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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We all know how stressful this time can be for those lucky folks that have a shining light in their lives and also for those of us who spend nights cold and alone, clutching technology close in a failed attempt to keep warm. To help aid both groups of people let a special someone know that they’re loved and appreciated and/or desired and attractive, I’ve created some Blue Jays Valentine’s Day cards that you can give to do the romantic talking for you.

Follow the jump for more cards, and click on each one to get a full sized view. Love is in the air!

Valentines day card design background

This Brett Lawrie card shows that you’ll do anything for that special someone. They say “Jump” and you say “Over what?”


Melky Vday

This Melky Cabrera valentine will inject your lovers heart with biogenetic affection.


Dickey VDay

What better way to let your lover know that you’re mesmerized by them than by showing off R.A. Dickey’s fancy fingernails.


Brett Lawrie Wings

Let your sweetheart know that not even Red Bull makes your heart beat faster than love.


Reyes Vday

This Jose Reyes card is so smooth, you’ll probably end up getting a base further than you anticipated when Valentine’s Day began.


Emilio Vday

Let that special someone know that you see what they’re doing and you love it.


Romero VDay

Heartbroken? Ricky Romero knows that feel. Anyone you give this card to will feel as special as Miss USA.


Valentines day card design background

Not every Valentine’s date needs to be fancy and full of flowers and expensive restaurants. Sometimes it is nice to just spend a night in, make your own dinner and rehab your wrist while watching Netflix.


Gibby Vday

The language of love can be complex and hard to understand, just like whatever it is Gibby is talking about when he gets going. I’m not sure what this card is about but it seems nice, doesn’t it?


Jose Dat ass

What collection would be complete without our favourite picture of Jose Reyes?

There you have it! Email or print these out for your loved ones so they know that they’re as important to you as clicking both copy and paste. Suggestions for other cards and submissions are welcomed, throw them in the comments or @DrunkJaysFans & @ArchiZuber on twitter. I threw out too many other cards idea while making this to not have a part 2 post.

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  1. amazing

  2. This is the BEST.

  3. Stuff of champions.

  4. fucking amazing

  5. Best. Ever.

  6. Pure awesomeness.

  7. Zuber the best.

  8. The Bautista one was my favourite … well done, Zubes.

  9. Zuber wins the internets today.

  10. *slow clap*

  11. Those are epic! Well done…

  12. sick. SICK!!!!Too funny for work by half.

  13. The Gibby one is amazing.

    Well played Zubes

  14. I wouldn’t trade you for all the Marlins in the world? What about Stanton

  15. The Jose one hit a little to close to home

  16. Gibby one killed me. Nice work, sir.

  17. zuberdabest (other than dickey…because everyone knows that dickeydabest)!

  18. This. Is. The Best.

  19. Literally laughed out loud at a few of those…hilarious. Well done!

  20. this is my favourite DJF post ever

  21. although you did spell Valentine’s wrong on 2 of the cards

  22. Awesome

  23. Zuber wins. Awesome stuff.

  24. Great stuff, just sent one to the wife, awaiting the WTF reply lol. Thanks for the laughs.

  25. I just sent the last one to my wife. Awesomeness.

  26. Wow. I clicked on this and said “this can’t possibly be worth reading.” I was very wrong.

  27. I’m glad our best player’s wrist being fucked can be a source of amusement. No really, I am

    And let me save “WOAH lighten up” bro the trouble. Go fuck yourself

  28. The internet has been won.

  29. Brilliant!

  30. Zuber, this one’s for you:


  31. No real baseball talk

  32. Nice to be able to laugh on a crappy Monday

  33. YES!

  34. I really want someone to give me the AA one.

  35. Is Romero’s head really that flat on the back?

    Also: AWESOME.

  36. I lost it on the Gibby one. Bravo Zuber.

  37. AA laughing has to be one

  38. 10 internet points to Zuber for this collection of brilliance.

  39. That had me laughing embarrassingly loudly.

  40. Those Valentines are lovely! Congratulations!!

  41. Spit everywhere on YOUR LOVE – ENHANCES MY PERFORMANCE. Just amazing.

  42. The Reyes extra base one is a stroke of genius!

  43. I can’t be the only one who thought Melky was King Felix at first glance

  44. Suggestion: You’ve got my heart in your swagger sleeve.

    Or, you know, something like that. Anyway, these are fantastic.

  45. Better than any card I’ve ever received.

  46. Wow these are amazing! Thanks for the laughs

  47. I laughed. I died. It became a part of me.

    Is it just me, or does Gibby look like Jack Nicholson there? (“HERE’S JOHNNY!!!!”)

  48. lost it at gibby’s

  49. Best post of the year. Aaaaaaawwwwchieeeeee!

    Gibbys card rocks it out!

  50. Bravo Arch, the cards are awesome. !!

  51. I really hope AA uses the first one personally.

  52. I’ve received far too many of the Netflix “Night In” Valentines this past year.
    Now I know why the pro’s hate rehabbing.

  53. I realllly thought it was going to be something more inappropriate for the wrist one. When my wrist is sore, spending the night in isn’t likely to heal it, amirite?!

    But seriously hilarious post.

  54. The Gibbons one is the best thing to happen in the history of best things happening ever. Ever!

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