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Was the State of the Franchise last night? Hard to tell based on the slew of pieces from it, like from Shi Davidi and Mike Wilner of Sportsnet, Ken Fidlin of the Sun, Chris Toman of, John Lott of the National Post, Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, and bloggers the Blue Jay Hunter, and Jays Journal.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talks with Jerry Howarth’s new partner in the radio booth, Jack Morris.

In the National Post, John Lott writes specifically about the defence of Melky Cabrera that Alex Anthopoulos made last night.

A couple days old, but definitely worth revisiting Brendan Kennedy’s profile in the Toronto Star of Brock grad and Jays’ assistant general manager Andrew Tinnish.

Dirk Hayhurst writes about the task that John Gibbons faces. “Like herding cats,” he says.

At Extra Base Hit, Darren takes a look at the composite fantasy rankings for second basemen, in which the Jays’ Maicer Izturis places 28th of 29.

“Something something conflating outrage from this incident with that facing Ryan Braun grumble grumble double standard apples orange and SCENE,” writes Drew over at Getting Blanked in reference to Todd Helton’s DUI arrest.

Interesting stuff at Fanatico, as Parkes looks at the followers of major sports writers on Twitter, and finds a whole lot of fake an inactive accounts padding their numbers.

According to the Miami Herald, former Florida governor Jeb Bush attempted to buy the Marlins this off-season, but was rebuffed. Which… only has anything to do with the Jays in a tangential way, but is interesting nonetheless.

Kevin Youkilis may be changing his batting stance, says the headline of a post from Rob Bradford of, and Batting Stance Guy isn’t happy about it.

Lastly, RotoGraphs looks at Steve Delabar as a sleeper relief prospect, with some outstanding GIFfery of his four strikeout inning, and praise for the turn he took and the confidence he showed in his outstanding splitter when he came over to Toronto from the Mariners at the trade deadline, in exchange for Eric Thames.

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  1. Bonjour

  2. Why didn’t anyone at the SotF ask Gibby what he keeps under his mu-mu during games?

  3. Steve Delabar: World Class Triple Jumper.

  4. Delabar is really underrated

  5. Hurry up spring

  6. just got my confirmation of the Fan Pass…and it explicitly states 1 pass per seat/ticket…

    so maybe they reversed their decision on that policy?!!!!


  7. kind of sucks that I agree with their ranking of izturis….
    maybe the reds will stumble and we can start up the votto rumors again and expland it to include phillips. phillips and votto for everyone left in the minors.

    • Stop right now

      • You’re being completely unfair to Izturis. Fantasy rankings are largely driven by the prospect of consistent playing time. In terms of straight-up quality, he deserves to be higher up that list, and a number of people ahead of him, e.g. Zobrist, Pennington, Keppinger, are not going to see much time at 2B. The fact that he’s likely to split time with Bonifacio to some degree really depresses his fantasy value. Obviously that platoon is not wonderful, but to suggest the Jays 2B situation is 28th in the league is completely misleading. Heck, the fact the list only has 29 rankings and some teams are represented twice gives away a lot. I think a more fair estimate of where the Jays’ 2B situation ranks is 20-22ish, not 28th.

        • I dont hate izturis, I’m just fucking around because I’m bored and waiting for work to be done.
          I think he’ll be a quality regular, and I think he’ll bring more value than Johnson did. we have a top 5 fantasy player at probably five sports, 2b just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

          • At the very least he shouldn’t have anywhere near the propensity for inning killing strikeouts that Johnson had

  8. Much better than the Hayhurst article is the article he links to in the washington post. WARNING: if your the sort of person who cant understand the importance of team chemistry and cohesion, the things Gibby says in this article will have you completely baffled and wondering such things as “why does someone whos been in baseball his whole life not know as much as the bloggers and commenters on DJF?”

    I know it must be a really confusing thing to hear so many people lie about the importance of good people and good working environments and so please heed my warning, along with Jack Morris, Gibby is going to drive you crazy with his ignorance and lies

    • Morris isn’t going to affect the infield product

    • *you’re

    • They’re not lying, Rob, they’re just assigning importance to things that have such minuscule bearing on the success or failure of a Major League Baseball team, and are impossible to quantify from a value standpoint, as to make them far too thoroughly pointless to discuss or to pretend they exist.

      Please don’t be so fucking obtuse.

      Of course working environments matter to most of us, but when you’re talking about players at this level of baseball, who if they couldn’t handle bad environments would have failed miserably long before they got to this level, and who have such tremendous incentives to perform to the best of their capabilities regardless of whether they have a rosy relationship with the guys in the room, acting like this stuff is anything more than a cute little story– and actually assigning value to it and talking like it’s a genuine force exerting itself on the club in anything close to resembling a meaningful way– is silly. Adorable, but silly.

      • Now that’s the most articulate way you have ever written your side of the argument.
        Totally wrong and misinformed but well written.
        Kinda cute how you stick your head in the sand and opine about things of which you have no knowledge or experience.

      • impossible to quantify = doesn’t exist?

        • Love the condescending tone Stoeten, but it cant hide the lack of knowledge you have about this topic. I do, however appreciate the strength of your convictions, regardless of it coming from a lack of understanding.

          • It’s like arguing with somebody from the” flat earth society”.
            “The Earth is a flat like a pancake,cause that’s all I can see”

            Love the comment from RF yesterday

            Rollie’s fingers says: 02.05.13 @ 4:29 PM EST
            Reply Are you that much of an outside observer of sports that you buy into the notion that only sabremetrics and numbers matter? Of course chemistry matters! I was on a baseball team for a few years that was by far the most talented in the league…without question. But we didn’t get along well, and it showed. When I was younger I was on a team that wasn’t that great in terms of talent level but we won a lot of games. I know there’s a lot of people on this site who want to toss out the psychology of a team etc. But that is a HUGE part of the game. Coaches who can ‘make’ chemistry, or at least create a common narrative that the team truly buys into (we are outsiders/villains/small market etc.) win championships.

            • Not sure if Stoeten truly buys into the whole dismissal of the importance of chemistry as it is irrelevant in a teams quest to win a championship or if he just has no personal ties to sport in which to gauge it and has no way of connecting the dots mathematically and therefore deems it necessary to shit on its value. Even though so many respectable elite athletes/coaches have emphasized its importance over and over again

      • Oh I see you are sticking to your story…..great.

        Does chemistry within a group at any workplace matter? Because according to you only the individuals performance matters and chemistry has nothing to do with a group of people working together. Well articulated point…and by the looks of it probably by the kid picked last in every sport. Aw. Cute.

      • Andrew, here’s an example I would use: Rasmus has been extremely happy with the culture change in coming to Toronto and seems to like the Jays as an organization and seems to get along much better with the players and coaches here so far. Yet he still has performed quite miserably by his standards.

        It’s nice that he is happy. It surely can’t hurt his performance to be loose and relaxed (within reason of course). But it only goes so far evidently.

        I probably believe in chemistry more than you do. I just don’t think that most teams are full of zombies and only we have bright and special players. Every team has them. Some maybe more than others, but it is all so marginal when you consider how little it is proven to raise your ability to hit a pitch.

      • Just some of the most absolutely pathetic replies I’ve ever seen on this site right here. I’ve never played on a team before? Seriously?

        No, I’ve never played on an MLB team, and neither have any of you, so as far as knowledge and experience goes, we’re on exactly the same level. Not that it matters, of course, because all sorts of MLB players and coaches will spout this type of bullshit because, again, it makes a cute story.

        Now, if you dullards had bothered reading my words before your eyes welled up with incoherent rage you might have noticed that:

        a) I’m specifically talking about players at the elite professional level, not your shitty beer league team, which very well might be impacted by whether or not anybody wants to be there.

        b) I’m not saying that this stuff necessarily has zero impact, just that it’s so tremendously small as to be irrelevant (sorry, but talent on the roster has infinitely more to do with success in a non-team team sport like baseball), and so unquantifiable as to make assigning value to it absolutely pointless.

        I’m also not saying clubs ought to go out of their way to fill their clubhouse with dickheads and malcontents, but– again– at the level these guys are at, with the massive incentives to perform regardless, and the years of attrition weeding out guys whose performance might be massively swayed by “poor chemistry,” it just can’t possibly matter as much as we’re told, or as players want to believe.

        That isn’t to say that they’re robots, but pretending it’s some kind of massive force is nothing more than a convenient narrative to use because people have such a hard time accepting “shit happens” as an explanation for things. Apparently a result we don’t understand is easier to digest when we invent an explanation in the absence of a real one, and I understand why people then start to think this stuff real, and come up with all kinds of anecdotal examples to suggest why it might be, but if you take a step back for a second and think about it, where is the evidence? Why should anybody believe it for a second when talent so obviously has everything to do with success at the elite, professional level in a compartmentalized, individual sport masquerading as a team sport like baseball?

        • It’s when Stoeten writes idiocies like this that I think he doesn’t know anything about baseball or sports.
          I doubt he’s played a team sport of any kind, ever. You don’t have to be a pro to understand common sense. Of course, anyone; including actual pros themselves are idiots for buying into the ‘narrative’.
          You’re the robot Stoeten. The power of belief and faith have overturned civilizations but you’re trying to sell a nihilistic reductionist narrative to suggest that they can’t win a fucking baseball game.
          Narrative….fuck off.

        • Stoeten I don’t know if you’re trolling your own blog or you actually believe what you write.
          I’m still waiting for ONE commenter to back you up in your theory while many point out the error in your thought process. So who’s really the pathetic one here?
          A cute story?Because you don’t understand?Because we both have never been in an MLB locker room we’re on the same level?Not even close my friend.You think because you read fangraphs that makes you an expert in the game,as it’s played on the field?
          Your expertise in baseball comes from reading,mine from playing,managing,umpiring,coaching.Two totally different worlds in which you fail to acknowledge a difference in expertise.
          You’re also getting back to your circular arguments starting the paragraphs with a disclaimer as if that adds to the credibilty.

          “I’m not saying that this stuff necessarily has zero impact”Then explain it’s does?
          “I’m also not saying clubs ought to go out of their way to fill their clubhouse with dickheads and malcontents,”Then you explain It can’t possibly matter.
          “That isn’t to say that they’re robots, but pretending it’s some kind of massive force is nothing more than a convenient narrative to use “So they’re not robots but nothing affects them,which way is it?
          Stick to what your good at and stay away from stuff you don’t understand.

          • It’s pretty hilarious that you can be so oblivious as to invent a nonsense statement like “You think because you read fangraphs that makes you an expert in the game,as it’s played on the field?” as part of your defence of more invented nonsense. Keep on shovelling, I guess, and keep on intentionally missing that at least one person has agreed. Sorry if I have zero respect for the authority you bestow upon yourself, but… y’know… why would I when nothing more than an indignant appeal to it is literally all you have here?

            Now, stop frothing at the mouth that someone would dare say these things you believe in are stupid and show me the evidence that at the elite professional level this undefinable force has any kind of tangible impact.

            And maybe try reading what I wrote again, without your eyes glazed over with rage. The answers to the questions you’re asking are there.

            • beep boop beep…does not compute.
              So baseball is just a series of individual, separate events that bear little or no relation to each other. The players don’t travel together, eat together, shower together, sleep together, party together for 200+ days a year.
              They are ego-less and devoid of any human traits, forged from the crucible of natural selection; paragons of detached execution. The teamnonteam that wins is always the one with more talent, any variance from that can simply be explained away by random chance. beep boop beep boop…program end.

              • Awww, look at this adorable bullshit. That sure is a convenient way to completely misread what I wrote if you want to argue against it with exactly nothing that demonstrates what I’m saying is not true. Yes, they travel together and all that– so what? No, they’re not ego-less, but again, so what? How does any of that have any bearing on the field? Explain it. Don’t just say it does because it does.

            • You see my rebutal as ” frothing at the mouth” and “eyes glazed over with rage”?
              You read wrong.
              You’ve admitted, in a previous post,that you were wrong about the importance of psychological well being on a player’s performance.The locker room has no effect on that?
              As for having zero respect for meThat’s okay.I don’t need your validation.My opinion is formed from talking to people who’ve been there.I tend to believe they’ve told me.
              Maybe you should talk to Hayhurst and he can enlighten you.

              • There would be little enlightening, because he would have no idea beyond some gut feeling and a host of anecdotes. Besides, players are often the true believers when it comes to this stuff, because they’re no more immune to being hopelessly confused about cause and effect here than you are. For the umpteenth time, provide some evidence please. Don’t just rely on the appeal to authority, and then when that fails, appeal to what you assume will be an even higher authority. I don’t care if a ballplayer thinks that there’s something to it, or a manager or a coach, whose entire professional identity and utility requires believing there’s something to it, says that it’s so. People believe a lot of stupid things. Stop with the authority bullshit and show me how it could possibly work, because the burden of proof is on the side that is trying to insist that this ghost is real.

                • Your looking for an absolute,statistical proof, about a part of the game where stats play no part.
                  To quote you:
                  “Besides, players are often the true believers when it comes to this stuff”
                  Isn’t that the point?
                  As for me being the “authority”. That’s why I used the example of you admitting that psychology exists ,as a part of a players profile.If that is true,as you have said,then by extension,the player can be affected by the interaction with other players.
                  Is that not logical?

      • If you want to know how team chemistry affects a won/loss record, you should ask a psychic or god.

        Also, Steve Jobs was by most accounts an asshole, I wonder what Apple could have done if he was a good clubhouse guy, instead of just talented.

  9. 3 million fans…
    Let’s see. 2.8 was done in 1995.
    Almost 2.4 done in 2008.
    The Jays would need to average 37,000 fans per game.
    Capacity is 51,500 or so for baseball.

    Meaningful September baseball would go a long way to achieving this.

    3.2 = 39,500
    3.5 = 43,200
    3.7 = 45,700
    4.0 = 49,400

    I guess the lesson here is to encourage as many people to come because nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. If tickets may actually be hard to get, people will buy more sooner to ensure they can get them.

    The best advice I saw on this site was buy your flex pack and choose games all at the end of the year. Then, move them up as needed. As Alex already said, the upside of this market is tremendous.

    • Not impossible

    • I think the first few months will be very similar to last year: you’ll get 35,000 on weekends and you can still easily walk up and get tickets. As the summer hits, if things are going well, weekday crowds will rise. Sustained success into August and the days of the walk-up crowd will start to end.

      • That’s the thing- if people believe tickets won’t be easily available, they will buy more, sooner. I doubt the market outside of Ontario is too big for actual in game attendance, but the Jays should be looking at ways to draw the sleeper city fans in. They already should have done this before for fans that could come up from cities like London by working with tour agencies to put decent packages together. They lost a lot of revenue over the years because they ignored their base.

    • Baseball is an individual sport within a team sport. It doesn’t matter if one player likes another player as there is no teamwork involved other than pitcher-catcher batteries and double plays.

      The only possible difference chemistry could make is put a player in a better frame of mind. Does this frame of mind translate to better performance though?

      • a distracted player is still a distracted player. Baseball needs focus, and is a team sport in the fact that you get motivated by others around you. i think it does come into play somewhat, but to say a team will lose 10-15 games because of it, well, that might be a stretch.

  10. Or it could be 49,539 and up to 52,000.
    Depending on which Rogers site you look at.
    Fucking liars.

  11. Or it could be 49,260.
    According to “Toronto Blue Jays Rogers Center” guide.
    Seems Rogers themselves doesn’t even know how many seats they have.

  12. Maybe it’s 50,516.
    I could hire a god damn monkey to go around and count the the fucking seats.
    Why can’t Rogers?

    • LOL. The inconsistency is really rattling you isn’t it? How much would you pay me to count?

  13. I guess the seating total from this year’s home opener should the number we can expect to be the capacity. 4 million fans could still theoretically be possible for the Jays in the future I hope and think.

    • When I have a party and I got 10 people coming,I get 10 chairs.I know I got 10 chairs cause I counted them.The RC’s gotta have somebody who can count.Fuck, Beeston’s an accountant,he has to know a fellow accountant who can get the job done.
      Maybe that’s the problem,they got accountants counting the damn seats.
      Fuck ,Oakville69′s an accountant,betcha he’d do a great job.
      Put it on a spreadsheet or something like that.

      • Go to, go to the ticket page, and count the seats in each section. If nothing else, it will keep you buys for a while lol.

      • RADAR, they block out a bunch of CF seats for baseball. Some sites may count those as seats (they ARE seats after all) while some ignore them. Some may count luxury boxes and restaurant seats, some may not.

  14. I guess the team might not have had to worry too often about how many seats they had. Let’s hope this changes.

  15. The Rogers Centre own webpage is maybe from 2009. The capacity number there was already exceeded on the 2012 home opener. The most reliable number is last year’s home opener + luxury boxes (the number of which doesn’t ever seem to be listed).

    • They can’t count the seats AND they don’t know how to update there own fucking webpage?What if they sell too many seats?Do they bring out the folding lawn chairs?Do people have to sit on other people’s laps?

      • Maybe expand the seating with the windows news?

        • I got it RadaR How many rich guys can you cram into the luxury Boxes?

          • All kidding aside.
            37k a game to reach 3 mil
            49k a game to 4 mil.
            2.1 mil last year.
            I know there’s a lot of hype and energy but let’s see what happens when they have a 4 game losing streak or Dickey gives up a couple of dingers.
            A lot of games between here and there.

  16. AAron Hill ranked as high as 4 in the fantasy pool? That must be one pathetic league ol’ Aaron is in.

  17. Now Peralta’s on the Bosch list too.

  18. Look! Real live baseball.

    Beisbol Venezuela vs Dominicana

    Clap clap clap!

  19. I know Farrell is universally hated here and I’m a charter member of the club. But Steve Delabar had issues before he got to Toronto because a lot of batters simply laid off his splitter. He improved because Farrell and Walton helped him get his fastball and off speed pitches back into the strike zone; thereby making his splitter impossible to lay off.

    A Farrell quote from last summer’s DJF post:
    ” If you look even deeper into the home runs against right handers, a number of times it was because a breaking ball didn’t get to the right spot. So for him we’ve looked to do two things: address fastball location, especially to that side of the plate and minimize potential mistakes with the breaking ball. ”

    I sure hope Pete Walker is the pitching caoch I think he is.

    • “So for him we’ve looked to do two things: address fastball location, especially to that side of the plate and minimize potential mistakes with the breaking ball. ”

      The kind of thing the right person can say to make themselves sound smart, but is really pretty simple. Throw your fastball where you’re supposed and make sure the other pitches are good too.

    • Delabar’s slider was killling him when facing right handed hitters.

      Sticking to his 4-seamer and splitter did the trick.

  20. So only jobs up for grabs are backup cather, secondbase….what about the right handed DH for when a lefty is on the mound? Are we really going to have to watch Lind fail miserably for another year against them? Such an easily found item yet the will is not there. Don’t get it.

    • It is interesting. At first, Alex had come out and said Lind would be platooned. After Gibbers was hired, that was backtracked. We don’t know how long of a leash he has- he might not even have the job after Spring Training. Lind’s health probably won’t allow his sucking against lefties to continue too long anyway.

      This team is going for it, don’t worry about the small things because the team will take care of it sooner than later- Alex wants to win too bad to let things slide.

      • Sprague that is an interesting question.

        How long is Linds leash?? He occupies a position that should pack a lot of offense. He has had every opportunity to succeed it seems. When do ya pull the plug and make a serious change if he continues to flake?

        5-10-20-50 games? What if the TEAM wins yet he flakes do ya leave things as they are? Move him? Demote him?

        Might be a lot of Lind talk to start the season

        • If Lind does not rake like a mofo in ST he won’t be playing in The Show. I’m convinced that management have completely given up on him. He’s still around because the fat contract means they can’t unload him. The only platooning I’d do would be Cooper with Edwin.

          Driving home from work tonight about 7:30 Pacific time, I heard Jack Morris interviewed by Dave Pratt on CKNW. Not too impressed; he’s a cliche generator without very much interesting to say. Too bad because I often commute home during Jay games and I liked Ashby and Howarth’s radio. Is he worse than Buck and Tabby? Maybe not, but I usually mute Buck and Tabby.

      • Lind will either figure it out or he’ll be out of baseball. That’s the motivation.
        He coulda been claimed by anyone last year and he wasn’t.
        Last year of the guaranteed part of his contract.
        He shits the bed = no option picked up.

        • Radar I understand the motivastion as I think evryone including Lind does. Or at least he fuckin should.

          What Im wondering, is how long his leash is once the season starts if he comes outta the gate struggling?

          • My guess ( and it’s only a guess) would be June.
            At that point,you know what lind is going to be, it’s reasonable to write off the balance of the contract and still time enough to trade/callup for a replacement.

            • isn’t lind a GREAT CHEMISTRY GUY?!?!?! there’s GOT to be value in having a GREAT CHEMISTRY GUY like that around, right? i mean, what if he stinks, and they move him/demote him, but the guy they replace him with isn’t a GREAT CHEMISTRY GUY. IMO, it wouldn’t matter if his replacement could rake if he wasn’t a cool, laid back good ‘ol dude like lind. i fear that not having such a GREAT CHEMISTRY GUY like lind around the clubhouse would have such a negative impact on the boyz, that they’d forget how to play – or worse, they’d be so dispirited from the loss of CHEMISTRY they’d no longer have sufficient motivation to try.

              • Fuck off

                • What fucking kind if expert are you? If BASEBALL guys like Farrell and Gibbers want Lind in their lineup then he must be bringing all sorts of intangibles to the table. Who are you, some blog commenter, to have an opinion on him?

                  Fuck Off.

                  • You’re all crazy. His contract has everything to do with it. That’s all. Move on.

                    • contract and 3 consecutive seasons > 23 HRs. And he’s a great dude in the clubhouse, everyone loves him. Everyone at the MLB level is talented.

                    • You’re really going to try to bring that bullshit into this? Of course it has nothing to do with it.

  21. For the most part, as a longtime Jays fan, I’m really excited about the upcoming season. I’ve been getting really tired over the past several years, of the bullshit corporate hype and PR, and the sycophants that push the message that any old miracle can happen in Oz. Love the look and feel of the team TO will be putting on the field. What is on the verge of spoiling it for me is the signing of Melky Cabrera. It stinks on so many levels. I hate fucking cheaters and liars of all stripes; and no, I don’t think you have to do anything to win or that winning at all costs should be mantra in sports. The fact Cabrera found his new home in Toronto the Good epitomizes the downward sociological slide we are experiencing as a nation. I mean, what does Canada even stand for anymore?
    For any that attempt to defend the action on any moral ground I say, don’t try to excuse the inexcusable.
    That’s the state of my union address.
    Your Welcome.

    • It will be very interesting to see how Melky performs. One has to believe there is some added pressure on him now that he will be under the microscope by so many who are anxious to compare his performance as a clean player to that of when he was on PED’S. I know im interested to see how he fairs.

    • on board with you on this John, don’t like the smell either, & despite “glowing” reviews my spidey senses are tingling. it kinda tarnishes an otherwise great feeling around the team, wish it weren’t the case…

    • If you can try to remember that all pro sports is just one giant advertising platform for corporations, and then look through it, you will feel much better.

    • woe is fucking me much?

    • Yes. Because the Blue Jays signed a player that rubbed magic cream on himself to be good at hitting a ball with a stick Canada is descending into a rotten hellscape of a broken nation.

      Get a grip man. You’ll live longer.

      • Next thing you know we’ll be allowing abortions and gay marriages…

        • and shrugging our shoulders as our politicians loot the treasury, children go to school hungry, oil companies give natives cancer, withhold aid from 3rd world countries with birth control plans…oh wait, you were joking right?

    • Any potential credibility you may have had with your post, ‘Honest John’ went out the window with your use of the term ‘your’, instead of ‘you’re’.

    • If he gets suspended again it will be very hard for him to find another job. I applaud the Jays for giving him a second chance, and I agree with AA completely: maybe not a third or fourth chance, but always give a second chance. Yes, the Jays took a huge risk here, but that risk would have been on whichever team signed Melky if he didn’t come to Toronto. And Melky has to know his future as a big leaguer also hangs in the balance here.

      John, you make some good points, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t just a Blue Jays problem, it’s a baseball problem. If the Jays hadn’t given Cabrera this contract someone else would have, and then another team would be dealing with this controversy. If MLB really wants the drugs out then teams will stop giving $16 million to a guy coming off a PED suspension, and that’s not happening any time soon.

    • Honest John, what if I told you that the only difference between Melky and 100 other pro players in the MLB is that Melky got caught?

  22. @Honest John – To spare the good vibe you have, and not “spoil it for you”, you’re here by not allowed to watch the 2013 Blue Jays. They will in fact employ a player guilty of using a PED. While we’re at it you can no longer watch NFL and CFL football. Actually since the NBA has been using cortizone frivolously you’re banned from watching that too. (to spare your “good feelings”)
    Shit, while we’re at it you need to unform the memories in your hippocampus of the 92 and 93 World Champion Jays as they employed a steroid user and a cocaine user respectfully. Just don’t want you to have any traumatic memories and end up on Dr. Phil.

  23. Great class going in to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame: George Bell, Tom Cheek, Tim Raines, Rob Ducey and Nat Bailey. Bailey did things in BC and I’m sure he’s deserving, but the rest of that class is fantastic. I’m seriously thinking of going down to St. Mary’s for the induction now, would be a pretty cool experience. Congrats to all these men, very deserving.


    ummmm, anyone want to comment on this…..

    why dont we have a DJF report on this one

  25. Maybe someone here can answer a question I can’t find the answer to: If I buy a flex-pack and can’t make one of the games I’ve chosen, can I then pick another game in lieu of the original?

  26. AA the Elder (now AA the Former) speaks about his move to Houston broadcast booth and his enjoyment of Toronto (need to scroll down a number of previous interviews to get to last night’s talk with Jeff Sammut):

    Noice. MIss you already AA the Elder.

    • sorry, need to scroll down through subsequent interviews, not previous. The audio files are filed on last in, first up format.

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