With news that Windows restaurant would be getting a makeover this off-season we’ve been sort of, half-assedly, following the project along… at least anytime someone manages to point a camera in the direction of its most recent stage of development. And that’s what reader @jonathannorris did recently– or, at least, someone whose picture he got his hands on– tweeting the pic above in my direction this morning, showing significant progress from the last time we’d seen an update.

In that post you’ll remember that word was Paul Beeston had spoken of “some $250 million in retrofits and renovations will be required in the next decade to modernize the facility,” of which the Windows project was a part. It will be an open air porch, accessible to all fans, with picnic tables and whatnot (or something), beginning this season.

No, you’re mailing in a post.


Above: The space formerly occupied by Windows restaurant, seen from the main concourse, looking to out to right centre field. You can see the Rogers Centre logo on the panel above a small group of seats that were previously squeezed in front of Windows, as seen one section to the left of the “All You Can Eat” section in this picture.

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  1. F o

  2. SO, I’m looking from Window Restaurant, toward the press area, at floor level? Doesn’t really give a feel.

    And, we like the updates on the renos.

    (A half-assed comment)

    • No, you’re looking out to right-centre from the main concourse– presumably in the area of the Jays Shop.

      I’ve updated the post to make this clearer. Thanks!

  3. Yea took the picture while walking by last night. Took the picture through a door from outside on the south side of the Rogers Center (by the empty Rogers Store).

  4. This is actually a picture of the new speed skating track that runs all the way around the dome.

  5. So that’s where they store the turf – behind the outfield wall on spindles.

    Keep the Rogers baseball operations updates coming.

    • You should see them actually set it up. My cousin is a field technician, he runs that whole operation. A lot of it is done without machines, including the 500-pound fence.

  6. OK. Still not quality, but I’ll take what I can get.

  7. But will there be real grass or astro turf, for the picnic tables to sit on?
    My knees aren’t that great anymore.

    • I heard they will have complementary walkers and an adult change table.

      • Progress finally!
        Sounds like my kind of place.
        Do you think they’ll provide a free Viagra dispenser beside the salt and pepper?
        A denture cleaning station would be a nice added touch.
        Larger print font at the concessions?

  8. I will be there this Saturday for a concert, will see what kinda picture I can get

  9. well finally! fans have just been suggesting this for years and years, constantly going to games and staring at a completely empty restaurant just thinking, you know if we were in any other MLB stadium, that wouldn’t be empty and would be like a patio or something where i can get some beers…

    but i bet Rogers goes the family friendly route with this, because you know, babies and children are Rogers’ target market at the games, and not the group of adults who will be spending all the money they brought to the game on overpriced beers! There will probably be like, stroller parking and baby change tables and a ball pit that i try to jump in but get kicked out because i’m too old to be in the ball pit! fuck rogers!

    • Well, you started out kind of positive…….

    • Maybe they will have a second ball pit for adults. With a bar …

      Swimup bar in the ball pit? .. Theres an idea, anyone have rogers phone number. I tried the 1-888 number and got put on hold for 3 hours

    • Youre gettin it

    • I agree with breann. This is an awesome idea but Im pretty sure Rogers/Bluejays will completely blow it. Id like to see a nice bar with some good food, some tables, stools, countertops, whatever and a crapload of bluejays memorabilia (not for sale. The kind that is framed and fun to look at)

      • I think a bar which was open before/after the game would be great.

        I wonder what they are doing with the old space that used to be Hard Rock Cafe

        • The old hard rock is now a premium rentable party space. I think you need a minimum of 60 people to make it somewhat realistic in terms of cost per person

  10. Nice. Now about the rest of the building..

  11. Anyone know how many times the windows restaurant got hit with a home run? I can’t imagine it happens that often. Still, would be pretty cool if an Edwin blast knocks a guy off his bar stool.

    • Edwin already did:
      (And that was the restaurant above Windows! El fuerte indeed!)

      • that was epic. I miss baseball.

      • Was there for that one.
        What a shot.

        Hardest hit ball that I saw last year was one hit by Tyler Flowers.
        It was off the Tony Fernandez sign on the 4th deck
        and was out in a heartbeat.

        • Anyone remember Josh Phelps turn on one into the 5th deck? THAT WAS A BOMB!!!

          • Yeah I was at there for the Phelps one. I was also at the game when Manny hit one to the hotel in left field, off Carpenter. He either hit the hotel on the fly or came a few rows short, I can’t remember exactly, but I’ve never seen anything like that shot. My god, if there wasn’t a wall on the stadium that thing would have hit the CBC building.

    • I can’t remember what year it was, but when Jim Thome was on Cleveland he hit one into the restaurant above Windows and it was a story because it landed on some guy’s plate. I think there’s usually one or two a year that get to Windows, or at least barely make it.

  12. Grapefruit League starts Saturday… That’s kinda baseball.

  13. Who’s Linds replacement if he sucks

  14. I was hoping Cooper but his back is fucked…

  15. Now let’s work on getting some decent beer in this “ballpark”.
    Christ, I’ll even settle for Steamwhistle at this point.

    • I could buy Sapporo on the upper deck last year. Bud, Keiths or Sapporo. Better than Bud and Keiths, but that’s kind of like selling hot dogs, hamburgers and a bento box. Odd. Regardless, I’d trade the Sapporo for a Burrito Boyz.

  16. wily mo pena smoked one off of windows

  17. The new concrete infield should speed the game up. Bring in aluminum bats and we should have games done in 56 minutes

    • I would suggest an aluminium bat with a cork filler followed by a supple spread of PEDs followed by a little after dinner bet.

    • Except the game would be slower.Exit speeds would be increased dramatically with aluminum bats.

      • Get the fuck out of here! C’mon when you claimed things flew over your head, I thought you were joking….

        • Game threads on Saturday?

          • I would hope. Yes we are that desperate.

          • RADAR you gotta think this through, routine outs will be scored 8-3 or 9-3 putouts. There will be no spikes in the game and players will blow out there knees within 2 to 3 years.

            • Lets not do that “I know everything” Game lets enjoy Birddawg……..

            • But birddawg.
              last year one of Bautista’s balls was clocked at 117 MPH.
              With an aluminum bat,you can add 5 to 10 MPH.
              The fastest a pitcher can react is to a 109 mph fastball.
              So the pitcher gets hit and goes down like a rock.
              Ya gotta wait till his teamamtes come out then the umpires and trainers gotta look.
              The new pitcher hasta warm up.
              That’s all gonna take time.
              Then they resume the game and BAM,the new pitcher gets hit and we start the whole process all over again.
              Game would last 10- 15 hours because they’d need McCoy to come in and pitch.

  18. It’s time we figure out where the Monkey Army is anyways….check in people

  19. Thinking about going all pirate.

  20. According to the Star, Arencibia won’t be catching Dickey.

  21. Those Mop Up Duty guys did a good job breaking down Dickey’s FB.

    I will add that Dickey has a pretty nifty changeup. How he incorporates a change when he is tossing knuckleballs at an 80% + clip is beyond me. But when he does, that change can be nasty.

    It will be fun to see him make 32+ starts this season. And it will be neat to see hitters adjust in game when Gibbons brings in a guy like Esmil Rogers or Sergio Santos.

    I like the plan to use a dedicated catcher for Dickey. Fuck Zaun and his dinosaur opinions. Its not just the art of catching knuckleballs that matters (both the floater and the angry knuckler). But its also the art of recognizing when the pitch is working and how to call the game. Thole did it well last season and apparently, Dickey likes throwing to Hank White.

    Framing the pitch, calling the right sequences, providing accurate feedback from behind the plate, and of course, being able to glove the fucking pitch are all skills that Aaron Cibia cannot master in a 4 or 5 week stretch in spring training.

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