Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

McGowan in slightly less injury-plagued times. (Spring 2005)

This afternoon news hit the internet that Jays pitcher Dustin McGowan has already been shut down due to soreness in his shredded and frequently operated-on throwing shoulder, and blogger Andrew Stoeten decided that the wholly unsurprising news wasn’t really worth making a whole post about.

“Doesn’t this happen every year?” Stoeten likely asked himself at the time. “I mean, I get that it’s somewhat newsworthy because the Jays ridiculously signed him to that extension last season, and because everybody feels for the guy and have probably started wondering whether this might be the end of the road. But was he, what, ninth on the starting pitching depth chart? Like, at best. Yeah, it’s shitty, but what the hell would I even write?”

As evening turned to night, however, the blogger– perhaps procrastinating before going to meet his sister to move a couch– appears to have lost his nerve on the McGowan-injuries-aren’t-news issue, as a piece, barely qualifying as more than a footnote, was written and published about McGowan some time in the minutes after seven o’clock– a far cry from the gnashing of teeth that has met previous injuries to the one-time first round pick (of Gord effing Ash) and organizational top prospect.

You can read the post at Drunk Jays Fans.

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  1. Ouroboros!

  2. Isn’t this team too good for a Dustin McGowan post?

  3. McGowan’s done…

  4. yeah and fail to criticize the ninja GM who gave him that contract and instead mock gord ash who picked him. And how’s deck mcguire doing?

  5. i keep clicking the link but it brings me back to… wait a minute… wow… that’s some meta-shit right there

    • It’s like the TRAP Recursive Acronym Program. What does TRAP stand for you ask? Why it stands for the TRAP Recursive Acronym Program. What does TRAP stand for you ask? Why it stands for the TRAP Recursive Acronym Program. What does TRAP stand for you ask? Why it stands for the TRAP Recursive Acronym Program. What does TRAP stand for you ask? Why it stands for the …

  6. The Greg Oden of pitching

    • Near-perfect analogy

      • I did not know mcGowan was drafted first overall. And who is Kevin Durant in this analogy?

        • Let me take you back a little, He’s a shorter, whiter, wrong-sport, wrong broken body part version of Sam Bowie. Except, Bowie actually played in the majors(NBA) after his legs fell apart.

  7. Just be done with it already.

  8. Imagine taking everything you worked for in your life, with this god given talent to have it taken away before you really even got started. A family to support and now, where do you go to start a new career in something different?

    Fuckin harsh, imagine it for a second.

    • uh when you’ve made 5mil you don’t need a job

      • You’d be surprised. Imagine debt, current living costs, etc…….. You probably have the opportunity to make 5 mill over your lifetime…..

      • @Smiley

        Go chew on a happy cookie dude

        • He actually has a point. $5 mil in your 20′s is vastly preferable to earning it over the course of your career. But let’s not turn this into a money management discussion. Happy DMSDD!

          • Dustin McGowan Shut Down Day?

          • Very, very wrong. Imagine you make $5 mil when you’re 25. How much of that would you blow on cars, houses, and your posse? It would take an incredibly wise person to save that money the way you need to. Making that money over a 40 year career instead is vastly preferable; not in a vacuum, but in real life.

            • Yea, but some people aren’t bone-headed and ARE responsible with money.

            • I haven’t posted in a while, but I had to on this one.

              Absurd, Garold. Just absurd logic.

              Anyway, who cares? You think Dustin McG gives a shit when any of us can’t pay the bills? Too bad he didn’t work out, but whatever …

    • Now imagine your god given talent is being a garbageman.

  9. 1. If I’m McGowan, I’ll probably try to rehab as long as they’ll let me, so I can keep collecting them cheques.
    2. If I’m the Blue Jays, why let him go? He’s owed $3.5MM either way.

    I suppose if I’m the Blue Jays, I might want to spend medical and coaching resources elsewhere, though.

  10. I hope it’s not time to take him behind the shed…sniff

    • A-yep! Ol’ Lambchop’s had his time.

    • Old Yeller, great ending.

      Hey, I’m just kinda sympathetic to the Pro athletes that never made the big money. Life After sports is harsh. Identity gone, and if no proper financial planning, tough times.

      • I’m with you KGBS, the guy has worked his ass off to get his career back on the rails. This isn’t some prick that’s gaming the system, he has worked hard, much like our current hero R.A. Dickey. I don’t understand how people can make such shitheaded comments about a guy who’s likely going to lose his livelihood. Yeah, he made a little dough, but I suspect he ain’t retiring off of it and probably has no idea what’s hope things work out for McGowan.

        Save the schadenfreude for the Bernie Madoffs of the world.

        • Bernie Made Off with a lot of peoples lives.

          McGowan will always get a hand shake from me.

          When I was young, I looked up to pro atheletes who preformed.

          Now, I dont get wowed anymore if I see them. But if its a person who I respect as an athelete and has made an impact bigger than playing the game as a person, I can be mesmerized.

          John MacDonald, Roy Halladay, Adam Graves, Curtis Granderson, and Joe Sakic to name a few.

  11. The second the Jays release him he’ll win the Cy Young. THE. SECOND.

  12. couldn’t you just have used thevsame post as last time?

  13. I am totally fine with McGowan’s contract. Guy made near league minimum contracts at the beginning of his career and then spends five years in excruciating pain trying to continue his career. AA saw that McGowan was beginning to look good again and that there was some chance of him being well worth more than that measly contract. He also knew that there was a chance McGowan might never pitch again, but he gave him financial security and reason to try for another 3 years. The money is going to have very little effect on anything Jays or Rogers related and it is going to someone that deserves it. It is a defendable contract from a baseball perspective and it is also a good thing to do from a moral perspective.

    • @jimmy

      Exactly; Mcgowans contract was very high risk/high reward like. With his arsenal as a pitcher and tremendous upside that contract couldve been a steal. Like Bautistas contract there was much debate from one spectrum to the next. Small sample sizes combined with high potential equals a roll of the dice.

      I dont fault AA at all over this

      • not to mention rewarding a player who had shit luck and was a total trooper. it’s not as if McGowan was set for life like the majority of mlb players. the contract made sense in a lot of ways, and I don’t know why Stoeten criticized it so heavily when if everything went wrong at worst the contract was a good deed and risk well worth taking. it looks unlikely, but that contract can still pay off. if mcgowan pitches one year of above replacement level baseball then it already payed off baseball wise.

  14. Santos is a really good lyer

  15. More likely:

    McGowan’s ducked tape shoulder holds up long enough to pitch one more big league inning.


    McGowan learns to throw left handed and is reborn.

  16. I honestly feel like McGowan has an important role to play– the guy who generates bad news and helps to temper all the good vibes emanating from the club.

    It’s an important role, you guys.

  17. The kids used to call me Mr. Glass…

  18. Man that game against Colorado seems like decades ago

  19. Old news is new with McGowan.

  20. Train wreck ! Just cut the guy already !

  21. I’d still pay McGowan the league minimum to try and come back in 2014.

  22. “…the Jays ridiculously signed him to that extension last season…” Spoken like a true stat geek who either does not understand or does not appreciate what Beeston and AA are trying to accomplish in Toronto.
    That contract was intended to show loyalty to McGowan and to purchase trust and goodwill with players and agents throughout major league baseball. Mission accomplished.
    Anyone who thinks that every contract has to show direct tangible results on the field is incredibly naive.

    • Ugh. Now Stoeten is just going to use this as a strawman to overlook the baseball reasons for extending McGowan.

      Which is no different than a draft pick, Evan Longoria or Jose Bautista.

      The risk/reward was certainly defensible.

      • Yes, because all I do is use strawmen constantly. And if only there was some kind of record of things I’ve written, you could even prove it!

        Sorry I eventually tuned out your patronizing, guy.

        Anyway, was the McGowan deal defensible? Sure, it could be defended reasonably enough. But roster spots are finite, McGowan’s health speaks for itself, and the timing of it was awful at best. Sorry, but calling it ridiculous is entirely fair, even if the money is insignificant (albeit enough to have put toward someone like a Brandon Lyon, for example).

        • Just as a point of reference. if i’m not mistaken,DM was throwing wel and pain free when he signed the contract. Within a week he was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis which can take up to a year to treat properly.
          And now he has shoulder problems?
          At the time, some of the speculation was due to the Jays needing addidtional starters at some point during the season,in case of injury. Another bit of speculation was that,if DM was healthy and over his arm problems he might get picked up by other teams as part of a depth move.
          The curious part was,why a 2 year deal and not a one year deal?
          Also I didn’t think he was taking a roster spot because he was on the disabled list.
          And does any of this matter because he wasn’t depended on to help the big league team,it doesn’t affect the current team and it’s Rogers cash not mine.
          Please feel free to correct me about anything.I’m old and things get jumbled sometimes.

        • Yes, because I said all you do is use strawmen constantly.

          Now if you can just explain how something can simultaneously be “defensible” and “ridiculous” I’ll be set.

          The downside of the deal was obvious when it was signed. As was the upside.

          I’m quite sure AA was well aware that the entire contract may turn into a sunk cost. Just as he was aware of the upside.

    • s_t_w, if you’re hopelessly naive enough to really believe that, I doubt I’m going to be able to talk some sense into you.

    • +1.

      In the grand scheme of things it was a a minor investment with a potential to be a starting pitcher.

      I saw his return in September 2011 against the red sox. The crowd was very happy to see him.

      Luckily the Jays don’t have to depend on him for 2013. Last year at this time, he was supposed to be part of the starting rotation or the #6 guy.

  23. looks llike AA got silently assassinated on the d-mac contract.

  24. If someone has a timeline of Jays news for the year, this year’s will look something like:

    February 12: Blue Jays pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.
    February 13: Dustin McGowan shut down, to miss remainder of season.

  25. McGowan was throwing fucking smoke in Dunedin in last year’s spring training. AA saw an opportunity to sign him for cheap and took the risk that he might contribute in what was a pretty thin starting rotation.

    The rotation is now pretty much set, with some depth at the AAA level in the form of J.A. Happ, possibly Brad Lincoln and scrubs like Justin Germano and Claudio Vargas. Beyond that, Chad Jenkins and Sean Nolin could be called upon to provide a start or two should the shit hit the fan at the MLB level.

    I don’t fault AA for making the deal last season, knowing very well that he had a thin rotation and by all accounts, McGowan was showing good form.

    2013 is a totally different scenario and what is done is done. I doubt many were counting on McGowan to provide any meaningful starts this season as the team is built to win now. If anything, showing some faith and loyalty in a player can only pay dividends for the organization should there be potential extension offers or FA acquisitions down the road.

    What sucks is that a very talented pitcher may never pitch in the Show ever again. Like many Blue Jay fans, I have a fucking soft spot for McGowan. Call me an idiot. I don’t fucking care. The fact is that McGowan had probably some of the best stuff to ever come out of the organization. That his career is now in tatters should not be cause for anyone to play the I told you so card or whatever.

    • Hmm. So really we should be blaming those cheap fuck at Rogers for taking a year too long to open the wallets.

      If hundereds of millions were at AAs disposal last offseason, he wouldn’t have needed to preemptively sign DM.

    • I totally agree with Ballsdeep. If McGowan never pitches again it will be a horrible shame because he was an excellent pitcher. I don’t begrudge him the money. It’s not like he behaved like Big Juice Ryan.

    • What possible reason was there for signing him for two years, or… y’know… at all, seeing as he was under contract.

      • One of the theorys at the time was that Mcgowan was on the way back and he might get picked by another team,for depth.It was unlikely somebody was gonna pick him up with that contract and his past health problems.
        Just speculation at the time.

      • The term of the contract was the result of a negotiation? McGowan did have an agent through the whole process. AA might have taken the best deal on the table.

      • Black mail. Mr. Glass has some dirt on Alex. It’s the only explanation.

  26. Get Dickey to teach him the knuckleball, that’s the only way this dude is ever pitching in the mlb again.

    • Said it before, and will say it again.

      Dicky isn’t a coach

      Dicky needs to focus on his pitching, not rebuilding a failed career of someone elses

      once he helps get us to the playoffs for a few years, then fine, put him in the farm system to coach. But im hoping for the 45-46 year old season before we even talk about him not pitching full time.

  27. Makes me all nostalgic for the two months or so when the grey cap was the home cap. I was probably the only person who was sad when they gave up on that idea.

  28. Who is Dustin McGowan?

    • Interesting question.Very profound but I see what your getting at.
      Well said and I concur.

      • I have a soft spot for Dustin. Diabetes has definitely impacted his healing. I think people underestimate how hard it must be…physically, mentally, emotionally. What they paid him is a drop in the bucket anyway.

  29. well like, that’s your opinion man

  30. Pickles …. I eat’em.

  31. A fairly decent wage rehabbing ?

  32. Where was the loyalty forlitschtoo? I am curious about how far it extends.

  33. So … hes out of the running for the 5th spot in the rotation?

  34. Its too bad about this…McG had good stuff when he was right. While I’m not expecting to ever see him with the Jays again, I’m hoping that the $$$ “invested” in him isn’t a total waste.

    Do you suppose there is any truth to the notion that AA generated some “organizational goodwill” by doing right by his frequently injured player, especially when teams like the Marlins are reneging on no trade promises and the Yanks are trying desparately to get out of the ARod deal (fully acknowledging the vast difference in contract value in this comparison)?

    That’s the likely only silver lining for the Jays here…

  35. Love the Onionesque writing!!

  36. Dustin is going to come back and prove all of you wrong, you cant give up on his talent if you remember a pitcher like chris who had shoulder problems and they gave up on him and look what had he ended up being a great pitcher, dont give up on him untill he calls it quits

  37. he should start throwing with his other arm, can he hit? replace adam lind?

  38. what if we release him and he comes back and picthes great?

  39. Dustin just needs to sit down with ol jack morris and learn about hard work and stick to it iveness

  40. release this bum already

  41. This topic is probably way past its ‘best before’ date already but there was something I felt inclined to add.

    There is a reasonable chance given Dustin McGowan’s history that his shoulder is already injured and everything is exactly as it seems. Since that is boring perhaps we could consider another alternative.

    The premise is that there is no position at this time for McGowan on the team. The rotation is set and he has no experience pitching from the pen. As Andrew stated he might be the 9th option on the depth chart but, then again, there is every reason to believe that the Jays could use anywhere from 9 to 11 starters through the season.

    The first point is that he represents depth either as a starter some time down the road or potentially as a bull pen arm. This means that he has value.

    Since Dustin is out of options what are the choices? The Jays could release him ( no value in that), trade him (for what?), try to get him through waivers, or start him off on the 60-day DL.

    So… let’s entertain the possibility that he actually isn’t injured. Why would the Jays say that he has shoulder problems and why wouldn’t McGowan dispute this?

    By shutting him down now all of the scouts and reporters skulking around Dunedin don’t get the opportunity to see what kind of stuff he has. Last year there were a number of comments that Dustin’s stuff was electric. If he started throwing 93- 95 and showing nasty breaking stuff what are the odds that the Jays could get him through waivers?

    If they put him the DL then he won’t be available if needed and he has a limited amount of time to rehab in the minors. For a starting pitcher that might mean 6 or 7 starts with a small number of total innings.

    After all the time that he has been injured he needs to spend more time in the minors but, as mentioned above, he is out of options. The best way to get him down to the farm is to make it look as if he is damaged goods.

    The other side of this is McGowan is somewhat unique in that his contract extension should buy his loyalty. Do you think someone like J.A. Happ would pretend to be injured? Doubtful. But the $3.5 million being paid to him should be enough to get him to go along with the ruse.

    The bottom line is that the best alternative for the Jays- and likely for Dustin- is to allow him to pitch for a few months down in the minors. The problem is that everyone knows that if he is right he can pitch at the major league level. How to get him through waivers? Tell everyone he is injured and do it so early in camp that no one gets a chance to see otherwise.

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  45. I think the Dustin McGowan era should be over..if he was a horse..well you know what would happen..

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