I’m back on the good coast after a taste of spring baseball action over in Dunedin, with more impressions of that to come. Now, here’s what’s been accumulating while I’ve been on the road and/or losing money at mini golf.

Before you read all the stuff about Ricky Romero’s refocus on the sinker, read why it maybe doesn’t make a whole lot of sense: at the Mockingbird, Jon Hale figures that “Morrow botched the analysis (although obviously a standing ovation for him doing anything at all). When you look at more of Romero’s career than just the last two seasons, there is just no way to come to the conclusion that the key to Romero’s struggles is a lack of sinkers.”

Jeff Sullivan goes poking around Romero’s sinker data as well, over at FanGraphs.

Scott Johnson of Franchise Mode gives you a tasty first look at what the new Jays and Rogers Centre will look like in MLB ’13: The Show.

At Getting Blanked, Drew compares Adam Lind and Justin Morneau, and comes to what you might find a startling conclusion: “Morneau was a better player but he won’t automatically be the better player going forward.”

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Darren previews the rotations in the AL East.

From BlueJays.com: Gregor Chisholm looks at a surprise gift of a couple of tickets to Matt Harvey– aka @Halladayfan32, for those of you one Twitter– from J.P. Arencibia. He also looks at Rickey Romero’s first spring start, Brad Lincoln’s command issues in his first start, and, in a notebook post, talks about how Casey Janssen is only throwing off flat ground thus far, as well as Romero’s quest for a sinker.

From the Toronto Sun: Ken Fidlin talks to Casey Janssen, who had to reset his routine this spring, as he works back from minor-ish shoulder surgery. Steve Simmons gets human interest-y with J.P. Arencibia. Bob Elliott talks to Justin Morneau, who is hoping to see baseball back in the Olympics, as he badly wants to play for Canada in 2020– because, y’know, he’s not Russell Martin.

In the National Post: John Lott talks recounts today’s action, including the Jays bullpen’s struggles, a couple of flubbed anthems, Buehrle’s dog, and the arrival of Lars Anderson in camp. He also tells us about Esmil Rogers, and the career push given to him by his best friend, Baltimore reliever Pedro Strop. He also has his own take on yesterday’s big storylines: Justin Morneau’s comments about Russell Martin, Ricky Romero’s refocus on the sinker, and Casey Janssen’s routine.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star talks to new Jays pitching coach Pete Walker, who has a few veterans tinkering with new pitches– like Romero’s Buehrle-taught cutter, and refocus on the sinker, plus Josh Johnson throwing a sinker as well. He also laid down the tweet of the day– “When Sportsnet’s Barry Davis crouched to pet Buehrle’s pitbull he got an instant erection — err, the dog that is.”– and says he’s looking for mail bag questions!

A pair from Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press, via the Globe and Mail, as he recaps today’s loss, and looks at Canada’s starters for the first round of the WBC– no Jameson Taillon in sight.

At Sportsnet: Wilner recaps today’s loss, as well as yesterday’s, after which he says we should probably bank on Henry Blanco winning a spot on the club– and being the opening day catcher as a consequence, with R.A. Dickey on the hill.

Dirk Hayhurst has another series of excellent notes from camp, which today included a chat with Chad Mottola– or Motor, as they call him. Not, thank fuck, Motorola, or whatever nickname people around here have tried in vain to have catch on.

The Tao of Stieb continues 30-odd Jays in 30-odd days, looking at Darren Oliver.


Bluebird Banter takes a look at the non-roster invitee hitters in camp with the Jays, and elsewhere review a bunch of supposed unwritten rules of pitcher development that the Jays live by.

Most of it is behind the paywall, but Baseball Prospectus shows us the top of their outfielder fantasy rankings for 2013, and Jose Bautista shows up 8th, behind Justin Upton and ahead of Bryce Harper. I’ll take the over.

The Jays haven’t landed in the back half of ESPN’s annual future power rankings of MLB clubs, which were updated today. I guess the first half will be out tomorrow.

Lastly, Keith Law was one of the panelists on on ESPN’s Outside The Lines today, discussing Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, and his attempt at some kind of face-saving PR campaign in the wake of the winter’s dealings– particularly the one with the Jays.

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  1. How much is a 40 of Crown Royal down there?

    • So when you saw the Adam Lind moonshot, has he worked out the bitchy little kinks in his lady trot?

      • I didn’t particularly notice the trot.

      • Always important to start early equating femininity with insults to men.

      • Are we actually scolding a poster for saying someone runs like a girl on an internet comment thread? the fuck?

        It was funny – slag off

        • To All of the “I can say what I want” crew:

          You can argue all you want about how no one should have the right to tell you what you aren’t allowed to say. But just remember that YOU also don’t have the right to tell others what they should find offensive and what they shouldn’t.

          Say whatever you like, but accept the consequences of your actions. One of those consequences might be that you come across as a neaderthal. You’ll just have to live with that.

          • On a related note… I really enjoy the way girls run ifyaknowwhatimean.
            Heck they made an entire, rather successfull TV show about girls running. It was called Baywatch.

          • That’s fine – but getting offended so easily on an internet message board isn’t good for your sanity. This is an internet message board and having kittens over someone calling Adam Lind’s run a lady trot is just putting up a huge sign that says “troll me.”

            I presume a lot of commenters view this as a place to talk/read baseball and a have a few laughs – some of the comments are going to be sophomoric in nature – I would not read into it so much, but to each his own.

            • Be careful.Stoeten will remind you that this is not a message board and he is not a moderator of a message board.
              He’s an editor and this is a blog, dammit.
              DJF has certainly evolved since it’s inception.
              Thank goodness the comments from blogger have been lost forever.
              People would have kittens if they’d seen those.

            • Sorry Eye Black, this is going to be my humourless hobby horse for 2013. You’re gonna see a lot of that from me. I’ll try to keep it light and airy but for a variety of reasons, I think language is important. I love these boards, don’t get me wrong, but I do think holding each other to account is reasonable. Looking to enjoy the analysis and laughter along the way though. It’s basically through DFJ and GB that I came back to baseball after a 10 plus year hiatus after 1994. Hopefully, we can share a drink together and you can take the piss out of me to my face! :) Love ya’ll!

  2. Hayhurst has been the best part of Spring for me. His blog, photographs and tweets (Even his broadcast stuff) has been awesome.

  3. Rickey already said he was just comparing grips with buehrle not learning. Fuck I miss miniputt.

  4. So we got beat by the Astros today and Jeffress looked really shitty

    • Did I see it right that he gave up 4 hits on 4 pitches including a see-ya-bingo?

      If that’s not an at-bat error then I’m gonna laugh about it.

  5. I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t even realize Romero threw a sinker at all… ever….

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcnDFzzInSM

    A snippet from todays anthem singing

  7. Decided I was bored,so I looked up the Jays ST record in 92 and 93.

    1992 13W 18L .419% 3rd worst in AL
    1993 11W 19L ,367% 3rd worst in AL

  8. Okay, i have to speak up. Can someone please explain to my why, for over a year now, this site (and only this site) spills off the left edge of my screen such that I can’t seethe first 25 characters or so of every line? I’m reduced to Copying and pasting the whole post and putting it into a WP so I can read it, which of course kills the links. Two days in a row I can’t click on “Dirk Hayhurst” because he’s in the far left hidden area.

    If we can’t get this right, can we at least not put the links in the first few words on the left side?

    (and yes, i know I could probably Google “Dirk Hayhurst” and find it, but if there’s going to be a link dump you might as well be able to click all the links, right?)

    • in the lower right side of your net browser there should be a number % – like 100% or 150%……click that until you can see everything….if thats not the issue, would need more detail to help.

    • You’re not the first to mention this Tammybeth.
      I am not an expert,nor do I have the knowledge but IF I remember correctly from the last time somebody remarked about it,Coach LB’s solution worked.
      Resizing the browser or I think there maybe an autosize option.
      DJF and GB use wordpress which may have something to do with it.
      There is a solution and a lot of tech guys read the site.
      Until they show up, thats the best I can do.

  9. and by “only this site”i mean the associated sites here – Does it at “Getting Blanked” too, but not on , for instance, the Star site or Twitter or whatever.

    • I’ve never had that problem. I would suggest increasing your alcohol intake to the point of not giving a shit or control/mouse wheel.

    • Buy a new computer. Commodore’s are cool but you miss lots of shit.

    • Can also try a different browser.
      If you’re using Internet Explorer,
      try Mozilla or Google Chrome.

      A couple of years back I had a similar problem with the Toronto Star.
      Switching to Mozilla solved that.

  10. I didn’t post this from a few days ago Andrew because I thought you would touch on it…
    but as you did not I’ll copy and past from behind the paywall.

    For all you folks worried that we’re now way behind in prospects, according to baseball america we have two of the best from the international prospects:

    Oscar Cabrera, lhp, Blue Jays

    Age: 18. B-T: L-L. Ht.: 6-2. Wt.: 215. Signed: Dominican Republic, 2012.

    The Blue Jays have a promising group of international pitching prospects in the lower levels of the system, led by Mexican righthander Roberto Osuna and Dominican righthander Alberto Tirado. Blue Jays special assistant Ismael Cruz helped add an impressive collection of Dominican pitchers when he was with the Mets, and one of his first signings with the Blue Jays when he took over after the 2011 season was Cabrera, another talented Dominican arm. Cabrera had originally signed with the Angels for $150,000 in November 2010, but a problem came up with Cabrera’s paperwork during his investigation. Cabrera ended up signing with the Blue Jays for $275,000 last year in January, pitched well in the DSL, then finished the year with a couple of appearances in the GCL. Cabrera had been up to 89 mph before he signed with the Blue Jays, but now he hits 93 mph. He throws strikes and misses plenty of bats with a curveball that has flashed above-average, and he’s shown some feel for a changeup as well.

    Rolando Segovia, ss/2b/3b, Blue Jays
    Age: 18. B-T: R-R. Ht.: 5-11. Wt.: 165. Signed: Venezuela, 2011.

    Segovia generated some attention as a Venezuelan shortstop who became eligible to sign on July 2, 2011, but he didn’t sign that summer and ended up with the Blue Jays for $30,000 that December. After hitting well in his debut to become Toronto’s DSL player of the year, Segovia could prove to be a bargain, as could Andres Sotillo, a Venezuelan catcher signed for $11,000 the next month who hit well in the DSL. Segovia, who like Sotillo trained with Nelson Montes de Oca, tried switch-hitting as an amateur but is now exclusively a righthanded hitter. He stood out more in the field than at the plate when he signed, but he surprised with his hitting last year. He works the count with a good hitting approach and good bat-to-ball ability. He has below-average power, so his offensive game is more about getting on base. He stole 18 bases but he’s not a burner, with average speed and good baserunning instincts. Segovia split time between shortstop, third base and second base, with Colombia’s Edwin Fuentes getting the majority of reps at shortstop. Segovia has good awareness in the field with sound hands and a solid arm.

    Badler is huge on Segovia and thinks he’ll be a player.

  11. You like “Motor” for Mottola more than Motorola?


  12. Thanks Kyle, Karen, GSMC, Sagan, Puddin Head, and all those that offered Hang over remedies.
    It was seriously the worst of my life.

    I ended up drinking a combination of pretty much all the remedies offered.
    I ended up drunk and confused.

    It was better then the hammerstoke on my temple, so thanks.

    • New problem. Where’s the best place to bury a body?
      There are no ravines anywhere near my place.

      • Go with the breaking bad solution. Just make sure you have the right plastic.

      • You could always buy a freezer.

        • karen, you sound like you’ve had experience with solving the problem.

        • @RADAR, not personally, although a friend of mine stored his dead dog in his freezer until the ground thawed, so that he could give him a proper burial. Yes, he also used the freezer for food. Seriously.

          • My uncle did the same exact thing. His poor dog was frozen in a Sobey’s bag in the basement deep freeze, next to the frozen moose meat and Christmas butterball turkey.

            Great minds think alike.

      • If it’s Busey, put a mirror over his mouth. He may still be alive. If he actually is dead, put the body next to a dumpster. No one will take a second look.

      • It looks like, what we have here (sunglasses on) is a killer hangover. (insert The Who powerchord here)

    • Screw you! Where the hell is my shout out.

      I know was the worst, but don’t I get some props.

      I’m feel so slighted. MCA killed Little Looper, and you killed his ghost.
      That’s it.
      I’m outta here!

  13. Good call Mr. White

  14. I hope Morrow told Romero that he has to throw the sinker and not the stinker. Besides, I was always lead to believe that the change up was Romero’s best pitch

  15. JP might not be the greatest catcher in the world, but the dude’s a first-class human being. Well done JP.

    • more like, if anything, it makes up for throwing sausages into the open windows of passing by cars on king street….

  16. Found a nice link on WAR/wOBA and different stats that may or may not be the future.

    Good read for people like myself that are still trying to understand all the new stats they are coming up with these days.


  17. If you missed the interview between McGowen and Bill Lee, here’s the link for it. The Spaceman says some really off the wall and humourous shit.


    • I remember The Spaceman saying, “Well I played in Boston and they ran me outta town, then I played in Mawntrealll until they ran me outta town. No I leave here in Vermont, I called it my halfway house, halfway between Mawntrealll and Boston”

    • Great find Groobah. Looks like Bill hails from the boondocks, much like the dudes on Moonshiners.

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