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More follow-up on today’s Melky stuff, as Jayson Stark of examines the confidence of Alex Anthopoulos about the matter, from a disciplinary perspective, being closed. However, a Dallas Morning News blog post from the end of last month notes that there are ways for MLB to suspend a player without a positive test, so if more information comes to light, I wouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility that it’s not– though, as I said in the post below, the MLBPA sure would put up a fight.

Jose Bautista needs to be your favourite Blue Jay– and not just because of Brett Lawrie’s unbecoming Twitter activity, as mentioned in yesterday’s link dump (which, incidentally, seems to get people who I suspect would otherwise want to shit down my throat for not taking team chemistry seriously as a concept at the elite, professional level of baseball, into the non-believers camp pretty effing quick). No, I say that because Jose is the fucking awesome, as evidenced by his #realtalk about PEDs with Jon Morosi of Fox Sports. “Everybody knows what’s going on,” Jose told him, referring to MLB’s list of banned substances. “Nobody can plead ignorance. I don’t think a lack of education or language barriers has anything to do with it. MLB and the Players Association have done a great job making sure that everybody knows.”

Parkes kicks off today’s Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday at Getting Blanked with some Jays content– a fantastic questioning of the line in the sand drawn on PEDs, and then he wades into the subject of Rosie DiManno’s recent piece on Josh Johnson for the Toronto Star. I’m more offended by her flagrantly atrocious purple prose than whatever stuff about objectification Parkes is on about, personally, but yeah…

From Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs, here’s a little-appreciated fact from last season’s pitcher pace data: we’ve long known that Mark Buehrle was one of the fastest working pitchers in the game, so it’s no surprise that he had the quickest time per plate appearance in the Majors last season. More surprising, perhaps? R.A. Dickey was fourth in all of baseball, and first when you adjust it to a per inning rate. So Buehrle’s not the only Jays starter you can feel safe taking your fidgety hellions to watch.

The now-departed Jason Frasor, by the way, was among the ten slowest working pitchers in baseball. Which… totally.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Dave Cameron looks at the overs-and-unders that were just released by the folks collectively termed “Vegas,” and chooses a few bets he’d make, were he a betting man. One of them is taking the over on the Jays, who for the time being are set at 86.5 wins. It’s not that outrageous a number though, as he cautions that it’s unlikely anybody runs away with the AL East– rather, they’ll probably all end up beating each other off, to a large extent. Er… up.

Does it feel like spring yet? Mike Wilner of Sportsnet, someone named Reuters at the Globe and Mail, and Mike Bauman of talk Jose Reyes.

Lots of gold from the National Post and John Lott, who talks about a forward-looking Sergio “It’s so nice just to be able to throw … where I don’t have to worry about anything but just looking at where I need to throw it” Santos, plus Dustin McGowan, who is determined to not give up on his baseball career (for as long as the Jays are still paying him, I’m sure), Mark Buehrle and the dog issue, Ricky Romero and the elbow pain he pitched through last season, and media darling R.A. Dickey, who was being followed by 60 Minutes earlier in camp (and, apparently, on his recent trip to India), as well as SI, the New York Times, and more.

Meanwhile, in the Toronto Sun, we’ve got Ken Fidlin on the spotlight on Dickey, as well, plus a piece about J.A. Happ. Then there’s Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press, via the Globe, on Janssen and Romero and their early-winter surgeries, plus Gregor Chisholm of with more about McGowan, who says he’s not terribly worried about the latest setback for his shredded shoulder.

A couple things from the Garfoose, as Dirk Hayhurst writes an interesting take on reputed know-it-all Trevor Bauer, and plugs the work that his wife does, raising money for a free musical camp for special needs kids that she puts on every summer– which sounds like a terrific cause.

Lastly, Bob Nightengale tweets that the Jays currently have no players on the team with no-trade clauses. Not that anybody’s going anywhere, but that’s certainly an asset– or, y’know, in other cases, an effect of guys with no-trades usually not wanting to accept deals to come here.

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  1. Olney talked about the jays on his podcast today

  2. “which, incidentally, seems to get people who I suspect would otherwise want to shit down my throat for not taking team chemistry seriously as a concept at the elite, professional level of baseball, into the non-believers camp pretty effing quick”

    I’m guilty on this one. I’d love to add the caveat that I don’t think he’s a bad chemistry guy just because he makes fun of old-balls highschool gym teachers.

    He needs to grow up granted, but I think he’s a good team guy. The players seem to get excited when he does.

  3. “Josh Johnson is tall, dark and absolutely gorgeous. He has great hair, sweetheart curls framing a broad forehead.”

    That Star article reads like a Red Sox scouting report.

  4. Can we get some posts speculating about the Buffalo Bisons roster this season? Now that they have their AAA team so close instead of all the way in Las Vegas, I suspect many might want to catch some games there too.

    • I’m pretty stoked about watching Gose play down there. I live in St. Kitts so I imagine I’ll be taking a few trips down. Pretty solid cost wise too.

    • Interesting idea, actually.

      • If anything, it can at least be some filler for ya, eh? There’s literally like a million people from Hamilton to Niagara Falls/Ft Erie but many people tend to forget that.

        I love minor league as a different experience from MLB and going to Buffalo for prospect porn over the next few years might be fun.

    • Great idea!! I live in Rochester, Buffalo’s only an hour away plus the games they’ll be playing here. I plan on going to a lot more AAA games this year.

  5. “It’s not that outrageous a number though, as he cautions that it’s unlikely anybody runs away with the AL East– rather, they’ll probably all end up beating each other off, to a large extent. Er… up.”

    lol nice one Stotes

  6. I’ve never made it to the end of a DiManno article.

    • I honestly don’t know if I have either.

      • I refuse to read dimanno. She just sucks in so many ways.

        • Never read anything by Rosie before but after reading these comments, I had to at least try. What can I say, I’m masochistic, so what? Want to fight about it? Anyways. Simply stunning. Lastly, you’re right. Unreadable.

    • Can you imagine the unholy hell that would be raised were a male sports writer ever to write something similar about a Lindsay Vonn or Tessa Virtue or whomever?

      • @stw are you kidding? Male writers do that all the time–it’s just that no one notices. It’s also not an equivalent action, sorry. I hope that’s not what Parkes, of all people, talks about in regards to ‘objectification’. Search ‘vagina’ on DJF and the most recent post talks about Dakota fanning’s, for some reason. I know that was a while ago, but no, we”re not quite there yet, culturally, for the reverse to be true.

        • I mean, I generally like Blair, but he said something in passing about female lugers ‘lying down’, and that being a draw for men, that made me reconsider why I listen to The Fan at all.

        • So true. There’s no reason I should know who Lindsay vonn is, but I do. I’ve seen more pictures of Anna kournikova in a bikini than with a tennis racket

    • I just read the intro over and over again for a couple of lols

    • Best comment I read on another board about DiManno: “The only thing she has going for her is she’s not Christie Blatchford.”

    • I haven’t made it to the START of a DiManno article in years. She is the only writer who I immediately skip when I see her name at the top of the column. Damien Cox is one who I will skip if I get a bad feeling from the article headline (more than 50% of the time).

  7. Did you get the second stark article about Melky?

  8. I think that believing in some degree of team chemistry and not caring if Brett Lawrie is a prick are not contradictory viewpoints. All teams have a mix of nice guys and assholes with some shit in between. Whether or not that blends into good “chemistry” can depend on the environment created by the coaching staff and the leaders of the team.

    • I’m still trying to understand how a 22 year old 3rd baseman that performed really well last year (yes I know he made some base running errors) is slowly becoming the black sheep around here. We are lucky to have him. What was the name of that guy we traded to get him?….I can’t remember

  9. The media pressure surrounding Dickey is crazy. What happens if he gets off to a slow start; excuses or vilification from the media?He’s played the role of underdog for the last 15 years, any chance the pressure of expectations could get to him if he has a poor or unlucky start to the season?

    • @Max.

      Very good point. The same goes for the Jays as a team. A slow Apirl & May by this team would get the media starting to bash the team & AA. I wonder what Damien Cox would do.? The media loves to write the “sky is falling” & Toronto is doomed as a sports city.

  10. yeah, olney is a fucking moron who doesnt give a single shit about baseball in canada

    • What do I know. I am just getting home after getting hammered. Job promotion party. Yeah me. But I am curious to see what Olney will have to say on his next podcast. Apparently, he is visiting Dunedin on the weekend and will have some Jays news on Monday’s podcast.

      Fuck this shit. Go Jays. Goodnight.

  11. Nothing about Nazr Muhhamed, former basketball star turned CEO stepping down?

  12. Olney is incredibly biased towards the jays

  13. I appreciate Hayhurst sharing his (sometimes) “insiders view” but – cotdamn! – his writing is fucking atrocious.

  14. The Star needs to fire all their writers and hire new ones . They have no actual writing skills. They just sensationalize everything and try to stir up the dimwitted masses. I used to read the Star every day but now that I have seen what good journalism is, I would only let my pudgy poop on it.

    • As bad as the Star is, have you read American news? The Star is like a breath of fresh air compared to them.

  15. Adam Lind talked about how fobar’d coaching the last two years was with Chisholm.


    • Dude always has a reason. This year will it be that he didn’t get enough coaching?

      One of the comments was ridiculous too. Guy thinks Lind should bat cleanup because he struggled with offspeed pitches and so he’d get more fastballs if he was fourth and EE fifth. The fuck?

    • In the National Post he told Lott that Murphy and Farrell (suck it BTW) were telling him two different things.

    • Should everybody wearing a “Suck It, Farrell” t-shirt (white, of course) have “Suck It, Lind” written on the back?

  16. Actually, I’m even more hateful of all the tampering Boston did. An individual being a douche is one thing, when it is another MLB team, well there are rules about that.

  17. Good article. He says, and not for the first time, that he will now go on gut instinct rather than hiring someone because he’s been told it’s a good hire. I assume those comments are about Farrell. Certainly this was almost verbatim what he said at the time of the Gibby hire. I still wonder if it was Beeston egging him on to get Farrell and that is why Beeston stayed out of the way on the hunt for the new manager.

    • It coulda been Beeston but when AA made the comments before about using his instincts in hires and moves, I got the impression that it was his advisory council that influenced him to go against his gut.
      Total speculation on my part.And I don’t remember it being reported that Beeston was involved extensively in the interview process.
      Again I have no idea but just got that impression.

  18. I find the rip on McGowan to be in incredibly poor taste.

  19. Oh God Rosie Di Manno. She’s such a sob-sister. I cannot bear the way she writes and I can’t stand her soul-mate Christie Blatchford either. Those two generate enough crap to manure the entire Niagara Peninsula.

  20. Hayhurst is back

  21. So we have a payroll number now according to Beeston in the G&M

    “Beeston told the Blue Jays’ board. The club’s budget had been headed for $100-million this season. He wanted to take it to $125-million.”

    If you look at the Jays payroll expecations the next few years, it makes sense.

  22. I like The Garfoose and Coz, they have chemistry. Whoops, I just said a bad word.

    I can see why Blanco and Thole weren’t chumming it up in the dressing room. Direct competition, and until you make the team, it’s hard to open up when you don’t even know your future. Competition within the competition. That environment also probably seems like the first day at school at a new high school, take you time warming up to folks. Until that is that you break the ice nicely and walk around with eye black that says YANKS KISS MY CHOADA.

  23. Copper gone for a long time due to back problems. Canzler going to be claimed again?

  24. It would be awesome for the Jays to sign Kawasaki, if nothing else to be the Jays’ new GIFinator.

  25. Escobar says he changed: yeah right

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