While I personally would find being forced to watch 2400 games in a six month period something bordering on torture– in addition to being subjected to what appears to be actual torture– apparently some people are down with it, as they keep applying to spend a summer in the MLB Fan Cave.

MLB has narrowed down their list of potential 2013 Fan Cave participants to 52, and until February 13th, it’s up to the unwashed masses out here on the interwebs to help whittle the list further down to 30. I can’t possibly be arsed to slog through the whole lot of them– or any, really– so consider me incredibly biased, but if Vancouverite music journalist, Jays fan, and singer of “baseball punk” band The Isotopes, Evan Wansbrough, wants in, how can I possibly not attempt to throw the support of the DJF Monkey Army behind him?

Pretty easily, actually. But I’ll do it anyway!

Click here to go to his MLB Fan Cave page and vote! And check out Evan’s Fan Cave video, plus a clip of the Isotopes’ Ballad of Rey Ordonez after the jump.


Follow Evan on Twitter at @theIsotopes.

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  1. This dude >>>>>>>>>>> That annoying April girl

    • Of course, if a guy did the same video April did, I bet it would be considered cool.

    • April’s a nice girl, man. Really loves baseball. Go vote for them both, easy as that.

    • Hey man, she’s passionate and a great Jays fan. There’s no need to be a dick. If you don’t like her, that’s fine, but show some class.

      Like others have said, they’re both great candidates and the Fan Cave would be smart to get both in. Especially if MLB Network is indeed coming to Canada.

    • I like April. She knows baseball. And the Jays.

  2. As a Former CIS Football Lineman, im more of a Gorilla then a Monkey, but I shall go forth and vote for this person i do not know for one thing….a shurbbery!

    ah, it will give me something to do for the last couple hrs of this Friday…..

  3. Humble brag.

  4. why is the other jays candidate not promoted?

  5. Both of the fancave applicants are very good and 100% Canadian. I can see that Evan is passionate about baseball as much as the next guy, but personally my vote goes to April. She has way more baseball knowledge than any other guy I’ve talked to, and would make an excellent addition to the fancave. I do hope both make it to the next round though.

  6. Michael Clair’s was entertaining. Be warned, he references batting average. Harrumph!

  7. Vote for April

  8. who knew 00s baseball punk would sound so much like 80s skate punk?

  9. 2400 games * average of 3 hours/24 = 300 days of continuous viewing. So … I’m guessing they watch them concurrently or something right?

    Frickin lightweights.

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