The Jays are holding their annual State of the Franchise event for season ticket holders tonight, and I’ll be heading down there, along with Drew and Scott from Getting Blanked. In fact… I’ve got to get my ass in gear and heading in that direction, so this post is going to be rather… uh… experimental.

After the jump what I hope you’ll see is a live video stream of the event– via the Toronto Star’s UStream channel (which… you might have to refresh once the event starts, closer to 6 PM ET)– followed by a CoverItLive window featuring my tweets from the events– and maybe others’, if I can figure out to add them!

Fingers crossed that this actually works. Otherwise, uh… go ahead and talk among yourselves.

Live broadcasting by Ustream

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  1. In honour of the amazing off season, we should be calling it Steak and French Fries.

    With that bit of wisdom out, I’m on my way! Save some mini-burgers guys!

  2. Alright, DJF all over this. Please ask a question if you can, Stoeten.

  3. damn it rusty canz gets claimed by the orioles,but reid brignac got designated for assignment, so maybe they go get him for some depth or some shit like that

  4. chat reached capacity?

  5. Is it just me or is the stream jumpy?

  6. all i’m getting is buble

    • I thought it was a video loop for second given the music all sounding the same and him constantly dumping the corn down his throat.

  7. Man that one bald guy sure is feeding his face lol

  8. Mobile link?

  9. Whose point do view is the stream from?

  10. anyone else having crappy ustream?

    • very shitastic. I’m watching more car and soap commercials.

      Earlier when the Beast was up it was good. After they cut the video they what I can only assume left the audio on for 5-10min. and the Beast was saying something about some blondie in the corner. And the some chick named Caroline introducing herself 5 times…its amazing what can keep me entertained with no baseball porn.

  11. I think the dark skinned guy is trying really hard to catch up to his buddy in the volume of consumed popcorn. My god.

  12. The bald guy is eye-ballin his buddies popcorn.

  13. Are they playing Jimmy Buffet now? What the fuck man!

  14. hurry this up, I dont want to keep watching to bald guys in suits eat.

  15. Cover it live is still full..

  16. Interesting to hear Gibby say the rotation in his head goes Dickey, Morrow, Buerhle, Johnson, Romero.

  17. Is there a media scrum happening now?

  18. Where the hell is stoets McGoats?

  19. I hope someone asks about Yu Darvish.

  20. Sweatervest bierhaus guy keeps looking at the cam

  21. Ustream is basically unwatchable. Why can’t a media company make this happen????????????????????????????????????

  22. buck is like the stewardess of tonight. in the event of emergency, exits are located here, and here

  23. Alex leans over and points at Gibbons- It’s on you now!

  24. It would be nice if the guy working the cam (assuming it’s the cam), would quit fucking with the audio input. If I wanted to hear nails on the chalkboard, I’d demand listening to Buck more.

  25. Buck looks like he’s trying to figure out what he’s going to have for dinner…

  26. please, crank your necks this way towards the video board

  27. Thank goodness there was a camera guy. I thought we going to watch people watching something.

  28. I wonder how many people just walked past Loup and Cecil to get to Bautista in that autograph line.

  29. Bautista nailed that BJ Birdie high five.

  30. Beeston is cheap- just 10 grand for Jays Care. That guy must pull in a lot.

  31. Am I on some sort of fucking Sportsnet tape delay. Wilnot is tweeting shit and happens on my screen 5 min later.

  32. Noooo to Jack Morris.

    • Morris or Clichebot-2000 Tabler, I don’t know who is worse. It was nice having Ashby as the TV-alternate when someone was gone. I assume that’s going to be Morris now? Ugh.

  33. At the very least, Jack Morris’ voice isn’t irritating and he seems relatively well-spoken.

  34. Now look at them yo-yo’s, that’s the way you do it………..

  35. Yes

  36. Been away from the computer for a couple of days so if said, forgive me. TSN reported that the pitching order will be: Dickey followed by: Brandon Morrow, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson and Ricky Romero

  37. Here is Minneapolis coverage of Jack’s new job:

    Morris, who lives in St. Paul, said he’s excited about the new job, especially since the Blue Jays are expected to be National League pennant contenders this year.

    “Toronto’s a great city and I’ve always loved it up here,” he said. “And the team is in a position to make a run, and there’s a real buzz going on.”

    Good luck to those National League Blue Jays. I don’t know them, but they must have a heck of a roster to be able to contend for the pennant this year.


  39. Jesus H. Christ Stoeten….what was up with your tweets tonight?

    Were you there to report on the event, or point out how many people recognized you?

    And posting a pic of yourself posing with other fans? Yuck. Get over yourself.

    Given all your MSM bashing perhaps you should check out Animal Farm…and skip to the end.

    • Awww, look at how smart this guy is. He knows what Animal Farm is! Holy shit, he might have passed grade ten! Be careful everyone! Crazy intellect on the loose! DON’T ASK HIM ABOUT FIFTH BUSINESS! HE’LL RUIN YOUR MIND!

      • My mind was ruined a long time ago.
        Back in the sixties i went over to this friends house. He closed the blinds and said ” I got some really good stuff”. What happened next really blew my mind.I started by
        What was I talking about again?

      • I did pass grade ten thanks. on the second lap. so let’s not focus on my grade 12 education but how you can nip this increasingly douchey behavior of yours in the bud. More analysis less look at me shit please. please. it’s why I read you in the first place and not simmons.

  40. With Morris and Armstrong, I look forward to the Great Toronto Sports Broadcasting Jack Off

  41. I have to say I am really disappointed that questions were selected beforehand. Why have the fans there, they could have just had an Internet chat or press conference.

    The heat is now on Gibbers, AA and Beest from the fans and now Rogers too to make the playoffs. This is certainly the most interesting season since the last one ;) but also the BJ, AJ offseason.

  42. In more important news, Ricky Romero appears to be dating Kara Lang now:

    We all know how he killed it in 2011 while dating Miss USA and shat the bed with his broken heart in 2012. Kara Lang could be the key to the Jays success in 2013.

  43. Romero already had told fans not to worry about his performance/dating connection. I’m more interested in how he bounces back after surgery this offseason.

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