Clearly Jon Morosi knows what it takes to get him some pageviews, and it’s with that in mind that we look at his latest for Fox Sports, in which he tries to rile up the Canadian masses by bothering to ask Justin Morneau, still a member of the Minnesota Twins, though in the final season of his contract, about one day playing for the lone club in his country of birth: the Toronto Blue Jays, who play their home games just a short, forty-plus-hour trip from his birthplace in New Westminster, BC.

To wit:

At this point, we might as well acknowledge something that’s bound to surface this season: The Toronto Blue Jays — the lone major league franchise in Morneau’s native Canada — reportedly had interest in trading for him in recent months. The Blue Jays, as evidenced by their offseason makeover, are trying to win now. The Twins, who traded center fielders Denard Span and Ben Revere during the winter, are rebuilding.

Asked about the possibility of playing for the Blue Jays at some point in his career, Morneau said: “That was my favorite team growing up, so that would be very cool. … If I have to leave here — where I have grown up, the only organization I’ve known — then hopefully it’s (with) a chance to win. … I would prefer it to be here, with us making the trades to add guys. But (Toronto is) one of those intriguing places, where if you win you have the whole country behind you. I grew up in Vancouver, and I was a Blue Jays fan. It’s nationwide. … It would be cool, but like I said: I would rather win here.”

So… he said pretty much exactly what you’d expect him to say. And, naturally, people are going to take the opportunity to get their gears working about it.

I get it. And… sure, Justin Morneau is a good baseball player when healthy. There’s nothing wrong with anyone wanting his or her club to be interested in him. But can it seriously not end there? Or, y’know, not even get started in the first place? I know I’m sure as hell not prepared to care about this any more than the possibility of the Jays acquiring anyone else, save for the obligation I feel to write a post about it, reminding people, once a-fucking-gain, that giving this much of a shit about what’s on a player’s birth certificate is so incredibly tiresome– and frankly, now that the Jays have shown that they’re willing to spend on the club, unnecessary.

We can pull from a broader pool now, thanks. No need to aim for guys you hope might actually want to play for a mediocre club half a continent from where they were born, on a particular side of an imaginary line. No need for Minnesota’s maple-flavoured damaged goods, eh?

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  1. By midseason, if twins are out of it would Cecil + org player be a good deal if Lind is still underwhelming

  2. The team’s probably going to be out there looking for a 1B/DH next year to replace Lind, and the truth is, there’s probably not many better options in free agency than Morneau (assuming his health). Morales? Konerko? Morse? They’re all basically the same caliber player, so the one with some extra interest in playing here may be the best option after all.

    Of course, there’s the trade market too, but that takes a lot more research than I’m looking to put in 8 months before any of this matters.

  3. INB4 he’s better than Lind comments.

  4. The other thing to keep in mind with why this is BS, most Vancouver fans would probably be more interested in Seattle over Toronto. Sure when healthy he is a good hitter, but his long tenure on the DL and his salary rate makes going after him in 2014 silly. As much as most Canadian fans don’t like to hear this once a player leaves Canada to play in the US, the ties to the red and white become a thing of the past. Being Canadian takes more then being born here.

    • Though he does still play for Team Canada baseball…

      As a Canadian living in the USA, I can understand some of what you’re saying, but as a whole you’re making a lot of assumptions. Frankly, they’re similar assumptions to people who think that all baseball players who have any ties to Canada would want to play for the Jays.

      Really, it depends on the player. I’m more interested in Morneau as a veteran bat who has proven himself to be pretty good. His best years are behind him, but I can’t help but feel that playing half of his games at the Skydome would really help his numbers.

    • Yeah but the Mariners are a terrible team run by a terrible GM.

    • Umm no. You get the same tv coverage of the jays out here than you do out east and only a few mariners games. Trying watching a mariners game when the jays are in town and tell me which team vancouverites cheer for

      • So true.
        Im from Ontario, but have a lot of family and friends in BC. It seems like there are more baseball and Blue Jays fans out west than there are in the GTA.
        I love those Mariners games when the Jays fans pack the place and cheer louder than the M’s fans.

    • BC definitely pulls for the Blue Jays first and Mariners second. There is a big difference in support between the two.

    • So wrong.

      I am on Vancouver Island. It is a 5:1 ratio (at least) of Blue Jay hats to M’s hats around these parts.

      Jays fans pack Safeco.

    • Psmith – That’s total fucking nonsense. I’m a born and raised BC boy living in AB. I’m thinking you have to be tolling. Still, I’ll bite. Van City fans more interested in Seattle than Toronto? Fuck. That’s way, way off. Go to a Jays game in Seattle and see what you think. It’s outstanding.

    • Canadian living near Seattle here. Proud Blue Jay fan.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’d be nice to see Seattle do well in the AL West, if for the sake of all the poor suffering Seattlites I live with. But the Blue Jays are first for me, and it’s not even a debate.

    • Are you serious ? !!! That is a stupid comment and completely untrue ! BC is in Canada incase u didn’t notice and full of blue jays fans. The only time anyone goes to Seattle is when the jays are playing there. Minor league baseball players wear blue jays hats and jerseys not mariners! Sports bars are packed for jays games. So please keep ur narrow minded comments to yourself. Unless u still think that torontonians buying tickets to games makes more money then the merchandising that is sold on the west coast? That’s rhetorical it doesn’t !

      • Correct me if I’m wrong (and I know you will), but merchandising revenue is shared throughout the league. So, yes, gate in the GTA would pull in more revenue for the team than tie-dye Jays shirts in Tofino.

    • PSmith, do you live on the West Coast, or are – as your comment suggests – you just guessing? I live in Victoria now, but I’ve lived most of my life in either Victoria or Vancouver and would say that while there are West Coasters who choose the M’s – as well as those that cheer for both – the majority of baseball fans I know, and the majority of hats and shirts I see, cheer for the Jays. I’d never claim to speak for everyone, but it strikes me as likely that somebody Morneau’s age – ie someone who was falling in love with baseball when the Jays were the best franchise in baseball and the M’s were an albatross – would be a Jays fan. Doesn’t really make the Morneau to TO rumours more worthwhile, after all most players cheered for a team growing up and very few of them end up playing for that team, but…

  5. I wonder if it is a hockey influenced thought process. Think about how much we hear about good Canadian boys. Or Kids from southern Ontario playing for the local Maple Leaves. It is a big deal in Leaf land when players from this region play for the Leaves. Even with the larger talent pool.

    Anyhow, I wonder if this trickles over into the Canadian baseball fan way of thinking.

    • Could you imagine if Morneau were from Kingston? Hoo boy

      • no…. no offence, but when was the last time a major leaguer came from kingston? BC is Canada’s MLB breeding ground for now,

      • If more on the active rosters mean it is the breeding ground, than I suppose you are right.

        If the measure is where do the best players come from, the answer is Ontario.

        • BC: Larry Walker, Jason Bay, Justin Morneau, Brett Lawrie, Jeff Francis, Rich Harden, Ryan Dempster

          Just because the current top canadian is from ontario (Votto) doesn’t mean Ontario is where the best players come from.

  6. Over the long term finding a stable 1st base/catcher type should be top priority

    • Sure, but for now they have no one that remotely profiles in that way in the farm system and few assets to go trade for a young one. I think we should expect stopgap types, like a Morneau, for a few years (unless they decide to move Bautista to 1B).

      I doubt Arencibia is going anywhere, too.

    • I think “first base/catcher” is a bit of an unlikely combo. I’m sure the defensive switch is relatively straightforward, but for the most part a catcher’s bat won’t play at first base. That is, you’re really talking about two separate players.

  7. Did you use Google Maps or MapQuest to determine the travel time between New Westminster, BC and Toronto, ON?

    Google Maps is the best.

  8. “I feel to write a post about it, reminding people, once a-fucking-gain, that giving this much of a shit about what’s on a player’s birth certificate is so incredibly tiresome”

    Who,on this board, is clamouring for Morneau,based only on his citizenship?
    His value is based upon his ability.The fact that he’s Canadian is a nice side story, but if he doesn’t get the job done or fit a need,then it’s a moot point.
    The goal is to make it to the World Series not create jobs for as many Canadian ball players as possible.
    Lighten up a little Stoeten,your anti bias is showing again.

    • 10-4 RADAR.

      I will be the first to admit that I want to see Canadian players playing for the Toronto Blue Jays. Call me a fucking MAPLE DICK, with a MAPLE BONER, whatever, but I say fuck the Americans, and I think it would inspire thousands of Canadian kids to say “Fuck soccer, I wanna play BALL for the BLUE JAYS!”.

      I spend a lot of time state-side (LA), and was recently in Dallas for work, and I work with a ton of Americans, but I fucking love Canada, fuck that “imaginary line” bullshit. We are fundamentally different peoples. I say stick it down their throats, make it a point to try and go out and sign a few Canadians, inspire the kids, get more Canadians behind the Jays, win another WORLD SERIES and declare to the world that CANADIANS CAN FUCKIN PLAY BALL!

      • Some talented kids in elite and midget programs in Canada right now. The next 5-10 years will be huge for Canadian baseball.

        Even without the Jays signing Canadians, you will all see a rise in Canadians playing in the bigs.

        • goddamn it, I meant elite and AAA programs. Midget age kids in Elite are becoming scary good.

          • The coaches on the elite level have increased their knowledge of the game, to the point that Canadian teams have become very competitive in US tournaments.
            The addition of year round facilities run by former major league players has helped level the playing field ( pardon the pun )
            It’s one thing to have the talent but at that level, the players need the exposure and development.
            Molitor was asked about the disadvantage Canadian kids have, due to the shorter playing season.He laughed. “do you know where I grew up and do you think I had a longer playing season?The difference I had over Canadian kids was the coaching”
            Elliott was tweeting that there was 656 Canadian kids playing ball in US schools.
            It’s a good thing.

      • I agree!! As a Jays fan, seeing a Canadian player in the club (Lawrie for example) makes me feel better about the club as a whole. It’s a nice way to connect to the fan base that much more, especially with a guy like Morneau, who brings a nice presence to the team and a good amount of skill.
        But, any trade like this is a season away. God only knows what’s going to happen this season and where the Jays may need to shore up. Never say never!

    • Yeah I don’t think the Canadian masses are exactly riled up.

    • This is exactly right. I don’t know anyone who wants Morneau here simply because he’s Canadian. It has more to do with him being a left-handed hitting first basemen who might still be capable of putting up big numbers.

      Suggesting that the readers of this blog want Morneau on the Jays because he’s Canadian tells me that the blogger doesn’t have a favourable perception of his own readers’ intelligence.

      • This. Does anyone think that we disklike Lind because he’s not from around here? Y’kmow, instead of not wanting him here if he plays sub-par baseball?

        If someone wants the Jays to go after a player who has historically been better than what we’ve got, maybe it’s because he’s better than what we’ve got. If Morneau is the best available option, THAT’S the point. Not his passport.

      • Andy Allan: no he doesn’t. You’re not doing much to prove him wrong.

    • Agreed. I can picture the response if Stoeten was considered part of the MSM:
      “Clearly [Andrew Stoeten] knows what it takes to get him some pageviews, and it’s with that in mind that we look at his latest for [DJF], in which he tries to rile up the [drunks] by bothering to [talk about] Justin Morneau…”

      But since he brought it up, I’d take Justin on the team over Adam seven days a week and twice on Sundays.

    • RADAR, this is not a board, one. Two, keep telling yourself that. It’s pretty hilarious.

      • 1)Sorry Stoeten,I’m not that smart about blogs.Please provide the proper terminology.
        2)Just saying it’s hilarious without explaining yourself suggests you don’t have a logical rebuttal or your fishing for pageviews again.

  9. +1 for The Mountie cameo.

  10. It’s kinda cool for any player to play for the team they grew up rooting for, even for a fan PK Subban in montreal kind of a nostalgic moment, kinda like brothers or fathers and sons playing together. Things you grew up wishing for or thinking about?
    Even in a fans mind these are moments that do feel heart felt even if it is only for a short moment.
    It doesn’t matter where Justin Morneau was born Canada, US, Mexico who cares but it is a moment he would have dreamed about as a child to play for the team you grew up watching and because of that it is kind of a breif thought of it could be cool for fans and Justin Morneau to put on that blue Jays jersey even if it was for one season.

    Eric Lindros in Toronto wasn’t that great stats wise but that first game had a heart felt inspiring moment, that the things you think of or dream about as a child are now happening in present time and because of that and the fact he’s a good player it would be kind of a cool moment to Have Morneau in a Jays jersery even if it’s one year or just past the all star break. WHy, because he grew up rooting for the team we’re rooting for the team just like he as a child we dreamed of playing for while we played little league.
    It’s becasue of that moment he walks on the field with a Jays jersey on for the first time and not the fact he’s canadian.

    • There was a time when it was a kids dream to play for the leafs. I think that is delusional thinking today. I would bet that if you took a survey the majority of young players from Ontario, while being leaf fans, would rather not waste their career playing here.

    • Not sure if you’re saying PK Subban is from MTL, because he’s actually from Toronto. His dad was my middle school principal.
      I think the Canadian ballplayers playing in Canada is nice if they take pride in it or whatever, but playing on a team where you’re comfortable, like the people and the direction of the organization probably trumps the patriotic thing.
      I always wondered if the reverse is true for players who get drafted by the Jays. A Ricky or a JP gets selected. They’re jumping for joy, “I’m going to play MLB!”, and then it sinks in “…in Canada.” They all seem to like it here once they play, but it’s got to be a little bit disappointing for them NOT to play in their home country.

      • PK is from the Toronto area, but has publicly talked about how he grew up as a Habs fan. Im pretty sure his dad was as well.

        I have a few friends that have “made it” mostly in hockey, but they all talk about when you break into the big leagues, one of the things you have to do is leave all your previous allegiances behind you. You become a fan of whatever team drafted you, or traded for you, or whatever.
        Im sure these guys will always have a soft spot for their team, and maybe a small part of them will always pine to play for that team, but if you want to be successful as a pro athlete, you have to worry only about what is best for you and how you are best positioned to succeed. And if that means playing for the BoSox or Yanks even though you grew up a Jays fan, well thats just what you have to do.

      • Liz-
        My comments apply to baseball: Not basketball (Steve Francis) or hockey (Lindros)

        1. As a whole I’d say it doesn’t matter what team drafts you. You’re just pumped to be drafted.
        2. The chances you actually play for the team that drafts you are remote, simply because most players who are drafted never make it to the show, or they get traded.
        3. If there is a “let down” about being drafted, it would be more about the nature of the organization than the location. Things like how that organization treats it’s players (and family) and the organization’s reputation for player development.

        I think the Blue Jays under Gillick, Ash, and AA have a great reputation among player agents who would rave about them to their drafted clients.

        I’ve never heard of one Jays draft choice imply they were disappointed about being drafted by a Canadian team. NBA players on the other hand…

      • I could be wrong but I think Pk might have been a habs fan in Toronto.

  11. If the Twins are willing to swap Morneau for Lind straight-up at mid-season, then I’d say we should do it. With Lind’s buy-out at $2M for next year plus $5M contract for this and Morneau’s $14M expiring deal, we could trade at the halfway point of the season and pay only $2.5M more to get elite production versus right-handed pitching and the upside of a hitter that can hit potentially both lefties and righties if he returns to career numbers.

    Hell, if we’ve got the money, I’d do it today. Gamble on him providing the production to warrant a compensation pick after the year which would recoup the $7M difference in salary. Doubt the Twins will want to trade him straight up, but that’s the offer I’d make. Maybe a C- prospect to throw them a bone.

  12. who are you reminding again, exactly?

    seems more like a post written with the intent of facilitating a lot of DJF choir to nod in affirmation while stroking beards caked with cheese sauce and honey…

    • +1 fucking hilarious

    • Read some of the comments here, maybe.

      • I’ve read ONE comment that MIGHT be construed as “get a Canadian for the Jays, for the sake of getting a Canadian”. Everyone else seems to be going to great lengths to argue against your asinine assumptions, with many adopting the “Canadian is cool” stance, only if said Canadian is of a similar or superior talent level to options on the market that would upgrade the Jays talent.

        • exactly.

          if anything, these comments are proving the point. One guy comes on here with the opinion you’re making fun of and that somehow validates your point?

          meanwhile, the majority of people are actually examples of exactly what we are saying.

          and you’re stiill ranting and raving and fighting the fight…despite that it should be obvious your readership seems to be telling you that they’re kind of sick & tired of this spiel and would prefer you getting back to doing the good work you usually do, instead of giving us this low brow BS content that actually makes fans like you/us (?) who appreciate both sides of the game look like arrogant dicks.

          • Hate to break it to you, Tocher, but we’re wrong. Dead wrong. Take it from the guy that plainly states above that he is intellectually above those primarily responsible for driving up the pageviews that no doubt serve as exhibit A for his continued employment.

            More to the point, I agree that this schtick is tired, almost as much as the PED/HOF stuff (which thankfully was toned down considerably this year from years past).

            You do a lot of excellent work Stoeten, but please – pick your battles wisely.


    LET’S GO!!! (THUMBS UP!)

  14. Not gonna lie, only read this article because of the picture of the Mountie! fuck yea!

  15. Why do you hate Canadian players so much Stoeten? Of course we want the best players but if we can get good players that are Canadian it’s a bonus.

    Just bringing up Canadian players on this site will get ya hanged and it pisses me off.

    • Because I want good players regardless of birthplace.

      • Keep fishing Stoeten. I think it’s working.

      • Agree about just wanting the Best…..but i understand peoples want to see Canadian born players…….but…..if we win, no one will give two fucks where they were from, they will only care which one of our guys won the WS MVP!

  16. interest in morneau is more about the potential for value than the maple protuberance.
    he was an mvp, then hit his head. as we saw with aaron hill, sometimes it takes a couple years to work that out.

  17. Wouldn’t it be nice to see canadians wear the only canadian team’s jersey? The guy,when healthy, is a dangerous hitter.

  18. Do national reporters ever ask baseball players from other places about their desire to return to their home state to play for the local team? For example, do they ask players who grew up in Massachusetts, but are now playing for some other team, about their desire to go home to play for the Red Sox?… Conversely, do fan in Seattle or Colorado or some other place pine for players who grew up in their state to come home to play for the home team no matter how good or bad that player happens to be?

    Maybe they do, I don’t know, but I don’t see this type of stuff anywhere else besides Canada.

    • They do.
      There are a bajillion articles out there about how David Price will want to “go home” and how anyone from Texas obviously wants to eventually play there, etc, etc.

  19. They should be called The Dominican Republic Blue Jays…

    Apparently the Jays are the most popular team in the DR, which gives the Jays TWO NATIONS rooting for them!

    • Great article. It ends with Jose Bautista saying:
      “I think that can drive a team to always be in a good mood and be happy, and when people are happy and do what they love for a living and are getting paid for doing it, it gets you excited to get out of bed every day and go to work. And when that’s the atmosphere around, you’re going to give it your best every single day.”

      Oh shit. I forgot, Stoeten doesn’t believe in chemistry nonsense, despite the fact that anybody who has ever worked in a poor work enviornment saying it does affect performance.

  20. “No need to aim for guys you hope might actually want to play for a mediocre club half a continent from where they were born, on a particular side of an imaginary line.”

    Are you fucking kidding me? Imaginary line? If you think the imaginary line is the other thing that distinguishes Americans from Canadians, think again.

    I am growing tired of being told not to love Canadian baseball players, and am starting to think a certain bearded blogger knows how to get page views too.

    • ‘other’ should read only.

    • +1 million

      if Stoeten doesnt understand the difference between Canadians and Americans, then he’s a fucking idiot (read: American) and I’m not surprised that he hates us maple boners.

      imagine they put a MLB team in the Dominican. you don’t think the people there would go nuts for every Dominican the team signed? you actually think there’s a problem with that? go back to Russia or whatever fucking country your Ewok-looking ass comes from.

    • Is the line painted on the earth? No. Of course there are cultural differences, but they’re probably smaller than you want to believe. Good luck with this nonsense.

      • There are some pretty big actual differences as well, Stoeten. Like, I don’t know, a different style of government, along with large philosophical differences (that are bigger than you seem to think). These include our “communist-like/socialist” (as perceived by large number of Americans, and their media) form of health care, and our “draconian” approach to gun ownership (who knew you needed a 30 round magazine for a fully automatic weapon in order to go kill Bambi and friends?).

        As much as free trade and the global village have further highlighted the similarities between Canada and the US, there’s still some very distinct differences.

        • I lived in the US and I get that there are difference, but really, not that much. Yes we have diff gov, and ideals, but all in all we are more closely related then England and Scotland. The biggest difference and only real one that keeps sticking out in my mind, is MOST – NOT ALL – Americans are Sheep, without their own thoughts.

      • Good luck with this nonsense? C’mon man, how ignorant are you going to be on this?

        We look a lot like Americans, but I would venture to say we are closer to people like Australians, New Zelanders, Brits and so on. Its been a while since I lived in Ontario (little America), but where i live these days is nothing like America my friend.

        Clearly you have yet to get caught smoking a joint in the US. Do that in the US and get saught, then do that in Canada and get caught, and then tell me we are the same.

        Most Americans are fear mongering lunatics. (My opinion, dont care if no one agrees)

  21. Stoeten hates Canadians! Burn him! Burn him!

    Seriously though.. it seems like he does.

    • No, he’s just moved beyond the old-world flag-waving tribalism of caring where an athlete is born.

      Unless that athlete is a soccer player with an orange birth certificate, but that’s totally different….

      • “old-world flag-waving tribalism”

        This isn’t international politics there buddy.. it’s just baseball.

        Canadians liking Canadian players is as shocking as Texas people liking Texan players so get the fuck off your high horse.

        • Yeah, but that’s just it, isn’t it? I never see Rangers or Astros fans jerking off over the idea of getting Kyle Drabek, or Jordan Walden, or some other similarly middling/shit players just because they’re from the same giant fucking swath of land. They actually want – crazy thought – good players!

          Also “Texas people,” lol.

          • You need to get out more.

            Its not just a Canadian thing, no matter what the level of play or sport, fans always like hometown/local players and usually the feeling’s mutual. This is perfectly normal and human.

            You don’t think Astros fans loved that Roger Clemens was a big-swinging dick Texas boy? Of course, they did. Sure, they also loved him because he was a great player, but then no one here is suggesting the Jays go after Canadians who can’t play.

            I’m not a big Canadian nationalist and have lived abroad for years, but people talking about an imaginary line border and passe tribalism are living in a fantasyland.

      • That would be a great point if you understood what the fuck I’m talking about.

        • Actually, the more one reads this post and your replies, the more one cannot understand what the fuck you’re talking about…to the point that you come off as very troll-like on this particular subject.

          • Im going to Guess he means……dont get a Maple Woodie just because the player is Canadian……IF there are better options that can be had, get those, if they are Canadian and the best option, then its just a bonus they were Born here.

  22. As far as the Canadian passport goes, I’m with RADAR. It is a nice side story. Nothing more.

    Going back to when people, including myself, were pining for the Jays to take a run at Joey Votto if he became available, one of the arguments was that Votto, as a star Canadian, may have more value to Toronto than any other major league franchise.

    Some wise people suggested Votto was the guy Rogers would break the rules for if he became available as a free agent.

    Morneau hasn’t been a star for a little while now, but perhaps he is far enough removed from the concussion to get back to an elite level.

    This same thing came up in the Yu Darvish bidding. That Darvish was perfect for Rogers’ marketing strategies. And that the posting fee would “pay for itself”.

    That may seem a little ridiculous. But is has to go into the analysis of what to spend on someone like Darvish, Votto, Morneau and Lawrie as well as others.

    If Rogers feels there is extra value in having a star Canadian and Morneau returns to elite status, it may very well make business sense to bid high on Morneau if he becomes available.

  23. The one aspect of this I think Stoeten is missing is the marketability of Canadian players and how that affects attendance/merch. People who are fringe fans love a thick maple load hence the new/old logo and the Lawrie jerseys Canada wide. It may not be the best way to build a team but if having Canadians on the Jays increases revenue than I’m all for it.

    • jeresys will sell no matter the country of origin the player is from

    • So let me get this straight rob ducey, scott richmond, jason bay, paul quantrill, rich butler, adam loewen, and paul spaljaric all helped sell more tickets and jersey and their jerseys were red hot sellers because they are canadians who played for the jays? I missed that

      • I’m saying it’s a combination of things but a canadian on a canadian team is a marketable asset…that’s all I’m saying….no absolutes…

    • It doesn’t.

  24. Any mention that Morneau is Canadian or loves ketchup chips is highly irrelevant for this year’s edition of the Blue Jays. In year’s past? Sure, more maply syrup might sell a few more jerseys or tickets or whatever. This season, the Jays are built to win. The nationality of a player goes out the window.

    I doubt AA gives a fuck where was born. The real question is whether or not he can still play baseball after battling numerous injuries. If Morneau proves to be healthy and productive in 2013 and if Lind stays the same Adam Lind that we all love, perhaps there could be something where Morneau can play out the remainder of his $14M contract with a trade deadline deal of some sort. Fuck the maple syrup angle. Its all about finding a a lefty power bat who could rejuvenate the lineup.

  25. Hey, Hill came aorund last year….

    But then again, this is Adam fuckin Lind we are talking about here… I say he’s in Buffalo by June.

  26. Morneau is shit…when he hits it just means he’s about to get hurt. I’d take konerko or morales over him in a heartbeat

  27. You all got punked by Stoeten.

    He knew this would draw a crowd, a line in the sand, and most importantly comments/page hits.

    Well played you hairy bastard, well played.

    Morneau for Prime Minister. (and 1b when we ship Lind to the glue factory)
    Fuck it, why not get in on the pointless argument anyway.

  28. I don’t know why you (Stoeten) have to shit on even tiny displays of nationalism all the time. I mean if you can get somebody better than Morneau (if you need to) that’s not Canadian, by all means do that. But if you’ve got Canadian a guy who grew up a Jays fan and will help your team, why shouldn’t we get excited about that?

    I gather you’d like people to set aside such emotional considerations as nationalism when thinking about their favorite team, but are you a Jays fan because they’re the awesomest team to ever awesome or because you fell in love with them growing up ?

    • Because they’re dumb?

      • Ya gotta stop commenting when you’re hammered,you’re not making sense.

        On second thought,tell me what you are drinking and I’ll have a double of the same.
        I need to get as fucked up as you to understand what the fuck you’re trying to say.

      • So you love the Jays purely through logic? Nothing to do with emotion or nostalgia or anything of the sort? Nothing to do with them being a Toronto team and you being from Toronto?


        • seriously.

          at this point stotes is blinded by the idea that the maple dick thing is a meme / joke that he’s got a lot of play out of.

          it clouds the fact that its hypocritical to think that any of our love of any team has to do with some sort of non-objective love. There are people out there that only root for winners…(check out the Radio Lab podcast on the topics, its great) but its kind of a minority.

          And obviously it can’t apply to Stotes and the Jays because they haven’t been actually good for the most part since 1993 or so.

          so to throw stones at people who are excited about canadian players is kind of hypocritical.

          not to say that there isn’t an eye-rolling element to the lather people work up over someone like Lawrie…but come on…this maple dick thing is really played to the point of being really fucking boring and also now kind of annoying and is starting to come off a little bit arrogant.

      • I’m with the crowd on this one Stoeten. The FIRST reason anyone cheers for the Jays is geographical. If I was born in LA I doubt I’d care much about Eric Thames or who catches Dickey.

        It’s ALL geography.

        That’s no reason to get too attached to a washed up overpaid player (if such is the case).

        But to like the thought of Canadian players… seems “normal” to me.

  29. I’d prefer it if Stoetsy got more in a lather about players who dont want to come here, rahter than find fault with the ones who do

    • Listen to talk radio if you’re into moronic opinions.

      • No need to Stoeten, you’re doing fine cornering the market on moronic opinions.

        • No opinions are moronic…..thats the best part of living in Canada…..i think we all need a big group hug….its not even the first game a ST yet lol…..we got 8 months to rip each other apart…..

  30. my oh my, we are going to die of smiling following Jose Reyes – he makes everything look like a party, even grocery shopping

  31. Votto is playing for team Canada. I would get excited about this, but I would be pond scum if I cheered a competitive sporting event involving imaginary lines.

    • Do you mean imaginary as in US/Canada?

      I’m pretty sure the Asian countries like Japan and Korea, and the Caribbean countries don’t see it as imaginary.

      But the only reason those countries beat up on the US is because TV #s for the tournament are low in the states. If only those numbers were higher, than the US could really show how much more talented they are!

    • No, you would be pond scum by pretending you understanding what I’m on about when you obviously don’t.

  32. Jeez we’re all this worried about Morneau

    • Not really about Morneau.. more of how Stoeten is a cunt whenever a Canadian player is brought up.

      • Happily so, until people keep thinking its not lame as fuck to care. Desire good players, not players you pretend relate to and pretend will make extra money for the team. Like the team? Stop caring about this. They’re a pro team. Care about Morneau playing in the WBC.

        • Horrible retorts kid.
          Every nation on the planet gets more excited about the home team when they have home grown players. It’s human nature.
          Should we care? Probably not, do we care?
          We all would love to see a Jays Team stacked with Canadian kids. For you to ridicule your brethren because they want to see a few canucks on the carpet is contemptible and pointless.

        • if desire/support/cheering/fandom/etc should be based on ‘objective’ desire for the ‘best available player’…the extension of that argument is that it should apply to teams as well, no?

          why stop at the ‘nationalism’ line? go that extra mile…people should only cheer for the best players in the game, the best teams…

          by this arrogant supposed ‘objective’ rationale…the logical conclusion is that you should be cheering…we should all be cheering for…the new york yankees.

          stotes, you work hard, you put in your time, you love your topic & we’d all be liars to say we are not here because we appreciate your work. but sometimes man, when it comes to logic….you’ve got some work to do! this one is a case in point where you’re actually just coming off as arrogant and alienating some of your readers.

          its not that we don’t all kind of roll our eyes at huge maple leafs on batting practice hats and that some folks out there will cheer for perceived ‘good canadian boys’ to the point of ridiculousness….but its not *that* bad & folks should be given a pretty long leash in terms of acceptance for who they want to cheer for and why. Its sport dude. and sport isn’t half as enjoyable as it is when you treat it %200 like its bean counting and like it its science or something. people want to have some degree of irrational love for their team, their players, etc. its the nature of the beast and to remove it entirely would reduce the enjoyment and love of the game.

        • They’re a pro team that we mostly care about because of geography. You can’t dismiss it outright unless you can state 100% that you CHOSE to be a Jays fan and it had nothing to do with where you are from.

  33. Stoeten, answer this honestly: If you don’t answer, we will assume…

    I don’t know if you follow Toronto FC, and don’t need to know. I do know you go nutty for the orange in World Cup.
    If Toronto FC signed two German stars but the team still sucked, I doubt that would get you motiviated to go watch more matches than u do now.
    If Toronto FC signed two Dutch stars (even if they’re not as good as the hypothetical German players), would that make you a bit more interested to watch a match? To buy a jersey?

  34. I laugh every time I see The Mountie in there.

  35. I am also going to comment on this article.

  36. Less than 48 hours till ST baseball.Thankfully.

  37. What the heck is everyone so worked up about. Jeezus.

  38. Since Stoeten posts under his full name and the guy who’s been replying to everyone here is posting just under “Stoeten”, I’m assuming a troll has escaped containment and has been jerking everyone’s chain.

  39. Ok here we go..

    1. Good Canadian player
    2. Good Player
    3. Average Canadian player
    4. Average Player
    5. Shitty Canadian Player
    6. Shitty Player

    See how this works Stoeten?? We’d want a good any-nationality ballplayer over an average Canadian player but if it comes down to a good Canadian player vs a good any-nationality player, we’ll take the Canuck.

    People don’t want players because they’re Canadian, we want good Canadian players.

    Morneau “could” still be good depending on health and shit and it’s possible to get him. It’s a worthwhile discussion if he’s “good” enough for this team.

    You being a cunt about any Canadian player discussion pisses everyone the fuck off. Let us decide if it’s maple boner worthy!

  40. Good transcript with Bautista.Some interesting background info.Seems he was told about improving the team before he signed the contract.

    Word of warning to some.
    He mentions team chemistry.Just ignore it.He’s a misguided ballplayer, like most, and isn’t aware it doesn’t exist.
    Also he mentions that AA is interested in it when he acquires players.
    I guess AA’s misguided too.Poor guy. He’ll never be successful with that attitude.

    • nice counterpoint Radar, whoever will help these poor deluded souls we cheer for?

      how about this gem from Bonafacio’s Instagram account:

      • Nice link as usual dm. I look forward to the links provided by you and NM.
        I haven’t read anything about it this year but I know Bautista got a group together last off season for workouts that included players from other teams including HanRam and others.

        • after reading Chisholm’s article, it furthers my hope that Bautista becomes a Front Office guy with the Jays not too long after retirement, groomed for GM and perhaps President eventually – he seems like he would be a good baseball exec if he wanted it

          • He’s definitely very smart and well spoken.
            It’ll be interesting,even though he says he feels no pressure,it is HIS team.
            I am a bit concerned, with all the hype, how the players react to the ineventable slump or losing streak or when a pitcher has a bad outing.The casual fans I’ve spoken with are convinced the Jays will go 162-0 and win every game 9-0.( I embellished that a bit)

  41. Brownout in the Bronx?: Power Supply Questionable

    the Brett Gardner-to-CF storyline reminds me of the (mis)steps the NWhyWhy’s have taken:

    Cervelli in/RMart out: significant loss of power as catcher (Martin’s 21 HR’s not going to be replaced by Cervelli’s career OPS+ of 84)

    Ichiro in/Swisher out: Ichiro was not as big a fall off as my perception: .794 OPS during his 67 games as a Stank vs. .837 for Swish but my guess is Ichiro’s HR numbers will be much less than Swish’s 24 and he turns 40 this October.

    Youk in/ARod out: Youk is “probably” an upgrade in just numbers, but the upside of Youk is nowhere near the potential upside of ARod in the risk/reward spectrum, so you can just pencil in average numbers at the position but dismiss the likeliihood of tremendous numbers.

    Gardner in/AJones&RIbanez: as bad as Jones was in the 2nd half, his 1st half was pretty good (.850 OPS through his first 50 games as a platoon, first 85 games of the season). He still finished with .701 OPS; Gardner has a .723 career OPS and was .713 in his last full season run in 2011. Elbow surgery may be tough for his swing going forward and he is 2 years removed from his good running years of 2010 and 2011. Ibanez and Jones hit 33 HRs last year as a platoon; Gardner has 12 in 2 seasons.

    Still a fearsome foursome of Cano, Tesh-Era, Grandyman and Jeeeeetah, but boy do these Bronx ??Bombers??? look suspect. Hafner may be slightly rejuvenated with the short porch, but over/under on HRs for this 2013 version: 190?

    This could be their first sub-200 HR year since 2008 and before that they had not had one since 1999. Verrrrrryyy different type of team in NY this year.

  42. I wouldn’t mind seeing Morneau in a Jays uniform, and it has nothing to do with his bath water likely tasting like maple syrup. He was a great ball player while healthy, and it looks like his health is finally coming back.

  43. Vegas over/under 86.5

    I am thinking of dropping some serious coin on this… These guys GOTTA win 87 games, right?

  44. With respects to the Jays wins this year.. I am not holding my breath for a 90+ season it sucks that these past years have turned me into a negative person (Thanks BJ Ryan for all the horrible memories). I would love to see the Jays have a great year, God knows they are spending the cash for a quality product..

    Its the Players that have to get it done

  45. Stoeten: I’m pretty sure a lot of hopeful Jays fans will be thinking that (Halladay) didn’t really need to go this far. (Emphasis on the dagger through the heart mine.)

    Halladay: “I really don’t [envision myself pitching anywhere]. If I had my druthers, I would be here until I’m done. As good as they’ve been to me, I think they realize I’d be as good to them as I could be. Going forward, I really don’t see myself playing anywhere else. And I don’t want to play anywhere else. This has been the best place I’ve ever played.”

    Stoeten: So… (Morneau) said pretty much exactly what you’d expect him to say. And, naturally, people are going to take the opportunity to get their gears working about it.

    Morneau: “(Toronto is) one of those intriguing places, where if you win you have the whole country behind you. I grew up in Vancouver, and I was a Blue Jays fan. It’s nationwide. … It would be cool, but like I said: I would rather win (in Minnesota).”

    Why does the blogger accuse Halladay of going too far and Morneau of answering a question as one would expect? Morneau is certainly going farther than necessary as well.

    Trolling for pageviews is fun.

  46. Not sure if many of you Jays fans have seen this ; but I thought it was pretty funny.

  47. Start of Spring Training, first “game” tomorrow and only one DJF post since Wednesday night…. Shameful

    • Yes! More posts! We’ve ranted on Stoeten enough.. we need a new piece of paper to scribble on.

  48. Ranting on Stoeten is my favourite part of this site!

    Still love ya man, you fury little ewok

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