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Bob Nightengale of USA Today profiles the Jays– his pick to win the AL East– and John Gibbons in particular, from Dunedin. And while he maybe doesn’t make it quite clear enough for my liking that Gibbons’ much-publicized altercations with Shea Hillenbrand and Ted Lilly happened two seasons prior to his firing, it’s still entirely a worthwhile read.

Do ya think maybe Spring Training is here? Here’s John Lott of the National Post, Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail, and Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star with some burning questions as camp opens.

Robert MacLeod and Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press (via the Post) all talk about expectations and high hopes heading into 2013.

The CP’s Davidson, again via the Post, writes that Aaron Cibia isn’t ruling himself out of the running to catch R.A. Dickey, even though… I mean… come on.

Ken Fidlin says the same thing in the Toronto Sun (minus my added “come on”), among a flurry of articles from Dunedin. He looks in-depth at (and takes a hell of a picture of) R.A. Dickey, speaks to Brandon Morrow, who’s ready to be part of a winner.

Fidlin’s colleague, Mike Rutsey, expects the Yankees to slide in the AL East this season. Yeah? Well tell that to PECOTA.

At North of the Border, Gregor Chisholm says that full coverage for him starts on Wednesday, and we can expect daily dispatches on bother the blog and, of course, at BlueJays.com. The Post’s CP pieces today also say that John Lott will begin his coverage Wednesday, so keep checking over there for that (but don’t tell Paul Godfrey that I told you– he hates incoming traffic).

Drew Davidson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram talks to Texas boy Noah Syndergaard, who is in camp with the Mets after being traded  (along with Travis d’Arnaud) for the reigning NL Cy Young winner.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reports that the Jays have hired known hitter and Tampa Bay heckling target Ken Huckaby to be the hitting coach for their Appalachian League squad.

Parkes joined Matthew Kory of Red Sox blog Over The Monster on their most recent podcast, previewing the Jays.

Emma Span includes the Jays among one of the best narratives that will unfold over the coming spring in her latest at Sports On Earth.

Jays Journal takes a look at some of the infielders who are non-roster invitees at the Jays’ camp in Dunedin. Because… why not?

The Dunedin branch of the hyper-local portal Patch.com asks whether Alex Anthopoulos got it right when he recently told the Toronto Star about his top spots to visit in the city.

Lastly, Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs reviews how we all did in their contract crowdsourcing project from way back at the start of the off-season, while his colleague Jeff Sullivan gives us a primer on how to read Spring Training stats.


Image via @SNBarryDavis.

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  1. That Godfrey barb went way over my head. Any help?

    Tried listening to that Over The Monster podcast and man was it unbearably terrible, and not because of Parkes. Makes you really appreciate the GB/DJF production team and the work that goes into putting an enjoyable podcast together.

    • I think it has to do with Godfrey being chair of the OLG. He admitted he wouldn’t want a casino in his neighborhood but says downtown is ok because it’s not ‘residential’

    • That was a brutal podcast (and not because of Parkes). How that guy has managed to make 79 podcasts and not figured out how to speak into the microphone or ask a coherent question is beyond me.

    • Of course the DJF has better quality audio….. Its a podcast done in a studio… not over god damn skype. Come on people.

  2. in the year after the Hillebrand issue the Jays were 9 and 9 vs. the eventual WS winner RSux and 8-10 vs. Stanks, when those teams won 96 and 94 games respectively. The third best team in baseball??? Not really. Also, in 2007, Jays went 10 and 8 vs. Baltimore and 9 and 9 vs. Tampa in a year those teams LOST 93 and 94 games respectively.

    The most .500ish team/manager; that is what Gibby has to shake. That he is not a solid, reliable if unspectacular UPS delivery truck driver, but the Michael Scumacher/Ayrton Sena/Stig of baseball managers – worthy of piloting a high performance automobile.

    • If you look at the rosters he had it’s a wonder those teams even finished above .500.

    • Can well all just stop with the “clever” reworkings of rival team names?
      You sound like a bunch of children, every time. It has never, ever been funny.

      • you do what you do and I’ll do what I do and we just let each other live, how ’bout that BP??

      • Here, here Beepy! It hurts my brain reading comments like his.

      • You’re upset and find it childish about the use of RSux and Stanks on a site where the moderator uses terms like boner and maple dicks?
        If thats the worst thing to worry about, I got no problems with it.
        There are bigger issues to comment about.

        • I haven’t used “boner” in forever, one. [Insert joke here.] This is not a message board, two.

          • As I said Stoeten, I got no problems with your’s or anybody else’s verbiage.
            I ain’t that pedant.I guess others are.
            Don’t get the message board remark.Flew over my head.

            • You referred to him as a moderator Radar.

              • Thanks Tom.
                I sincerely didn’t know what he meant.
                He posts,deletes inappropriate comments,bans commenters who are out of line,changes usernames,etc.Thought that was a moderator.It’s what I’ve called him in the past and meant no disrespect.
                I guess his official title is Editor.I’ll call him that from now on.
                Why the fuck this is an issue or why am I’m still typing is beyond me.

                • Sadly it continues to be an issue because some people insist on coming to a site called “drunk jays fans” to correct other people’s grammar and spelling.

                  It’s Napoleon syndrome…

      • Curious, is the name Oh, Beepy a clever play on OBP?

    • He’s a manager. He’s bound by the talent on his roster. This is nonsense.

  3. The Red Sox have shown a great ability to turn into shit over the last few years. The Orioles were the definition of luck last year. The Yankees are old, really old. The Rays are good as usual but at least they no longer can get 10 wins solely off of us.

    Therefore the contrarian in me combined with the homerism in me, has us winning the division by 3 or 4 games. I’m usually wrong but that’s a possibility that I am going to faithfully watch for and hope for. And I’ll still be more than happy with a WC.

    • Winning the division by 3-5 games sounds right assuming there are no big negative surprises.

      Of course, there are always surprises.

      Casey not being a 100% is worrisome. We know what happened last year with Santos in spring training, when the Jays were reluctant to let him pitch in games etc.

      Hopefully, Casey will be OK by opening day.

  4. If Erin Seebeeahhhh gets to catch Dickey, perhaps, and I say with optimistic caution, perhaps it will make him a better catcher. Thus by making him uber alert to balls in the dirt that will have to make his blocking ability rise up to the occasion.

    There is no doubt that he has the eye hand coordination to catch the dancers, but his blocking decisions are key.

    • I’d buy that.
      Of course I’ll grasp at any hope possible when it comes to improved play from
      JP Strikethreebia

  5. Yes, Gibby isn’t afraid to mix it up – but I get the feeling he’s also the type of guy who has no problem giving his players man-hugs.

  6. When Does the djf pod return?

    • We were talking about doing one this week. Very high chance of it happening.

      • +1. The podcasts are entertaining.

        @Stoeten, would you say that playoff expectations are higher this year than at anytime from 2006-2008.?

        I did not follow the Jays till mid 2008.

        • Playoff expectations are very obviously the highest they’ve been since ’93.

          • OK Thanks. i would have thought that the team had a shot at playoffs in 2006-2008, but there was only 1 wildcard then , & the Yankees & red Sox were very strong.

        • LOL!!

          This is the imposter.

          I have even a Blue Jay fan for many years, although I did previously follow the Expos.

          • Who is the imposter you? Him? Show yourself.

            • @Tom.

              I am the real oakville69. I didn’t follow the Jays closely till Cito came back. I was an Expos Fan since my childhood years in Montreal. I moved to Toronto in 1993. I saw the Blue jays parade on University Avenue from my appt downtown.

  7. Barring major injury issues, neither the Jays nor the Rays finish last.
    However, one can make a case for any of the five finishing first.
    Right now, I’ve got:
    1. Jays
    2. Rays
    3. Red Sox
    4. O’s
    5. Yankees
    Were I to make a change, it would be to put the O’s 3rd and the Sox 4th.

    • Jays could fall to second

    • I’d have a hard time putting the Yankees way down there.

      • Youk, Jeter, Tex, & Hafner could all spend as much time on the DL as on the field.
        Kuroda & Pettite are each another year older,
        Hughes may or may not get the job done
        and who knows how Mario will come back.

        If we get to July and the Yankees are out of it, good chance they trade Granderson
        and maybe even Cano. Take one or both out of that lineup, and ouch.

        This could very easily be the year it all falls apart for these guys.

      • I agree. Yanks would be #3 for me. Red Sox and Orioles remain interchangeable.

    • Ya I simply cant see the Yanks finishing last either, even with all those question marks. Their lineup is still #2 in the division IMO. Cano could be scary in contract year


  8. So good to have relevant content back….well, sort of relevant.

    And by relevant, I of course mean, in relation to real players actually getting ready to play baseball. What a revelation!

  9. #BellLetsTalk

    do they count here too?

  10. We really need to get some game threats on here. It’s been too long.

  11. Holy fuck. That USA Today article is in bad need of a copy editor.

    • Roughly one third of copy editor positions that there were in existence at American daily newspapers in 2007 are now gone. It’s been a sad development in North American journalism.

  12. Sometimes I feel like there are more pop culture references in the comments sections than comments about baseball. I feel so young.

  13. Sorry I’m old school and still read the mag predictors.

    Lindys has the Jays winning the AL Beast. And predicted to be AL Champs.

    How bout them mangos.

    Standby for my in person, on site, wasted drunk, Spring Training Analysis of the Tee bag Rays.

  14. That Espn article states that the jays invested 199 million to its roster. If they just promised 250 million in upgrades to the dome, I would think that given the right situation the jays would still be able to upgrade their roster to suit their needs or bury a miss. Going foreword this bodes well for fans because we get a better experience and hopefully a more competitive product year in and out. I’m stoked for not only now but the future. AA built a AAA team out of nothing, both location and roster. our scouting staff is pretty solid as osuna gets a nod on everyone’s list sat such a young age. I know it’s not just him, we traded more high end guys then most teams have and we still rank out of the bottom 5.

    There is my spew of enthusiasm, go Jays

  15. Is mike carp worth a look?

    • Maybe…although I’d only do it as a depth move on a waiver claim. Don’t think he’s as good as Lind//Bonifacio/Cooper/Sierra/Gose/etc, so I’m not sure where he’d play, even in Buffalo.

  16. Nobody should be surprised that the Jays won’t make an appearance on FOX this season (save for possibly the last two open-date weekends based on playoff scenarios). Also, nobody should be surprised that FOX released their schedule with the bold proclamation that “Every US-based team will make at least one appearance on FOX Saturday Baseball.” ESPN and TBS will pick the Jays up, especially if they are doing well in the second half. Really though, we shouldn’t care too much about the Jays on US TV. If the team’s winning they’ll get noticed.

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