Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day

It’s already been almost two weeks since the Jays had picture day over in Dunedin, and I checked in with a batch of pithy comments about some of the choicest of the portraits, which… would make a second helping rather stale. But what are you gonna do? Wait for me to do some while I was distracted by the life giving rays of the earth’s sun? Fat chance.

I’ve got some half-assed ones now, though…


Hey! So this is what I look like! Oh… uh… right. I’m Adam Lou– No! Aaron Loup!


Hang on, hang on, can’t we get d’Arnaud and Buck in on this one??? HAHAHAHAHAHA. No, no, seriously, come on, bring ‘em over? Where are they? HAHAHAHAHAHA



For the last time, no. I will not sing you something off of Achtung Baby.


I’m as surprised that I’m here as you are, believe me.



Remember m– ahh, fuck it.


Gee, uh… can we hurry it up a little here? I’ve still got half of Mr. Beeston’s lawn left to mow.



Somebody’s gonna get pregnant!

Comments (24)

    • Seems like the Jays are very happy with New Hampshire, but having affiliates in Buffalo and Ottawa would be pretty cool. Would really put a footprint on the region.

    • “The city long ago pledged upwards of $5 in improvements and repairs to the stadium if a suitable ownership group could be found.”

      Cheap Canadian bastards!

  1. Who’s the old guy?

  2. China sucks at honkball.

  3. Nice Tracy Morgan reference.

  4. Whoa, nice traps Rajai.

  5. Who’s the guy in the middle?

  6. Why does Rajai Davis always look like he’s terrified of something? Ghosts in the room? Diarrhea?

    Cuz he also looks like he has to poop.

  7. Seven pictures of Stoeten, with captions provided in the comments, would have been much more entertaining. Should have got that Archie dude to do this.

  8. I have no worry at all about Edwin repeating last yr just look at him.

  9. That Ramon Ortiz picture is a good reminder that Ramon Ortiz still exists.

  10. The cecil one. Oh my fuck.

  11. I like the shot Hutchinson took at JP. While the entire team picked Dickey/Buehrle/Johnson and Reyes and most important newcomer, Hutchinson picked Blanco or Thole:

    “Drew Hutchison

    Blanco or Thole: “Whoever they decide is Dickey’s catcher. It’s going to be so important for his success to have a catcher who can handle his knuckleball.””


  12. Yeah nice Tracy Morgan reference, should have taken that picture with his shirt off.

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