Fun With Picture Day 2013!

Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Of all the days for me to be cooped up in a tiny car for eighteen hours– or if you’re a State Trooper, twenty-two hours– through the better part of full-on Appalachia and whateverthefuck produces that smell from just north of Savannah to somewhere around Jacksonville. It was picture day over in Dunedin! But fortunately, thanks to the power of theScore’s Getty Images subscription, we’ve got all kinds of gems to browse through… y’know, just as soon as we get over our shock at the fact that Ramon Ortiz is actually in camp with the Jays.

Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

I’m sorry, Mr. Hunsicker, I have no idea why that name is on the bat. Can you just hold it for us anyway, please?


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Perfect! Hold it right there, J.A.! Just keep visualizing the moment Anthopoulos told you you’d be pitching in Buffalo.


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Whoa! Shit man, you were supposed to be helping Lawrie, not Jeffress!


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Complain all you want, sir, it’s not going to change the fact that this thing can only produce an image, nobody will be able to hear the sound of your voice.


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Hang on, you’re telling me I’m a Major League Baseball player???


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Sad blue collar 1950s anthropomorphic cartoon cat.


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Just put a damn Bisons uniform on me already, for fuck sakes.


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

I miss my kids…


Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

Who needs PEDs? He totally came to camp in the best shape of his li– oh… shit.


Images Rajai Davis, Colby Rasmus, J.A. Happ, Mark DeRosa, R.A. Dickey, Henry Blanco, Ramon Ortiz, Adam Lind, Mike McCoy, Darren Oliver and Melky Cabrera  via J. Meric/Getty.

Comments (43)

  1. lol some good laughs with those
    thanks for that.

  2. Here’s further proof that Adam Lind may be a cat… seen here next to my cat. I’ve labelled them so you can tell who’s who.

  3. It IS funny to imagine all the things Lind might say in a Morris the Cat voice.

  4. LOL @ Darren Oliver

    • can’t we just leave the man alone…its not like he tried to hold you up! He is good people not matter what his agent says.

  5. Henry Blanco looks like he’s 57

  6. You forgot a photo of Ramon Ortiz I think. In other news – holy shit Blanco looks more than just a little sketchy.

  7. Rajai best make that his Facebook profile pic

  8. Poor McCoy. Gonna have to shave that nice lil beard next week.

  9. For the love of god, MORE!

    Wow. This is what it’s come to.

  10. Counting down the days until Saturday’s telecast. Where I’ll likely tune out after an hour because spring training is just awful.

  11. So that Mike McCoy guy is still a thing then…?

  12. I find it funny that Mark DeRosa’s bat still has the nationals on it…

  13. Stoeten, some of us dimwits have to look out of our cubicles and stare at fuckin snow. How about some road trip pics? I would kill to walk into a Waffle House right now.

  14. Tom Ayara in Blue Jays uniform? That’s cool

  15. Where you heading Stoeten?

  16. Why is derosa on this team again?

  17. The Melk Man has got his belt on backwards!

  18. I think I saw Blanco make a cameo in an episode of Sons of Anarchy.

  19. hahaha, love RA Dickey…but his talking points are indeed getting pretty tired already. He does look svelt in that picture though!

  20. Wasn’t Henry Blanco killed in season 4 of Sons of Anarchy?

  21. Interesting article on Non-Roster Invitees (NRI’s):

  22. For such an intelligent guy, why does Dickey frequently look like a hick who just found out he got his cousin pregnant?

  23. Looks like R.A. was just told they have the DH rule in the A.L.

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