The participants in the WBC have left Dunedin to join their respective national teams, though for some of the Jays the trip hasn’t been terribly far. At 1 PM ET the Dominican Republic squares off with the Phillies in Clearwater this afternoon, and while Jose Bautista, Melky Cabrera and Esmil Rogers aren’t on the team, Jose Reyes, Edwin Encarnacion and Moises Sierra are. Those remaining with the Jays are a few minutes down the road at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, set to host the Baltimore Orioles and Steve Johnson at 1 PM as well.

Attention all you Happsters out there, J.A. is on the hill for the J.A.ys. It’s baseball-ish!


Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News tweets the lineup for the Dominican Republic in that game against the Phillies, and it will feature Jose Reyes leading off, and Edwin Encarnacion hitting third, with Robinson Cano between them. Oh, and Cole Hamels is on the hill for Philadelphia.

John Lott of the National Post tweets a photo of Dustin McGowan, as he threw off a mound today for the first time in a year. According to various tweets, he felt good, but the big issue is going to be how he feels tomorrow– same with Casey Janssen, who also threw today.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star tweets that J.A. Happ will go three innings for the Jays today, followed by Darren Oliver, Brad Lincoln, Steve Delabar, Esmil Rogers, Jeremy Jeffress and Neil Wagner.

Barry Davis tweets out the lineup for Team Canada, who play later in the day in Arizona. Not in the image: today’s starter will be Jameson Taillon. Alexis Brudnicki tweets that he’ll be followed by Shawn Hill, Scott Mathieson, and Canucks defenceman Andrew Albers.

Think I’ll probably just save the rest for today’s Daily Duce, which I’ll squeeze out later…

TV: None, though audio is available at– you can watch that Phillies game there, too.

And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

A. Gose CF
E. Bonifacio 2B
M. Cabrera LF
J. Bautista RF
M. DeRosa 1B
J. Thole DH
A. LaRoche 3B
H. Blanco C
M. McCoy SS

J. Happ LHP

Baltimore Orioles

A. Casilla SS
M. Machado 3B
N. Reimold DH
C. Jackson 1B
S. Pearce RF
L. Ford LF
Y. Navarro 2B
L. Hoes CF
L. Exposito C

S. Johnson RHP

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  1. Love the World Honkball Classic games involving Taipei.

  2. “which I’ll squeeze out later”

    Damn it.

  3. Having a drink last night and get talking to this guy about baseball and the Blue Jays. He asks me how I think Dickey will do. I say I think he’ll do pretty well, and I’m really cheering for him cause he’s a cool guy. He then informs me that Dickey will be lucky to be the fifth best starter in the rotation this year because he’s only had one good season. I say “well actually he’s had three, and has improved each of the past three seasons.”
    He then says an 8-13 record is a terrible season and out of nowhere says that even though Dave Stieb had a good ERA he wasn’t really a good pitcher and wasn’t nearly as good as Jack Morris.
    My buddy tried to talk some sense into him but I just felt like telling him he had to buy me a beer to cover his insane stupidity.
    Like, how fucking stupid can you be?

  4. I have a question…..

    Why do they keep putting Gose in the lead off spot? Isn’t he a non hitting CF defenceman?

    • and as i write that, he walks and gets on base to start the game, fml

      • and then steals 2nd, lol ffs

        • Also it’s spring training which is the best possible time to give him a shot at leading off.

          • I hear ya there, ST and all, but from what i have read and seen, he wont be one… why waste the lead off practice on him was more to my point.

            • So he gets more at bats facing better pitching.

            • Whoa what? If Gose puts the ball in play on the ground, his average is awesome. And once on, he is a complete mindfuck. I’m totally ok with it. Keep in mind that the difference between a .250 hitter and a .350 hitter is about 2 whole hits a week.

              If those 2 extra hits are by a guy that can’t steal, can’t go first to third, is of no use against double plays, can’t tag from 2 to 3 or 3 to home….. then the difference is insignificant.

              They’ve been working on Gose for a while now trying to give him a big full swing, instead of slapping at the ball and running. I say find some middle ground because I don’t see him turning into a premium hitter anytime soon. But if he can get that ball in play on the ground, by any means… yes then I want him at leadoff.

            • Because Jose Reyes, the actual lead off hitter, is playing in the Global Honkball Shenanigans for the DR, and thus someone has to hit first. Plus Gose’s ceiling is generally seen as being a top of the lineup speed threat, so you might as well give him the reps against major league pitching while you can… before he shuffles off to Buffalo.

            • just a hunch, but he’ll probably lead off in Buffalo too

              • - WSC yes yes, they all left
                - Maybe he will start AAA as the lead off guy.
                - but dont you need to be able to hit well to lead off, is speed the only tool required for that roll?

                • Patience my young friend. Gose is even younger than Lawrie. We have no idea what he’ll be in a few years.

                • He will definitely bat lead-off in Buffalo.

                  You seem to be very down on Gose. Give it some time. When he was hitting with the Jays last year he was a 21 year old rookie who was only there due to injuries. He’s still younger than almost everyone who will have a regular job in MLB. Guys do improve.

                  • i know he is young and all, and his speed will help him leg out some hits, i just dont like hyping guys that young, ya just never know…..why im not a Brett super fan yet….anyone remember that last 3B super star rookie of the year type player we had (which he was the ROY)? how did that work out?

                    I guess i will conceed that yes, ST, they think he can be a lead off man blah blah, but he SOs like a power hitting LF without the power, rather then a lead off hitter. If he had a year that came close to 400.OBP i might be a little more high on him, but he hasn’t.

                    In my NON MATTERING opinion, he is a bottom of the order Defencive CF player….his speed and glove are what has kept him in the spot light.

  5. Can Andy LaRoche play 2B? I mean he is just killing the ball right now….hope it lasts…for him and for the Jays…..AAA bound to start the year but man, he might be a dark horse to help this team out if he can keep hitting. Hell, could even plat him with Lind…..

    Before you reply, yes yes, its ST….but if he keeps it up…..then…maybe right?

  6. Reyes just smacked one.

  7. It would be kind of awesome if NHLers really did just make up the WBC Canada team roster.

  8. Brad Lincoln gave up 3 HRs in his 2 IP of relief

    Not a good start for him…….this might cut out a BP player for those last two spots.

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