My last day down here, which… the weather is really awesome and nice back home, right? Right????

Windowless Windows Restaurant update: @roofthatpeach gives us an angle on the latest progress. Interesting!

With Leather seems to have found themselves a video clip of the botched national anthem situation that went on at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium yesterday. Or two days ago. Or… whenever that massive news story happened.

The Jays show up way down at 13th in the latest Future Power Rankings post at ESPN.com (Insider only), not just because of the fact that they’ve cleared out their farm system in order to compete for 2013, but because “they won’t be able to do that in the future thanks to the spending limit in the new CBA. Therefore, they will have to be a bit more creative and really nail their top draft picks in order to replenish the farm.”

You know how Jonah Keri is writing a book on the Expos? Well, at Grantland he gives the readers digest version of the Jays’ last decade or so. Read it.

Today in things I wish I’d written, Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun looks at ten under-the-radar players who could be difference-makers for the Jays.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Bob Elliott reminds us of the role that non-roster invitee Andy LaRoche had in Jose Bautista being moved to the Jays. Uh… go Pirates!

A Canadian Press piece, via the Hamilton Spectator, talks about Henry Blanco, who is the frontrunner to land the backup catcher job, and is leading teammates through an as seen on TV workout tape… or something.

At Sportsnet, Mike Wilner recaps today’s win, meanwhile, Dirk Hayhurst checks in with another series of notes from camp.

From BlueJays.com: Gregor Chisholm recaps today’s win with some quotes from Brandon Morrow. He also has a notebook post detailing the shoulder trouble that kept Colby Rasmus out of today’s game, as well as John Gibbons’ comments about changing the way MLB deals with home plate collisions, which he’s against, and another piece about the Jays and defensive shifts of the past two years, which appear to be on their way out, with Brian Butterfield now in Boston.

Gregor also has a post at North of the Border, detailing the pitchers upcoming for the Jays over the next three days. And an earlier one at BlueJays.com, in which he tells us about Justin Germano, who is happy with his role as a Buffalo-bound starter, even though he signed on with the Jays early in the winter, when he thought he possibly would get a shot at a rotation spot.

Elsewhere at MLB.com, Matty Leachbomb writes about the AL East, and how much it’s changed over the winter.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun is in Florida for Spring Training– I know this, I saw him– and looks at how Alex Anthopoulos spends his days. He also looks at the pressure supposedly on John Gibbons.

In the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin gives us some notes on today’s Jays win against the Yankees.

John Perrotto writes about the Jays for Baseball Prospectus (Paywall’d).

The Tao of Stieb‘s latest 30-odd in 30something takes a look at the Loup Garou.

The latest prospect retrospective at Minor League Ball looks at Vernon Wells, which you can do too… if you dare.

And lastly, John Sickels also gives a prospect note on Noah Syndergaard, who he’s really high on– largely because “the Blue Jays taught him a slider last summer. But it wasn’t just adding another arsenal option that made a difference: Noah says that working on the slider had the side effect of adding power to his curveball, dramatically improving the pitch. That fits the reports I had from the Midwest League late in the year.” The Jays didn’t necessarily feel the same way, I don’t think. Or… y’know… maybe they did and just thought R.A. Dickey was worth it.

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  1. This article, with pretty much the same quotes as Chisholm’s piece, seem to suggest the shifts are here to stay in some capacity.


    Who knew TSN was good for something baseball related!

  2. The jays got totally jilted in that espn future rankings bs. Firstly, the mlb team was rated way too low comparatively to others such as the tigers, nationals, dodgers, cardinals (wtf?). I mean you can make an argument that those rosters are slightly better (I dont believe they are except maybe tigers) but not THAT MUCH better as came across in the ratings. Jays have a top 5 roster overall in the majors. Also, managment got rated poorly compared to others. If you ask me, AA is one of the best gms in the majors. He is always trying to improve the team which is all you can ask. Not that these rankings matter that much but they should have definitely at least have been in top 10. FUCK YOU ESPN.

    • I’ll blindly blame Olney for it. I don’t have Insider, and I never will, so I can’t say what was said, but lately he’s been a huge Jays pessimist ever since the Marlins trade. Most of the quotes I’ve seen are him conjuring up is stupid shit such as “team chemistry” and “this team has question marks.” It’s like the Jays are the only team with question marks, and it truly is hilarious how he concludes team chemistry is more than a myth in baseball.

    • I want the idiots in the media to keep trying to crap on the Jays. They constantly did it to that lousy run organization down in San Francisco and somehow they got two rings out of it.

    • Who the fuck cares how they’re ranked on some shitty list? There is only one ranking that matters.

  3. Im pretty interested in the Windows renovation. Looks like it’ll be totally overhauled.

    Hopefully it’s the beginning of lots of changes to improve the ballpark experience.

  4. Steve Simmons is like that smart-ass relative who takes every opportunity they get to grab attention, regardless of how moronic they sound. That is me putting it nicely.

  5. So Stoeten.

    At the DJFs party, I think we should have a table allotted for Lawrie games. Such as, the Brett Lawrie 40 of Pabst chugging competition, shirt off and all. Then you can graduate to the Brett Lawrie Red Bull and Ether shots, whoever passes out first gets their face markered to look like Paul Stanley. Of course we should have the Brett Lawrie helmut- chuck, toss that muthfukah! Highest vertical and wildest bounces wins Crest Whitestrips and a free barbwire tat.

    Of course at another table, we should have the John Gibby San Antonio Gibberish rant. Whoever talks with the most fucked up Texas drawl, while insulting John Farrells momma, wins.

    Nearby there will be another table with a Dominican donkey. There really is no game here, just an anything goes table for added entertainment.

    And of course, the strippers pole. I volunteer to put on a cotton candy mullet tornado, as long as Parkes trumps me with a pole duet with you.

  6. There ya go. Well done, thanks.

    • For future reference,Tammy.
      What solved the issue?Sizng?Different browser?Or something they did at the Score’s IT dept.?

  7. Lars anderson should be cooper 2.0

  8. Janssen ready for opening say says Aa

  9. djf…

    is there anywhere online to listen to the radio stream free..

    I go to the jays site but it keeps asking me to pay for mlb tv, any other options?

    • I’m listening right now from bluejays.com without an mlb tv subscription. I believe you have to create a mlb.com account (free) and once you are logged into that it should allow you to pull up the stream.

  10. Wilner and Hayhurst are growing on me.

  11. Wow – just noticed the Jays had a Velez in the outfield. Haven’t seen that since Otto!

  12. If anyone is looking for directions on how to piss off their wife, DM me.


  14. It must be absolutely exhausting to be a Chinese Taipei fan. Those bastards never stopped banging thunder sticks and screaming team cheers.

    I’ll take the North American high fiving, beer chugging, and heckling. Watching a game shouldn’t be work.

  15. after todays game alot of minor leaguers are going to play the bulk of the spring games

  16. is the game streaming anywhere today

  17. Hold on one damn minute. Did Cabrera just walk up to the plate to the Seinfeld theme song?

  18. I got my encarnasheeeown jersey on. I got a timmys coffee helping mask this hangover and I’m watching Jose Reyes and Emilio bonerfellatio hit bombs

    good morning so far

  19. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. I dont know who i dislike more, Rob Faulds with his “excuse me” swing or Mike Wilner.

  21. Wake up Carl.

    Remember, “somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.”

    “Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake.”

  22. LOL! SP I got soooo tired of waiting !

  23. Anyone else think Lind actually hit the gym this offseason??? Lower half looks alot thicker…maybe just tighter pants….

  24. Bonifacio looks n moves like Christian Guzman

    Good to hear Lawries awesome take on Martin pussin out on Canada

    Faulds assuming Dickeys 2 seamer for a knuckle ball on that strikeout early on and Tabs politely removing the foot from his mouth non chalantly musta been awkward

    Thole over Blanco to catch Dickey*

    • What did Lawrie say?

      • Yeah, I dying to know what he said too.

      • “For him to kind of do that right when we’re about to take off, it’s kind of annoying,” Lawrie, a native of Langley, B.C., told the Star. He later described Martin’s decision as “weak” and “not right” to Sportsnet radio.

        “We could have used him,” Lawrie said. “But I guess that’s his loss because these are the times you never forget because it doesn’t come around that often — every four years — and I’m more than willing to go out there and play for my country no matter where I get to play.”

        (Toronto Star)

      • He also stated he would play center or catcher or pitch or whatever position he had to play for the team and he would be going 100 mph!

        Fuckin Awesome

  25. The Marlins PR Campaign continues; Tino Martinez fluffing Marisnick:


  26. Did anyone notice that Delabar was nothing short of Henkinstienish today. Clacked at 95 mph (traditional stat, I know) – if he is going to pitch like that, than we have our closer!

  27. Last year fucked me up bad. I keep waking up hoping I’m not going to hear the latest injury announcement.

  28. Well boys, got my preseason tickets to two Jays/Rays games. Should be silly times.

    By the way, I was watching the World Series game tonight and just let out an “awe fawwwwk” while watching some of these Phillies. Darren Dalton stole all the glamorous cheese away from Kelly Gruber with his misty mullet and Thunder From Down Under male stripper look.

    Whadda fukin dooooooooooooosh. But even Kruk and Mitch Williams weren’t far behind either, it was like I was watching a sick and twisted movie call, Planet of the Douchbags.

  29. Compared to last year at this time, bloggers seem somewhat less optimistic, or at least have less swagger, than last year. Don’t know if its me, or that prospect porn gets folks more hyped than the sudden realization that the Jays are now the bad boys on the block. This team is gonna ROCK!

  30. Oh yeah….SUCK IT FARRELL!

  31. holy crap mcgowan seems healthy

    • And Gibby says he’s in the mix to come north with the team?

    • Not a big fan of seeing Lincoln slotted for the rotation, even in Buffalo. He hasn’t done diddly squat as a starter beyond the double A level.

      As for McGowan, he is out of options and would have to go on the DL once spring training breaks. Me thinks this soreness could be building blocks for the Jays to assign him on an extended DL stint while keeping good graces with Dustin, his agent and the MLBPA.

      Let Dustin start the year in Dunedin or wherever. In the likely event that there becomes a need for some pitching, if McGowan is healthy, then there you go.

  32. If Johnson remains healthy, and is pitching very well after his first half-dozen or so starts, an chance his agent will consider a 4/$70M contract or something similar? I think going beyond 2013, he’s a huge piece given his age.

  33. Reyes is hitting the ball all over the place.
    His spray chart looks like Monica Lewinsky’s dress.

    Can I get a drum roll..

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