Jose Dat ass

If he somehow hasn’t yet– i.e. you’re a soulless ghoul– you can rest assured that Jose Reyes will be your favourite player by the end of the 2013 season, which begins-ish in fake earnest tomorrow afternoon, with the club’s first Spring Training tilt. Brandon Morrow gets the start against Anibal Sanchez, the game will be broadcast live on Sportsnet, they’re opening Tall Boys on Bloor Street early to watch it, and, speaking of, as long as tonight I don’t make my way to another bar having its weekly 75 cent tallboys of PBR night, I’ll probably even have a Game Threat up.

But if that’s not reason enough to be excited for the pre-jacked start-ish of the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays season, Reyes gave you another one this evening, when he put his flow on display for Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun of Sportsnet, as you can see below the jump.

Of course, if you’ve been around a while, you’d already know all about Jose’s musical inclination.

No, you’re exhibiting a startling lack of cynicism.

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  1. The video you are trying to watch can not be viewed from your country or current location. Can anyone help me with this bullshit? I’m in Korea and the website will not let me view the vid Stoeten is promoting. I checked YOUTUBE and it is not there yet. Oh by the way….. Dickey the best, fuck Farrell and every thing else.

  2. Does he bring his own donkey, or are the Jays contractually obligated to provide one for his use?

  3. He is a delight.

    Today, Reyes said he’s walking up to a Drake song. Here’s what needs to happen: Drake gives Jose a verse on his new album … Reyes spends his time as a Blue Jay walking up to his own music, and Toronto becomes the happiest baseball city in all the land.

    I just want him to be happy! If he hates it here, I might have to give up on Toronto.

  4. I never thought anything good about Reyes since he took himself out of the ball game to win the batting crown. Never noticed his attitude before so my opinion was based just on that incident. Since he’s joined the Jays, I’ve noticed and he seems like a great guy. Especially how he tweeted that pic of himself wearing BJ gear days after the trade with that big smile. And how can you have a hate on for his donkey?
    I’m converting, but Jose B is still my fav Jay and will be for as long as he’s on the team.

    • Sounds about right.

      I thought taking himself out of the game back then was a douche move. I believe he wouldve got it had he stayed in the game, so why fuckn not.

      Super pumped he is a Jay though.

  5. LOL was there seriously a caption saying “Why is Jose Reyes always smiling?” cause I had to be imagining that

  6. Reyes is fucking awesome

  7. Zaun’s off season cheeseburger eating and jerking off have provided him with a new found girth…dont call it a comeback…

  8. Not that it’s a problem, but wasn’t Griffin promoting Tall Boys as the official bar for the Torstar baseball groupies?

  9. Game threat! Game threat!

  10. From Toronto Sun 10 questions:
    6. How important is it to develop team chemistry?

    Both Gibbons and Anthopoulos have talked about the importance of clubhouse chemistry and so far the mix of veteran personalities has created a very positive vibe. “We have guys in here who have made a lot of money and now they’re concerned with getting a ring,” said veteran Mark DeRosa, a utility man who was signed because of his reputation as a great teammate. The real test of how this team has bonded will come when they hit a losing streak, which is inevitable. So far the signs are good.

    This is what Stoeten, and those that think winning is what makes good chemistry, don’t seem to understand. When times are good, good chemistry is easier. It’s when they hit a rough patch that it’s important. Negativity has momentum too, and if they go on a bit of a losing streak, and the team implodes, season is done. If you have positive guys who don’t beat themselves up, it’s easier to snap out of those skids.

    • Well you read it, so it’s obviously true.

      • Well Pat.
        You’re obviously an authority on the subject to warant the snark directed at Looper.
        Despite overwhelming evidence presented,from commenters,from interviews with actual MLB players,MLB executives and just about everybody who’s been involved with the game at high level,they say it has an effect.
        But you know more than all those people because you’re smarter and refuse to be swayed by their words.
        So sad you live in the bubble of your own imagination.

    • @Looper. thanks for the info.

      It’s a good argument about chemistry.

      Did the red sox collapse in 2011 accelerate because of bad chemistry.?

      Were there key injuries?

      A collapse of that magnitude is very rare.

  11. It’s split squad game today right or is it a part ti regulars game?

  12. Duuuuuudes!

    Forecast for Lakeland Fla today:

    Breezy and light clouds 85F

    Life has meaning.

  13. No disrespect to the Borg whatsoever, but even if the wheels fall of this year, it’s got to be a more interesting team than some of those teams from the Halladay years. I mean, we all loved Reed Johnson primarily because he was the closest thing the team had to personality. On the 2013 Jays the helmet-tossing knuckle-dragging psycho is only about the 3rd most ‘interesting’ character on the club.

    • I wonder if Lawrie will be calmer this year. There won’t be as much media focus on him with all the new personalities.

      JPA & Dickey will compete for camera time.

  14. Uh oh.. Morneau made more Blue Jay comments. Don’t shit on everyone Stoeten, just explain why you think he might be a shit Canadian player rather than a good one.. because we only want GOOD Canadian players. Nobody wants a shit player, Canadian or not.

  15. I’m at work, can anyone find a radio link to today’s game?

    Hook a brother up!

  16. Is it too much to hope that rap was 45 seconds of Reyes telling Zaun to fuck off in Spanish?

    • +100

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • I dunno, but I doubt Ginger Campbell and Zaunie are anywhere close to the demographic group that digs Reyes’ spanish rap.

      I love Reyes and liked the segment, but watching it felt very weird.

  17. why is he always smiling? ‘gotta at least ask the question’

  18. What a great day. Baseball’s sort of starting and I just finally got my ESPN Insider membership.

  19. It looks like the Jays have finally figured out Lind’s shitty ability to hit lefties.

  20. He had me at ‘hello’

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