Yankee's Owner George Steinbrenner Dies At Age 80

I’m off to do some fishing, apparently, which means I won’t be around for Brandon Morrow taking on the Yankees and David Phelps this afternoon from Tampa. So… yeah. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, I guess. This is all I’ve got for the moment.

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  1. I am under the impression your trip to Florida falls under the holiday category?

  2. Todays game on FX Canada.

  3. Gardner8, Suzuki9, Teixeira3, Hafner0, Rivera7, Stewart2, DJohnson5, Pirela4, Velasquez6; PhelpsvMorrow

    Reyes6, Cabrera7, Bautista9, Encarnacion3, Arencibia0, Lawrie5, Davis8, Blanco2, Izturis4; MorrowvPhelps

    No Rasmus–pain in non throwing shoulder.

  4. Huge Jays fan so years ago I bought the domain torontobluejays.co for fun.
    I was going to make a blog, but I’m stupid and couldn’t be bothered to figure out how (I’m so old it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post this comment).

    Back then it cost like a buck for buying domain names, so I bought the .co version of each team’s website just for fun. Yes, I was drunk and it felt cool buying them, collecting the team website names like baseball cards.

    The next morning, I was pissed I got collector hungry and spent $100 buying worthless sports team domains.

    Today I read an article that .co is now the default setting for Godaddy and registers and now these domains have value. It’s also becoming more popular for the stupid reason people keep dropping the “m” when they type “com”
    I then read another article that the Dallas cowboys accidently let their domain expire, and some Redskins fan bought it and turned the site into a dating site for “gay cowboys”. lol. So I imagine teams would have an interest to protect against stuff like that.

    If the Jays want their .co version, they can have it for a bag of peanuts. But for the yankees and other teams, if they actually have value I’d like to sell it to them.

    Is this even legal? Some friends said I can be sued under laws against cybersquatting.

    Others said they’re worth a lot and I should sell them back to the teams. I’m clueless. How would I even determine what value to ask them?
    I’d feel like an idiot calling the Yankees saying I’ll sell them the domain for a thousand bucks when they’re worthless.

    Thanks for any help!!!

    • I’ve bought domains and sat on them in hopes of a higher resale. AFAIK it’s perfectly legal and many do it.

    • This site might help you out as well.


      • Thank Tom

        Really appreciate your help

        I checked out the site. I’m not joking, I am so clueless all of the jagon and tech stuff is flying over my head. I couldn’t navigate thrugh it at all. lol
        I submitted a question so hopefully they’ll get back to me.

        Are you still sitting on them or were you able to resell?
        I think these .co names may be worth more selling directly to the team instead of a domain marketplace. I don’t think we’e allowed to sell trademarked company names for a profit on places like SEDO, but I could be wrong.

        • Naa it was a pipe dream and I just let them expire over time. I was hoping to cash in on baby boomers with a bunch of Sr. citizen dot coms.

        • Just go to mlb directly if you have a bunch of them. More importantly I would get in contact with a lawyer that specializes in this kind of thing to see if it’s worth pursuing. This will be the most helpful post you receive on this and frankly, deservedly so. Good luck

  5. Both games available today through StreamTorrent.

    • And if you have a box FX is channel 95.

      • And for what it’s worth, I think Bell does not carry FX Canada.
        So it’s Rogers or a stream.
        Or Internet with Wilner.

        • Shaw Direct carries FX Canada but you need a newer receiver.

          • You need a lot of patience with Shaw Direct too due to there never ending HD signal drops. Like what’s happening now! Gonna turn this dish into a freakin’ bird feeder.

    • My bad. Thought the Jays had a split-squad today. Second stream is just a rerun.

      • DJF is not amused with mistakes and feeble excuses.
        There is a price to pay.
        Nurse karen will be punishing you for this insolence,in form of a vigorous spanking of your bare bottom.
        I’m upset with your teasing me with additional baseball then taking it away.
        Frustration doesn’t begin to describe the disappointment.
        Anybody seen my meds?

        • Hey, if that’s what you call punishment, I’ll be having to correct my fuck-ups more otnfe.

            • Keep it up and she’ll be spanking more than your bottom.

            • A beggar for punishment I see.

              Is Nurse Karen being employed as the carrot or the stick?

              • Nice to see sexism alive and well on the djf boards

                • And I guess that rings the death nell for any humour on DJF.

                  Welcome to DJF Lite .

                  • @RADAR,

                    The last thing I’ll claim to be is the DJF police, but I will point out when one of the few openly female commenters is brought up more or less exclusively in terms of what she can do to please a man.

                    (Sorry to be a buzzkill)

                    • You seem to be unaware of the kibitzing that goes on here from time to time.This includes karen,She is one of us.I have the utmost respect for her and her sense of humour.It’s something mature adults do.We laugh at the absudity of things.
                      Since the Sara incidents,I have tried to encourage the female commenters to join the conversations,and that includes karen when she first started posting here.( and she did so with a certain amount of trepidation)
                      karen professes to be a psychiatric nurse,married for over 31 years.
                      I would suspect with those credentials she can handle herself very capably and would not be shy in voicing her displeasure.
                      Your over reaction, to things you don’t understand, is duly noted..

                    • RADAR,
                      Very well. I see you have been taking notes (or your memory is better than you have been letting on). I do not intend to speak for what individual commenters are or are not cool with, and I have not been frequenting this blog for as many years as you so I may be missing history. But I will stick my nose in when I feel someone is being treated as subservient due to their gender, among other categories.

                      But I am open to the idea that I’ve got it wrong, and I likely do. And I do appreciate humour as much as the next drunk here.

                      So now when someone on the board makes a silly error, I offer your erotic services as a form of punishment.

                    • I respect your values when it deals with the mistreatment of others.But taking a joke out of context and make it something it’s not, is self serving.The double entendre was meant to be humourous.Something that I think karen recognizes because of past conversations.
                      I’m glad you’re open to the idea that you got it wrong,because you did.
                      Feel free to offer my erotic services as a form of punishment. just make sure ice cream is involved.I’m a sucker for ice cream.
                      i don’t think I’ve changed your mind because I think your mind has made that decision already.You see what you see.
                      I hope I’ve been cordial and if you feel the need to stick your nose in,by all means,stick it.

                    • That’s fair, thanks for indulging me this conversation. I still don’t feel I completely understand but that’s okay.

                      Please indulge me one last thing: what was your original double-entendre?

                  • RADAR–
                    Some drop their h’s because of ‘haitch anxiety,’ but k’s?
                    Did you find your meds?

                    I for one will fight the death of humour on DJF with your very last dying breath.
                    Fight the good fight.

        • RADAR, you do know that I am a *real* nurse, right?

          Just checking :-)

  6. Five more weeks.,..

  7. It’s the Yankees broadcast on FX. Amazing…billion-dollar company Rogers Media is sitting on an utterly meaningless and stupidly easy ratings bonanza and they take the cheap route.

  8. Some were wondering whether they’d still use the shift.
    Worked well that time.

  9. Talking shit to the ump and getting tossed in a Spring Training game. Withdrawal symptoms from a lack of PED’s? Gotta ask the question.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player tossed for arguing in a spring training game.

  11. Those blimp shots from the YES feed are the sweetest thing about watching the YES feed.

  12. This is always fun to remember about Brian Cashman (who felt it was fair game to denigrate Melky (and cover his own ass) by calling him a fourth outfielder.


    Manchild – manipulator

  13. Why did whoever from the Yankees get ejected?

  14. Who got tossed!

  15. Thanks

  16. Hardest pitch to layoff in baseball, letters high 4 seamer on JP.

  17. Jonah Keri’s article on the Blue Jays just gave me the biggest baseball boner. It’s really happening you guys!


    • Great read.
      He mentioned Suzyn Waldman’s finest moment with Clemons and it linked to a you tube video. Never heard of her so I googled her and there was a blurb on her from wikidpedia. This came up in her bio:

      George Bell/Jesse Barfield controversy

      At the start of the 1987 baseball season, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder George Bell wasn’t talking to the New York media, thinking they had cost him the Most Valuable Player award the year earlier. He broke his silence after a win at Yankee Stadium, and expectedly the regular beat writers hurriedly gathered around his locker. New on the beat (women had just recently been allowed access to the locker room), Waldman joined the group; Bell immediately started screaming at her in Spanish and English.

      “There was a deathly silence. I think the other writers were shocked, but I also think they still resented me more than a bit, and they certainly didn’t want to lose this interview,” she recalled on a radio show. “At the time I was a little less tough than I am now. Tears welled up in my eyes and I said I better get out of there.”

      As she hastily gathered her tape recorder and notebook, she heard Bell’s fellow outfielder, Jesse Barfield, ask a fellow writer, “What’s her name?” When told, he then called out to her: “Suzyn, I went three for four today. Don’t you want to ask me any questions?”[5]

      Waldman and Barfield, now a baseball announcer himself, became fast friends and have remained very close since.[6]

  18. Santos has a gnarrrrrrrly slider. That thing looked gooood today

  19. So what do you think, does Lawrie need to fix that hitch.

  20. One word to describe Davis, enigmatic.

  21. Holy santos!!?

  22. Nice little jack.

  23. Anyone read the Derek Jeter book the Captain. Yes I love to hate the Yankees, but I respect Jeter. Good story, but he sang Mariah Carey songs a lot………. So he’s alright.

    Chad Motola was drafted ahead of him.

  24. I’m curious, why don’t AL teams let their pitchers hit during Spring Training games? At least early ones? Afraid of getting them injured? You’d think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the regular season to at least have a refresher for inter-league.

  25. Keri with a nice piece on the jays

  26. Thing I took away from the game:

    Santos looks filthy.

  27. Blair is on the Fan590 with McCown, stating that Jays had deal in place for Peavy and it fell apart.

    Guess you were right, Stoeten, it was Peavy.

    • melky and izturis would probably be still here if that deal happened

      • Izturis for sure, Melky….hmmm, I’m not so sure the Marlins deal didn’t lure him in. Just my opinion of course.

  28. Is Santos throwing a change?

  29. he’s throwing HEAT.

    Has cecil found renewed relevance??

  30. Follow me @CoherentFarrell

  31. I was there today. Beautiful park by the way. Smoking allowed on the concourse was… Different.. Anyways, jays looked great defensively. Reyes made a couple of great plays. Lawrence did too. Had the defensive shift pay off a couple of times today. Looks like the increased use of the shift will continue ue under Gibby which is a good thing. Joey bats and EE both took healthy swings today. Had seats in the shade and had an awesome $6 lemonade. Cheers

  32. *lawrie

  33. ever go to drunkjaysfan dot com instead of drunkjaysfans dot com?
    it’s pretty funny.

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