Don’t consider yesterday’s flurry of posts as Spring Training action began for the Jays as a tease, per se. There will certainly be more days like it than there will be ones like today, but… uh… yeah, about that: this is about all you’re going to get, as far as a Game Threat goes, because even though the Jays are the subject of another Sportsnet telecast as they open Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin to fans for yet another year, over here on the other side of the state it’s race day! And I’ve already got myself a soft-sided cooler full of cheap beer to bring in, and a ticket that’s far too expensive to let go unused, even in the wake of yesterday’s terrifying and tragic accident at the NASCAR Nationwide DRIVE4COPD 300 race… whatever that is.

So the Jays and O’s, and the split squad game against the Yankees in Tampa, and the continued creeping tediousness of spring can wait. For me, at least. Enjoy the game.

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  1. Question – if an entire engine block came hurtling at Adam Lind from the left side – could he hit it?

    • Answer: Suck it Farrell!

      • No seriously…I guess it would depend on the size of the engine block.

      • Suck it Farrell!!!

      • Speaking of Farrell sucking it,
        Dickey makes his spring training debut Monday against the visiting Boston Red Sox.
        Dickey should pitch every inning of every game against the Red Sox this spring. Mess up those swings while hitters are trying to get their timing down!

        lol, Suck it Farrell!!

        My bet is he won’t play any of his starters against Dickey

        • I was thinking about what a Suck it Farrell version of the Harlem Shake would look like. I think it would be inappropriate and awesome.

      • From the Knob’s write up about the Red Sox today:
        The Red Sox saw John Farrell as the perfect fit as their manager, but some of the things that happened to Farrell’s teams in Toronto have to be seen as cause for some concern. The Blue Jays failed last season in large part because of pitching injuries, but there were clubhouse issues, too. And Farrell’s Jays got such a reputation for bad baserunning that when the Jays had their first screwup on the bases this spring, one Toronto writer described it as “Farrell-esque.”

    • The engine block thing, is this another philisophical questestion. I’m thinking this is Stoeten territory

    • awesome

  2. I heart Farrell.

  3. Is the game on TV today?
    I’m just seeing the schedule saying they’re showing the 1993 world series, which is kind of awesome.
    Oh yeah, FYI: they’re showing the 1993 WS today…

  4. According to beat writer Tom Singer of, Russel Martin has withdrawn from the event because the Pirates and officials from Team Canada have told him that they don’t want him playing anything but catcher for fear that he might suffer an injury.

    “They both were uneasy about that and I simply didn’t want to catch,” said Martin, who was born in East York, Ontario. “I feel sorry for (Team Canada), but sometimes you just have to look out for what’s best for you. You have to make a personal choice. But I’m really sorry for how all this went down.”

  5. Here is a letter to the fans of the Marlins posted by Jeffrey Loria.
    Worth the read:

    He says HE gave them a championship in 2003. Wow.

    He says the team gets bitched about for their finances then implies it’s the fans fault for not showing up. Wow, that is some way to appease your fan base. Blame them!

    “The controversial trade we made with the Toronto Blue Jays was approved by Commissioner Bud Selig and has been almost universally celebrated by baseball experts outside of Miami for its value… In fact, objective experts have credited us with going from the 28th ranked Minor League system in baseball to the 5th best during this period.”

    • I’ll be nice and just assume Loria’s 2002 letter to Expos fans was lost in the mail.

    • I get the feelings of the fans i n Miami but……I can’t crucify Loria for this one. I think a lot of the outcry IS that it’s Loria.

      They had a team that finished with close to the worst record in franchise history. And (very important) fans didnt show up nearly as much as expected. Considering how badly they played, I dont think you could have expected them to play much better in 2013. The high priced contracts were not making them winners, and fans were still not coming out. When you compare the talent coming back to the OTHER big salary dump (Sox-Dodgers) it’s not even close. Toronto came by and offered to give them a mulligan on some mistake contracts whioe at the same time freeing up cash and giving them enough talent to put their farm from high 20′s to top 5. From a baseball standpoint, it was probably the right move.

      IMO the only parties who should feel a bit cheesed are the players who were lied to by Loria. But again, these arent school kids. They were dumb if they thought a verbal assurance they wouldnt be traded would mean anything.

      • I think a lot of the problem in Miami was Ozzie, and also letting them film the HBO “Franchise” documentary for the whole season. But it’s not even that they traded the guys away for a fresh start, or that they got value from a long-term baseball standpoint (which they did, even without nabbing d’Arnaud or Gose). Where Miami fans and taxpayers have a right to be angry, beyond yet another fire sale, is that Loria lied and scammed his way into a stadium deal, and he’s pocked all that money plus revenue sharing dollars through a convenient loophole. He flat-out lied. At least in Montreal the provincial government had the balls to stand up to Loria and refuse to play his public stadium game, otherwise he would have scammed them out of town. In many ways Loria is a real-life Lyle Lanley, and that stadium is the Miami monorail.

      • I believe that there was, and could be, a strong baseball culture in Montreal. What Loria and Selig did there is disgusting.
        Could you blame the fans for not going to games when the organization made a point of saying how terrible the stadium was and how they couldn’t field a competitive club? Loria drove the fans away, then used that as an excuse to eventually have MLB take control and move the franchise. The fans didn’t abandon the team. They were pushed away.
        If they had a real park with owners willing to invest in the club, Montreal fans would have been rabid.
        RobA, totally agree with you, but it is Loria and he is scum so even if what he’s saying may be right, I choose to loathe him and not believe a word he says.
        He should have had Farrell as the manager, not Ozzie

  6. Driving in circles is boring.

  7. Tomorrows going to be awesome

  8. Is Game One of the 1993 World Series airing at 1 today? Am I reading the Sportsnet schedule right?

  9. DRIVE4COPD is a national public health campaign that aims to find the missing millions of people who may have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease …


  10. If you’re watching the games on first row, get on there soon since the games usually aren’t accessible after they start.

  11. Santo’s pitching now 1 up 1 out

  12. I guess Jose’s wrist is okay.

  13. Cecil hitting 91 with his fastball

  14. Can someone who is patient enough tell me how to pirate these games through the interweb? And please go slow….. and dumb it down.

    • I’m not any sort of expert and somebody should correct me.I’ve never done it myself.
      But it has been posted here many times.
      There are several websites that people upload the games feed. Once you find them,bookmark them.Sometimes they will shutdown the feed,so be prepared.The quality is hit and miss and is usually the visting team broadcast.Stoeten hasn’t had cable or satelite TV in 3 or 4 years and does it all the time.
      Usually somebody will post a link during a game.
      I have no idea what you’d google to get the websites.
      Keep asking each game and somebody will post them.

    • first row1 dot eu

      Install the app and click on the links under baseball (or Other->Baseball) then the game you want then click then the link that says After Install Click Here To Watch Game. App pops up and wait to connect. Usually pretty good but sometimes crappy quality. If you aren’t there at the start of the game you’ll miss it.

      Apparently might not work on Macs.

      I’m watching the Yanks game right now. No, I don’t have any other choice. I’d watch legit if I could.

      • Appreciate it.

        • I relied on bootleg streams all of last year and came up rather disappointed with the quality and reliability. :/
          I decided to fork out the cash for this year. .
          Ah well.
          Good luck.

          • I heard that jays games are blacked out in Canada on Is this true? Can you get around it with an IP mask like ultrasurfing?

  15. Just got home and started listening and was like: “Hey Jack Morris is pretty good! Also, he sounds young.” Of course, it’s Hayhurst.

    • Pretty accurate

      • +1.

        Hayhurst was pretty good today. He had some anecdotes about players he pitched against & told the story of his first MLB at bat where he rolled his ankle running to 1B & got hurt for a month.

  16. Happ fractured Granderson’s hand…out 10 weeks

    • You and Yop will be reprimanded by Stoeten for making baseless comments/rumours.

      Initial Reports are bruised forearm. Not serious.

      Happ has a role on this team and if that’s to disable the opposition then he’s got a leg up on that role.

      • what the fuck are you talking about baseless comments/rumors you fucking moron

      • Ummm.. it’s been diagnosed as a busted forearm. It’s easy to get a proper diagnosis after they, you know, x-ray it.

      • NEW YORK TIMES: TAMPA, Fla. — Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson fractured his right forearm Sunday after he was hit by a pitch in the team’s exhibition game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Steinbrenner Field. He will miss approximately 10 weeks, according to the Yankees.

        Granderson, who was making his first appearance of spring training, was hit by Blue Jays pitcher J. A. Happ in the first inning. Yankees Manager Joe Girardi immediately removed Granderson from the game. The team initially said the injury was a bruise, but precautionary X-Rays revealed a fracture.

        Now, because of his injury, Granderson could miss the first five weeks of the regular season.

        • One has to admire the kind of person Curtis Granderson is.

          How many guys would come out and talk to the TV crew
          after having broken his arm and having just returned from the hospital.

          But there was Grandy, talking about how he could still run, keep the lower half
          in shape…yada…yada..yada…

          Easy to hate the Yankees.
          Easy to like people like Curtis Granderson.
          Wish him the best and hope he comes back strong.

          • I know the feeling. There’s a few others on the Red Sox and Yankees like that. I dont let it get in the way of my dislike for both organizations. (especially the Red Sox!! oh, and the Yankess)

  17. Granderson out 10 weeks. Happ really trying to win the job.

    • JA Happ, the first Blue Jays team MVP to spend 1/2 the season in AAA. Awesome! Feel bad for Granderson (does seem like a good guy, but the organization is to be loathed), but if a couple more ‘accidents’ could happen to Jeter and Cano, the Jays will be set.

  18. Schwimer on landing a bullpen spot:

    “It’s not hard to look at the roster and see the bullpen has four or five veteran guys and they also have three or four guys that are out of options. It doesn’t take a real rocket scientist to figure out that I’m in maybe not the best position to make the team out of camp.

    “Does that mean I’m not going to fight my ass off and try to compete for a job? No, I’m going to work and try to show them what I have, what I can do.”

    NO? You are not going to fight your ass off for a job?? Fuck you then, have fun relegated to Buffalo, douchebag. I can see why he had problems getting along in Philly…

  19. Juan Rivera is the Yankees new starting left fielder!

  20. Stoeten, you should flourish well drinking 4% beer as you are a lightweight, for evidently not stepping up like a man, and hosting a preseason DJFs shit fest.

    I also hear that the senior community relishes drops ins from bogging celebrities. You should stop by and tell them true stories of how you and Parkes are a big deal at Hemingways when you wear you hot, tights, tube dresses together.

    If you want a real report from spring training, wait a couple weeks and I’ll dial you guys up a dandy. No holds barred, dirty, drink mullet style.


    • KellyGrubersBastardHeirsHair

    • Please post video and pictures KGBS.

      • SM, I like it.

        Yes GSMC, I will take pics, and perhaps footage and shoot an amazing drunkumentary.

        Oh and there will be heckling, there’s nothing worse than being heckled by a Drunk asshole in Spring Training. Hey, they also have to prepare for regular season heckling too right?

        • I wish I could be your wingman Grooobah. Make sure to get in a Red Sox game and give it to Farrell non-stop.

          • What an amazing idea. I’m only 45 minutes from Fort Myers where the Red socks play.

            I’ll happily get thrown from the game for all good Drunk Jays Fans by pretending to do doggie style with Farrells mom.

            *Hey Farrell! Your mommas so fat when she fell down, she rocked herself to sleep trying to get back up again! *

            Ballsdeep, we will be wingmen at a game this year, tickets on me.

            • Make sure you let Farrell know he’s going to need a Toradol injection in his chin after we’re done with him this year.

              • Haha. He does have a nice tight looking mouth and a supple, soft chin doesn’t he?

    • That whole ‘beer is lighter in the U.S’ thing is completely bunk! I lived in Michigan for 3 years and their beer is far superior and stronger on average. It’s true that some states have laws for % for beer sold in grocery stores…but other then that I really miss American beer. They are far more creative and when you get past any mass produced junk (Molson, Bud, Heineken, Gunniss etc.), they live in beer heaven.

      • I don’t mind Yeungling, and Brooklyn Lager and yes, there are a lot of good micro breweries there.

        Their main stream is piss though.

      • Man, last time I was in Florida I was pounding jugs of Bud Light (it was “all you care to drink” night, 8 bucks!) and I honestly could not get drunk. I mean, I was a little drunk, but not drunk drunk, like throwing rocks at your own house drunk…

      • All macro brew is corn or wheat infested crap! Canadian, American or European, it doesn’t matter. The best Canadian beer is Unibreu (prob messed up the spelling). The best American is stuff like Founders, Bells, Stone, Full Sail, DogFish Head…it goes on and on. American and Belgian microbrews are by far the best beers in the world…it’s not even debatable.

  21. Yanks Are done

  22. I’m wondering if any of the games were broadcast today? I thought I heard that every game is broadcast on a website but is that just radio or a broadcast. Also, if I get MLB TV will I get the Jays games? Please let me know

    • Yes, a few were broadcast. RADAR in a comment above gives a quick and dirty about streaming ballgames without purchase, I suggest you read. And no Jays games on MLBTV if you live in Canada, but there are ways around it for the technologically savvy.

  23. Hopefully the Yanks don’t retaliate and try to hit Lind next time the Jays face them. On second thought…

    • Trade Lind to them or is it a stupid idea

    • Unfortunately it won’t be Lind they’ll be aiming at…

      • There have been a few times JB was beaned (or thrown at) over the past 2 years and Jays pitchers have done nothing about it. I sure hope that changes.

        Mind you, if RA throws a knuckler AT someone, it’s anyone’s guess where it ends up…..

        • That’s when you bring in Jeffress and ask him to throw one right down the middle. The result? Bean ball.

        • I agree with that. The Jays pitchers should protect their batters. Hentgen ought to take care of that. If I recall correctly he didn’t let a plunked Jay go unrevenged.

      • Brett Lawrie was the first guy up in the next inning and he got plunked right away…might be a bit of rivalry this year..

        • Now THAT’s the Law of Toyland at work. Funny, Farrell didnt seem to get that. Oh well, Red Sox problem now (perfect fit!).

  24. Rivera! Makes me smile.

    Of course, the Yanks have a way of taking last month’s ground chuck and turning it into steak tartare – Garcia, Chavez, Chacon, Small, Ichiro, etc – as always, I’ll adjust my expectations thusly.

    Butterfly effect: Giancarlo in pinstripes? No…

  25. I’m just wondering how I get these Free Web TV Broadcast of Jays games? I would appreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks!!!!!

  26. Anyone see Gose’s triple? Holy shit, forgot how fast he was, think that would have been a single for some guys.

  27. Wowza. Yankees only guy not eligible for retirement gets beaned by J.A. Happ. Im giving Ricky 2 bad starts, and then I want Happ the assasin as our 5

  28. anyone see reports of Cecil’s velocity in Tampa today?? Curious if Delabar’s Velocity program is working for Lefty

  29. Delabar opens beer bottles with his eye socket, he bangs his dick on the side of urinals to dry it off and once braved a burning building to rescue a guys Maxim collection.

    He’s my new favorite Jay.

    • You need to be working for the Jays PR department. I would love to see the bios for the rest of the Jays.

    • That’s was the post of the month Smasher.

      Gimme a Lawrie Bio please.

      • Maybe later as we approach the season…..

        I did read a report from Shi Davidi that prior to the morning stretch Brett couldn’t find a Red Bull in the clubhouse so he snorted a hill of Fire-ants.

        Resourceful little fucker.

        • Please continue with daily installments of the Jays 2013 Biography Series – Chuck Norris Edition. Was that a teaser for Lawrie’s write up tomorrow?

    • bahaha thats pure hold

  30. Does Happ make ML team as 6th starter/long man

  31. Fuck the Yankees, but that sucks about Granderson. Seems like a great guy in addition to being a great player. Let’s all take this moment to be thankful for the dead weight of A-Rod’s contract dragging the Yankees down.

  32. well one good thing for Happ is he can thank the NY Post when some crazed Yankee fan comes for him – “It wasn’t me”.

    In his initial spring training at-bat today Curtis Granderson suffered a fractured right forearm when an A.J. Happ fastball was up and in to the left-handed hitter in the opening frame.

  33. Lol stoeten fighting a guy on twitter who claims to have dined and dasehd

  34. Enjoy the race. Better then any Spring Training game anyway.

  35. are the Jays a top 5 team? Honest question, cause Im on another board and basically being laughed at for even thinking the Jays are a top 5 team on paper

    • Tough to say. I’d say Toronto, Yankees, Tampa, Detroit, Washington, Cincy and Atlanta could all be in the discussion. Probably a couple I’m forgetting. You could certainly make an argument Jays are top five.

      • top five AL or whole league? gotta think they make the top five on paper in the AL.

      • It was brought up by someone else and the group kinda turned. Basically stating that its a stretch and ludicrous, and I could see how On paper, they are at least 5th, I couldnt argue or agree they should be higher.

      • “on paper”…therein lies the rub. Unfortunately, they play on grass.
        The Marlins were supposed to be world-beaters last year, no? Who the hell figured the Orioles would have a horseshoe permanently implanted up their arses last season?
        Face it, even the best team out there (on paper) is only one or two injuries away from being “ordinary”. Or your Hotshot Superstud turns out to be a plough horse that season.

        On paper, I’d say the Jays are close to top 5. But the Jays don’t get the same media buzz in the States.

    • I know Vegas odds are based on attitude of betters and doesn’t mean anything, but you can’t be laughed at for suggesting they’re a top 5 team when they’re the odds on favourite to win the WS.

      Top 3 in AL and top 5 in MLB I’d say.
      Detroit, Jays, and I’m going with Anaheim in AL
      Nats, Cinci in NL.

      Yankees are last place in AL East after Grandy injury. He won’t hit 20 HR’s this year.

    • I dont know, you might want to include the Giants in there somewhere.

      • I don’t know, could never come around on the Giants. Could be some deep rooted psychological anti-Parkes thing or something.


    Griffin says Sam Fuld is the only other ball player to come back from the surgery Bautista had. Is that true? I thought I remember hearing it’s not a terribly rare injury among hitters.

  37. Janssen may not be ready for the start of the seadon

  38. Fuck John farrell

  39. any radio feeds or links? in the east

    • Today’s game is on the net. or
      Audio call only , no Blue Jay tv feed.
      It’ll be Wilner and Hayhurst and according to Wilner the instructiona are

      Go to either site.
      Download and listen
      It’s free
      There will be no Jays Talk following the game.

      • So it becomes available I assume when it starts? I forgot to do the time zone switch earlier when I wrote that….

        Thanks Radar!

      • It won’t let me register without demanding money. How do I get around that?

        • I guess Wilner was mistaken.
          He was promoting it yesterday and said all you got to do is register and it was free.
          Somebody fucked up,cause it keps askin for money before you can register.
          Sorry guys,I was only passing along what Wilner said yesterday on the radio.
          Now i feel like an asshole and I don’t like that.
          Now I’m pissed off and need to vent.
          Where is Stoeten when you need him?
          Fuck it. Parkes or ankle biter will do.

          • Worked fine for me. Maybe you guys are doing it wrong.

            • Wouldn’t be the first time I got confused by technology.
              I clicked on listen.
              Takes me to screen load and asks for login and password.
              Go to register and only 3 options.
              Picked audio and wants credit card info.
              They won’t let me have a credit card since that incident in Vegas,which by the way, was NOT my fault.
              How was I supposed to know they’d send six of them?

          • The instructions are more or less correct. You need to register for an account, not a account.

            Go to
            Register for an account.
            Then open up the audio feed.

  40. So today Sportsnet won’t show the Jays on any of their 5 channels, but will show the Yankees on 4 of them. Sounds legit.

  41. Well, that didn’t begin the way I expected.

  42. I like listening to Wilner and Hayhurst. Good combo.

    • These two sound like a minor league MWL combo. Bad and dull. Nothing whatsoever is good about them.

      • It sounds like heaven to me when the alternative is fucking Jack Morris.
        I wanted to shove a goddamned ice pick in my ears yesterday.

  43. Sounds like the crowd booed Farrell. But I hope the TO sports media just lobbed him a few soft ones and let it go. Keep the hard questions for the first real game in April. Melky Cabrera got his first hit, I hear.

  44. Fuck you Sportsnet. Can’t listen and not showing on any of my Sportsnet channels. …and how did it become 2-0? Sour beans all around.

  45. Griff nails it in today’s live chat for the Star:

    “The wind is blowing in from right field and quite stiff. If it’s still stiff in four hours I’m calling a doctor. ”

  46. the next generation of blue jays slugging 1b began today. goodbye adam lind, hello onetime untouchable red sox uber-prospect LARS MFN ANDERSON. WHOOOO.

    • Does he possess a chin?

    • I remember the hype Red Sox nation had for Lars a couple of years ago. Just looked him up and that guy has fallen big time. 4th organization in six months.

      Sounds like he’s not as good as Cooper
      No speed or power. Ugh.

      Maybe Chad Motorola can fix him…

      • Ya, big kid, only 25 and he bats left so I wouldn’t write him off yet. He allready crushes Lind in OBP, with a few more doubles/homers he could be a nice upgrade. If he doesn’t pan it’s no big thing, nothing ventured – nothing gained. Get to work Mottola

  47. Lara Anderson takes coopers space basically right?

    • Will we need to sneak him through waivers? I like the pickup but I won’t get excited until he’s safely stowed in Buffalo.

  48. Farrell when asked if he would have stayed, had the Marlins trade been orchestrated before his leaving…”I was traded”

    What a fucking arrogant piece of donkey shit.

    • Ya that’s almost pretty douchey. Farrell strikes me as the kind of arrogant asshole who sprays his balls with Axe deoderant before he hits the bar.

    • Is there any context for that? If not, that’s an incredibly clueless, tacky thing to say.

      • I just heard Wilner and Garfoose talking about it….

        Wilner seemed pretty put off by his remarks. Farrell’s answer made it seem like his going to Boston was out of his control and that he was traded.

        It was enough to make you want to scream ‘Suck it Farrell’

        • I meant to says “is there any MORE context to this.” As in, did he say more, or was that just the question and Farrell’s flippant reply?

          • Someone did remind him he was traded at his own request and that’s when he said he had discussed it all at the winter meetings. Griffin in his live chat said Farrell was brusque with the media and didn’t seem to want to discuss this again. Which? Too bad. Because it is gonna come back over and over and over and it won’t stop stinking.

            Suck it Farrell.

        • He acts so fuckin entitled. It’s like he wants the respect of a Sparky Anderson after having a career coaching record of 154-170.

    • Suck it Farrell!!!!!

      The reality is I’m glad he orchestrated getting out of Toronto. That guy is more fake than Katie Morgan’s left breast.

      The only thing I’m upset about his him taking Buttercup with him. That guy is great.

      The fact that Gibby is the anti-Farrell is just awesome. I think these players are going to respond to Gibby’s honesty and no-nonsense approach.

      I also hope that his departure gives some of the guys extra motivation (especially Lind).

      Can’t wait for the Red Sox to visit Toronto. I’ll be doing the Suck it Farrell shuffle.

      • How would one do the Suck it Farrell shuffle?
        Strangely I envisioned 50,000 Jays fans raining down foot long hotdogs on him yelling “suck it Farrell”.

        • Yeah, was hoping someone here could come up with a Suck it Farrell shuffle.
          Probably involves 50,000 fans doing some hand to mouth motion while chanting “Suck it Farrell”.

          It’s early in spring training. We’ve got a month to come up with a shuffle. lol

          • Maybe someone could come up with the Farrell Shake. In which a few people at strategic places in the stadium start dancing and waving Suck It Farrell signs until the bass line kicks in and every one gets up with signs…

            • I mean ‘Farrell Shuffle’ although I would like to shake that bastard until his teeth fall out and his glass jaw shatters.

        • I think that a deluge of wieners would be more hurtful to Tom Farrell than to John Farrell. According to the Front Office directory, Tom Farrell is the Jays’ head groundskeeper.

          The fanbase don’t have any grievance against Tom Farrell.

          • Quick, who will pay for Tom Farrell to have his last name legally changed before ‘Suck It, Farrell’ Friday?

      • My .02$….we need get a big ass flag with ‘suckITfarrell’ printed on it and pass it around the whole cement dwelling like they do at some games with that stick and puck.

        Even better Stoeten and his DJF monkey army should all pitch in and have that goofy fucking DJF logo on it.

        Speaking of Stoeten, how is there not one post for today? I’m a little worried….anyone check that FloridaMan twitter feed? Anything about a bearded FloridaMan in trouble with hookers, blow and a ball glove?

        • Wherever there is concrete there should be a Suck it Farrell poster.

          A big picture of a fat Farrell with round belly poking out from white undershirt with Red Sox logo on it holding a big bucket of chicken wings and beer with the heading “My dream job!”

          Oh, and the DJF logo can be on the bucket of chicken, like the KFC style.

          Just spitballing here. lol

  49. More like LOLZ Anderson! amiright?

  50. Chickenwing!

  51. Anybody else have a sense of impending doom at this sentence tucked into the top of an ostensibly “good” report on Santos?

    ” The shoulder that underwent what has been termed “minor surgery” last November is still giving him discomfort.”

    Is it time to start cracing each others heads open and feast on the goo inside?

  52. Ok, found this really odd.
    Former Jays coach Lovullo is managing the other split squad game for Red Sox today. He was asked about his time in Toronto:

    “I don’t want to speak on behalf of John,’’ Lovullo said, “but I have nothing but fond memories of the front office, people on the baseball operations side, to the people inside the clubhouse. They’re my friends. I miss them. I’ll be anxious to get up there to see them.”

    A quote talking about how he enjoyed Toronto and he had to clarify he was speaking on behalf of John Farrell? WTF? When saying something nice about others, why would you ever clarify you’re not speaking on behalf of someone else?

    Suck it Farrell.

  53. Wilber and Hayhurst worst combo ever. Unlistenable. Wilber “a soy latte would be great” Yawn. Hayhurst says “if you carry yourself well you’re better regarded”. ZZZZZZ

    • I rather enjoyed the call.

      Granted, I do not need to hear about fat Wilner’s lattes, but Garfoose had lots of valuable insights, IMO.

  54. I think we were so blinded by JF’s strong, masculine jawline and self assured manner of speaking that we didn’t realize that A) he’s a crappy manager and B) He’s a massive asshat

  55. Check yourself for a pulse if this doesn’t get your nipples hard:

    • Awesome video (minus pop up adds)

      I had to give my head a shake and pinch myself to make sure this is real. Seeing this clip made me realize just how good this team has a chance to be.

      The best part was watching EE jump around in the clubhouse. Had to play that portion over again a few time. Gold.

    • Thank you for posting that kind sir. Smiled the whole time.

    • That was fucking sweet.

  56. @Sean_McAdam

    A disgruntled TOR fan (presumably) walks past post-game interview session and drops a loud “You suck, Farrell!” at Sox manager.

    • probably the best reaction a fan will give him this year

      • I loved Dave Perkins on PTS back in December, in one of those fucked up round table sessions. Perkins said that he expects that fans are going to boo Farrell for the next 14 years.

        No debate there.

        • Had AA fired Farrell it would have been much better for everyone

          • If even one sustained “Suck it Farrel” chants gets going this year, I wouldn’t;t change a thing about how things went down.

          • Totally disagree Birddawg.

            1. We got a potentially decent bullpen arm in Rogers
            2. We don’t have to pay the last year of his contract.
            3. Don’t you love “Suck it Farrell!!!”
            4. Awesome to have a villan, especially go to the Sox. If he went to KC or national league, meh.
            5. I think AA played this great. I think he realizes he was fooled by the presentation of the polished Farrell, and his managerial skills and clubhouse leadership were in reality terrible. He was able to maximize ridding the team of him. All sizzle, no steak.
            6. Maybe these moves would have happened anyway, but the fact Farrell wanted out and it’s so publically known he wanted to be elsewhere may have been a slap in the face to ownership. Certainly didn’t hurt the argument we needed to increase payroll and field a competitive team. Not that they need extra incentive to win, but this helps.

            Bottom line: Suck it Farrell!!!!!

  57. “Baseball is a 162 game conversation” Damien Cox, Feb. 25, 2013

    Keep up the good work DC

  58. I just seen Sierras throw to 3rd from todays game; WOW

    Fuckin Awesome

    • Not that I’d start them over Melky and Colby (well, maybe Colby) but an outfield of Bautista, Gose and Sierra would be fun to watch. They all have cannons. Opponents would hesitate to take extra bases or tag up with that outfield.

      • Absolute hose.
        It reminded me of a young Vlady Guerrero.
        Salty was dead halfway there.

  59. Vernon Wells to retire in 2 years:

    Good to hear he intends to make the Angels pay him every last dime.

    • Sucks that Napoli wasn’t kept but that s water under the bridge

    • I actually feel bad for V.W.

      He’s a great guy, and he does try hard. I think part of the problem is he’s trying too hard to be good and live up to that contract. That contract may have been the worst thing for his career (not lifestyle) because it looms over him like a dark cloud.

      I also felt sad for him saying he’s planning to retire. The reality is that nobody would give him a job, so he’d be out of baseball anyway and he knows it. Better to declare you plan to retire then to be shown the door.

      Arguably he belongs on the wall of excellence. Even if not, I hope he can come back to Toronto for a flashback day and receive a standing ovation. Yes, it was frustrating to watch him pop up all the time, but he did some great things.

      • Yeah no complaints about VW as a human being. He seems like a great guy.

        It’s hard to blame him for signing a big contract. Any one of us would have done the same.

  60. Watching 1993 world series and noticed the turf looks like a Green video game turf.
    Then I googled to see if that was the last time a World Series was played by both teams using turf. Yep. Then came across this article from 2011:
    There are only two stadiums left with the fake stuff, and they’re both domes: the Rogers Centre in Toronto and Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

    But it’s actually AstroTurf – named after the first place that had artificial turf, the Houston Astrodome (1965) – that’s making a comeback in baseball. The company signed a marketing deal with Major League Baseball to be the “Official Synthetic Turf” of MLB. And the sweetheart deal essentially gave the Rays a new surface at Tropicana Field this spring. The Rogers Centre received a new AstroTurf field last year. Both fields cost roughly $1 million, and reportedly didn’t cost the teams a thing.
    I had no idea our field was subsidized by MLB. If the company/MLB is willing to give the Jays free carpet, does that shatter our real grass dream??

    Yeah, I’m sick and have a lot of time on my hands.

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