In a few hours I’ll be hopping in a car bound for warmer climes, so here are some loose ends worth tidying up before a special road-trip-day post I’ve got scheduled for tomorrow…

OK, it definitely feels like spring now, as the annual media ritual is in full swing:

In less duplicated pieces, we also have Danny Knobler of CBS Sports telling us what he likes and dislikes about the Jays as currently constituted, Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun talking to Alex Anthopoulos about his club’s transformation over the winter, MLBTR passes along a Bob Elliott tweet suggesting the Jays are looking at infield depth in the shape of Muenori Kawasaki, Andrew Keh of the New York Times telling us, in the Globe and Mail, about new Mets prospect Travis d’Arnaud, and two other fantastic Globe pieces: Sean Fine on the relationship between Alex Anthopoulos and Paul Beeston, and Steve Ladurantaye on departing Rogers honcho Nadir Mohamed, who Paul

So, what jumps out among all this? Well… in no particular order… AA’s response to Lind is pretty interesting.

The DH with the .296 on-base over his last 1500 plate appearances tried, essentially, to pin last year’s issues on John Farrell, claiming that he was hearing something different from the manager (patience, selectivity) than what the hitting coach was telling him (find your pitch and attack it), and because it was Farrell filling out the lineup card, ol’ Linder got all twisted up about who to listen to. ”I like Adam a lot, but I don’t necessarily entirely agree,” Anthopoulos said, according to Gregor. “The organization wanted him to be more selective. That’s on me as well. I told Adam, ‘You have an on-base percentage below .300 two years in a row.’ … Murph will tell you, when you get a pitch to hit, a strike, you swing and you attack it and you look for that pitch, and if you don’t get it, obviously at that point you lay off. That’s where your walks will come from. … Saying John preached patience and so on — I did, too.”

In the Fidlin piece about the club’s transformative winter, Anthopoulos offers a somewhat different timeline of events than we’d been considering last week, which revolved around Jake Peavy. “We had determined to go out and try to get a couple of free agents. Before the GM meetings, I went out and spent two days with a free agent and we were going to try to be aggressive to get somebody on the board early. But we had a very specific target, especially in the rotation, that had to be addressed. We got the sense from that meeting it was probably going to take a little time, maybe into December, maybe into January,” Anthopoulos explained. “As I’ve learned from past experience, you can never be certain about getting free agents. So we were going to zig and then we zagged.”

Other than that, the Cooper thing sucks for him, especially with Adam Lind still trying to talk his way out of town, or whatever it is he’s doing– and his back not being the most stable thing in the universe, either. Gregor has some words of wisdom, though:

Beyond that… uh… DickeyTheBest, pretty much.

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  1. Adam Lind is a dumb dude.

    • He just likes to keeps it real

    • The mere fact that yet again Lind is blaming someone else for his failings speaks volumes on how fucked this guy really is ! In the first place murph and Farrell wouldn’t have had to say anything to the bum if he was Hitting the ball like he’s suppose to and second to say he struggled because he was confused is laughable ! PUT WOOD ON BALL ! Not a complicated approach there LOSER …. AA even stepped in and said that he doesn’t buy it and that it was Linds job to come forward if he was confused. It’s a lame excuse from a lazy ball player and I can’t wait until he is gone and we can get a real power bat for 1B ! This guy is a massive douche !

  2. How many times now has Lind blamed his sucking over the last three seasons on something other than himself? I swear he said just about the same thing about when Farrell came in two years ago.

    Platoon the guy. And if he can’t even do that right this season, just treat him as a sunk cost and get rid of him.

  3. I wish they could have gotten rid of Lind in the offseason, yeah we all know Farrell’s heart was in Boston last year but like BFulmer_fan says how many times can lind blame someone else for his shortcomings before he finally blames himself

    • Whether he was shopped or not we don’t know, but realistically, with that contract (and his performance in the last 3 years), would you be willing to give up much for him?

      (2013: $5M, 2014: $7M club option and a $2M buyout.)

  4. I didn’t read it, but I’m guessing Rosie didn’t write about how handsome Joey Bats is…

    • I don’t know but if she did let me know as I want to read it.

    • It’s a mystery to me that she remains gainfully employed as a writer. Her writing, whether sports or opinion, is brutal. Why would the star stick her on baseball in a year that the Jays are contending?

  5. I think Lind’s problem was he thought his pitch to attack was low and outside.

  6. I guess Rajai can take most of the DH abs against Lefties

  7. Maybe the free agent target AA is talking about was Anibal Sanchez?

  8. The mixed messages BS coming from Lind kinda reminds me of Travis Snider’s interview with Davidi.

    If not for Lind’s one great year, he’d be a failed prospect and nobody would give a shit about his thoughts on the world.

    • Bang on. Everyone’s hung up on his one great year and if he can regain that form. Bullshit. The guy sucks ass and the Jays are simply stuck overpaying him. Who the hell else would want someone who doesn’t do the simple things to make himself a better player? Keep collecting those paychecks, they’ll be your last ones. Can’t wait until Toronto dumps his ass.

  9. Damn, Gregor, stop harshin’ my irrational JIM JAM buzz.

  10. the cbs link is wrong, leads to a R.A Dickey article, this is the correct link.

    • The Knobler article is a big turd. The negatives are that the team has many personalities, the division is good, Reyes may get hurt and if the Jays could fail?

      What crap is that?
      Almost every team has the potential of at least 3 of those 4 things (some teams play in a bad division)

  11. Lind might as well be given a chance- you can’t move the contract and there aren’t too many to compete for the spot. Gose and Sierra need aaa time anyways.
    Most important thing is keeping this team healthy.

  12. Lind is sounding a bit immature,isn’t he? Putting blame on others and saying so-and-so told me to do this, and another so-and-so told me to do that. Lind needs to man up, quiet the noise he is starting, stay healthy and listen to “Motor”.

  13. F sakes it woulda been nice to see Cooper have a big spring.

    Im so annoyed with Lind. He just reminds me of the “slow” guy on the team. His body language and interviews combined with sub par play just exudes loser.

    Im totally rooting for Lind to bounce back but fuck. Give me a Cooper line of .290avg /12hr /40dubs to go with not havin to watch Adam Lind whiff at another pitch bouncing off the outside dirt and Im signing up.

    Linds like a cat; guys got 9 fuckin lives

    • I remember when Wells started to stink and after awhile everyone kept pining for the return of that one majestic year ( 2006) just before his monster contract. If he could just get his stroke back yada yada….
      I got in shit by many for just suggesting, that perhaps his big year was an anomaly and he really is just mediocre overall and that is the “real” Vdub.
      I’m thinking along with you folks that we have to consider that maybe 2009 was the “outlier” year for him and he too is really just mediocre and to suddenly think he will revert back to a 35HR guy with 40 doubles and hit .305 is foolish. Now that pitchers know he will chase sliders low and in the dirt all night long I think it’s over for him in any meaningful way, plus he can’t run and his defense is terrible. So… there’ that.

      Then again AAron Hill refound his lost mojo as soon as we arsekicked him out of town so I’m sure that is weighing AA down in his desire to arsekick Adam

      • Lind runs like a girl.

      • In defense of Wells, he put up 5 above-average to excellent seasons, maybe 7-8 depending on your defensive metric of choice. He spent most of a decade as a very good (offensive) ballplayer, it’s not exactly his fault JPR gave him that ridiculous contract.

        • Was going to say the same thing. Wells put up a couple great seasons, and people seem to forget that his last year with the Jays he had a 3.6 War. Our current CF has put up 1.4 War in the 2 seasons since then.

          Wells was a good player signed to a ridiculous contract.

      • The comparison between Lind and Wells is really stupid. People ragged on you for saying that Wells one good season was an outlier because it was a stupid thing to say. I mean, no, it did not reflect his true talent – it certainly was a career year – but it was an above average player who had an elite season. It is not that rare for very good players to put up an elite season at some point in their careers. Unfortunately, he was rewarded with a contract that assumed he was an elite player rather than just an above average one.

    • Can we please stop attempting to divine Adam Lind’s future based on body language and what little we pretend to know about his attitude towards working out.

      The Management

  14. Derosa signing was a dumb move that restricts roster movement

  15. Enjoy your trip Stoeten!

  16. Road Trip!

  17. How could you link DiManno’s article 2ND of those five? What have Fidlin, Chisholm, and Davidson done to you to deserve that, Stoten?

  18. Regarding Lind … I can see it. From his perspective, that is. I remember, too well, watching Lind hit the shit out of the ball during those early stretches way back when he was doing that (and for some reason, I’ll never forget the Friday night game against the Red Sox — only a few years ago? — in Boston when he had absolutely smashed it all game long, by the time Papelbon got to the mound late in the game, the retaliation-plunking-of-Lind that happened could be seen coming a mile away) and as the following season began, I was wondering when he was gonna win his first batting title. Of course … that pleasant daydream was mangled beyond all recognition, shortly thereafter.

    Seems a long time ago … but really, it wasn’t.

    With Lind’s mental makeup, as far as what a fan looking in from a (relative) distance can see anyway, it’s not a stretch to imagine his head getting jerked upside-down-all-around easier than what some other hitters head’s might. So mixed messages (and I believe what he says about that) couldn’t have helped. By the time he was sent down last season, seemingly banished from the team forevermore as many thought at that time, it looked like it was over for him.

    So … ya. It looked like Lind’s stint in the minors last year with Mattola, got his eyes, at least, looking in the right direction. So maybe with Mattola being there from the get-go, the friendly face and familiarity will be enough to let Lind get started with a modicum of confidence that could grow into something … more than ordinary.

    Considering how baseball always has those unexpected stories that impact the game that come from, seemingly, out of nowhere … it’s not impossible that Lind could end up being one of those.

    • I’d be happy if he hit at least league average, he seems to have an awful hard time to even do that so…

    • It’s going to be an interesting year for Lind.
      It’s the last year of his contract before his options are picked up.
      He was released last year and other teams weren’t interested in picking him up,at least at his contract level.
      Knowing his attitude to towards physically preparing himself for the season,you wonder if his outward lack of urgency fortells the future.
      He was a LF,DH and 1B.
      How well does he need to hit, to fit into any one of those roles, with any team?
      If the Jays are close,at the AS break,it could be possible for Lind to be replaced and with no team wanting him,he could be out of baseball entirely.
      If that happens,does he have anybody to blame but himself?

      • If that happens — if Lind needs to be replaced and ends up finding himself out of baseball, altogether — he certainly wouldn’t have ANYone to blame but himself. Personally, I’m not placing any bets down on him just yet … but hopeful Jays fan that I am, I’ll be happy to see him start to crank the ball a bit and maybe get himself on a roll that we haven’t seen in way too long a time. But who the heck knows?

        The yoga he’s been doing might be a good place for a new beginning to start. I don’t know much about yoga but I’d imagine it’d be good for strengthening his core and maybe even whatever weakness he has had that might’ve been causing the seemingly chronic back issues he’s been plagued with. And if the back issue is resolved once and for all, he might even be encouraged to do more of the fitness stuff that he has so hilariously – or so not – avoided over these years.

        He’s got a one-last-shot (with the last year of his contract that you mention) to show what he’s got. There was a time, albeit brief, when he looked almost sure-fire. It’d be fun to see him get that, whatever it was he was doing right (back then), back again.

      • It’s going to come down to a battle between Mottola’s teaching ability and Lind’s inability to get it. I like Mottola. This could be his biggest test.

  19. Keep away from the policía down there. They bad ass.

  20. In Florida I highly recommend the drinking, it’s good there.
    Also, have a pair of dark shades, you can stare at things and people can’t see your eyes.
    Sun screen is pretty ok too, unless you plan on sleeping until the clubs open back up which is also a good strategy.

  21. Iove Dickey as a pitcher, and as a person (what I can see).

    But the whole Zen/Buddha/Nirvana/Inner peace narrative that is talked about ad nauseum is starting to annoy the hell out of me.

    Yes, we get it. Knuckleballs are hard to throw. You dont need to be a philosophy major to throw one though.

  22. I was reading an article about Josh Johnson when it dawned on me: our number 4and5 starters are JJ and Romero. Take a second to think about that. When other teams are throwing their baggage at us, we have a former All star that was great in 2010-2011, and a former ace of the staff that pitched opening day last year.

    1st to 5th….. Can’t wait for April!

  23. Call me a fuckin fucktard fucktastically fucklusional,

    But if Linds feminine arched back can stay healthy, he hits 290. 22/60

    I’ll bet caviar on that, or beer.

    The Bastard Son Has Spoken

  24. Maybe it’s just me, but all the mysogynist/sexist comments from some DJF commenters is putting a bit of a damper on the buzz for me. Can anyone guilty of doing this not think of better ways to insult people? All you seem to do is insult half of humanity and prove that you have no real imagination

    • Maybe it’s just me, but all the PC conservatism bullshit being espoused by some DJF commenters is putting a bit of a damper on the buzz for me. So what if folks want to be juvenile fucktards, it’s the goddamned internet. Where else on earth can I hear someone refer to Adam Lind as a ‘dick farmer’? It’s part of the charm of the place

      • I just asked you to think of better ways to insult someone. I find the sexism tiring and I guess I just don’t want to be sexist-juvenile any more.

        And besides, I haven’t read a good ole Shakesperean insult in a long time.

        • Yeah fuck right off with the PC shit.

          This country has gone way too fuckin far with it.

          We’re a bunch of spineless pushover because of it.

          • Translation of the comment from KellyGrubersBastardSon, assuming it’s serious: I don’t want to think about who my words might be hurting or offending and fuck you for making me.

            And shit, I’m guilty of “un-PC” language too sometimes, but sorry, writing the whole concept off like that is what Fox News turds do, and if there’s anything you’re aligning yourself with those piles of dick cheese on, it’s probably pretty fucking contemptible. Is there overreach where this PC stuff is concerned? Sure, probably. But let’s not act like it’s not worth our time to even dare think about.

            JP is right. Though, for the record, I haven’t been in the comments lately, and I don’t know what sexist things anyone is referring to here.

            • @Andrew Stoeten

              There just seemed to be more of a rash of comments displaying this particular technique to insult players/fans/whatever. Perhaps it was just bad timing on my part and I looked at the wrong time. Perhaps this is the normal amount of these types of comments.

              Complaint over; you guys can get back to trashing me or whatever it is you do when you should be elevating the discussion/contributing to our society.

        • I bite my thumb at thee for being a complete arse.

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