Spring Threat: Jays vs. Twins


The Jays attempt to take on the Minnesota Twins in the rain at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin, but its up to the weather at this point, as I’m currently hearing the tarp is on the field, but that it’s coming off, but that it’s raining, but… you see where this is going. My picture above was from about an hour before the scheduled first pitch– not exactly the kind of weather you envision for your first Grapefruit League experience, but nobody seems ready to call it. And maybe they shouldn’t– this weather map certainly makes it look like the bands of rain aren’t terribly thick, and with Dunedin being situated on the south side of Tampa Bay, the worst is likely over.

So… baseball-ish!


No, seriously. Check out the lineup: it ain’t baseball so much as it’s baseball-ish. At least on the Toronto side. Though watching Jose Bautista demonstrate his swing to NHK, as I mentioned earlier, was more than enough of his awesomeness for me to take in for one afternoon. Or morning. Or… whatever the hell time it is. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for that clip.

Sportsnet announces that a network Spring Training record average of 456,000 viewers tuned into Saturday’s spring kick-off against the Tigers, boasting that “Overall, more than 2 million Canadians watched some part of the pre-season game on Sportsnet, as the Blue Jays beat the Tigers 10-3.” Really? OK, that’s pretty impressive.

Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press, via the Ottawa Citizen, writes about a trio of video game… um… guys– a manager of animation and a pair of photographers– who visited the Jays camp here in Dunedin in order to get their digital images, so they can be used in MLB ’13: The Show, which comes out March 5th. So… y’know… they’re cutting it close! (Or maybe not– there’s no actual indication of when, precisely, these guys were here. Could have been a backlogged story from earlier in camp.)

Aaaaand… yeah. That’s about it.

TV: Not so much. But you can get the audio at MLB.com.

And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

E. Bonifacio SS
M. Izturis 2B
R. Davis LF
A. Lind 1B
H. Blanco C
R. Langerhans RF
S. Ochinko DH
A. LaRoche 3B
A. Gose CF

R. Romero RHP (Or, y’know, maybe LHP. Ugh.)

Minnesota Twins

A. Hicks CF
D. Mastrioanni LF
J. Mauer C
J. Morneau 1B
T. Plouffe 3B
C. Colabello DH
J. Benson RF
B. Dozier 2B
P. Florimon SS

M. Pelfrey RHP

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  1. Lol mastroanni as a twins fixture

  2. Wow…those ratings arent “impressive” considerong its a freaking ST game. Those are downright unbelievable.

    Which is great. With some real attendence and ratongs this year, maybe we get ANOTHER payroll bump next season.

  3. Romero is tryin throwin with the other arm this year?

  4. Dear God and baby Jesus too, please never let me see that Jays line up again.

  5. oh yea, Lind batting clean up today ahah

    • Spring training game

    • This lineup is a mockery. I know its spring training but shouldnt gibbons be utilizing these games to get the position players bats going and not playing these scrubs? Just sayin. Even if its for just half the game.

      • @afdg

        AA was on the radio yesterday. Said he is anxious to make cuts and get the team nailed down more. Playing these guys gives you a chance to watch them and take notes and be done with them (until needed or whatever). So… patience.

        • Good point sons

          Also, spring training is long and tedious, then you have a long regular season. You don’t want to burn out your starters.
          They’ll play more after the cuts, and closer to the season. Now its just a little practice to work on timing and getting your body used to playing again.

        • Now it’s time for the easiest part of any GM’s job. The cuts. Although I wasn’t able to cut everyone I wanted to, I have cut a lot of you.

          Zawadiski, I liked your hussle out there. That is why it was so hard to cut you. Everyone else, you made the team!

          Except you, you, and you.

    • …and blasted a 2-run bomb

    • And Chad Johnson at DH whuuuuuuut

      ….oh wait never mind

  6. “R. Romero RHP”

    Did Romero give up on his left-handedness? Actually not a terrible idea … ambidextrous pitchers would be a hell-of-a commodity.

    • I heard of one guy in college ball a few years back who had a special glove that had 6 fingers on it so he can switch arms. He made it a personal rule to switch arms during a plate appearance but would switch batter to batter much like a switch hitter will adjust to pitchers.

      • Yanks have a guy, I think his name is Venditte or something. He throws both and does it pretty well.

        • I think it was that guy for whom they had to create a new rule. Scenario was, in a key situation, a switch-hitter came to bat, and pitcher and hitter wasted a lot of time switching gloves/bats from one hand to the other. Without research, my memory is telling me that the rule now states that the pitcher must declare his side and stick with it.

        • Yup that is the guy. I remember seeing a feature on him on some sports channel back before the draft.

          • Watched a Montreal Expos pitcher named Greg Harris who pitched with both arms within the same inning. They made him declare a side for a particular at-bat. He got out people pitching with both arms.

    • That would be 4 times as good as that scrub Jim Abbott

  7. I’m already bored with pre-season games.

  8. Dunedin is actually on the north end of Tampa Bay and the rain should stop. I hope you get to see the game.

    No, YOU’RE a geography geek.

  9. oh ricky back to his old ways

  10. I understand it costs money to produce baseball games.

    I just find it odd that Rogers, which owns the team and a network, is showing Yankee games all the time. Someone earlier explained they buy the YES feed for peanuts but still…
    Yankee baseball is better than no baseball, but it would be nice to show your own team on your own network for a nation wide fan base wouldn’t it?

    • Watching the Yankees game and was shocked the announcers were talking about all the players the yanks have lost and kind of ripping the team. Then I realized this is the Phillies feed by comcast and not the YES network.

      I dont understand this. Seems like a good marketing tool to spend the money to produce the telecasts for the team you own. Sure in a bubble the cost to produce a game may be more than advertising revenue to offset it, but for marketing exposure doesn’t it make sense?

      This is a legitimate curiosity, so if someone can explain it would be great. Thanks

      • The short answer is no, it doesn’t make sense at this point in time,from a business perspective.
        In 2009,not all REGULAR season games were televised.
        There’s a bunch of reasons not to televise all ST games.

        • The fact that they have to go to FX network (owned by rogers maybe?) to carry those 5 extra games is some kind of clue I think. They’re saving money way or finding the slot time or something.

    • Jays are on the YES network on Thurs aft. I believe

  11. When the season starts people like cox will say fire everyone of they go 15 and 15

  12. I agree..Bob Mcgown mentioned this a while back. Even low production, baseball fans would watch..or not but ratings seem to indicate its cheap premium broadcasting. They already have commentators there for radio..

  13. Anyone know of a better hangover cure then 2 tylenol and a coke?
    It feels like a centaur ridden by Brett Lawrie is trampling on my brain….

    Can someone reinsert me in the Matrix, I promise to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, drink whiskey again.

  14. Why the fuck are the Yankees on? I thought I saw some bullshit about them broadcasting all the Jays spring training games.

  15. Is it just me, or does Ginger Campbell sound like he’s trying to force himself into sounding like he wants to “chat” and realistically listen and agree with anything Wilner has to say during his stint on the radio feed?

    • Speaking of Ginger Campbell, where did the commenter Ginger Campbell go? His name made me giggle every time I saw it.

  16. MLB ranks jays 26th in D
    well, 2 errors a game, even in spring training……they might not be far off the mark……wasn’t this Butters job when he was still here?

  17. Dunedin is on the west side of tampa, not south

  18. Why not switch Gose and Davis in the lineup and give the prospect more at bats?

    • Gose is slated for AAA.Davis for the big club.

      • That was his point… Davis is just a bench bat. Gose could potentially be taking over for Rasmus in CF in a year, if not later this season. Gose needs the at-bats.

        • I’m trying to keep my comments shorter sorry.
          Gose will get his at bats in AAA.
          He’d get no more than one AB in this game,more than Davis and that would likely be against a non MLer.
          Davis is getting prepared for the season.
          Davis was starting to hit better towards the end of last season.
          Gose is a prospect who needs seasoning and he’ll be sent to the Minor league complex to get his work in.
          It’s a ST game for crying out loud.

  19. @Smasher…I was halfway through my judgement when I read your last line. It was good though. I LOVE cold pizza the next day.

  20. Bill “Spaceman” Lee was on PTS this afternoon. I only caught the last 5 minutes, and in that time the conversation turned from the advantages and history of PED use to the story of a guy getting killed when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his head. It’s worth a listen, especially if you’re stupidly high.

  21. Ricky Romero talkin bout his lack of use of his sinker last year. Is this the reason for his poor numbers? Hope so, cause if he can return to form, the Jays should win every game this year!


  23. Someone on r/torontobluejays made this:


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