Man In White VDay

Off the heels of the success of the first batch of Blue Jays Valentine cards, I couldn’t help myself but to continue on and make another post with some of the cards that had otherwise fallen to the cutting room floor. Follow the jump for a few more tokens of appreciation that you can spread to your loves ones.


Lind VDay

This Adam Lind card lets your love know that you’d never consider platooning them with someone else, no matter how terrible and borderline intolerable your relationship has become.


Buehrle Vday

This Mark Buehrle card proves that not even the government can hold your love back. You’ll find a way to persevere, even if you have to live in different cities for a little while.

Edwin Vday

Get that special someone in your life ready for a career year by presenting them with this lovely Edwin Encarnacion card. Your love is sure to set off fireworks that you should be careful around and make sure to stay a safe distance from.

Rasmus VDay

A fun part of Valentine’s Day is getting gussied up and looking your best for your loved one. Maybe show them how special they are to you by getting your hair did in Colby Rasmus’ image. Your partner will be stroking your cornrows tenderly in no time.

Joey Bats Vday2

This one is for the people that want a Bautista card and were upset I made light of his injury in the previous one. Use this card instead, to make light of the old steroid accusations!

EE Vday 2

Most people have a period in their life where they’re living the swinging single life, wildly throwing together things and stumbling around aimlessly. Give this card to that special someone that might need to settle down a bit and focus on more important things.

JP Vday

Hey, nobody’s perfect, you know? Life and love are all about handling the curveballs that are thrown at you. And the fastballs. And the sliders, and change-ups, and… Knuckleballs? Yikes…

Gose VDay

This Anthony Gose card is the best way to let the love prospect in your life know that you’ve been doing some scouting you’d like to fast-track them through the system.

Zaun VDay

This Gregg Zaun card is perfect for the special girl in your life, provided she isn’t a tubby, unfortunately manish, and super stuck up rich college student on break.

There you have it, folks. I hope somewhere along the line you found the card that says the words you’ve been longing to say, and that there is a happy ending to the love story out there for all of us.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Comments (31)

  1. There’ll be no complaints from me if there’s one final post on valentines day with more cards….Lind and bautista’s today…the best

  2. Were people seriously upset about the last Bautista one? Jeez lighten up.

    I think that one was probably the best of the lot. Then again I’m immature and therefore find masturbation jokes hilarious.

    Well done again sir!

  3. can you make one about casey jansen pounding the box?

  4. Excellent stuff from the Zubes once again!

  5. Remarkable. This was full of awesomeness.

  6. Zubes = GOAT.

  7. very nice job again. Not as great as the first group of cards in my humble opinion, but still awesome. Also, congrats on not misspelling ‘Valentine’s'!

  8. Oh God, the Lind one… I can’t recover… BAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. second edwin card – gold.

    love that guy . . .

  10. I can’t even decide on a favourite.

  11. I gave the Buerhle one to my dog. She ate it.

  12. The only problem with these is my wife would get exactly 0% of the hilarious references.

    Thanks for trying to save me the cash DJF – but I’m off to Carlton Cards to purchase my old lady’s affection via Papyrus Cards and chocolate.

  13. these aren’t funny.

  14. Zaun’s face in that picture is outstanding.

    I am pretty surprised that he is actually washing his hands after using a public restroom, more than anything, I think.

  15. Happy McGowan shut down day. Just another hint that baseball season is around the corner.

  16. The man in white card is just insanely amazing. Zuber, you should have your own blog or something.

  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhchieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    You trumped yourself again. I giggled like Helen DeGeneres at lesbian swingers party.

  18. Colby Rasmus, what fuckin card this Southern Boy is. Who the fuck dials up corn rows in the MLB as a white guy. Hilarious, and I bet he’s not even trying to be hilarious.

    He might go down as the sleeper hilarious Jay this decade.

  19. Awesome. Possibly better than the first batch. My fave is the EE field card.

  20. Trolling Damien cox is always the best

  21. Great job

    Lind card is gold lol

  22. zaun one…so good.


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