“Limited” is the word of the day, it seems, as this morning the Jays held a pre-sale for single game tickets, including their annual season-opening drunkfest, for subscribers to their Inside Pitch newsletter, but prefaced it with a word of warning last night:

Turns out the warning was a good idea, as it was only minutes after the sale began at 10 AM ET that folks began taking to Twitter to express grief at not being able to get in on the Opening Day party.

Fortunately for us all, at least someone on the Jays’ PR staff was awake and able to help put out fires, unlike their slow response to the Ballpark Pass debacle of two weeks ago.

And when folks started asking about the actual sale– the non- pre-sale sale, which starts Friday– there was that word again…

So… if you came up short today, you’re not entirely out of luck just yet. It’s just… y’know… maybe don’t get your hopes up.

I suppose I’d suggest trying the ticketing site a little bit earlier than Friday’s reported 10 AM start– people seemed to have success that way with the Ballpark Passes– but, to be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff. A friend of mine deals with all of it, and he snagged group tickets to Opening Day ages ago– which is apparently a thing you can do, perhaps especially if you have a relationship with a ticket agent, through years of buying flex packs, ballpark passes, etc. Not that that really helps anyone at this point, but… yeah.

I’m sure folks in the comments will be able to offer more insight than I can. But for the moment, that’s it for Opening Day tickets, and it seems like on Friday they’re going to disappear fast. So… yeah.

Of course, if you don’t mind paying through the damn dickhole, I guess there’s always StubHub.


Image via @BlueJays.

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  1. Suck it farrell

  2. I don’t bother going to opening day anymore. It’s basically just a drunken, fratty mess. So many fights. Much better to watch the opener on TV, then go to game 2 or 3.

  3. We bought a pair of Opening Day tickets for our friends in the beginning of December. Anyone who bought a Flex Pack likely also got Apr 2nd tix, so not surprised there’s practically nothing left.

    $195 each for our behind home plate 500 level tickets on Stub Hub. Pay for 1/3 of the cost of the whole season vs. fight our way through the drunk bandwagon jumping losers. It’s certainly tempting.

  4. Honestly, the best thing fans could do would be to sell out game 2. Show that you’re really excited for the baseball season, not just game 1. Let the Dome be full two days in a row, not the typical 30,000 drop form game 1 to game 2.

    • Agreed. Have tickets to both.

      And I know a few groups that couldn’t get group tickets for the home opener so got group tickets for game 2.

  5. People seem to be surprised by how difficult these tickets can be to get if you don’t already have an inside track. It’s the same story every year.

    • I never had this problem in Montreal damnit! :P

    • Thats the thing though, it isnt the same every year. The last 5 years running I have ordered my tickets in the 2 day “pre-sale” and got great seats on first base side 100. This year the best I could get was in the 500s, 15 rows back.

      So while it’s internet-awesome to be like “This is old hat”, it is definitely a different situation this year and I think totally valid to be surprised.

      • I wasn’t surprised to hear this at all.

        The city is buzzing with the trades and I’ve been reading for months people picking up tickets like mad all over twitter.

        Last years opener sold out quickly as well, not really shocking when you see just how improved we are this year.

  6. if i can’t get home opener tickets, i’ll be there saturday, sunday booing the shit out Farrell

  7. I was able to snag seats to the first Yankees visit in April. By the time i had selected my seats for the Friday game they had already shut down the interactive seat finder an yhere was really limited seating already by then. I can only imagine the public sale om Friday will be even tougher

  8. They were gone so friggin fast. I was on there at 10am, and still nothing. Brutal.

    • Staying at the Skydome hotel for the Friday game and was able to get tickets for Saturday. Home opener hotel games were sold out months ago.

  9. I got opening day with my flex pack and I don’t really know why. It really is just the absolute dregs of Toronto sports fans. And really it only happens again when the Yankees come to town. And for some reason I have two of those games this year as well. Ah well. At least I am not stuck in the 500s where it is just stupid.

    • I agree. It is really embarrassing when people do fake streaking (seriously if you aren’t fully naked, you didn’t streak) and throwing stuff on the field in the middle of the game (last year got play stopped in the middle of a Bautista at bat with the pitcher on the ropes… poor timing to say the least). And the fights over nothing.

      I was in the 500′s last year and I called people out on that shit. Do it. Others will back you up too. If that stuff got called out and people didn’t cheer it, and people ratted out the ones causing trouble to security, etc., the problem would disappear for next year.

    • I’ll take those home opners off your hands Tony ;)

  10. Way too much emphasis on the opener.

    I got my Flex Pack as soon as I could last fall and got great seats for the opener.

    But in reality where will all these dickpoles be at a weekday game against non-rivals when the season ticket holders and flex pack subscribers are the only ones there? Hopefully that isn’t the case this year and the fans support the other 80 games. And of course if the team wins that will help.

  11. and I should point out that trying for tickets before the onsale time on ticketmaster is not a good plan, Andrew. You might find it slow to re-load when they do go onsale, which is most often 4-5 seconds after the posted time.

    • Disagree. Whenever I want tickets on ticketmaster, I log in a good 5 minutes before and keep hitting refresh. Works every time.

  12. I don’t know why they insist on giving out towels on Opening Day every year. The Jays never learn from all the delays from them being inevitably thrown on the field.

  13. Well i for one love the opener! Been three years in a row and always get my tickets months before the pre sales come about.

    This year Im flying back to ontario from china to catch the game April 2nd….Cant wait!

    • I agree!! This will be my 5th year in a row since moving to Toronto and I have never had a problem. I guess because I’m not dumb enough to buy 500 level tickets on opening day. Sit in the 100′s and it’s a great time.

  14. I missed out on opening day (though I guess I’ll give it one more shot on Friday morning). But I got good seats for the first Sunday game, against the Red Sox, which should be Dickey’s second start. Plus I got tix for the Giants series and the Barves series…. I’m happy.
    … and I’ll grab the ol’ cheapo 500 lvl seats for any other games I feel like attending.

  15. Dried figs are delicious.

  16. limited hashtag what?

  17. Farrell Hating Friday @ 7:07 is a nice silver medal.

  18. Bought a ticket package at Field Level Bases back in early December and was told that that section had already sold out for all the home opener tickets, ended up getting a second pack for the Field Level Infield and managed to get 4 tickets for the opener in that pack (no doubt less popular because it’s more expensive) and those were already 20 rows back. So yeah, tickets were scarce 2 months ago…

    • When I bought my Flex Pack in November, it’s for 100 Level Outfield, I was told then that those tickets were already sold out.

      I’m not certain the opener will be a gong show. A whole lot of suits at the State of the Franchise this year. I’m sensing lots of corporate season ticket holders this year.

  19. Pretty sure all of 3 tickets went on sale for the home opener today. Not one person has reported getting any.

  20. Can anyone tell me if going to toronto box office on friday is a good idea? I hate the interactive seat finder thing online and I’m terrified it wont work properly and I’ll miss out on tickets. I want the best bet on getting some this year!

  21. Fuck opening day. That game is for zitty kids who try to sneak mickeys of Fireball and Peppermint Schnapps to the game wielding uncontrollable erections and picking fights with barely twenty security guards. I know, I was one of them…..

    See you bastards at the playoffs. And yes I will make some meaningfull weekend series against the AL East rivals…………… I’ll be that asshole with the shitty looking mullet standing up pretending to bang Farrells mom from behind as he makes a pitching change.

  22. If missing out on my traditional Home Opener tickets this year is exchanged for a playoff game in October, I’ll take that every time…

    Well played, Universe.

  23. I no longer lived in the GTA, but when I did the home opener was always a good time. Yes there are a lot of shirtless, drunk douche bags, but it is the only time I have ever been at Jays games with a full house and an electric atmosphere. At all the other games I have been to the atmosphere is pretty relaxed, even if there are 35K fans. I like the relaxed atmosphere better, but I still do like the packed house (as long as the sweat from the drunk shirtless frat boys doesn’t hit me).

  24. Home Openers are nice, trashy fun – but I’m far more interested in the Friday night match-up against the Red Sox. The Dome will be humming that night.

  25. First, I would actually rather watch RA’s knuckler on the TV screen with all the slow-motion replays, etc. during the opener than I would at the stadium, so I was never planning on trying for tickets.

    Second, it is TOTALLY the Friday hate-on for Farrell that I want to attend! I was at the Halladay-Burnett game in 2009 and the energy was incredible.

    • Halladay-Burnett game had the dome electric.One of the best games I’d been to.

    • I was at that Halladay/Burnett game and I hadn’t seen the dome that electric since ’93.

    • Yep, Halladay-Burnett was the best Blue Jays game I’ve ever attended. Tuesday night, the rush at the box office for tickets was ridiculous. The lines were spilling onto Bremner. We got our upper deck tickets in time for the Bottom of the 1st.

      The AJ sucks chants were deafening, the bats knocked him out of the game and when he got pulled the boos were glorious. Doc’s 1 run complete game put a nice bow on that one.

      Friday night Farrell showdown should be great, Josh Johnson’s debut too.

    • We go to 70+ games a year, and nothing has topped AJ vs Doc. We had Star Passes at that point (before we sprung for STs) and knew it was going to be insane, so I went to the window at 9am after a bunch of friends begged me to buy tickets for them. Ended up with 7 in reasonably good sections, Were very thankful that we went ahead of time because the line-ups were like we had never seen before.

      Would LOVE if Friday’s game ends up anywhere near as emotional as that.

      • The lineup for beer was crazy too.One guy bought the tickets for 3 of us.I said I’d buy the beer.
        Bad mistake.

  26. I have 2 season’s in 119 and was able to buy 4 more for opening day.

    Do people really pay 400 plus on stub hub.?

    I could see it for the World Series maybe, but not the opener. I would take that money and run, would pay for flight, hotel and game tickets for a road trip to ny or Fenway.

  27. I love the home opener. I go every year. Like Doc said, the Jays home opener is “a different kind of animal” but it’s a lot of fun. I’ve also got tickets to the Friday bosox game, Cubs in San Fran, and Jays in Oakland late July.

  28. I bought tickets on Wednesday and sold them on Stubhub within 2 hrs

  29. i had to resort to stubhub first time ever haad to use it. kind of worried there fakes. they have no conveniance charge. an account number and price type jc1. never seen any of this before. and my section…512…is just 512 not left or right? anyone got any thoughts???

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