can wait and get the condensed game (10 minutes or so) the next day on the Jays website. It’s really great for when the team loses or plays an annoying opponent (AL East teams).

    • This I did not know of. Thank you. Being in the USA and not knowing how many Jays games I’ll be able to catch during the season, I wasn’t sure if I could justify the cost of This will at least keep me up to speed if I don’t bite the bullet this year.

  15. Another great feature of (at least when streamed through the PS3) is that you can change the audio feed so you can listen to the opposing teams commentators or even the radio audio.

  16. I have used for years. They let you check up front, before you sign up, what area you are blacked out from. With its linkup for fantasy ball (where it tells you when one of your guys is due up ), its indispensable. Blackouts are across the board , Rogers just negotiated a huge territory

  17. This is the best part about living in Virginia. Orioles games are blacked out but I can watch those on local TV anyways.

  18. will solve all your streaming issues. $4.99 a month and it lets you get US Netflix too.

    I used it all last year in Vancouver and was able to stream every Blue Jays and Mariners game (both of which I’m supposed to be blacked-out from). It also let me use to live stream the playoffs, which you’re not supposed to be able to do. Very worthy investment if you don’t have cable.

  19. Whoa whoa whoa….you mean there are things on the interwebs other than bewbies???


  21. fuckin rogers

  22. Always been this way. Will always be this way. is a backup for missing/not recording the game, or a way to watch all the games while traveling. Expensive for that purpose, but handy while we lived in Iceland for 3 months.

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