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Gah! The club says they’re not alarmed about it, but according to the latest notebook post at BlueJays.com from Gregor Chisholm, Sergio Santos is out of action until Saturday with a soreness in his right triceps muscle. Cue insufferable Chicken Littles.

Topical! On a day featuring a Grapefruit League tie between the Jays and Orioles, Craig Robinson checks in at Getting Blanked with an infographic featuring all the ties in MLB regular season history.

Great stuff from Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun, who used yesterday’s off day to take stock of where the Jays stand at this point in the spring, laying out what we know, what we don’t know, and what we think for facets of the team like the rotation, bullpen, infield, bench, outfield, defence, etc.

Richard Griffin checks in with another epic Bullpen piece over at the Toronto Star, where, among other things, he talks to Alex Anthopoulos about the changes to the process of signing amateur international free agents. “The old system was to our benefit,” Anthopoulos told him, referring to the spending limits that have made the market essentially a popularity contest among organizations. “Now, we would have had to earmark a guy like Osuna, which we didn’t. (We would have had to) say he’s the guy, he’s the guy and make sure we get the evaluation right. That’s the hard part about it.”

Maybe I should have given the comments from Colby Rasmus about panicky idiot John Farrell more attention, as I’ve seen a couple US sites doing so, like Big League Stew, where Dave Brown does make a keen observation, noting that “Rasmus hasn’t been the only Jays player/employee to rip Farrell, though earlier criticisms were for not making players accountable — especially young ones, like Rasmus — and a lack of discipline overall. That doesn’t line up with players looking over their shoulder, tightening up, panicking and apparently fearing consequences that never were coming. Maybe that’s how Rasmus felt personally, even if he did a poor job of explaining himself by lumping the rest of the clubhouse with him.”

Coolness: Centennial College’s Toronto Observer has multiple journalism students in Florida right now– I’m told by @MMAdamMartin that Shi Davidi, an instructor for the sports journalism program there, is behind it– and a bunch of them are filing reports from the Jays’ minor league camp. There’s one on Canadian prospect outfielder Dalton Pompey; last year’s top pick D.J. Davis says his goal is to get all the way up to New Hampshire this year (!?!??!); Mat Smoral talks about his appreciation for Madison Bumgarner, the outstanding Giants pitcher who has a similar frame and arm slot to the Jays prospect; another looks at former second-rounder Griffin Murphy and his Rollie Fingers moustache; in yet another we hear from second generation pro ballplayer Dwight Smith Jr.; another still has a chat with third base prospect Kellen Sweeney, who says that he’s finally healthy.

Both Brendan Kennedy of the Star, and John Lott of the Post look at Dustin McGowan’s first mound session in over a year, and the upbeat posture the oft-injured pitcher took afterwards. (Since I began writing this, Gregor has added one at BlueJays.com as well).

Michael Grange of Sportsnet has a big McGowan piece as well, with a five minute video report featuring their assessment of his still-impressive stuff, plus comments from the pitcher, pitching coach Pete Walker and manager John Gibbons. It’s from ol’ Gibbers that the money quote comes: “We want him in the mindset of let’s go, compete. See what you’ve got. I know he’s tired of being on the DL and wants to get off, so let’s go for it,” Gibbons said. ”I want his mindset to be: ‘I’m here to help this team. I still have a career left. Sometime you get in that rut, you’re on the DL and that’s all you know. We still like him, he’s not a forgotten guy … he can help us.”

At North Of The Border, Gregor Chisholm passes along the Jays’ upcoming pitching schedule, with all of the pitcher slated to go from tomorrow’s game in Lakeland against Detroit, to their return there on Saturday. Morrow, Buehrle, Johnson and Romero are your next four starters, in order.

The Jays have sent Moises Sierra to minor league camp, which he’ll join when he’s through with the Global Honkball Challenge. You could take my word for it, but, y’know, unlike some sites, I’ll actually point you to a source.

Doug Harrison of CBC Sports talks to Jays pitching coach Pete Walker, putting the ol’ five questions to him about his preparation heading into the season.

Dirk Hayhurst checks in with another series of notes from camp.

The Tao of Stieb continues hammering away at his 30-odd Jays in 30-odd days, with the “oddly brilliant if overpriced” Mark Buehrle.

Travis Reitsma of Getting Blanked look at the AL East team I think we’ll all have to begrudgingly admit aren’t really as bad as we want to believe: the Boston Red Sox. Drew talks about this too, in the preamble to his URL Weaver post earlier today.

Aaaaand more Getting Blanked, as the Zubes stays up all night so you don’t have to, giving us the goods on whatever happened in the Global Honkbal Extravaganza last night.

Speaking of, at Baseball Prospectus, Sam Miller explains why he’s rooting for the honkbalers in this year’s version of the tournament.

Elsewhere at Baseball Prospectus, they rank the top 40 starting pitchers for fantasy purposes, three of whom belong to the Toronto Blue Jays: R.A. Dickey (10), Josh Johnson (27), and Brandon Morrow (36).

Joe Posnanski of NBC Sports tells of speaking to A’s director of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi, who claims that his club’s own WAR-ish “objective model for measuring a player’s value” indicated that Miguel Cabrera was slightly better than Mike Trout in 2012. Zaidi’s probably just fucking with him, right?

Lastly, it’s back to Getting Blanked, as Scott Lewis reviews MLB ’13: The Show, which sounds excellent and has a Jays-heavy video review as part of the piece. He also tackles MLB 2K13, which… yeah… not so much, apparently. At Franchise Mode, Scott Johnson has some GIFs of glitches discovered so far in the latter title.

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  1. But I liked the hungover guys frying eggs…

  2. I can’t wait for McGowan 3.0 to pitch at the Dome in 2013. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

  3. As much as it pains me, I thought your update on McGowan was going to read…

    “(Since I began writing this…he has pulled up lame)”

    In all honesty, I found McG’s comments in Gregor’s column kind of weird. Especially the last sentence in this block …

    ["It's a little bit of a surprise," McGowan said of getting on the mound this quickly in Spring Training. "When we had a setback, my neck was bothering me, and you hope it's minor, which you never know, and it ended up being minor. If you look at it like that, it makes sense now, since it was so minor."]

    Maybe not, but to me it kind of sounds like maybe he has been told by the higher ups to MAN UP!!?…you know….because it was so minor…but it was a surprise…but it makes sense now…what?

  4. knock on wood

  5. Ricky talked about analyticas on olney’s podcast today btw

  6. From bleacher report (like that means something):

    MLB 2k13 Player Ratings: Most Underrated Players in Newest Edition

    Another victim of Miami’s terrible front-office management, Josh Johnson was dealt to the Toronto Blue Jays this offseason in a package that included Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle. In return, Toronto sent the Marlins a box of baseballs and a thank-you card.

    Almost no one played well in Miami last season, and Johnson’s 8-14 record surely played a part in his subpar rating in the game. Still, he won 26 games in 2009 and 2010 combined, and his ERA (2.30) and WHIP (1.11) in 2010 are nothing to sneeze at.

    With a strong rotation and a ton of firepower in its lineup, Toronto looks like one of the best teams in the majors this year. Johnson won’t have to be “the guy” at the front end of the rotation, and I don’t expect him to tally anything less than 15 wins in 2013. A sub-3.00 ERA isn’t out of the question, either.

  7. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that Mark Teixeira felt a “pop” in his right wrist and will be shut down for at least two weeks.
    Cashman added that he is “very concerned” about the first baseman. The Yankees’ initial diagnosis was a strained wrist, but Teixeira is headed back to New York for more tests, and it sounds like the injury could be fairly serious. An update on his status should be available before the end of the week.

  8. It’s a tad unseemly to dance on a man’s grave before he’s shuffled off this mortal coil, but I offer a dispensation; he’s a Skank after all.

    • Yeah, Fuck all those Yankees, Fuck their pets, Fuck their fans, Fuck their favourite restaurants and fuck Yankee stadiums sewage system, so it overflows from the top deck and drowns everyone in a nasty tidal wave of Bronx human shittiness.

  9. red sox offensively might be a surprise, but their rotation is awful.

    lester has progressively gotten worse across the board, clay buccholz envies jesse litsch’s k/9 rate, and and lackey, well you know.

    i really don’t see how they’ll get the pitching to stay in any way relevant.

    • But Farrell knows exactly what’s been wrong and how to fix them, right? Suck it Farrell!

  10. Elsewhere at Baseball Prospectus, they rank the top 40 starting pitchers for fantasy purposes, three of whom belong to the Toronto Blue Jays: R.A. Dickey (10), Josh Johnson (27), and Brandon Morrow (36).

    If Morrow stays healthy and gets 30-32 starts – underratted….Im a thinking he will be the best in the rotation this year.

    Rickey – rebound year i hope
    Dickey – NL to AL – but we will see
    JJ – NL to AL + Injury but a FA in 2014
    Mark – 200IP 4.05 ERA – still good

    I like our rotation more and more and more

    How many days….?

  11. “Cue insufferable Chicken Littles.”

    How dare anybody be worried about Santos, right? I love when you scoff away completely legitimate concern by demeaning the people for their puny thoughts.

    Janssen not wanting to step on a mound and Santos needing an MRI are very real concerns for a team already lacking in bullpen reliability.

  12. Well in fact if the sky didnt fall last season it did a damn good imitation of it.

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